Heroic Death System

Retrospective key ① 4

A few days later, Jane Shenzhen led Shang home in a refreshing manner. After eating this meal, their relationship, even if formally established, had no further worries.

Walking into Jane's old house, the spacious living room, besides Jane's second oldest, sits Jiang's parents, Jiang Donglin and Jane Yin.

Jane waited and looked carefully at Sangkou's expression. She saw him greeting everyone naturally. There was no special change when she looked at Jane, so she took a slight sigh of relief.

This was Jane's parents' first close contact, and he had a good impression, at least in terms of appearance and manners. They also figured it out. The daughter looked at the Major Jiang family, the son looked at the Second Major Jiang family, and the relationship between the two families seemed to be settled. As for the children, it is not a major problem for the Janes. Now that technology is so advanced, isn't it easy to have a child?

Most importantly, they can't change Jane Sheng's decision, which is the result of a hard wing. The only hope is for them to break up for years and start their own families.

However, Mr. Jane's intentions are doomed to disappoint, and Jane Shenfeng has tested his feelings for Jiang Yumo for half his life. There is no possibility of breaking up.

Jane's family's meal was regular and mellow.

“Jiang… Second Brother.” Having eaten, Jean-Claude was in the courtyard, suddenly hearing the sound of Jane Jin behind her.

He smiled back at her and said, "Jane, how did you get out? Where's Big Brother? ”

Jane lowered her head and whispered: “I wanted to say ‘thank you' to you personally, and 'sorry’. I misunderstood you before. ”

“No, as long as you're healthy. ”

Jane looked at his gentle smile and felt bitter in her heart. This man almost paid for her life, and if Donglin told her the truth, she might never know how deeply he felt about himself.

She just doesn't understand. If she loves her so much, why are you with her brother? Was it her brother who forced her? She is well aware of her brother's personality. Once determined, she will not let go. Jiang Yumo is definitely not her brother's rival.

Thinking of this, Jane Jian hesitated: “Brother Jiang, if you don't want to, I may be able to help you get rid of it...”

“Get rid of what?” Jane Shenzhen appeared as a ghost beside Shanko, staring at Jane Shenzhen in a gloomy way. He hasn't begun to fix Jane Yin, and she's running back and forth in the wind.

Jane looked pale and hurried to find a reason. Flying also ran away. I don't know why, since her surgery succeeded, my brother's attitude towards her has become cold, as if she had done something unforgivable.

In Jane Shenzhen's memory, Jane Shenzhen is truly unforgivable, not only because she got Yu Mo's heart, but also because she did not know how to cherish it when she recovered and played wildly. Throughout his life, he intends to marry Jane to Jiang Donglin as soon as possible, so that he can take charge and avoid repeating his mistakes.

Jean-Claude looked at Jane Shenzhen strangely. Didn't he used to love his sister very much? Why are you acting like an enemy now?

“You make a hard sound to Jane Shenzhen...”

As you can see, this guy is worried that he's “not done with Jane.” After all, in order to accomplish his task, he shaped himself into a love sacrifice willing to give his heart to Jane. No one thinks such a person would easily let go of a "bone minded" emotion.

Jean can reach around Jane Shenzhen's waist and smile: “I have only one heart, since I have not given Jane Xiang, then I can only give it to you. ”

Jane's eyes floated with color, and her worries swept away, replacing them with full happiness.

He finally let go of his last grudge, the pain and regret of the past, all of which were remedied at this moment.

The two officially began a harmonious and fulfilling husband's life. Beds are stylish, careers are compatible and entertaining.

Shanko's talent gradually showed up and actually broke many people's glasses. Young Master Wan, who was once inexperienced, has now become a well-respected young talent. His relationship with Jane Shenzhen was not liked from the beginning, to the envy of the next person, called “the perfect lover”, made a lot of games man wanderers want to find a suitable same-sex to have a good relationship.

Most of them, however, died without disease, as they would still be able to serve as a model for the selection, and it was conceivable that a step-by-step infarction would not be feasible at all, leaving only the envy and jealousy of Jane Shenzhen.

Three years later, Jane Shenfeng adopted a boy, Jane Simmer, with her consent. He knows that Jane will have two children in the future, and this time he intends to train one of them to run Jane's company with Jane Simmer.

Everything seemed perfect until seven years later, Sankoh's body developed abnormalities.

