Heroic Death System

Compliance 13

Officially accepting the Vietnamese property, no one has dared to compete with him for this position after a series of blows.

Lu Xiufan was prepared to defend his flight and did everything he could to help him clean up his overseas property, but yet again he was unexpected. The first thing he did when he arrived in Vietnam was to hire a large number of adherents.

Until then, relevant information may have been collected, in particular with regard to the investigation of the Compliance Officer. They are emotionally deficient, but they are principled, loyal to the contract, efficient in their work, and have no sense of selfishness. Of course, their abilities vary and their expertise varies. The first batch of contractors who could be hired are all more than 2 stars and have a certain knowledge base to accomplish less professional tasks well.

Vietnamese people are now unstable, in a mess, and not many people are willing to assist Shanko, so he simply fully activated the adherent, rounded up the family estate, and started a little tidying up according to his priorities.

He doesn't even care about other people's unconvincing and disobedient little moves. The disobedient had only one word "rolling”, some cumbersome industries, which he did not hesitate to abandon. Restructuring industrial institutions to focus on important matters.

The adherents he hired became his most reliable and advantageous implementers, and no one was more loyal to his duties than they were, nor was there any clearer reward for his punishment than they were. While this merciless way of doing things inevitably offends many who want to speculate, it is supported by genuinely capable practitioners. The Compliance creates a purely free working environment for them, so long as the task is completed on time, the Compliance will not care about the rest of the bypass. Excellent performers also receive high rewards.

This approach, which shrinks the family's already shrunk assets by a further 20% in a short period of time, frightens the rest of the members in fear of war, but does not dare to collide with each other, because the man who keeps the covenant has no time to heed their complaints.

The way he handled his family affairs was like resecting a tumor, cutting a knife clean, and not caring about short-term labor pains. For him, even if there was only one company left in the family, it would not affect his mandate, so he dared to do what others dared to do and did very well.

Hiring so many adherents at once, all in an important position, caused a sensation throughout the empire, and even Lu Xiufan was shocked by him.

Just as everyone waited to see the covenant's family go out, he slowly recovered his downfall, from chaos to stability, from loss to profitability, one step at a time. Soon, people discovered that adherents differed from ordinary people in their ability to work. They have a strong time perspective, never late to leave early, and even if their personal abilities are insufficient, they are diligent in learning and adjust their learning direction and work objectives to the needs of their employers. They do not corrupt, they do not bribe, they do not favor themselves, they do not complain, they do not take revenge, they strictly enforce the rules, they are fair and just.

People often compare them to robots, but never really realize the value of robots. For centuries, it was not known how many capable adherents had been enslaved, quenching their brief fires of life.

“My Lord.” The prison guard saw Lu Xiufan and immediately performed a military ceremony.

Lu Xiufan ignored it and looked through the glass window at Chang Lady and Yue Xiao in the closed room.

They have been in solitary confinement for more than half a month and have neither been brought to trial nor punished. They started screaming for a few days, but now they are disillusioned and disoriented.

“Let's get started.” Lu Xiufan ordered the two doctors behind him.

The two doctors agreed and walked into the closed room with several assistants.

“What do you want?” Madam Chang saw a group of people suddenly come in, grabbed her son and dragged him out, and she rushed over and hugged him.

“We just want to give your son a medical exam.” A doctor answered facially.

“My son is healthy and does not need to be examined. ”

“Really?” another doctor said, "According to our observation, your son appears to be infected with a virus that needs urgent medical attention. ”

Madame Chang realised something in vain. Her face screamed, "No, my son is fine. Let him go! ”

“Mother, help me.” The more you panic, the more you struggle.

“Out of the way, don't interfere with our work.” Several powerful men ignored the two shouts, pushed away Madame Chang and dragged her away.

“I am the mother-in-law of Vietnam, and even if I am guilty, it should be ruled upon according to normal procedure, and you do not have the right to resort to lynching.” Madame Chang completely lost the nobility of the past and slapped the closed door on the ground.

“Mother, Mother -" grows farther away until it vanishes from sight.

Chang Lady slipped to the ground in depression, the whole person leaned powerlessly against the metal door, lowered her head, her hair scattered, two poisonous eyes in her eyes...

In an operating room, the more you tie yourself to the operating table, the harder the white light on the top of your head. When he saw a familiar instrument, his eyes filled with endless fear. This is the kind of equipment that turns Yuzawa into a contractor.

Finally realizing what was about to happen to me, the more I whispered in my mouth of despair...

