Heroic Death System

Compliance 15

After three days in the hospital, she was feeling much better. Except for the susceptibility to mental fatigue, the recovery has been good.

Lu Xiufan walked into the ward and saw that Shan was leaning on the pillow, looking down at the information. He was sitting beside him by two of his covenants, looking at him with no expression.

The three men found Lu Xiufan coming in and raised his head at the same time. The two covenant keepers just glanced at it and continued to stare at Sankoh. Sankoh naturally greeted him with a silent salute.

Lu Xiufan looked at the three of them and raised a strange feeling in his heart. The two adherents were granted permission to enter the ward, which was nothing special when they had previously been in contact alone, but the differences between the two sides were highlighted when their monks could stay together.

The expressions of the two covenant keepers, Mune, with their eyes deaf, immersed themselves in their own world as if they were autistic children, without anger. But quite apart from them, his face, despite its small expression, had a very clear eye, as if it had infinite space to hold everything he had seen.

Lu Xiufan realizes that his previous cognitive deviations are somewhat different. He thinks that all adherents are the same, but in fact, he is different.

“Time to rest.” Lu Xiufan said to him.

“Give me another 15 minutes," she replied. ”

This was the time he had set with the two contractors, and even if he wanted to end it early, the two contractors would not have agreed, unless he had imposed an order to suspend it.

Lu Xiufan patiently stood by and waited.

“Follow the specific actions…"

Fifteen minutes have elapsed, and Sankoh's words have not been finished, and the keeper has begun to pack.

“… the implementation of a pre-established plan.” Before they left the ward, they were finally finished.

After deep contact with the true Compliance Officer, you can still see that you, the Compliance Officer, are not qualified enough. At least he was a little over a star and a half away in terms of time management and near-compulsive execution. Every time a plan must be made in advance, the timing must be precise to seconds, otherwise surely only the backdrop of the non-compliant will have to disappear. No wonder they would be called “robots," and the planned things would be absolutely complete, and the unplanned things would never be done.

Of course, if he ordered them to stay, it would be okay to reissue a new order, but he tried to avoid the situation and avoid developing lazy habits.

“Ozawa, there's a problem we need to talk about.” Lu Xiufan sat beside Shangkou with a serious expression.

“What's the problem? ”

“I am your employer, and my orders must be followed, especially at dangerous times.” Lu Xiufan spoke harshly, "like that accident a few days ago, I let you jump, why don't you jump? ”

Jean-Claude was silent for a while and calmed down: “I am the employer of Jill and Cloud Zero, and I am obliged to keep them safe, just as you protected me. ”

“Well," said Lu Xiufan, "if I were in danger at the same time as them, who would you save first? ”

Where did you hear that question? What's the difference from the “mother and wife falling into the water at the same time, who to save first” that used to be on the internet?

Jean-Claude was thundered, but he answered solemnly: "Save my lord. ”

“But you chose the watchman. ”

“Because adults are not in danger of life. In such cases, saving lives should be a priority.” There are words to revitalize.

“For me,” said Lu Xiufan, “your life is also my priority! ”

Not a word yet.

“Promise me, Ozawa.” Lu Xiufan held his hand and his eyes caught burning. "Later, he encountered danger. Consider his safety first. ”

“My lord,” he replied briefly, "your life is above all else.” So this order, he doesn't take.

Lu Xiufan shook his head and stared at him quietly for a moment. Then he held him in his arms and said in a low voice: “So is your life. ”

In the past few days, Lu Xiufan had been summoned several times in succession by the Queen. Seeing that Shang Ke's body was well, he was summoned to the Palace to meet the Queen.

In addition to the Queen and Prince, there is also an elderly man in the inner courtyard, the homeowner of Changes.

“Your Majesty.” Lu Xiufan slightly asked for a greeting.

Changes also rose to give a gift to Lu Xiufan.

Several people said a few words, the queen asked about Chang Lady and Vietnam, and the words bore some blame. Lu Xiufan, the King of Identity, really shouldn't interfere in other people's family affairs.

“This is not an internal affair, Madame Chang and the more suspected the murderer of the parents' son, the more Zelig, I am interrogating.” Lu Xiufan replied.

“Really? But I heard you used lynchings against them.” The Queen is righteous, "they are distinct from ordinary civilians, interrogation should be open, and people from Vietnamese and regular homes are entitled to be heard. ”

“Yes." Unexpectedly, Lu Xiufan did not refuse.

The next day, Madame Chang and Yue Yu were taken into a special interrogation room and allowed to visit the two families more often.

When Madam Chang met her father, the first sentence was: "Father, please take charge of us. The King forcibly performed a viral removal operation on Xiao Xiao Xiao, turning him into a keeper of the covenant. ”

As Chance's face sank, he turned his head towards the side of him, and saw his expression Mune, which was no different from the man who kept the covenant.

