Heroic Death System

Compliance 19

Lu Xiufan's belt can be visited around the villa, the style of the villa is not very different from that of the mansion, but it is surprising that a laboratory has been built under the villa, mainly to study drugs, diseases and medical equipment, among which psychotoxicity, which has plagued humans for centuries, is one of their research topics. Originally, the project had been on hold for a long time, but Lu Xiufan had recently restarted it.

He brought Jean-Claude to the villa for a better rest and to heal the aftermath of his surgery.

When you can see the lab, you suddenly think that Lu Xiufan is a god-assisted attack!

The system had just issued a mandate for him to study drugs, and Lu Xiufan had provided him with readily available research equipment and related expertise. Although he is temporarily unable to directly remove the rehydration fluid, he is well placed to turn to these specialists for help.

The task of the world, assisted by Lu Xiufan, seems to have become less difficult.

Shannon looked down at Xiufan, who wrote on the digital screen: [What's wrong?

Just suddenly felt that they might be able to grow old for nothing.

He shook his head and didn't say anything.

The affairs of the distribution center have been handed over to the agent dispatched by Lu Xiufan, and Vietnam has arranged a new heir. The rest of the time, he can feel comfortable doing scientific work in this villa.

There are also a few medicinal fields near the villa where a lot of rare herbs are grown. Sankoh's room, just facing a field of medicine, opens the window and you can smell a fresh smell of medicine. The purple flowers sway in the field as if it were a tumbling wave.

Jean-Claude fell in love with this room almost at first sight and enjoyed the view out the window.

In the meantime, the housekeeper knocked on the door. Jean-Claude turned around and saw him walking over with a big white dog half a person tall. He first gave a gift to Lu Xiufan and then bent over to untie the dog rope.

The big dog leaned back and slowly pressed to Lu Xiufan's side, rubbing against his leg, then sat beside him, looking at the measure.

You can look at it for a moment and then reach out to it with one hand.

The big dog glanced at him and then stretched out his paws and touched him in the palm of Jean-Claude's hand.

Lu Xiufan's eyes flashed a smile, one hand touched the big dog's head, one hand touched Sangkou's head, both were very good, both were commendable.

Shanko and the big dog looked at Lu Xiufan at the same time, and the gods in his eyes were surprisingly consistent.

Lu Xiufan: Suddenly I feel that life is so full...

The big dog has a name that doesn't quite match its noble image - snowballs. Because it's snowy and white, and without a trace of clutter, it can't even be seen walking in the snow. In the absence of Lu Xiufan, the main thing was that he was with Shanko.

“Where's Ozawa?” Lu Xiufan, standing with rain on his body, returned to the villa and asked the butler without meeting the person who was supposed to meet him.

“Major Zelig is at Laboratory 5.” The housekeeper answered as he took off Lu Xiufan's coat.

“Laboratory?” Lu Xiufan recalled that he had recently been able to apply for a laboratory to join the study on psychotoxicity. Lu Xiufan naturally did not refuse, just pretending that he was trying to fill a vacancy that he was unable to work during the injury.

Lu Xiufan took the elevator to the basement, went through the disinfection corridor and walked straight into Laboratory No. 5.

In the laboratory, a sample can be observed and analyzed while sitting in front of an instrument.

He drooped his head down and focused, his elongated fingers commissioned the instrument from time to time, wearing a white coat that made him look like a researcher with an academic scent.

When he first met him, he wore a pajama to help the two wounded heal without changing colours; the first time he was his driver, he showed amazing driving skills; the first time he was found in the kitchen, he was like a kitten eating secretly; in bed, he was repressed with enthusiasm and a soft figure… he was obviously a watchman, but he was so colorful that people couldn't move their eyes.

It belongs to him and is unique in the world.

Lu Xiufan walked over and kissed his side on his forehead while he raised his head.

Back? Samples can be properly sidelined and then stood up.

“Time to eat.” Lu Xiufan refers to the virtual clock on the wall, with only three minutes remaining for the meal indicated above.

He nodded and tidied up a little before returning to the villa with Lu Shufan.

[Any progress in the study?] Lu Xiufan wrote on the tablet.

He replied: [Not much progress.

The composition of the tonic fluid is complex, and he has so far analyzed only three of them. Tomorrow he intends to split the sample into several parts and ask other researchers to help analyze it.

Lu Xiufan merely asked casually, but didn't think he could really work out anything, at least not in a short time. After all, this difficult question has haunted the empire for centuries.

It's just that Lu Shufan didn't expect to be so enthusiastic about the research. Other than eating and sleeping, he spent all his time in the lab. He could not even sleep while he was away.

