Heroic Death System

Become your god 14

Reaper's rank and seniority are not comparable to general deities. More importantly, he is one of the few gods who can gain divine power without the need for human sacrifice, and his power comes mainly from the demise of all things. The gods of war are powerful, but I'm afraid they can't help him.

Jean-Claude said he really didn't need this god to stand up. The original evil god was beaten by the Light Siege, nor did he see the Reaper come out to support him. Now that the Evil God and the Light God are in love, he is righteous.

The news of the arrival of Reaper soon struck other gods, and Saturn imposed a ban on Saturn in the city in order not to be able to rush into darkness again. But he can't protect from the darkness, but he can't protect from the light. Fire gods, water gods, earthly gods and other gods who have enemies with evil gods have demanded that the gods of war be sealed or expelled from the realm of light.

Other gods see this, they are all a bit obsessed. It's just a mysterious god of darkness. Why do you bring in so many great gods? Although the light and darkness are the same, the two sides can still interact without touching the rules, provided they allow it.

Even though he is a dark god, he has always followed the rules, treating people well, and even more pure and harmless than most light gods. However, it is such a harmless “little god”, who not only has the refuge of the god of war, but also contends with the god of death, even his enemies are the great gods of fire and water of the millennium!

After a multifaceted exchange, the identity of the cocoa was finally made public. At the moment of knowing his identity, many of the little gods who had troubled him were sweating cold. He's Unos, the evil god who bled the mainland more than a thousand years ago? It looks so harmless, so stupid and adorable, so attractive! He is also good at a variety of life skills, and most of the trendy commodities in Wangcheng come from his followers!

Without mentioning his identity, other spirits have almost treated him as a cute little life elf. However, his true attributes are not only unattractive, but also particularly bloody. Lord Evil, have you masqueraded yourself too successfully? Not only did the Imperial Land enter the realm of light, but it was also blessed by the gods of war. If they're right, the evil gods were sealed by the gods themselves. Reasonably, they should be enemies of immortality. Why do we get along so well? Did the evil god's bed kung fu also break through the sky, so he conquered the god of war?!

That thing between the great gods, it doesn't really have much to do with the little gods. As long as they have the human offering, they can live indefinitely, at most, with the loss of power. However, the position of the Light System is clear, and they have delineated themselves from the Evil God and are determined not to deal with him again.

At the same time, the evil-doers and others have been marginalized. They were shocked to learn that the gods they believed in were the most brutal evil gods in the legend. It was difficult to accept them. Many people's beliefs began to falter, but there were also some people with a dark mind who ran into the camps of evil gods. This person is a true believer who can bring strength to Shannon. The evil thoughts and desires in their hearts are the nourishment that evil gods need.

Without diminishing its strength, in just a few months, it has surpassed its accumulation over the past few years, and the evil gods are gradually gaining the momentum they deserve.

Meanwhile, the bloodshed in the city is on the rise, and even if nothing can be done, the power of the evil gods can inspire mortals. It is possible to begin to understand why the original demon continues to kill and destroy after he has been reborn, not because he does not want to change, but because of his natural attributes, leaving him no choice.

It is not evil gods that are truly terrible in this world, but evil thoughts in the hearts of mankind. They don't need the protection of evil gods, they just want to use their own evil ideas to shape the most powerful evil gods in their hearts and thus satisfy their own desires.

It used to take a lot of effort to gain a little strength, and now it's soaring, even if you ignore it. This is also why you can always hide your identity. The word "evil god” is a powerful curse in itself.

But he didn't care. What really bothered him was the attitude of the clan towards him. Over the years, he thought he had done all he could to help the clan, and his love had increased. But because he was an evil god, those who had been blessed with him were the first to renounce their faith in him. Apart from Tima, most people have centrifuged and even stopped treading on the temple.

Itamo surprised him, though, that he had not wavered from the beginning and often came to the temple to serve with Tima.

The once lively temple of Uno, in just a few months, became cold and clear. Those who truly believe in evil gods generally worship only at night. With the change of faith in the group, the original sunny temple of Uno finally became a true dark temple.

“You evil followers, get out of the royal city, you are not welcome here!” The shops of the clan were smashed to pieces, and the goods inside were looted.

They rudely drove away the crowds of the clan and forbade them to remain in the royal city. The clan understands that there is probably no place for them in the city, and they can only move outside the city to avoid the wind.

