Heroic Death System

Retrospective key ① 2

When he woke up, the man around him breathed evenly and slept very heavily, as if he had not slept well in a long time.

Still able to lift the quilt and prepare to get out of bed gently, who knows just now, Jane Shenzhen woke up from her sleep, her arms pressed hard and held him tight.

“Yu Mo.” Jane Shengfeng lifted her hand over Sangkor's eyebrow and looked at him without blinking.

“Mmm.” Still leaning on a soft pillow, the voice lazily responded.

It's not a dream, this man is right in front of him, right in his arms, and they've had a wonderful night.

Jane Shenzhen's eyes are filled with unstoppable joy, and there is a kind of untruthfulness. He kissed Sankoh's lips like he was trying to prove something and greedily tasted his taste.

At this point, the phone on the nightstand suddenly rang.

Jane Shenfeng ignored it and continued to haunt those in her arms. But the phone rings endlessly, as if it were an emergency.

“Phone…” can be blurred out of the teeth.

Jane Shen Feng extended her long arm, grabbed her phone and threw it at the wall, snapped, the world was quiet. Poor cell phone, just like that, split apart, dead without a whole corpse.

For Jane Shenzhen, nothing can delay him from making crazy love to this man right now.

Everything he did last night was completely dream-like, and it wasn't until this moment that he had a few real feelings. His breath, his heartbeat, his temperature, his lips, his skin... everything made him fall in love.

He didn't wear a condom, he just wanted to feel him more realistically, into the firmness and the pleasure of collision - feeling that he couldn't help himself. Listen to yourselves - the subtle beggar for forgiveness, Jane Shenzhen as she comforts herself, more forceful encroachment.

From the moment they joined, they were destined to never be divided again.

Yu Mo belongs to him all his life.

The two moved from the bed to the bathroom, then from the bathroom to the bed, trying almost every pose and position.

I didn't expect Jane Shenzhen's energy to be so good. With his added strength, he can't even eat it. Finally, he can only play with it, constantly floating in tiredness and quickness...

Ding, ding, ding!

Urgent doorbell from outside the room.

Jane frowned and opened her eyes unhappily. The person in her arms was still asleep. He kissed him on the back and then reluctantly withdrew from him, putting on his nightgown and walking out of the room.

When he opened the door, he found Jane Shenfeng's secretary, Choi, standing outside the door.

“What is it?” asked Jane in a blasphemous manner.

Secretary Choi replied calmly: “There is an important meeting that needs to be presided over briefly today. I called you this morning and nobody answered it. I had to come and ask for it myself. ”

“Push it off.” Jane Shenzhen did not hesitate, "I was unavailable for the next week. ”

Secretary Choi asked strangely, "Jane, what happened?” Never took a vacation. How dare the CEO be absent for a week? Are you on vacation?

“The business of the company is up to you for the time being, so don't bother me unless it's a particularly important decision.” Jane Shenzhen's indifferent face is "good to go”.

Secretary Choi was trying to fight again, but heard a slight noise in the room behind Jane Shenfeng.

The two looked into the house at the same time and saw Jean walking ghostly through the living room with a shirt and two legs naked, then hiding in the kitchen.

Jane Shenfeng turned around and stared at Secretary Choi: "What did you see? ”

Secretary Choi retracted his shocked gaze and responded cautiously: "I saw nothing. ”

Misty grass, that man in the general room is Jiang Jia Er Shao Jiang Yu Mo! But that's not the point, the point is that Jiang Er Xiao was wearing only one shirt, not even leggings, and swayed around the general house. But this is still not the point, most importantly, Young Master Jiang has kiss marks everywhere! But where luo is exposed to skin outside the clothes, there is no place intact. It's just that he has such good vision that he can clearly see the marks on his thigh-internal side!

Young Master Jiang can't bring a woman into Jane's house. So obviously, he's just rolling! Or should I say, rolled away.

Secretary Choi knew that Jane was a little cautious about Jiang Yumo, but I just didn't expect him to do it so quickly! He had just been discharged from the hospital and was dragged to bed. Jane, you're so brave. Does his family know that?

Despite his thoughts, Secretary Choi dared not reveal that he knew that he would be destroyed humanely by the president of Meat-Want.

“Good, you can go.” Jane Shenzhen slammed the door shut.

Secretary Choi touched his nose and left depressedly with a belly full of gossip.

“Do what?” Jane stepped into the kitchen and hugged Sankoh from behind.

“I'm a little hungry. Feel free to cook something.” Unconsciously, it's 3pm and I'm over-consuming, so I need more energy urgently.

“I'll do it.” Jane Shenzhen sees Shankoha in arrears and intends to take over the tools at his disposal.

