Heroic Death System

Become Your God15

Since the revelation of the identity of the evil gods, all the clans that had originally run shops in the city have moved outside the city. Although the Imperial clans have not expelled them yet, they will probably have difficulty standing here in the future. So the chief assembled all the people to discuss the way out.

Everyone doesn't want to give up their comfortable lives today, and once they leave here, they will be displaced and wandering around again.

“How could we have ended up like this if the Evil God hadn't deceived us?” A young man was suddenly angry.

“Yes, we knew he was evil, how could we believe him!” The other man is attached to it.

“The wealth that we have accumulated so easily, because of the appearance of evil gods, is destroyed once and for all. ”

The crowd was angry and resentful.

In the meantime, a cup of tea fell on the floor, making a crisp noise and silencing the scene instantly.

Tima stood up and swept through the crowd with two cold eyes: "Why can we live our lives now?

“Because back then, me and a couple of kids, we gave a bunch of wild fruits to Uno God in a fussy way! Just because of these worthless wild fruits, Uno God expelled the beast for us and gave us a secure environment.

“He is the evil god, yes, so did you ever think that just because he is the evil god, our devotion cannot actually increase his strength, but he still uses all his energy to teach us to forge, teach us cooking, teach us to practice medicine, teach us to rejoice... which god in the world would help his followers wholeheartedly, like him?

“Without him, we would still be wandering in the mountains, struggling to survive on the fields and being marginalized everywhere. Because of him, we have faith, we have home, we have skills, we have wealth, and more importantly, he gives us dignity!

“We rightfully enjoy his grace, but in the end we turn our backs on him and resent him.” Tima cried and complained, "Aren't you ashamed at all? ”

Everyone bowed their heads and said nothing.

Half a dozen people whispered: "But he is an evil god...”

“So what about evil gods?” Tima asks, “Did he ever apologize to us? But have you ever hurt anyone? He has been silently guarding us and helping us. So whatever his status, I'm willing to believe in him, and even if I had to dedicate my life, I wouldn't hesitate at all. ”

Everyone looked at Tima with determination, and somehow felt somewhat groundless. Years of interdependence have been accompanied by the renunciation of their gods simply because of the exclusion and discontent of outsiders. As Tima said, their devotion means nothing to the evil gods who yearn to kill. He nevertheless spared no effort to protect them. The legendary evil god, perhaps. But the Uno they serve is the new patron saint they were given.

Though the resentment in their hearts has subsided, many others are unable to make up their minds. After all, let a group of honest and simple people take evil gods as their own gods. They have long formed unobtrusive, not so easy to reverse.

In the evening, many of the clans turned sleepless. A few people couldn't sleep, so they simply climbed up and ran outside to get cold.

Beneath the starry night sky, the pitted terraces of the clan, layered ups and downs, high and low, and the food crops thrive, heralding a harvest soon after.

Seeing all this, the faces of several young ethnic groups had to show a satisfying smile. At this point, more than a dozen flames suddenly appeared not far away, as if a group of people were running this way with fire.

Several youths were alert immediately and were preparing to notify the people, but saw the group parked at the foot of the mountain, and the torch flashed in their hands, then a group extinguished, followed by a chaotic shout.

What's going on? The young people of the Kung clan look at each other, jump a few times, come to the edge of the mountain field, stretch out their necks and look down.

Under the terrace, a familiar figure sits alone on a wooden stake, staring quietly down the hill. His back was straight, as if it had merged with the night, like a barrier, silently guarding the territory of the clan, and the attacker could not pass a step.

It's Uno God...

Looking behind him, several young people of the clan had hot eyes and a sour heart grew.

While they were unaware, he remained silent in protecting them. No wonder they were surrounded by people in the city, but the land outside the city remained intact. It was not those people who let them go, but the Uno God who blessed them in secret.

“Hmm...” A young man squatted on the ground and covered his face with a low cry, “Sorry, sorry...”

Others could not bear crying over their previous selfishness and ignorance.

[Which god in the world would help his followers wholeheartedly, like him? Tima's words came to their minds.

[We enjoy His grace as it should be, but in the end, we turn away from him and resent him.

“Whatever your status, I am willing to believe you.” A young man whispered, "Even if I had to dedicate my life, I wouldn't hesitate at all...”

The next day, the chief came to the Temple of Uno with the entire family to worship their gods and pray for his forgiveness.

