Heroic Death System

Become Your God13

The god of love is an amusement, which can be understood, but he shouldn't “enjoy” himself, resulting in a hegemonic god of war, even giving him a pit.

Once again, it can be brought to the Temple of War, and it is probably possible to predict what will happen next. He decided to become passive and active, while the mask was unraveled by Satanic teeth, snapping his neck and blocking his mouth before his volcano erupted.

Satan stood still and stood rigidly in the temple, letting Jean attack his lips. The four lips fit snugly together, sucking shun around and nicely exchanging each other's aura and tin fluid.

Saturn's body gradually softened, holding Sankoh's waist with one hand, holding his back brain with one hand, motion from alienation to skill, enthusiastic response, and deepening. A heat currents all over the body, turning into endless desire, quenching the rationality of both.

The clothes on the floor were stuck, but the body was pressed against the wall by satanic teeth. Once again, Saturn applied his instant stripping skills, pulling the light-sleeping clothes out of the way at will.

He can wear a skirt of animal leather before he can cover his ears. The so-called loser loses the battle, Saturn or the crown, he can't be compared.

Saturn is no longer satisfied with simple lip and tooth movements and begins to attack other areas.

This is his first time, but he's lived so long, he's familiar with sex. The only thing missing is practical capacity, especially a lack of conception of foreplay, acting on instinct.

Sankoh's Leather Cluster has no defensive power and is directly driven by him, leaving no room for it.

He raised his head and was interrupted by his next move before a painful cry could be heard.

Continuous impact sounds echoed in the temple, accompanied by rough-heavy asthma, as if placed in flames.

Not to be discouraged, trying to keep up with his rhythm, but in exchange for more intense attacks.

In a daze, it can be redirected and endured a massive aggression from the back.

The demonic herd of animal leather blocks the place where the two of them fit together, and can only see the ups and downs of the skirt, if hidden...

Compared to extraordinary men of divine strength, their desires are primitive and direct, enjoying the collision of their bodies with their souls. The spirits flourished and swept around, causing the nearby spirits to plunge into chaos.

After a long time, you can still sleep in fatigue. The fatigue of the gods stems from the drain of power, but the power of faith accumulated recently is all told to Satan.

Saturn held his forehead, laying lazily beside Sankoh, his fingers stroking back and forth on his back, his gaze swimming over his skin covered with traces of purple and blue. Flip him gently, tuck his teeth down and kiss his lips gently, staring at his sleeping face, almost overflowing with satisfaction and joy in his eyes.

This man belongs to him.

Saturn felt that the missing piece had been filled.

However, he has not forgotten the guy who tried to impress Sankoh.

His teeth glanced hard, and the next one, his figure disappeared into the temple.

Three days later, poor Neil was still trapped, lying tall on the ground, covered with fallen leaves, or was there a bug climbing over him? Fortunately, this is a deserted country, otherwise I don't know how many people will be attracted to it.

At this time, the airflow shook for a while and Saturn appeared in front of Neil, staring down at him.

“Lord God of War, what have I done to you?” Neil laughed bitterly.

“Uno is mine.” Saturn said five words, with a strong desire for possession.

Neil looked surprised: “You and the little mask...” He didn't realize it was not science! He's a god of love!

“I'll only say that once, next time I see you do it to Uno, don't blame me for being impolite.” Saturn's Cold Warning.

Neil's expression was a little twisted, and he said, "Did you do it with the little mask? Did he volunteer? ”

“Of course.” Saturn snapped.

“Impossible!” Neil spoke out, “I clearly took him and...”

Speaking of which, the voice suddenly stopped, Neil realized that this must not be said, otherwise he would definitely not be able to eat and walk. He felt that the little mask was definitely not voluntary, as he had taken the red line to Itamo. It was not easy for God to move, and it was impossible for the little mask not to be influenced by the power of the god of love, to give up Itamo and fall in love with Satan.

More importantly, if he's in love with Itamo, Neil has a chance, but if he's a god of war, he's practically out! So anyway, Neil wanted Itamo to be the object of the movement, not the god of war.

“What are you trying to say?” Saturn stared dead at Neil and felt it was problematic that he was not finished.

“I'd say he wouldn't fall in love with you without my strength.” Neil changed his mouth in time.

“Just mind your own business, I don't need you to interfere!” Saturn waved, lifted Neil's restraint, and turned away.

