Heroic Death System

Become your god 2

At night, most members of the clan did not sleep much, and dozens of young adults took turns watching the night in case the beasts attacked.

Sankoh's god also stayed in the camp and was on guard with them. He was freed from the tent of Tima, the eldest daughter, who was lying in bed with her eyes closed at this moment, whispering a prayer and praying to the gods to protect her people.

As she prayed, she could feel a power slowly pouring towards him, thin and pure, as if it were diluted honey.

At this point, there was a sudden burst of rushing whistles from the edge of the camp, instantly awakening the shallow sleepers from their dreams. Young and able-bodied people pick up their weapons and gather in a hustle and bustle, while the elderly, children and women remain in tents, anxiously awaiting dangerous passages or death.

They are unable to take part in the fighting and can only pray in their hearts for the silent. The number of people praying gradually increased, and the power flowing into the body of the yet more powerful, the dry sea of the Spirit finally came out with a little water.

“Ouch -” a beast roared to break the silence of the night and arrogantly proclaimed it or their arrival.

The clan of the clan holds the weapon and waits strictly for it. However, when they saw a bloodwolf with a fierce light coming out of the bushes, the bloodstain of their faces instantly disappeared clean.

Twenty bloodwolves, staring at the prey in front of them with a scarlet eye, are excited.

Today, there are no more than two hundred members of the clan, almost half of whom are young and old women and children. Fighting with more than two dozen bloodwolves, though not exterminating, will surely pay a great price.

The clan is a grim man, shaking the weapon in his hand, ready for the impending evil war. A wolf howled, and the blood wolf arched its back, and the momentum was ready.

Suddenly a light shadow was falling in the air at the moment of imminent trigger between the two sides, condensing into a blurred shadow of the human figure in the open space between the bloodwolf and the human race.

He was fit, wearing a big mask on his face, holding a large hammer in his hand, his transparent hair slowly floating in the air, a blue ghost fire burning in his waist, spraying everything around him with a fluorescent light.

Originally, the fierce bloodwolf, because of his appearance, shouted anxiously and roared back and forth in agitation.

But this side of the clan is full of surprises. This fiction in front of us is clearly the incarnation of a certain god. But their gods had self-meteorized over a hundred years ago, and the difficulty of remodeling the idols was enormous, and they had failed many times. To this day, they still do not possess their own gods and belong to the Abandoned Nation, which is one of the reasons why they are not always accepted by other communities.

The form of this god in front of them is also completely different from the god they originally believed in. This “rustic” and proud style can be traced back at least a thousand years...

This gathering betrayed all the power of the gods that he had accumulated over the past few days, both to scare off the wolves with false gods and to make a magnificent appearance in front of the clans. It's like breaking a cauldron and sinking a boat, only success can't fail!

However, the bloodwolves did not go far enough and yelled at him indefinitely.

Evil gods existed more than a thousand years ago in a troubled world, and now even little blood wolves can't hold back. What a wretched god!

Seeing Bloodwolf foolishness - foolishness - desire - moves, it seems that he wants to challenge the divine power to gather his final strength, lift the hammer in his hand, and throw it at them in an extremely windy position.

The hammer, with its Rin power, shoots in a whistle - entering the wolves and spreading a magnificent fireworks on them.

Blood wolves seemed frightened, howled a few times, and fled in panic, blinking and hiding in the night.

Although his hammer looks a little ugly, the intimidation effect is still good.

At this point, there was a cheer coming from behind. Jean-Claude was looking back for a handsome pose, a historic meeting with his future followers, who knew not to wait for him to move, his body like broken glass, turned into countless pieces of slag, disappeared into the eyes of all.

The clan is still cheering, completely unaware of the god who has just been overwhelmed, but threw a hammer and it has fallen out.

Sankoh's gods were forced to return to their idols and fall again into the hunger-thirst state of spiritual exhaustion.

“What kind of god was that?” As the ethnic groups emerged from the crisis, they began to speculate on the identity of the community.

“Seems like you've seen it somewhere? ”

“I also found it familiar, especially the hammer. ”

As speculation continued, a girl said, "He is the god in the hilltop temple called Uno." ”

The name of the evil god Unos was engraved on the hammer, but because of the different shapes of ancient times from modern times, they recognized it as "Uno”.