After experiencing the initial confusion and resentment, the people of the clan regained their faith, adopted Uno as God and never betrayed him.

In fact, not so much thought has been given to it, but it is not to be hoped that the clans will lose the lands on which they depend for their survival. After all, after all these years of living together, he knew that they were simple in nature and understood the injustices they suffered and their fear of evil spirits, even though they felt a little sad in their hearts. So every night he splits a divine power and guards their land.

“They are no longer your followers.” Saturn was such a good reminder. The spirits are very averse to the transgressors, and once they give up their faith, the spirits will never give them any more protection.

It can be said: "They are not followers of the Evil God, but of Uno. ”

Saturn heard his answer, just holding his face and kissing his lips: “You are Uno, my Uno. ”

At this moment, in the heart of Saturn, there is no more evil god but the nascent Uno.

However, not everyone believes that evil gods can change evil.

Several gods, such as the Fire God, who was persecuted by the Evil God, have been trying to seal the Evil God. The Helpless God protected him too well and they never had a chance to do it. Finally, they decided to find a way to lure him out.

On a quiet night, over the street, in the faint moonlight, a person walked out of the house shaking, then a second, third appeared...

They looked stubborn, their eyes deaf, and slowly swallowed their way out of town, like a swimming soul.

Sangkou, who was touring in the terraced fields of the Taoist tribe, quickly detected a slight anomaly. He followed his breath and saw hundreds of people, for some reason, trapped in a pit.

At this time, a fire of bears burst around the pit, the smoke rolled over, awakened all the people in the pit, and a shout and cry ensued.

“Didn't expect to really attract you.” A human figure emerges from the fire, which is precisely the fire god who used to reckon with Sankor.

He was followed by several figures that surrounded the group.

Fire God, Water God, Earth God, and... Dream God.

Jean-Claude finally knew how these people ran into the pit, and Dream God actually used sleepwalking on mortals.

“How does it feel to see your followers tormented in the flames?” The Fire God exaggerated and laughed, "Ha ha, no, I don't think you care about these mortals. ”

“Are you guys mistaken?” Still, “at least half of these people are not my followers. ”

“So what?” The Fire God doesn't care, "if I can lure you out, I don't care who they believe in. ”

“Well, you've accomplished your goal, can you let these people go? ”

“Release? They are our sacrifices.” The Fire God grabbed a flame and smiled, "Instead of worrying about these humble mortals, think about your situation first. ”

“You're the ones who made the deal with Reaper?” Still wearing a smug mask, he said emotionally, "Have you thought about the consequences of dealing with Reaper? ”

“This has nothing to do with you.” The Fire God rubs the flames into clusters, throwing them in the air, greeting them, "Gentlemen, time is running out, let's get started. ”

Several other spirits are running their divine power, powerful pressure, and forced to go.

A storm broke out around him, blowing his robe into a hunting sound, and the power of the evil gods burst out to resist the clash of the four gods.

The four spirits fought with their companions on their side, all using only five divine powers, but still attacking with all their strength, as if to burn out their own power. After a single blow, he shook the four spirits back half a step.

They changed their face slightly, looked at each other, no longer had reservations, each enhancing their strength, and attacked with thunder. The pressure of divine power, like a cage, locked him tight.

Still tight and struggling to resist the four powerful forces.

“Don't resist, god of war. This is probably being dragged by the reaper and won't come to save you.” The fire god laughed sarcastically, "I wonder how the god of war could see you? Does that face under your mask look good to him? I have to see it before I seal you. ”

As he said, he flew out a flame in his palm and clustered it into a huge hand, quickly grabbing it towards Sankoh's mask.

The flaming hand clamped the mask, while the spirits of Sankoh burst into flames. He stared at the fire god and said, "You will regret it. ”

The Fire God laughs and strengthens. Just one click and the mask was unmasked. Before the Fire God could see his face clearly, he saw his body dissipate into a swirl and vanish into thin air.

“No!” At this moment, a roar accompanied by a mighty divine majesty surged, yet it was one step too late to see it disappear in front of him.

The mask landed on the floor, quietly stacked in the sandstone with the clothes.

“Uno!” Saturn's angry voice split the sky and shook several gods, including the Fire God, backwards.

He slowly picked up the mask on the ground, gently rubbing his fingers, the air seemed to clog, a depressed divine power, confined everything around him...