Chance was impatient to ask the Queen for a medical examination, and if it was determined that he had been forcibly turned into a covenant keeper, be sure to ask the Queen to preside over justice.

The queen echoed the simulation and then glanced invisibly at Lu Xiufan, who looked indifferent as if the matter had nothing to do with him.

Chance carries Yuechan to the Royal Hospital for an identity check of the adherents, which typically involves a viral analysis of the patient's brain and neuronal reflex oscillation.

The more you sit in a metal chair, the more you undergo an appraisal inspection. Shortly after the instrument was activated, the more stubborn the scream suddenly, the expression became stubborn and struggled desperately in the chair. Everyone out there has changed their face. Look at him. He's not a keeper at all!

The instrument sounded a stabbing alarm, the doctor immediately shut it off, several medical personnel walked over, ready to lift out, who knew he suddenly bit one of the arms, two eyes as fierce as a demon.

“Xiaoxiao!” Several people in the house shouted immediately.

“Ah!” The more beastly the roar, the more people bite, like crazy.

Madam Chang shouted, “Save people! ”

The doctor, with the help of other medical personnel, injected Yuechan with a sedative and finally allowed him to calm down.

“What's going on?” Madame Chang asked.

The doctor's face was also ugly, and he asked, “He's not a compliance officer at all. Why did you ask for a compliance test? Don't you know that it can cause damage to the brain? ”

The doctors warned them to do a routine exam first, but they refused to do so, finding that the more you became a compliance officer and just wanted to see the appraisal report as soon as possible.

Unlike normal people, the neurons of a conservationist do not react in any way under instrumental stimuli, but normal people are sensitive and slightly irritated, which can cause huge emotional fluctuations, although the emotional performance of different individuals varies. Excited people will be more excited, sad people will be more sad, fearful people will be more scared, angry people will be more angry...

And the more powerful, the deepest memory of the consciousness is fear and anger, stimulated by the instrument, immediately doubled, instantly put him into madness.

The doctor was about to do another comprehensive examination of Yueqiao, who knew that he suddenly opened his eyes and strangled the doctor's neck, making a grudging noise in his mouth: “I will kill you, I will kill you! ”

The doctor's face was blue, his eyes were convex, his eyes were about to be strangled, and the person behind him hurried forward to rescue him. He finally broke his hands and gave him another sedative.

The softer I fell on the bed, but my eyes were still open, and the fierce light in my eyes looked extraordinarily scary.

The doctor coughed a few times and muttered in anger: "Now you can be sure that the second son is definitely not a covenant keeper, and his emotions are very ‘rich'! ”

The expression on the faces of the ordinary family seemed to suddenly faint, and if the suspicious eyes seemed to drift towards Lu Xiufan without a trace of ground.

Lu Xiufan sat on the bench and watched the farce coldly in front of him.

“In that case, you'll take care of the next thing.” The queen rose gracefully, accompanied by the prince.

Although there was no expression of dissatisfaction on her face, there was dissatisfaction with her regular family in her tone.

“Your Majesty, what have you done to Xiao Xiao?” Madam Chang looked directly at Lu Xiufan.

"Just deal with a man as he deals with you," said Lu Xiufan. ”

After that, he turned away, too.

At that time, Mrs. Chang injected Yuezawa with psychotropic drugs, causing him to go mad, and was then treated as a psychotropic, forcibly undergoing removal surgery and turned into a covenant keeper. And he, too, injected Vietnam with psychotropic drugs, just that they didn't make him mad, they made him lose consciousness for a short time.

Madam Chang first thought that the more she became a watchmaker, so the doctor directly asked him to identify him as a watchmaker. Instead, she stimulated his nerves and drove him crazy. This madness, under the influence of that psychotropic agent, will become permanent unless they do remove him.

In fact, the effect of this drug is only half a month. When they used a tube of psychotropic medicine to make Yuezawa fake crazy, they turned him into a covenant keeper; now he used a tube of medicine to make Yuezawa fake dementia, and then let them send him to the end of madness themselves.

One report at a time, but for one reason or another.

But this is not over. He can still be attacked. Eight or nine are the hands of a regular family. How can he return a gift to them?

Lu Xiufan's eyes were covered with a cold frost.

Walk into Sankoh's ward and let him feel at peace when the warmth of one room stops.

Jean-Claude is drawing something on his mind screen.

Lu Xiufan approached and found that there was a calendar on the screen, which he circled from No. 2 to No. 10.

“What is this?” Lu Xiufan sat beside the bed and grabbed his waist with one hand.

Seems like he's lost a lot of weight and needs to be replenished later.

“This is the number of days I'm out of work.” You can take a look at it, "we'll have to make it up to you later. ”

Lu Xiufan frowned: “What are you going to do about it? ”

“There are currently two programmes.” It is acceptable to reply, "first, to work two additional hours per day until the working hours are completed, and second, to exchange working hours with special services in exchange for quality. ”

With little hesitation, Lu Xiufan decided to choose the second type.