Heroic Death System

Compliance 12

“Father, five years ago you hosted a grand banquet for me, declaring me heir to the Vietnamese family in front of all the members of the family.” You can reach out your left hand and wear a ring with a family emblem on your left index finger. "The more ring is there, the more promise is there. ”

Chang Lady and Vietnam's face changed at the same time. They were only looking at the expulsion of Yueze, but forgot to remove the ring.

“The more you ring the bell, the more you will not be heir to the family.” The more I couldn't bear to ask again.

Yet he was ignored, just looking more and more: "Father, would you like to revoke my heir's identity? ”

The more condescending the expression, the more difficult it becomes. The revocation of the identity of the Heir of the Vietnamese meant that he had completely severed his ties with the Vietnamese family and would no longer give any help to the Vietnamese family; the recognition of his identity meant that the Vietnamese family would be handed over to a watchman who had lost his sense of belonging to the Vietnamese family. Moreover, the more Ze is now Lu Xiufan's person. After his death, Lu Xiufan was fully entitled to receive the Vietnam family. I'm afraid the name of the Vietnam family will change soon.

Lu Xiufan looked at the family without saying a word. They only cared about the interests at hand. No one understood what was meant by that. There would have been a simpler way to resolve the crisis in Vietnam, which was to plead with himself, but instead of doing so, he decided to take over the mess as heir. Even when he became a keeper, he did not lose his arrogance and principles. But the more the family doubts him with their own perspectives. They completely forgot that Jean is a keeper of the covenant. How can he compete so hard when the Vietnamese family flourishes and he has no heart?

“Lao Cheng, the more the heirs of the Vietnamese family, this cannot be changed.” The more hesitant Madame Chang was, the more she immediately made a voice reminding her, "After Yueze became a covenant keeper, she was disqualified as an heir. You should get the ring back, even if the family is going to fall apart, it's the family's choice. Instead of surviving under duress from others, it is better to rise again with pride to Tu Dongshan. ”

The more she said, the more the other members of the family felt.

She glanced at Chang Lady without a trace. This woman is really inspiring. Unfortunately, she has a son who always drags her back.

“Mother was right.” Yueze also intervened, “Yueze now belongs to His Royal Highness, giving Yueze's family to him, what's the difference between confiscation and confiscation? ”

When he says this in front of Shu Fan, God can't save his poor IQ.

Lu Xiufan ignored his words and did not have any interest in seeing him in general.

The longer you think about it, the harder it is to say to Sang: "Ozawa, you used to be modest and courteous, the more generous you are, I hope you can think about your family now. ”

He avoided the subject of the heir and persuaded him to give in on his own initiative.

Sang Ke watched him quietly for a long time, Xu Xu said: “Back then you went out with Chang Lady behind your back, mother accepted silently for the family's reputation; mother died, you married Chang Lady after six months, I accepted; you wanted me to inherit the family business and force me to give up my favorite music, I accepted; I became a keeper, you didn't listen to me, I accepted; Chang Lady sent me to the distribution center, I also accepted. Father, tell me, what do I do for the sake of my family? ”

The more the face flashes a slight shame.

Madam Chang saw the situation badly and questioned: “If you value your family so much, why come back to fight for inheritance rights? ”

“Didn't Madame Chang invite me back?” Can you turn your gaze to her, “you asked me to come back, didn't you acquiesce to the identity of my heir? ”

“Of course not. I just want you to help the Vietnamese get through. ”

“In what capacity? ”

Madam Chang was choked and replied: "You have the blood of an overseas family, even if you are not the heir, it is your duty to contribute to the family. ”

“Is that why you murdered me? To disqualify me as an heir, to give my family a strength as an ordinary family member? ”

Chang Lady's face mutated and scolded: “What are you talking about? When did I murder you? ”

Everyone's expression was one of agitation, and they looked at each other in confusion.

“If it wasn't murder, then you snuck into my room more than a year ago and gave me an injection-- what was the psychotropic for? ”

This is not just Madam Chang's face has changed, but the others have not yet recovered.

“At the time, you and the more you thought I was unconscious, but in fact, I had a little bit of wisdom.” Stated without any emotion, "I saw you inject psychotropic drugs into my body with your own hands, driving me insane. ”

There was no wave of calm in Sankoh's eyes, but his words blew in everyone's ears like thunder.

What do you mean, Yuezawa went mad because he was injected with psychotropic drugs?

The more the body trembled slightly, the more the expression stared.

