Heroic Death System

Compliance 11

Until then, the more he thought Yuzawa was Lu Xiufan's lover, he snorted at the rumor that he would become the son of a watchman to Lu Xiufan, because he thought he would not be ashamed to exchange his son for the family's interests. Yuzawa was willing to follow Lu Shufan, which was his choice. However, he had no idea that Yuzawa had been hired by Lu Xiufan as a waiter from the Contractor Distribution Center.

How can he not know where the Contractor Distribution Center is? Parents and sons of Tang Tang Yue, former heirs, could not believe that they were being sold as goods!

If the person who didn't hire Yuzawa was Lu Shufan, he couldn't believe how his son would be treated. After he was devastated by others, the family, for the sake of his face, will no longer recognize his identity, and let him destroy himself.

The more red your face becomes, the more shaky your whole body will be.

You can still expect the shade to become more and more uncertain, and your eyes are indifferent. This man made a mistake more than just being cold with Yuzawa? Until Yuzawa left the world, he did not know that his proudest eldest son had become a keeper of the covenant, all because of his wife and another son.

For the time being, however, he had no intention of uncovering the truth, and he wanted to make the entire family aware of the extent of the harm suffered by Yuzawa.

At this time, he can feel his hand being held, turn his head and see Lu Xiufan's condensed side face. He stared, "The more you present, the more you listen, from today onwards, Ozawa has nothing to do with your family. ”

The more God returned, the more hastily he said: "No, the more Zelig is our Vietnamese descendant, this will never change. ”

Lu Xiufan said coldly: “The more he became my person as“ Sang Ze ”, the more the family lost his qualifications. The only reason I brought him here today was to cut him loose. ”

He wanted to give the Vietnamese a chance to make amends. After all, he was Ozawa's father, and if he could, he hoped that Ozawa would receive a little care and comfort from his family. However, this man again hurt Ozawa. Compliance may not be as emotional as normal people, but he will remember what he hears and sees. Today's meeting is nothing more than to reaffirm the growing indifference to Ozawa and his preference for another son.

Lu Xiufan pulled up Yueze and turned around and walked out the door.

“Wait, sir, give me a moment, I will definitely do justice for Ozawa.” The more eagerly he shouted.

“Let's talk about it when you do.” Lu Xiufantou left without returning.

Back in the car, Lu Xiufan asked Shanko: "Is there anything you want to do today on vacation? ”

Quiet for a moment, spit out two words: "Swimming. ”

So the two went to the pool for an afternoon of fancy swimming...

After returning home, Chang Lady and Viet Nam were called over and severely questioned about the distribution center.

Chang Lady replied politely: “When you were busy dealing with family affairs, you let me settle in Yuezawa. I asked him about his wishes and received his consent before I sent him to the distribution center. ”

“You got a point? Don't you know where the distribution center is? The more people know that we send our children to distribution centers, the more the family will become the laughingstock of the Empire. ”

“So I changed Yuzawa's new identity.” Madame Chang made a well-founded statement, "she also deliberately recommended him to Her Royal Highness in order to avoid his being hired by certain persons of poor moral character. ”

"Did you recommend Ozawa to His Royal Highness? ”

“Of course.” Madame Chang glanced at him, "Otherwise you think I'm really relieved to send the Young Master to such a place? ”

The tighter she frowned, the more doubtful her expression would be. Did Madame Chang say that, instead, she thought carefully about Yuzawa?

Chang Lady added: "I'm sure you haven't asked Yuezawa to prove it, whether I sent him in on my own initiative or whether he agreed to it. ”

The less the fire, the more he pressed his voice: “Even if he agrees, you shouldn't do it. ”

“I really shouldn't have done that. I should have ignored Lu Xiufan, just like you, knowing that he had turned his back on him and even used the opportunity to bully Xiaoxiao.” Madam Chang pulled more and more, coldly, “he now has Lu Xiufan, a mountain leaner, I'm afraid he no longer considers himself a Vietnamese family. ”

The more I think about what Lu Xiufan said before, Ozawa had nothing to do with the Vietnamese family, the more I couldn't help but feel a bit sullen.

