Heroic Death System

Contractor 10

Lu Xiufan came to the kitchen and stared at Shanko's busy back for a moment. He said, “Ozawa, come here. ”

He could turn around and see only the back of Lu Xiufan's turn away. He unwrapped the apron and quickly followed.

Back in the room, Lu Xiufan placed the chip in his hand on the table and looked at him with a heavy eye. He seemed to be trying to suppress certain emotions: “Is that the more you feel? ”


“Did the people who bullied you find you?” Lu Xiufan pinched the chip and asked again.

“I don't know.” You can drop your eyes and your gaze falls on this chip.

“Why didn't you fight back at first?” Lu Xiufan's voice was a little angry. Although the fight behind the video was not captured, from the screams, they should have been resolved.

“They are nobles and cannot be easily handled, otherwise they will cause trouble for adults. ”

Lu Xiufan's breathing stagnated and his fist tightened. He continued to ask: "So why did you do it again? ”

"They broke my comms and I couldn't get a call from an adult in time. ”

Lu Xiufan remembered that when he contacted Sangkou a few days ago, the communication was suddenly interrupted. At that time, Sangkou was being bullied by a group of people. If he hadn't called that phone, wouldn't he have been... thinking about it here, Lu Xiufan's face became difficult to see?

To keep him out of trouble, Ozawa was indifferent to other people's bullying. The only reason I fought back was because I missed his call. Lu Xiufan understood that in Ozawa's world, he was all he had.

He grabbed Sankoh's hand tightly and said, “Ozawa, listen to me, whoever you are in the future, if you dare to bully you, you must strike back hard, do not have any worries, even the queen, do not have to put up with it in a timely manner. ”

“Okay.” He nodded.

Lu Xiufan embraced him in his arms, and the image in the video appeared again in his brain, revealing a sharp kill in his eyes.

He had some doubts in his mind that the more he was the younger brother of the more Zelig, even if the relationship was not good, the more Zelig had become the keeper of the covenant and could no longer shake the status of his heir, why was he aggressive? First, I sent Yuzawa to the distribution center, and now I want to find someone LJ! The heart is so vicious, so heinous.

A few days later, a few big and small things happened in the capital, and a few small aristocratic children were exposed to scandals, obsession with J minors, gathering people to gamble, buying contraband, and so on. As long as this is not exposed, nobles can usually settle it with money, but if the executor is Lu Xiufan, they can only admit it. It's just that nobody understands why Lu Xiufan suddenly came to this mess?

Probably only those who were caught in the middle of nowhere knew what was going on, and those who blocked the cocoa that day, eight in all, one in all, were on the headlines of entertainment.

The more the culprit or nature did not escape, he was not only expelled from the capital university, but completely offended the capital aristocratic circle. Outsiders may not know what's going on, but this thing spreads quickly in circles. The more clumsy a group of unscrupulous wannabes went to provoke Lu Xiufan, the more unknowingly he lived, causing other noble children to follow in bad luck, fearing that the royal anger would spill over him.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese homeowners received a parcel containing evidence of misconduct over the years by their mothers, in addition to pictures of them hanging out with certain dudes. After watching, he almost had another stroke on the spot.

The more he knew that his youngest son had offended Lu Xiufan this time, if he could not obtain his understanding, he would not only be in the capital in the future, and I fear that the whole empire would have no place to go even beyond home.

He thought that the more Zelig, the more likely only Lu Xiufan's lover, the more Zelig could calm Lu Xiufan's anger.

“What are you looking at?” Lu Xiufan walked into Shanko's room and saw him staring at the mental screen.

“Capital University.” You can answer that.

“Mm-hmm.” Lu Xiufan sat beside him and grabbed his waist, “Why is he suddenly interested in Capital University? ”

“I saw the Capital University drop out. ”

“That was his fault.” The more you achieve, the less you can get into Capital University. Vietnam spent a lot of money to barely get him a place in school.

Lu Shufan lowered his head and looked at Yuzawa in his arms. Compared to Yuzawa, two years ago, Yuzawa took the capital university exam on the basis of his real talents. That is, that year, he became a observant, forever losing his chance to enter the capital and become a university student.

“Want to go to college?” Lu Xiufan asked.

“I am an adult servant. ”

“Waiters can also go to school.” Lu Shufan rested his chin on his shoulder and gently bit his ear.