“I was taken to the hospital, where the doctor diagnosed me as a psychotoxic infection, but three hours later, I underwent psychotoxic removal surgery.” It's easy to slow down, "so I became a watchman. ”

The more you twist your neck slightly, the more you look at your wife with an empty eye. He still has fresh memories of what happened that day. The appearance of Yuezawa's frenzy made him lose his mind. The decision to perform psychotoxic removal surgery was made by him personally. He also personally pushed Yuezawa into the operating room. He pushed a healthy child into the operating room as a mentally ill patient!

Father, Father, Father... The child screams terribly and keeps echoing in his brain. That madly painful face seemed to be asking him for help.

“Ozawa said it was... really?” The drier the sound, the more I asked.

Madame Chang forcefully calmed down: “This is a slander! He said that only to obtain inheritance rights from the family. ”

“The doctor who operated on Ozawa at that time was still in the original hospital. Whether or not he was stigmatized, all he had to do was ask.” A proposal was made out loud.

Madame Chang said that for the first time, her face showed a panicked expression. Others saw it in their eyes and had to shush.

All members of the family knew how good Yuzawa was. They never suspected that Yuzawa's madness was hiding such a chilling truth.

Injected by stepmother and younger brother - psychotropic drugs, placed on the operating table by father, life deprives all normal human beings of the emotions they deserve and decades of precious life.

Everyone's face showed sadness and intolerance when they looked at the faint shade of sanctity. The tone he just spoke sounded as if he had nothing to do with himself, without any anger or pain, and he might not even know what he had lost.

“Don't listen to Yuezawa, he...”

“Hush!” crisp interrupted the hush.

Everyone followed his fame, only Lu Xiufan's cup was crushed by him and the blood seeped out of his clenched fist. His face frozen with a horrible death breath, his eyes stared coldly at Chang Lady, like a dead person.

Chang Lady was staring at her back cold and her fingers could not bear to shake.

Lu Xiufan stood up coldly and said to the Vietnamese family: “In five days, Ozawa will be back to take over the Vietnamese family. ”

Saying, he lifted Sangquo and went outside without going back. At the same time, he instructed his subordinates: "Go to the hospital where Ozawa was operating, and bring the doctor here. ”

What an out-of-home, what a lady! They were born to turn the otherwise healthy Ozawa into a watchman!

Lu Xiufan has never wanted to kill anyone like this.

“Are you angry?” Ask yet.

Lu Xiufan looked at the peaceful face and felt painful. Had it not been for the truth to be told today, perhaps no one would have known what harm he had suffered. Nearly two years, almost two years have passed since people were considered to be infected with psychiatric viruses. In those two years, he had not revealed a word about what had happened to him and had silently accepted all the arrangements made by the family. At the end of the day, he also followed that commitment and wanted to shoulder the responsibilities of his successors.

He had no idea that, at the moment he had become a keeper, no one had considered him heir to the Vietnamese family. His father ignored him, his stepmother put him in danger and his brother repeatedly bullied him.

Ozawa, how stupid are you? And the keeper of the covenant, how is he sad?

Lu Xiufan will still be able to hold him tightly in his arms: Ozawa, don't worry, I will recover all the grievances you have suffered. You can't express your feelings, I'll convey them for you.

That evening, the doctor was arrested in front of Lu Xiufan, who made him confess without much effort.

Chang Lady is injected with a special psychotropic agent, which can make people suddenly go crazy in a short time. But it only takes two or three days to resolve itself, and if the corresponding antidote is used, it can be restored in a matter of hours. At that time, the more doctors we looked at, the less tragic it would be. However, it took him only three hours to make the decision to operate!

“Damn!” Lu Xiufan punched him on the table, revealing a gloomy colour on his face.

“Report, my lord.” An escort reported that "Chang Lady and Vietnam attempted to flee and were stopped by our guards. ”

“Lock them up in solitary confinement.” Lu Xiufan's gaze is cold and his tone is cold, “I will deal with it myself. ”

When Lu Xiufan returned to the building, it was late at night, the room was lit, and he was still waiting for him.

“Why aren't you asleep?” Lu Xiufan converged and slowly walked to him.

“I'm sorry.” Looking forward to him, I apologize.

“Why are you sorry? ”

“I'm a tiger today. ”

Lu Xiufan's frost dissolved on his face, revealing a touch of tenderness in his eyes: “I like your fox fake tiger. In the future, if you want to scare people, you can call me. I'll lend you the tiger skin whenever you want. ”

“You're a good employer.” It can be evaluated appropriately.

“Good where?” Lu Xiufan glanced at him with a smile.

“Anywhere.” One can count, “Thoughtful subordinate, seriously responsible, friendly...”

Where does he see himself as a sweetheart?


Lu Shufan blocked his mouth.

“… the tiger skin is thick enough. ”

I can't hear the rest anymore...