He raised his head and glanced at him more and more angrily: "It's all your fault! ”

The more Lady Chang guarded herself behind her, she rebutted: "What are you yelling at? How much trouble can he have if he's a kid? It is not yet His Royal Highness who favoured Yuzawa and made a small incident full of wind and rain. We are clearly the victims, and finally we have to pay him in a low voice. ”

“Shut up and find someone. Is LJ's own brother a small thing? ”

Madame Chang snorted: “Has he been LJ? What about the evidence? All I saw was that Xiao Xiao and his friends were beaten up by Yueze and then put in jail by the King on charges they didn't deserve. It was just a child fighting, and as a result he resorted directly to criminal means. Who the hell doesn't make sense and bullies people? ”

The more she refused to speak, the more she felt that Chang Lady's words were somewhat wrong, but did not know how to rebut them.

“You want to punish our mother and son today, give Lu Xiufan and Yueze an account, despite coming, I still have you disposed of.” The more Madame Chang stares, "but the more she does, the less I look down on you and can't even protect my wife and children, you are useless! ”

The younger you look, the less punishment you can bring up.

Lu Xiufan's side is still waiting for more and more results. However, after half a month, there has been no movement outside the house. However, it has only been more low-key and less activity in your circle. This result is unexpected by Lu Xiufan, but it is also reasonable.

The more the sole successor, the loss of the successor, the more likely the head of the household will be to lose his or her position. When the incident happened, he was almost replaced by other members. Today, despite offending the capital's power, the industry is still able to be biased as long as it is cautious in the future.

Lu Xiufan grinned. If the more he truly wanted to do justice for the more Ze, he could let go of the family and deal with only the more one person. Today, it seems that keeping such a family is also a waste of resources.

Next, the more he paid a painful price for his ignorance. Lu Xiufan secretly dispatched a thorough inspection of Vietnamese property. Any industry involving black transactions shall be sealed up. However, any overseas member of the family who commits misconduct is also under investigation.

At one time, the loss of the Vietnamese family was heavy, everyone was in danger, and the more the head of the household became ill. At this time, however, no one is willing to take over this mess.

“Yueze. ”

Shanko was waiting for Lu Xiufan in the square and suddenly heard someone calling him. He turns around and sees someone who shouldn't be here - Madame Chang.

Madame Chang's gaze was gloomy, but her eyes were still sharp. She said to Jean-Claude, "I'm here today to ask you to rescue Vietnam. ”

You can look at her silently.

“Your Royal Highness, for your sake, is pressing the Vietnamese family without leaving a scene. The more centuries of the family base, the more it will be ruined, if you still admit that you are a descendant of the family, then help the family. ”

Madam Chang mumbled her hair and continued: “I know how guilty my son used to be of you, but he made mistakes that do not have to compensate the whole Vietnamese family for their future. I will personally bring him to you to make amends if you wish to help. ”

If he didn't know Lady Chang was the culprit who turned Yuzawa into a watchman, he would almost admire her courage to bow down. Disrupting her interests would then be quick, and it would help her to look to her face for mercy.

It has to be said that this woman is really capable of giving in, otherwise she won't let the more she obeys her words so much that she makes the wrong decision and puts the Vietnamese family in such a situation.

“I want you to think about it and come up with any conditions that I can, as long as I can. ”

Knowing that Yuzawa is the keeper of the covenant, it is impossible to put forward any conditions and deliberately say so, his mind cannot be too profound. Jean snorted coldly in her heart, and I'm afraid she had the wrong idea. The more Zelig won't fight for his rights, but he will.

As you can see, the time has finally come for him to wait.

“Madame Chang came to see you today?” Lu Xiufan received information from the escort and went back to the office to ask Sangqu.

“Mm-hmm." You can pinch the dough and answer.

“What did she tell you?” Lu Xiufan's eyes flickered, don't these guys think they didn't die fast enough?