The girl who spoke was Tima, the chief's daughter, and then several other children joined him: “The Uno god. ”

The chief was somewhat confused: “We are not followers of Uno God. Why did he come to lift our siege? ”

'Cause we're offering him. ”A child is proud to say," Every time a mountain fruit is picked, we bring some to Uno God. ”

Everyone was surprised, just because of the offerings of a few children and a few worthless mountain fruits, the god was willing to help? When they saw the ruined temple, they thought it was weak enough to protect its followers before being abandoned in the mountains.

But that does not seem to be the case from what has just happened. This god can easily expel beasts, at least it meets the standards of a median god, and this god must have some fighting power.

The gods have a strong and weak division, a difference in attributes. Some spirits have no fighting power, such as God of Harvest, God of Cooking, God of Art, etc. In a troubled continent, war-related spirits are the most popular, powerful, brave, pioneering, capable of empowering his followers and empowering them progressively. One of the best examples of this is the Yiti, who believe in the gods of war.

How can a god of war who is willing to use his divine power to protect his children simply because of their devotion be abandoned by his followers? The only explanation is that his followers lost all their lives in a great disaster or battle.

Thinking of this place, the crowd of the clan is quite close. They lost their god, and this god lost his followers. Their encounter seems to be a wonderful fate.

Almost without much discussion, the clan decided to consider Uno God as their future god.

In the early morning of the following day, the chief took the people to the broken temple and began cleaning and renovating it. Several of the strongest youths of the people were responsible for cleaning the idols.

A great deal of satisfaction could be expressed. It's just that the body is wiped off by a few men, and it always feels a little weird. Especially wash the area below the hide skirt, and don't know if it was intentional, these guys wipe it very carefully.

One of them said: "The heroic wind of the god of battle is particularly magnificent. At first glance today, it is truly different. ”

Speaking, he drew a few more with his hand.

Shanko: Let go of your paws now, or I'll be impolite.

Wearing a beast skirt is just such a bad idea that it doesn't hide "the sun” at all times and can be obscenely - desecrated by some ignorant human being.

One claw hasn't left yet, and another claw sticks out: "Let me try! ”

Try the fur! Touched his majesty too much, don't you caterpillars feel inferior?!

“Nam Ki, Chu Chu, what are you two assholes doing?” The chief stared angrily at those two young men who were cheating on the idol, yelling, "Show me some respect, will the gods allow you to desecrate - blasphemy? ”

Nanki and Chu looked at each other and shrunk their necks. Finally, they stopped messing around and honestly scrubbed the statue.

But it was too late, someone ate the tofu for nothing, and decided to retaliate. The evil god is the god of curse and slaughter, and with his current strength, although he has little fighting power, the next little curse can still be done.

Let's say they wrestle, hit their heads or something.

Just a few shouts, Nanki and Chu laughed, one fell off the desk and one accidentally hit the wall behind the idol.

Others laughed.

The chief scolded: "This is a warning from the Spirit, see if you dare to disrespect him in the future! ”

Everyone's subconscious looked at the statue, then all stunned, and the laughter gradually vanished.

Upon the stone table, Uno sat on it with his face covered in majesty, the hammer was poured to his side, one hand resting on the wooden handle and the other on his leg at will. The various shapes of the teeth around the neck represent the bravery of the master, a robust and beautiful body, full of the rhythm of power.

“Uno god, the clan chief's meeting leads all the clans to seek refuge with you.” The chief of the clan took the lead in kneeling and offering a great gift to the idols in piety.

Everyone else knelt down and was sober.

“Thereafter, the clan will become your faithful devotee to our most devout faith. ”

With the followers of the clan, it can be felt that a pure force once again enriches his sea of knowledge, as if he had been reborn.

The clan followed the ancient rituals and prayed to him. Every time they prayed, the light shined on the idols. When they completed seven prayers, they dusted the ancient idols for more than a thousand years, and finally showed his charm in front of the world again. The golden bronze glow, as if it were the early morning sun, covered all the people in the temple.

In this ruined temple, a group of dusty and suffering people signed a covenant with the ancient evil gods, and since then they have become interdependent, humiliated and common.

Nearly every day in the following days, some divine power can be gained from the clans, though not many, but very pure. In order not to apologize for their devotion, it is also possible to exercise due diligence to protect these followers from animal harassment and settle here in peace and security.

At the same time, he has accumulated the power of the Spirit a little bit in order to cope with the unpredictable dangers of the future.