During this period of time, although he has been busy running away from home, he returns to Lu Xiufan's house every day to report to him on the results of the day and to fulfill his three-companionship obligations.

Lu Xiufan is also busy, but returns every day on time to hear the report, while exercising the right of three companions.

Together, they have reached the water-milk-convergence realm in a certain way.

Life is too harmonious, and you can almost forget that your task is to meet the requirements of "bravery to death”. At a time when he was beginning to wrangle how gorgeous death was, danger came without a sign.

You can walk out of the office building and bring two new contractors to the parking apron.

The two adherents were the few technical talents he had recently discovered and he intended to place them in the Vietnamese technology development team.

They can be taken to the science park and followed by two escorts. This is the bodyguard arranged by Lu Xiufan to keep him safe every day.

Halfway through the car, you can suddenly hear an electronic prompt sound, switch to manual mode and start accelerating.

You can be surprised and immediately control the direction in case the car deviates from the driveway or hits an obstacle. However, with the exception of directions, all other operations are out of control and the speed is constantly increasing.

Apparently, his car was tampered with!

Looking out of the car at the landscape, pupils can shrink and use superb driving skills to calmly drive at rapid speeds.

“Master Zelig, what happened?” The sound of a guard came from the contactor, and they found Sankoh's car suddenly accelerating, acutely aware that the situation was not good.

“The car is out of control.” A simple reply can be made.

After saying this, there was a sudden murmur in the contactor and it completely lost its response.

Communication was interrupted, and the escort car behind it was left unattended.

Shanko's speed has reached the upper limit of the vehicle, which is flashing and begins to die in the complex.

If he's the only one, there's nothing to be afraid of. But there were two of them sitting in the back seat, dragging their seatbelts, gazing flat, without a hint of tension on their faces, shaking left and right as the body shook, looking like two figures.

In any event, their lives must be preserved.

You can look at the drive energy and only consume 3%. The car was just taken for maintenance today, filled with energy, and was probably passive at that time.

At the rate of energy consumption, he has to stay in this state for 36 hours! Even if he didn't make a mistake in the middle, he wouldn't be able to fly the whole way alive!

You can still control the direction toward the sparsely populated, wide-field outer city and quickly think about countermeasures in your mind.

At this speed, jumping will definitely not work.

So, is there any way to speed up energy consumption?

All energy-consuming devices in the car can be turned on, lights, music, air conditioning… however, this consumption does not work very well.

Sankoh's spirit is highly concentrated and his forehead is constantly sweating. Driving at this speed for 40 minutes in a row, the body starts eating and the brain is a little dizzy. In this case, don't say 36 hours, even 3 hours is probably choking enough.

The maximum speed of a buoyancy car can only be rushed by a professional racer when fully equipped and cannot last longer than 5 hours, otherwise it can cause bodily harm.

Buoyancy flew out of the city and into the relatively empty suburbs.

Sankoh's eyelashes trembled slightly and the sweat penetrated his eyes along the corner, but he dared not distract.

There was silence around and all you could hear was the whistling of the body's friction airflow. Two covenant keepers in the back seat, when their lips were white, cold sweating, and unnatural convulsions appeared in their facial muscles, one of them bleeding out of their nose.

Sankoh's blood pressure was also rising, and her blood vessels seemed to burst and she was in constant pain.

He looked at the energy consumption, leaving 90 per cent. He moaned in his heart and never thought that being energy-rich was such a madness!

The car travels fast, but the time passes extremely slowly.

After not knowing how long, there was also blood in the ears and nose of Sankoh, sweat in his eyes, tingling and blurred vision.

We have to find a way to save ourselves!

At this moment, the gaze suddenly widened and a huge lake appeared in front of it.


There is a bright light in your eyes and an idea in your heart.

He drove a buoyancy car around the lake, calculated the altitude and position, and said to the contractor behind him, "Jill, Cloud Zero, listen to me later, I'll let you jump and jump. ”

As you speak, open the lock on the right door, tilt the body, and its superior technology to lower the height a little bit during high-speed driving.

“Now, Jill, jump!” Jean can scream.

Without hesitation, the caretaker known as “Jill" pushed the door down and his body drew a white wave on the lake, then “plunged” into the water.

But for a moment, Jill came out of the water, relieved himself and ready to follow the steps just now to help the clouds escape.

However, when it was still visible through the rearview mirror, it turned out that Cloud Zero was already in a semi-conscious state and did not respond to his cry...