You can try to ignore the difference in your ears, you can tap your fingers on the screen a few times, you can adjust the curriculum of Capital University and seriously say: “Capital University has a lot of basic courses, except for school hours, you have to stay in the classroom for at least six hours a day. The time remaining is not enough to take care of an adult. ”

Lu Xiufan looked at him like he was serious and couldn't help but tease him: “If I don't need your care, do you have time to study? ”

Jean-Claude looked at Lu Xiufan in silence and asked: "Don't you need me to take care of you? ”

Lu Xiufan: “… I mean if. ”

“‘If’ I don't have to take care of it, then I do have more time to learn. But why do I have to sacrifice my adult time to learn? ”

He looked at him blindly and said, "Tell me exactly why."

Lu Xiufan: … How can you be so cute?

“Learning helps you grow your knowledge and become better than others.” Lu Xiufan stretched his face so as not to reveal his joyful mood.

“I learn every day, computers, mechanics, medicine, fitness, music, cooking, etiquette…”

Lu Xiufan listened quietly, his eyes filled with tenderness.

“However," said Shanko, "I've had a little more love lately, reducing my learning time, but it doesn't matter and doesn't affect my learning progress. ”

Lu Xiufan:... couldn't bear to love him so hard!

Lu Xiufan pressed him against the couch and whispered on his lips: “I like to hear you talk and tell me how you usually learn? ”

“Teaching videos are available online…”

Lu Shufan's lips slid across his throat and slowly explored under his open flap: “Then what? ”

“I choose two courses a day…”

Lu Xiufan touched his waist and untied his belt.

“ …… ”

“Why didn't you say anything?” Lu Xiufan placed him on the sofa armrest and buried his head in his neck.

“Say... anything? ”

“How does it feel to learn? ”


“Oh, hotter than now?” Lu Xiufan twitched his finger.

“… more or less. ”

“How about this?” Lu Xiufan sent it forward and slowly squeezed in.

Quit talking, nibble your lips, and gaze at the man.

Lu Xiufan had a slight shortness of breath, his lower back worked hard, and he weighed himself up...

“Tick tick”, at this time, the inner line sounded, a moment later, the voice of the housekeeper came: “My lord, Ze Xiao, the more the owner of the family called, the more he requested to talk to Ze Xiao. ”

Lu Xiufan's eyes darkened. “Tell him we're busy right now. ”

“Okay.” The housekeeper heard a fine string of rough wheezes and vibrations, and the subconscious added, "Excuse me, my lord, please continue. ”

Lu Shufan: … Can the butler not get involved at critical times?

It is possible to reflect on the purpose of finding him more and more. Eight or nine of the ten are to ask for mercy. This is a good time to accomplish the task, first the more dead, then the deterrence of Lu Xiufan, then the family's reputation, and then the privileged exclusion, precisely at a time of crisis. Critical mandates are much more intelligent than adding flowers to the mix.

At the time of the fugue, the body was lifted and then pressed down.

Shannon could whisper, the whole person sat on Lu Xiufan...

After dinner, Jean-Claude received another phone call, hoping to meet him.

Lu Xiufan said: “I'll go with you. ”

Then, the time and place can be agreed upon with the Vietnamese.

The next afternoon, in a luxury dining room, the sooner we waited at the agreed spot.

At 5 o'clock, the glass door of the bakery was opened and could be brought in with Lu Xiufan.

The more rushed up to greet you, please ask Lu Xiufan to sit down.

His stroke was basically healed and he was discharged ten days ago, except for some stiffness in his facial muscles and some unnatural walking movements.

Yuecheng held the menu in front of Lu Xiufan and invited him to order.

Lu Xiufan said, “I'm not here to eat, just say what you want. ”

The more I put down the menu, the more carefully I said: "Your Highness, I know that my son has offended you. I was not entitled to ask for your forgiveness, but I am his father, after all, and I hope that you will let him go. I assure you that from now on, I will strictly restrain him from doing anything else. ”

Lu Xiufan asked coldly, "Do you know what he did to Yuezawa? ”

The more I looked at Sangkou sitting quietly beside him, whispering: “I know. ”

“Really?” Lu Xiufan stared at him, “Now that you know, what punishment should you tell me about a man named LJ's own brother? ”

The whiter you look, the less you say.

“The better your son, the better, isn't it?” Lu Xiufan's tone is harsh, “because he is a covenant keeper, you let your youngest son bully him? ”

The more he lowered his head, the more painfully he said: "I am poorly disciplined. ”

“You are indeed poorly disciplined, otherwise you will not see Yuzawa sent to the Contractor Distribution Center by his stepmother and hired for a clear price tag; nor will you know that he was almost taken by LJ and would you want to defend the mastermind. ”

“What, a distribution center?” The more I looked up, the more stunned I was, "what happened? ”

Lu Xiufan closed his eyes and the black pupil ignited the bears' anger. Did you not know that Yuzawa was hired back from the distribution center?

This is ridiculous, has he ever cared about Yuzawa?!