Heroic Death System

Compliance 9

After the birthday banquet, the major entertainment newspapers gave extensive coverage of the banquet, and the identity of Shangko was also known to the public because of Lu Xiufan's relationship. The news that Major Vietnam has “cohabited” with His Royal Highness is even more shameless. The couple is well received from the outside, and it is widely believed that the declining family is likely to rise to the sky with the help of a chicken dog.

Instead of paying attention to these gossip, Lu Xiufan focused on investigating the poisoning. The wine he drank at the banquet was prepared individually, few people had access to the bottle, and the scope of the investigation was not very large. Moreover, there are surveillance everywhere in the palace. Even if there is an internal response, it is not possible to keep the water from leaking. This is also why Lu Xiufan is rarely reckoned with in the palace.

This behind-the-scenes planner dared to go to the royal palace, indicating that Lu Xiufan's investigation into certain things was getting closer to the truth and threatening them more and more.

“Knock," a few knocks interrupted Lu Xiufan's mind.

“Come in.” Lu Xiufan's gaze was still on the documents in his hand. He didn't look up until he smelled a smell of medicine. He saw that the cold spots in his eyes had melted away.

“It's time to take your medicine.” The medicine bowl can be entrusted to Lu Xiufan.

Lu Xiufan looked at the bowl of hot liquid, his eyebrows were not easily perceived to be tangled. Finally, under Sangkou's eyes, he drank the medicine one by one.

“Ozawa, how many more of these pills do I need?” He couldn't bear to ask.

“Today is the last pair.” Just as the voice fell, you can still see Lu Xiufan's eyebrows stretched. He regained the appearance of fresh trembling.

It was dark and funny and handed pudding and chocolate to relieve the bitterness in his mouth.

"I think your kiss is sweeter than these snacks," said Lu Xiufan. ”

Jean bent down and kissed him on the lip.

Lu Xiufan didn't expect him to really kiss, stunned for a moment, then looked at Sangkou, a little tenderness flashed in his eyes. Probably the only person in front of him is not afraid of him, not afraid of him, not distant from him.

Lu Xiufan will still be able to hold him in his arms, softly said: "Ozawa, I hope that one day you will not come near me because of the contract and obey me. ”

Jean-Claude is too good to have had a chance to own him in his life if he hadn't become a watchman. But the life expectancy of the covenant keeper is short, less than ten years later, and I fear I will have to face the pain of losing him.

Lu Xiufan's eyes flickered, he would never allow this to happen!

“Ozawa, I have a business trip tomorrow. It will take me about seven or eight days to get back. You wait for me at home. ”

“Mm-hmm.” He nodded, guessing in his heart that he was going to pursue the leak, and although he wanted to go with him, the offer would appear abrupt. Stay in the office for now and see what happens.

Before the trip, Lu Xiufan could have been sent a small sharp scalpel. He remembered that in several attacks that Lu Xiufan might encounter shortly afterwards, one time, all the bullets of the hand-gun were fired, and he had no other weapon on him, and he was almost in desperate condition. So you can still give him this scalpel, just in case.

After Lu Xiufan left, he could still start to relax. In addition to collecting information online every day, he figured out how to accomplish the task. In fact, it is not difficult to regain succession to the Vietnamese family, and it is difficult to meet the criteria for bravery in death.

That's probably why the world is classified as a difficult world. Empires are more peaceful, without major wars, and the main contradictions are internal. Assassination, assault, conspiracy, death in such circumstances can only count as bad luck and insufficient capacity. The only thing that works is probably dying to protect someone.

In the middle of contemplation, the chief housekeeper informed: "Major Zelig, Her Majesty has sent a messenger, please enter the palace. ”

I wonder why the queen summoned him.

Shannon could get dressed and follow the messenger to the royal palace.

Sitting in the garden gazebo, the queen sipped tea and saw Jean-Claude come over and waved at him to sit down.