“She wanted me to save Vietnam.” Jean-Claude pinched a small flower flexibly with his fingers.

Lu Xiufan looked cold, and they still had the face to ask Ozawa for help.

“Ignore them, they have nothing to do with you. ”

Still not talking, keep pinching his dough.

Lu Shufan silenced for a moment and asked: "Ozawa, what do you think? I want to know what you think. ”

“I think," he said casually, "go back to Vietnam. ”

This answer is somewhat unexpected: “Why? ”

“If you don't go back, they'll come looking for me. ”

“I have a way to make them disappear forever.” Lu Xiufan was breathing bad breath.

“They disappeared and their memories were still there.” Shannon can calm down, “this time I went back as‘ Yueze ’, and when I came back, I was the complete' Shannon Ze ', belonging only to the adult Shannon Ze. ”

He could raise his head slowly and look carefully at the man in front of him, clearly reflecting his figure in his clear eyes.

Lu Shufan's heart palpitated, almost lost in his focused eyes.

“Sir, do you agree? ”

Lu Xiufan lifted Shang's hand with flour on it and said warmly: “I'll go with you. ”


Three days later, Lu Xiufan came to Vietnam with Shanko, and a sudden visit scared the Vietnam family.

Fearing to welcome Lu Xiufan into the main house, the more forcefully and calmly he said: “Your Highness is visiting the cold house. What can I do for you? ”

You're not here to take his ancestral home? His Royal Highness really intends to kill them all?

The more front-headed the flow of cold sweat miso, the more glanced at Sangkou from time to time, hoping to get some information from him, unfortunately Sangkou's face, apart from a word "paralyzed”, left only a sharp cold heart.

“Didn't you send someone to invite Ozawa back a few days ago?” Lu Shufan's icy gaze fell on Chang Lady, who was standing beside him more and more.

Madam Chang hurried forward and replied: “Your Excellency is right, we invited Ozawa back. ”

“Good. He's back now. What are you going to do? ”

The more she meets Chang Lady, the more overwhelmed the others are. They have already seen Lu Shufan's means. If he inadvertently says the wrong word, who knows if he will send someone to flatten the family?

At the end of the day, Madam Chang compared herself to the policemen and turned to Shanko and said: "Now that Ozawa is back, he is willing to help Vietnamese families. ”

Others heard that they all looked at Sankoh with the hopeful eye and almost saw him as the last straw to save their lives.

“How do you expect me to help?” Ask yet.

Chang Lady looked at Lu Xiufan and said: "As long as you are willing to accept the apology of Vietnam, I am sure His Royal Highness will also open the Vietnam net. ”

“Apologize?” Lu Xiufan looked at everyone coldly, "what apology? ”

The more biting the teeth: “We are willing to compensate Ozawa for 30% of the profits of the Vietnamese family. ”

30% profit? Don't say that the assets of the Vietnamese family have shrunk by half today, even if it is 30% of the time, Lu Xiufan can't see it, he only cares about the choices.

“I don't want profit.” You can speak plainly.

“What do you want?” The more you ask.

“I will take over as heir to the Vietnamese family.” The chilled voice echoes in the living room.

As it turns out, not only the more people, but even Lu Xiufan was surprised.

“Your ambition is huge! 30% of your profit is not enough to satisfy your appetite and you want to go home.” The more intolerable the sarcasm.

“You shut up!” The more gloomy you look, the more you scold, and then look back at Sankoh, "Ozawa, do you really want the whole Vietnamese family? ”

“I'm taking over the Vietnamese.” It is possible to reiterate it unemotionally.

The complexion of the Vietnamese people became difficult to look at, and they all felt that Jean-Claude was robbing while it was still on fire.

Lu Xiufan just watched quietly and did not make any comments. He doesn't mind helping him get what he wants, as long as he wants. But does he really want it? He is a covenant keeper, what does it mean to him to get the Vietnam family...

Wait, the keeper?!

Lu Shufan's pupils shrunk.