Neil jumped up, moved his hands and feet and flashed, moving instantly towards the royal palace.

He felt it was necessary to remind Itamo to take the initiative, otherwise his man would be robbed...

When he woke up from his sleep, it was two days later, when he opened his eyes and saw Satanic clothes sitting neatly next to him.

You can climb out of bed and discover that your strength has recovered considerably, although the marks on your skin have not disappeared. These marks carry the aura of the god of war, and I'm afraid they won't be eliminated for three or five days.

Saturn saw him as if he was not awake. He reached out and took him into his arms. He lowered his head and bit him on his lips to wake him up.

Jean-Claude glared at him and he didn't want to leave a mark on his lips.

“You're staring at me.” Saturn's expression is rigorous, but his voice is unusually relaxed.

Isn't that obvious?

“I allow you to stare at me.” Saturn once again speaks in his inexorable tone.

Rare! Shanko glared at him again.

Perhaps Saturn's teeth in the world have just moved on to him, but for Sankoh, this man is his lover for generations and can no longer be familiar, so he is not restrained before him.

With his fiery eyes, he could easily dress up, then swing his sleeves and leave the Temple of War in a dazzling manner.

Saturn: “…” Perhaps it is time to give him a lesson in etiquette, as if he had not yet been made aware by God.

Though he thought so, Saturn did not want to bind him too much, and he loved the way Jean was comfortable with him.

At this point, he glanced at the mask, which had been thrown aside, and the complexion had sinked, picking up the mask and disappearing into the temple.

Jean-Claude had just returned to his compound and heard someone calling him "Uno." ”

He turned around and saw Itamo and naturally gave him a smile.

Itamo looked stunned at Sankoh.

“What's the matter?” Jean-Claude paused and lifted his hand, realizing that he seemed to have forgotten to wear the mask.

Jean-Cho wouldn't know, he just smiled back, what a shock to Itamo.

Prior to that, Itamo had thought of countless possibilities, but it wasn't until he really saw the truth under his mask that he realized that his imagination was so boring.

This is the first time I've seen Itamo, a world full of beauties, but beautiful enough to make people feel happy. His eyes, his smile, were like a sea of flowers in the sun, bright and vibrant.

Itamo felt her heart beat uncontrollably and violently, and her previously hazy feelings became incredibly real at this moment.

A change of faith, but for a moment.

Itamo was completely unaware that, at that moment, he had moved from a follower of the god of war to a follower of the god of evil.

This change was felt not only in Saturn, which then arrived.

He watched Itamo coldly, and no god would like anyone who turned away. Besides, his converted beliefs were accompanied by love for Sankoh.

Saturn walked to Sankoh, holding his waist with one hand and putting on a mask with one hand.

Itamo glanced slightly and bowed to Saturn for a bow.

This mortal is no longer his follower, and Saturn completely ignores his act of saluting him.

At the same time, it can be felt that Itamo's already familiar aura has gradually disappeared and replaced with the power of faith derived from the evil gods.

Thereafter, Itamo was only a follower of Sankoh, not a close man with the breath of a god of war.

His closeness to him stemmed from the aura of the god of war on him, and when that aura ceased, it naturally became unattractive. Itamo will never know that his love for Sankoh has become a reason for Sankoh to alienate him.

Of course, it's okay to be an ordinary friend, but knowing that his thoughts and teeth won't give him that chance.

At this moment, Saturn suddenly turned to look in some direction, and in the clouds, a god was spying on them. When Satan looked past, the god did not hide, but looked straight up at him and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Long time no see, god of war.] The gods of war receive greetings from each other.

[Why spy on my land for no reason, Death?] This god is actually a less visible reaper, the one who manages death.

[Just curious, don't worry.] Death's gaze slowly shifted towards Satan's side.

It seemed to me that I was about to look that way, but I was blocked by my teeth.

An interesting smile appeared on the face of Death: [I really didn't expect that the dead enemy more than a thousand years ago, is now a friend, oh, to be precise, should be a goddess.

This has nothing to do with you.] Cold response from the gods of war.

I'm not interested in who you're having sex with. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


[He belongs to the Dark Realm, the Dark Realm God, how can he submit to the Light God?] Killing breath in the tone of Death, [God of War, you can enjoy the joy of fish - water - with him all you want, but I won't allow you to take him for yourself.

Satanic rage rises: dare you still want to share it with me!