Heroic Death System

Retrospective key ① 3

Finally, Jane Shenfeng actually took Shanko to Antarctica, and the plane turned for dozens of hours. On a cruise ship past the Strait of Drake, we encountered a huge wave more than 6 meters high, and the sea water poured into the window, turning dizzy. It was really exciting, almost letting Shan play for us again.

The sea is full of floating ice, the snow mountains in the distance are connected to the white clouds, a group of gulls fly from the side, the cool air comes to the surface, it is cool and refreshing. Jean-Claude and Jane Shenfeng boarded the island of Melchior with full armour. After a wild shoot, they went to Nak Harbor with other donkey friends. This is the gathering place for the penguins of Kyung Tu and one of the two main purposes of the trip - to see the penguins.

Snow and glaciers are filled with fat penguins, some hiding in the snow, some lying on stones, some swinging into the sea... they can still seize the opportunity and take pictures of penguins, they are quite cooperative, but as soon as Jane comes close, they will be immediately under inhumane siege. Later, it was conceivable that the penguins thought Jane Shenzhen was a big gull? Gullbirds are egg thieves, absolutely irrelevant.

One can only have twelve points of sympathy for innocent Jane Shenzhen. As a result, he sought several hours of “comfort” from him on the grounds that his heart had been devastated.

They then went to Port Rock, Peterman Island, Paradise Bay and other places, leaving a precious image between the blue sky, the white snow mountains and the pure sea.

After a lap, Jane Shenfeng was exposed to Guan's public face, but she was still glorious and looked so good that even her accompanying female donkey friends envied her. Especially when he stands with a red-faced Jane Shenzhen, the gap becomes even more obvious, and someone falls directly into a distorted shadow.

After staying at the hotel, Jane Shenfeng was given a refreshing moisturizing mask to paint his face.

Jane Shenfeng began to be very uncooperative and threatened him: “If you leave a scar on your face, I will not fall in love! ”

The threat was brutal and Jane Shenzhen was immediately honest.

It's okay, he's right under the bed. When he gets to the bed, hum... Jane softly soared up two green and greasy ghost fires.

On that night, a hungry wolf could have eaten it from the inside out and failed to get out of the hotel for three days.

After Jane Shenfeng's face was restored to the old days, the two finally embarked on a flight back home, a month after Jiangdonglin and Jane Huan had returned home.

Just returning home, Secretary Choi slaughtered Jane Shenzhen's house in a rage, threw him a whole lot of things, and said outrageously: “I've had enough, I'm on vacation! ”

“Can a triple bonus calm your grumpy mood?” Jane asked seriously.

Secretary Choi gratuitously slapped: “At least five times. ”

“Deal.” Jane Shenzhen, “start tomorrow, work with me overtime. ”

Oh, no! Secretary Choi is struck by lightning: can you give him another chance to choose!

Jane Shenfeng took over the company's affairs first and foremost by resolving the legacy of confidentiality leaks and the mistakes of Jane's father's decisions.

Sang Cao is alright, he sends a love package to Jane Shenfeng every day, along with food to soothe Secretary Choi, he looks like he is about to collapse...

The simplicity of entering the working state, moisturized by the double layers of cuisine and "horny - lust”, instead of being slightly fatigued, is more spiritual and muscles seem to be stronger than before.

The man in love, the harm to the single dog is max, Secretary Choi has tried to avenge society several times. For the first time, he finds his boss so hateful. Where was the former ruthless president of bullying?

“Take Jiang Erxiao home for dinner in a few days.” After the company crisis was resolved and back on track, Jane Shenfeng was called by Jane.

“Okay, Dad.” Jane Shenfeng calmly accepted Jane's transformation.

Jane Shenfeng decided to introduce him to her friends before bringing him home.

“Handsome, isn't it?” Song Qianhang didn't dare agree, "if you found a man, forget it, why Jiang Yumo? ”

Although the Jiang family is also small and has assets, there are still some gaps compared to the people in their circle. Of course, that doesn't mean they can't communicate, but Jiang Yumo's wind rating is too poor, but anyone with a little vision and arrogance is reluctant to deal with him.

Never did they expect that the sophisticated Jane Shenzhen would look at this young master most unlikely to be liked by him.

“Brother,” Qiu Jun put his hand on Jane Shenfeng's shoulder, "he said,“ I don't have any opinions about gay, but you should at least choose a decent one? Jiang Yu Mo kind of thing, even if used to accompany the bed is not eligible, right? ”

Jane Shen Feng glanced at him coldly: “I don't want to hear any more derogatory words from you, or even friends will have to do it. ”

“Okay, okay.” Qiu Jun raised his hands to surrender. Looks like Jane Shenzhen is being crushed this time. Not only does she look at a man with bad behavior, she also intends to play with him for real.

The other people thought the same thing. They exchanged a mockingbird's eyes with each other. They wondered whether they should “entertain” the Jiang Er Junior later. It would be better if he appeared “original" in front of Jane Shenzhen without a trace.