Things weren't supposed to get so bad, after all, communication between spirits rarely involves mortals. But if there are spirits in the dark, the situation is completely different.

“You don't have to ignore the mortals, you didn't make them fight.” Saturn was with him in the morning and evening, and it was clear that he did not use his powers casually, otherwise the situation would not have been as simple as a little fuss.

There is no absolute peace in the human world, and all the gods can do is give shelter when necessary, not be held accountable for their actions.

“Mm-hmm.” Jean smiled at him, looking like a cloud.

Saturn thought he didn't care, and was extremely involved with him. When he was awake, he broke the ban and left the territory of the Eti alone.

Saturn's anger is unstoppable. When you chase him out, you must punish him!

“Finally got away from your god of war?” Death's laughing voice rang in the wilderness, but he couldn't see him.

“Death, may I ask you a question?” Shanko was also too lazy to look for the reaper with his hidden head, laying casually on the grass, his hands pillow on the back of his head, looking at the stars and saying.

“What's the problem?” The voice of Death carries some curiosity.

“Why did you come to me?” It's fair to say, “As far as I know, Lord Reaper has never had a fondness for meddling. ”

“Oh, I'm kind of meddling. ”

Suddenly there was a rolling fog around him, and the shadow of Death appeared in the fog. He was dressed in a black robe, with long hair like clouds, haunted by his surroundings, with an evil appearance, his thin lips hooked, his eyes dark as ink, and his eyes completely invisible, as if he could bring man into the abyss in an instant.

Jean-Claude stared at those eyes without white eyes for a long time, and felt that they were really unique, as if they were using special effects.

“You like my eyes?” Reaper smiled slightly.

“Well, that's nice.” An honest answer can be given.

Reaper leaned down slowly and his long hair twitched as if it were integrated with a black robe.

“If you will," his voice seduces, “I can make you have the same pair of eyes. ”

Not to speak yet, he added, "As long as you serve your body. ”

Shanko: "… let's go back to the subject? Why did you come to me? ”

Reaper rose up sadly and replied, “Naturally, someone made a deal with me. ”

“Who? What deal. ”

“Who can't tell you, and I want to be honest.” Death smiles, “but I can tell you what the deal is. ”

It can be used as an ear wash.

“After he promised to seal you, he gave me all your followers as sacrifices. ”

“What?” jumped up angrily, "Why does he rule my followers? ”

Reaper shook his sleeve and said comfortably: "The gods of the light realm are a bunch of hypocrites. What is the life and death of mortals in their eyes? ”

“Why would Lord Reaper make a deal with Light God? ”

“I am in charge of death, whether it be a god or a mortal, light or darkness.” Death reaches Jenko's ear, "he said softly," and if you die, I will charge your soul too. ”

“The Spirit will not die, but," the voice turns to the other side, "the Divine Society. ”

Jean looked at him and said, "Well, I made a deal with you, too. ”

“Oh?” The face of the Shinigami revealed an interesting expression...

They had just finished the conversation, and the air shook, and the next second, the figure of Saturn appeared in front of them.

“It seems Lord God of War really likes our Unos.” Death smiled at Saturn.

Saturn coldly replied: "He is mine. ”

Reaper opened his hand: “Even if you say so, it doesn't change the fact that he is the Dark Spirit. ”

Saturned face, his body swept wildly, causing the fog around the reaper to swell.

“Saturn, let's go back.” Jean-Claude pulled his arm off his teeth.

Saturn said, slowly concealing the will of war, one hand can still carry it into his arms.

Before leaving, Shanko glanced at Reaper again with his leftover glance. The latter bent his eyes, laughing with great evil charm, and waved at them amicably...

Returning to the Temple of War, Satan pressed his teeth against the wall. Uncovering his mask was a hot kiss, followed by a stormy rainstorm attack, with a few punishments and anxiety, with little foreplay, lifting his legs and banging him hard into his body.

groaned, his voice broke as he moved violently.

“Don't ever leave my field again!” Saturn was violently moved.


“Don't ever see Death alone again! ”


“Do not make love to any god or mortal other than me! ”


Saturn has agreed to every request.

When Saturn heard his answer, his anxiety eased slightly, slowed down the attack and gently kissed his body.

I don't know why, he always felt he had lost it, so he wanted to keep it, no matter what means.