Later, Lu Xiufan had to strictly stipulate that he could still sleep for 10 hours a day.

In the evening, Lu Xiufan asked to check the recovery of Shangkou's injuries. After staying in the villa for more than a month, in the presence of a group of physician cooks and nutritionists, Shanko not only recovered well but gained several pounds.

Remove the top and expose your back to Lu Shufan's eyes. You can only see the original glossy skin, leaving dozens of scars of different sizes, like a messy white petal.

Shang can feel Lu Xiufan's fingers slowly paddled over his back, and finally stopped at his waist. Then a hot body patched him up and locked him in his arms.

“I'll stay at the villa for a few days.” Lu Shu Fansha's dumb voice comes into his ears, which have not yet fully recovered, like a string of vibrations, trembling slightly.

Lu Xiufan has not touched him since he could have been injured. How can he stand it when he recovers? He dragged Jean-Claude all night that night, just that he was careful of the scale, not as intense as before, but chose a slow and lasting way of entering, just occasionally pushing the weight of a long build-up, and not a pin - soul flavor. As for posture, it's more random.

But Lu Xiufan overestimated his strength, and he did it very gently, but because it was too long, he couldn't leave the room for three days. Apart from eating, bathing, and sleeping for ten hours, the rest of the time is spent in harmonious sports.

You can stay down on your bed and record your research time over the past few days, intending to add 30 minutes a day while Lu Xiufan is away from the villa. No way, Lu Xiufan prescribed his rest period, and even if he was not there, the butler would promptly remind him that stealing time could not be extended.

He was so impressed by Lu Xiufan's behavior in calculating working hours that he can't even change it now...

Lu Xiufan stayed for three days. When he left, he was still in bed - corpse.

Lu Xiufan reluctantly left the gentle homeland and rushed to deal with the major affairs of his country.

It was finally possible to see the sun again and come out of a room full of passion. After a half-day break, he invested again in his research.

This time he separated the samples and asked several researchers to help him analyze them, but they were not very friendly to him, just asked him to put the samples down and say he would take a look at them sometime.

This group of research freaks seldom follow the news outside, do not know the identity of Shanko, just think of him as Lu Shufan's bed companion. The fact that the two of them did not leave the door for three days and three nights "glory” made them even less fond of Shang Cao. It was as if he was the benefactor of the Enchanted King.

His Royal Highness the King is such a noble and dignified man that he becomes a drowning bed. How can the □ □ elements not let the experts grieve? So they have to resist this kind of tiny, high-profile man.

Sankoh's samples are precious, but they don't dare to spread them out. If he accidentally loses it, he will die of heartache.

There's no way, since they think they're dwarfs, they show them.

Shan Xiufan was given a small report in front of them, in total disregard of the dude's impatient expression.

Lu Xiufan spoke immediately and asked the researchers to cooperate as much as possible with Sangkou's work, doubling the bonus.

For the prize money, several researchers reluctantly took samples of Sankoh and cursed the boy himself. It really hurt his free balls. Why don't you just be his pet? Nothing. What kind of research?

However, as soon as they analyzed the composition of this sample, they changed their mind! What is this? The ingredients are so complex, the formula so precise, the utility so special! Some of these substances are still in tune!

The researchers seemed to discover a new continent, and there was a fire in their eyes.

A few days later, an institute came to Sangquo and said, “Master Zelig, the sample you provided has been scrapped, can you provide another copy? ”

Jean-Claude had no expression on her face, but she was screaming: Do you think samples can be provided if they say so? Don't you dare save it!

However, it was also known that such consumption was necessary and had to be returned to them later.

If you send someone away, you can take out that bottle of rejuvenating brain fluid, and you have two thirds left. If he drinks it now, he may still be able to heal his brain damage, but in this way, he may not be able to complete his task.

The system is a dead end, leave no room for him, despise it!

Carefully remove a little brain fluid from the bottle and place it in the droplet trough.

It was not known that, although he had separated the components of the supplementary cerebral fluid, several institutes had analysed some of the information from which, in their experience, it was easy to infer from what was still being studied that it was related to the treatment of psychotoxicity.

Other professionals are surprised by the fact that the rejuvenating brain fluid on hand is the final product provided by the system, whether it is a combination of ingredients or an effect test. They believed that surprising results had been achieved even without finished products.

If this outcome is yet to be studied, then he is likely to have the key to overcoming the challenge. It also means he wasn't what they initially thought was just Lu Shufan's bed - companionship.

At one point, this group of researchers had a 180 degree shift in their perception of Sankoh.