I was wondering, the entertainment room door was knocked open.

The people followed their fame and saw the moments of their arrival. They only felt the light in front of them, as if they were spilling into a room of sunshine. He wore a white casual suit with a black shirt, long posture, warm temperament and a wonderful rhythm between walks. “Bright Eye Tooth” is mostly used to describe a woman, but it's not uncomfortable with him.

So this is the rumor that Mr. Jiang Yumo is a wealthy man? Damn, the gap is too big! They think they're going to see a depressed, weak chicken, or an arrogant, unmainstream, slightly better, a hypocritical, shallow second ancestor.

But the person in front of you, whether he looks or has a temperament, is a dragon and phoenix among people. Neither “weak chickens” nor “non-mainstream”, let alone second-generation ancestors. They even find it difficult to get along with such people in the morning and evening. At least in terms of appearance, they no longer question Jane's overwhelming vision.

Jane Shenfeng walked up to Shanko and grabbed him by the waist, smiling: “This is my lover, Jiang Yumo. ”

Next, he introduced Shanko to other people, Song Qianxing, Qiu Jun, Wang Xiao, Zhou Fei, all of whom were his friends.

The four of them rose up as courtesy and seemingly friendly, but the look in their eyes was obvious.

Before Jean-Claude arrived, he probably guessed how these people felt about him, so he didn't care and looked back at them in general.

A way to communicate feelings, nothing short of eating and entertaining.

Qiu Jun proposed to play a few billiards first, and several others responded immediately and warmly invited this “newcomer” to the opening.

“Can you play?” Jane Shenzhen asked softly.

"A little bit of fun," replied Jean-Claude. ”

What do you mean… “kind of playful”?

Soon, Jane Shenzhen understood the meaning of the four words.

It's easy to start off with a hole and finish a personal performance with elegance and skill.

It was “a little bit of a play” and all the little guys who were ready to watch him "give ugly” were stunned.

The table was defeated, the four were not discouraged, and turned to the battlefield.

However, they were doomed to be disappointed, mastered in magic and had a remarkable memory. After a few rounds, everyone lost, leaving only Jane Shenzhen, and if he wanted to fix the situation, it would be a mistake. He monk but you come and go with me, there are losers and winners, one round after the other, the cycle seems endless, sometimes there are tiresome eye contact.

MDZZ! Where are you playing cards, it's like showing your love naked in Red Luo!

Four people were abused with blood on their faces.

At this point, they are no longer thinking about how to make Jean-Claude look ugly, but how to restore their face.

After eating, the crowd went to their own entertainment room and enthusiastically offered to play several matches.

Their taste quickly refreshes what they can perceive. A bunch of priceless boys over the age of 25 shouting and shouting at games like hot blooded teenagers.

Don't look deeply at Jane Shen Feng: Turns out I've been wrong about you all along, you are such a "childless” man.

Jane said seriously: I'm definitely not on the same page with them in this regard.

Only Qiu Jun and Zhou Wao actually participated in the game, but in order to form a 2vs2 situation, Jane Shenfeng was also pulled into the opposite station.

Jane Shenfeng has never played a game, Qiu Jun several people made his monk the best team, his evil heart can see.

Watching Mo Fist wipe his hands, prepare to abuse Qiu Jun and Zhou Wai, although a little embarrassed, they are afraid they will not win. Originally billiards and cards, there may be times for mistakes, but having a hacking technique is a good idea and is absolutely confident in computers. When he first studied hacking technology in Bai Ling space, various game games were one of the training programs he used to practice hand speed.

The result is conceivable, not the worst, but the worst. Jane Shenfeng, a pig teammate, didn't even have a chance to drag his legs back, but he could solve his opponent by himself.

Even a defeat in the north, even if the four of us have a better style, can be a little melancholy.

When drinking at night, Jean personally made them four glasses of wine, smiling: “I had so much fun today that I was a little overjoyed. If there is any disrespect, please forgive me. ”

It's rare to be so high-profile this time, first to give Jane a face fight, and second to reverse their image in their hearts. Naturally, the end cannot continue to be served.

A slight accident flashed in the eyes of the four of them, and soon understood what Sankoh meant. He was well aware of their perception of him, which is why he tried so hard only to gain their approval.

"You are a few friends of Shenzhen Feng, and I really want to spend the rest of my life with him, so I really hope to get your blessings, which is why he brought me to you today. Careful because of the treasure. ”

The four of them finally let go of the mustard in their hearts and lifted the glass and touched him, which was a true acceptance of his existence.

“I said handsome,” Qiu Jun whispered quietly in Jane's ear, "I have to admire you, your eyes are really poisonous! Such a man is absolutely first-class. ”

Jean Shenzhen leaned lazily behind Sankoh, staring quietly at his side face, his eyes tender as if they could sparkle water.