“No need.” Still can poke him with his elbow, "go and comb it, it'll be just a minute.” Someone's body, like a stove, emits heat from a burner.

Jane Shenfeng didn't insist, he hasn't tasted the art of cocoa for a long time, which just makes me think about it.

He kissed Jean-Claude in the face and walked gently towards the bathroom.

Jean-Claude made only two simple lunches, but Jane Shenzhen was very satisfied, and when the first meal came into her mouth, she almost shed tears. He was never a sentimental man, but the loneliness and waiting of most of his life made him treasure the happiness before him.

“Yu Mo, live with me.” Jane Shenzhen looked deeply at Sankoh and expressed herself naturally. Since Yu Mo has not refused to have a relationship with him, he has accepted himself.

“Okay.” He couldn't promise anything before, but this time he could give him a positive answer.

Jane Shenfeng stood up and hugged him, revealing a smile on her face that was the happiest smile of her life.

Over the next week, two people wake up every day and say good morning to each other, then brush their teeth together, make breakfast together, run in the morning, watch TV together, shop together, shop together, eat together, watch movies together, bathe together, make together - love, watch the stars together at night...

A week later, Jane Shenfeng came out of the closet with her family and Jiang Jia Er.

Both the elders were disgraced.

Twenty-three years straight, son. How can you say bend and bend? How dare you say hello in advance? Give them some time to prepare! Now, when they get back together, these two guys have done everything they had to do and shouldn't have done.

“My son, Jiang Song, must not be with a man!” Jiang Father took a decisive stand.

“Dad.” Jean-Claude grabbed his arm and sighed, “I don't want to be with a man either. ”

Jane's vigilant gaze immediately swept over.

“What's the matter with you and him?” Jiang Father pointed at Jane Shenzhen with impatience.

Jean-Claude lowered Jiang Father's hand and whispered in his ear: “The truth is cruel. Since I had surgery, I have found myself suffering from a ‘no other' condition. Although I suspected he drugged me, I couldn't find any evidence and had to go on like this. ”

Jiang Father knotted for it, in such a tense atmosphere, he dared to joke with him!

Jane Shenzhen sighed with relief and a smile in her eyes, looking gently at him.

Unfortunately, Jiang Father's resolute attitude did not allow him to change his mind, however delicate he could be. There was no choice but to temporarily enlist their troops and fight again later.

The Jiang family is in a turbulent wave, and the Jane family is shaking the mountains. Two people came out of the cabinet and strained a lot of nerves.

“Shall we elope?” Suddenly, Jane and Feng suddenly proposed.

“What about your company?” I didn't expect Jane Shenzhen to be romantic when it comes to waves.

“It won't fall.” Simply put, “at best, it's a loss of hundreds of billions of dollars. ”

He has spent most of his life working for Jane's family and all he wants to do is do what he wants.

“In that case, run away.” When the two of them beat each other, they said they were running.

The next day, pack your bags and fly beautifully to the other end of the world.

When the two families react, they can't even find the ghost shadow.

Jane's family seriously suspected that Jiang Yumo's belt of poor vegetarian behavior damaged their mature and steady son, while Jiang's family thought it was a sinister and sophisticated snark - seducing their simple-minded son.

The two families fought a heavy drooling battle in this regard. However, the client was out there without a heart and without a heart and without a heart and without a heart and without a heart.

The situation lasted more than a month until Jane's company was in a major crisis due to a leak of confidentiality before both families finally ceased.

“Won't you go back and take a look?” Stick on the queen bed of the Ocean View Suite and browse the web and ask.

“It's okay.” Jane sat comfortably on the couch with her coffee at the edge, "Dad was so arrogant over the years that he was rushing to calm down. ”

“He's your father. Is that really a good idea? ”

“Having eaten and grown wiser, I, as his son, am obliged to let him see the truth, lest he pay a greater price for it in the future.” Jane sipped coffee and spoke softly.

Jean-Claude silently lit Jane's father with a wax.

“Huh?” An email was received from Jiangdonglin.

“What's the matter?” Jane Shenfeng dropped the cup and walked to Sankoh.

“My brother and Jane Yesterday returned home.” Jean-Claude looks up at Jane Shenzhen, “do you think we should go back too? ”

Jane Shenfeng threw away the tablet on her hand and bent over, lowering her head to hold his lips was a warm kiss.

Jane Shenfeng is still uncomfortable with Jane. Who knows if Yu Mo will touch the fire after meeting with her, it will be impossible to clean up. He must be careful not to delay their meeting as much as possible, preferably never.

After kissing the person beneath him twice and getting lost, Jane Shengfeng lowered her voice: "Shall we go to Antarctica tomorrow to see the penguins? ”

Shanko: … excuse me?