Shanko originally thought the queen was looking for him to ask about Lu Xiufan, and as a result, she was just gossiping and chatting about irrelevant trivialities. About an hour later, the queen let him go.

Strange, what is the Queen's purpose in calling him this time? Jean-Claude is completely incomprehensible.

Stepping out of the palace, Jean-Claude was about to pick up the car, and just walked into the garage, he heard a strange voice coming from the side: “Is he Yuezawa? She's a beauty. ”

He could go according to his reputation, and only seven or eight people came to him, one of whom was certainly more than the other.

“Since she's a beauty, how many of you don't love her?” The more I smiled at some of the people around me.

“Tsk, he's the king's man. Do we dare move?” A tall man sat on the hood of a buoyancy car and stared at Sankoh with disgrace.

The more he glanced, the more trouble he had not gone to, the guy sent himself to the door.

“Don't worry, my brother is a keeper of the covenant, as long as you are gentle, he will not confess.” The queen also knows his identity and will not embarrass you for the sake of a covenant keeper, who may be obliged to stay away from Her Majesty the Queen, "he continued. ”

It was said that the Queen had implicitly guessed why she had summoned him this time. Turns out she already knows she's a watchman, and the source of the information is probably his stepmother. Only a few people know the news, even if it is falling behind. Even if the Queen were to look, it would take a while.

The tall man touched his chin, revealed a leaping look, jumped off the hood, walked to Sankoh, looked up and down, and said satisfied: “I've never seen such a beautiful watchman before, I don't know how it feels to have sex with him. ”

“Ha ha, Dope, why don't we just try and find out?” There were a few people around.

“Okay.” The tall guy said to Gao Dao, “There's an underground warehouse right around the corner, let's go play over there. ”

Everyone immediately pushed Sangquo and went to the underground warehouse in a loud noise.

Sang can carefully observe these people, their feet are floating, their eyes are cloudy, at first glance they know that they have not been trained, just a group of so-called dude. Preparing to do it, I suddenly glanced at Yueqiao and took out a camera from his bag.

Well, in that case, it's all yours.

They can push the warehouse, and the clothes are pulled off and become a little messy. But he dodged so well that he didn't take advantage of it.

Standing in the corner, lift the camera and point it in the right direction.

“The person the King sees is about to get laid by us. Think about it and you'll find it exciting. ”

“Who's first? ”

“Come on age, I'm the biggest in Dopp, you guys help hold him down. ”

“Okay, come here, little beauty.” Several arms stretched toward Shannon, who could hide immediately, deliberately causing them to rip off their coats, and the buttons on their shirts were ripped off, revealing sexy clavicles.

Several people laughed a few times and continued to pounce at him.

“Come on, you guys.” The more hastily, "he said,“ he can be accompanied by a guard. If he doesn't see anyone for a few hours, he will definitely send someone to look for him. ”

Lu Xiufan's escorts were all in the memo court. They could leave the palace gate and enter the subordinate parking lot. They had not been able to rendezvous with the escort in time.

The more people heard this, the less time they wasted playing, the more brute force they started to use.

At this time, Shanko's transmitter rang, and the caller indicated that it was Lu Xiufan.

“Don't let him get it!” One person grabbed Sankoh's hand and pressed it against the wall, but he could increase his strength, listening only to a "click”, the communication device on his wrist broke, several pieces of metal pieces pieced into his flesh, blood flowing down his arm.

There was a hint of cold flashing in Jean-dropping eyes: Enough. A communicator and a few drops of blood for half your life...

In a remote warehouse, there was this tumbling scream.

After a moment, you can put on your jacket, tidy up your instrument, take the chip removed from the camera and walk slowly toward your parking space.

The guard saw the appearance of Sankoh and thought he was embarrassed by the queen. He didn't dare ask.

Immediately after returning to the building, the housekeeper said to Jean-Claude, "How come your comms aren't working? The adult has called back several times to ask where you are. Please send a message back to the adult. ”

Shannon nodded and went back to his room to change clothes before calling Lu Xiufan.

“Ozawa, are you all right? Where have you been? Why is the comms disconnected?” Lu Xiufan asked several questions in a row.

After listening to him, Xu Xu replied: “It's okay, I went to the palace and the communication device was accidentally smashed. ”

“The palace? What are you doing in the palace?” Lu Xiufan's attention was immediately diverted to this matter.

“The Queen summoned me and talked to me for a while. ”

Talk to you? What can we talk about? Q&A game? Lu Xiufan wondered about the Queen's actions. But he knew the queen wouldn't hurt Jean-Claude, so he had to wait until he got back.

Lu Xiufan said a few words before reluctantly ending the call.

The next day, he could keep an eye on the outside news, did not find any movement, guess the group should not dare to speak up, which is why he did not hit people in the face.

But by the third day, the identity of the man who could keep the covenant was spread out by "the man with the heart”. He and Lu Xiufan were supposed to be in good hands, and the wind changed.

[Contractor? Turns out he's just a favorite of His Majesty the King.

[The Vietnamese family is such a good calculation that the young master, who became a keeper of the covenant, is sent to the King to serve in exchange for the best interests.

[A handsome, homegrown keeper, no one can resist, no wonder His Royal Highness will keep him with him.


It is quite uneven to look at these remarks. He has carefully examined the information concerning the Compliance, and more than a hundred years ago the Empire enacted the Compliance Protection Act, upholding his fundamental rights and interests, and has a supervisory authority that regularly investigates the living and working conditions of all Compliance personnel and holds the perpetrators accountable as soon as they are found to have been ill-treated.

However, complainants do not speak ill and are ill-treated and do not resist, and employers simply hide themselves and supervisors simply cannot find strong evidence. Plus some intimate confessions, hidden from the press. Gradually, the oversight services have lost their rightful role and become fictitious. Until now, the outside world has become increasingly indifferent to the observant and the distribution centre, which was intended to safeguard the basic rights and interests of the observant, has gradually become an alternative slave market.

Moreover, most of the adherents sent to the distribution centres were of civilian origin, and as long as they were not reported, there would be little justice for them.

Nowadays, adherents have become a special consumable, losing their voices and feelings, as well as their due dignity and entitlement.

When the identity of the covenant keeper was revealed, the people immediately changed their perception of him from the father and son of the world to the king's pet.

Shanko's fingers gently rubbed the camera chip and suddenly a thought arose in his mind, could he do something for the observant? Real equality could never be achieved by relying on the charity of others. The rights and interests of the Compliance Officer may only be claimed by the Compliance Officer himself.

“Di” - The voice of the housekeeper came from the inside: “Master Ze, the adult will arrive at the palace in 10 minutes. ”

“Understood. ”

Jean-Claude tidied her clothes and walked downstairs, standing at the door with others to greet Lu Xiufan.

Lu Xiufan had been away for eight days and had communicated with Shanko several times during that period, after which no news was received. He did not dare to contact him so as not to disturb his actions. It wasn't until he returned safely that he was relieved. Next time he has to find a way to go with him, instead of staying at home and waiting, let's face the danger with him.

However, more often than not, a buoyancy car slowly entered the parking apron of the building, Lu Xiufan walked out of the car and looked over the housekeeper facing the front, landing directly on the front door of the house.

“Welcome home, my lord. It's been a long journey.” The housekeeper respectfully saluted the ceremony.

“Mm-hmm.” Lu Xiufan stepped up to Sangkou and softened his waist.

“I've got hot water. Want to take a bath first?” Ask yet.

“Mm-hmm." Lu Xiufan followed Shang back to his room.

The butler looked at the shadow of the two men. The Master secretly adored him. Unfortunately, he was just a watchman...

Walking from the gate to the bedroom, you can see that Lu Xiufan's right hand was a little strange and remained stiff on the waist side. He was familiar with his walking posture and would never have acted so beautifully.

Back in the bedroom, he could help Lu Xiufan take off his top and take the opportunity to look at his right hand and glance at a piece of gauze exposed from his cuffs.

“What happened to your hand?” Jean-Claude carefully raised his right hand sleeve and saw his entire arm wrapped in gauze.

“There was a little trouble on the way.” Lu Xiufan looked at his arm, "it was just a minor injury, don't worry. ”

A moment of silence said, "The wound is not suitable for water, I'll help you wipe it later. ”

“Mm-hmm.” Lu Xiufan's eyes dimmed and he was pleased to accept the offer.

Shanko mainly wanted to see if there were any other injuries on this guy. After stripping him off, he could still look up and down a few times with a sharp gaze. There were no obvious marks on the firm muscles except a few bruises, so he relaxed.

Lu Xiufan discovered that Shanko was measuring his body and was happy in his heart. He pressed him against the wall and kissed him enthusiastically.

“Wipe the bath...” The broken sound comes out of your teeth.

“Later.” Lu Xiufan bit his lip and the action was a bit urgent and thoughtful...

Two hours later, when they came out of the bathroom, they washed one thoroughly inside and out.

Shanxi can wear a nightgown with her hair wet on the side of her face, and her cheeks are turned against the redness of the remaining tide.

Lu Shufan surrounded only one bath towel, revealing a strong and explosive muscle.

You can take out the medicine box and change the bandages for Lu Xiufan.

Lu Xiufan didn't know where to find a watch communicator and said: “Last time you said your communicator was broken, I'll customize a new one for you. ”

He pulled up Shanko's left hand and was about to help him put it on, but saw several wounds on his wrist that had just healed, uneven, like being cut by some sharp object.

“Did this happen when the transmitter crashed?” Lu Xiufan asked in silence.


“Why are you so careless?” Lu Xiufan's tone of accusation was a little heartbroken. These wounds appeared on the original white skin. How can it be viewed as unpleasant?

“I'm sorry.” Drop your head.

“No need to apologize.” Lu Xiufan sighed, "you must take good care of yourself in the future, don't let yourself get hurt again, okay? ”

“Hmm.” You can nod your head seriously. The next time something bad happens to me, I'll hate it the first time.

They kept warm for a while before walking out of the room and dining in the dining room.

The next day, Lu Xiufan went to the royal palace to meet the queen, reported the findings of the period, and then asked about the last time the queen called Sangkor.

"I just wanted to get to know this keeper again," the queen said with a smile. ”

“Your Majesty knows? ”

“I'm afraid no one knows now.” The Queen shook her head, "go online yourself. ”

Lu Xiufan's eyes sprinkled. In front of the queen, he directly lit up his mind.

A moment later, his face was gloomy and he left the palace in a hurry after retiring to the queen.

In the time he left, he could not have been so disputed! Who the hell is behind the fire?

When he got in the car, Lu Xiufan tried to contain his anger and said to the driver: “Go back to the office. ”

You can start a buoyancy and fly all the way to the pavilion.

Park well and walk down the driver's seat. Lu Xiufan was about to get out of the car, and Yu glimpsed a silver flash and looked down, only to see a small chip in the crack of the carpet.

He bent over and picked up the chip, instead of asking Sankoh directly to help him open the door, he silently put it in his palm. If he's right, it should be a chip.

After walking into the office, Lu Xiufan asked Shang to make him a refreshment, then went back to the study alone, inserted the chip - into the mind, clicked play...

[... The person the King sees is about to get laid by us. Think about it and it's exciting.

[… help hold him down.

[... come here, little beauty.

[… Haha…… this way…]

[Hurry up... he can have a guard around him. If he doesn't see anyone for a few hours, he will definitely send someone to find him...]

“Di Di Di”, the communication device sounds.

[Don't let him answer!

“Pfft!” The communication device was heavily hit on the wall and blood flowed out of Sankoh's wrist.

Still able to initiate resistance, the scene begins to blur...

Lu Xiufan stared at the screen that had turned into snowflakes and gradually condensed a huge storm in his eyes.