The first time he fainted was just after Jane Shenfeng's meeting, preparing the monk to go to dinner. When he pushed open the door to the office, he saw that he was lying on the ground, unconscious, and his heart almost stagnated.

After being taken to the hospital urgently, the doctor told him that although the patient had successfully undergone brain tumor surgery a few years earlier, there was still a risk of recurrence, and it was a miracle that the symptoms had not appeared until now.

“How?” Jane asked sharply.

The physician replied: "Currently it can only be controlled by medication or other auxiliary means. ”

“Is life in danger? What are the usual symptoms? What do I need to be aware of? ”

“Sudden headaches, fever, fainting, hearing loss in the left ear and vision loss in the left eye may result in hemiplegia in the left leg of the left hand in severe cases, which prevents normal walking. However, as long as you pay attention to your diet and exercise properly, this situation will slow down. ”

Jane Shenfeng didn't know how to get out of the infirmary. She just felt that her brain was blank and her chest was pressed against a boulder. Fear was like a tidal wave, almost drowning him.

He stood at the door of the ward, with heavy legs, unable to walk.

“Father?” Jane Smith looked at the ugly Jane Sheng, expressing concern in her eyes.

Jane grabbed her fist and pushed the door in.

Walk into the ward and see your lover leaning on the pillow, revealing a gentle smile to him as usual. Jane had a warm eye and slowly walked to the bed, carrying him into her arms and drawing the familiar smell from him.

He seeks comfort from his loved ones. It was him who was ill, but he felt he was dying.

As you can see, Jane is not very optimistic about her situation.

Isn't it "Happy Journey"? Why does he live in peace, but still cannot avoid bad luck?

“Don't be sad.” It is reassuring, "the doctor did not say," that life is in danger, and as long as it is well cooked, there should be nothing wrong with everyday life. ”

Jane Shenfeng just held him, didn't speak, he could never do Yu Mo's light on death. Because it was lost, that's why it became more fearful. Without Yu Mo's company, he was afraid he would not have the courage to repeat his second lonely life.

“Yu Mo, don't leave me.” Jane Shenzhen is like an injured beast, leaning helplessly in her arms.

“Well, I'm not leaving.” You can close your eyes and hide the sorrow in your eyes.

The next time, Jane Shenfeng started handing over a little work to Jane Simon, freeing up more time to accompany her.

You have studied medicine yourself and are comfortable with conditioning your body, combined with proper exercise, and the after-effects are not as severe as you might imagine. Except for the occasional headaches, they are basically the same as ordinary people.

Jane Shenzhen took him with her, like a fragile product. He was then taken abroad for several examinations, with similar results, and without a very effective treatment programme, he could only rely on medicines and some assistive means.

Yet another five years have passed in the midst of Jane Feng's daring.

Jane Simmer was already able to take her side independently, so Jane simply threw away all the business and took Sankoh on a trip.

The two middle-aged people are as deeply in love as ever, and the xing life is as harmonious as ever. However, Jane Shenfeng is more considerate than before, and each time she makes enough foreplay, she can't help but hurt her lover a little.

For several years, two people have traveled the world and photographs can be taken almost all over a villa. They made an album of stories and left behind all sorts of wonderful and interesting things. Of course, there is no shortage of words.

Neither were they completely unemployed while travelling. They explore markets, gather intelligence and expand the company's operations around the world. When Jane Shenfeng was 47 years old, Jane's family industry more than tripled, and Jiang's water rose as a result.

The title "Perfect Lover” was passed from home to abroad and even became the cover of several world-renowned magazines.

At the age of 46, he developed hemiparesis in his left limb and could only walk on crutches. In the following year, his left eye was blind and his hearing in his left ear declined.

After not knowing how many times he fainted, Jane Shenfeng took him back to his homeland, lived in a hilltop villa with a clear environment, watched the sunrise and sunset every day, walked in the woods together, raised flowers and played chess...

Sitting comfortably on a recliner, looking out the window at the sunset, time did not seem to leave too many marks on his face, just as elegant as it used to be, just a little more mature than when he was younger.

He smiled at Jane Shenzhen: "If there is a next life, let's imagine how we can live our later years more perfectly. ”

“As long as you're around.” Jane Shenzhen is a desperate letter of satisfaction.

“You can't be so untraceable.” Jean can poke his arm, "say," is there anything different about it? ”

Jane Shenfeng thought about it and said, "Well, I hope we have a Vajra Indestructible Body that we can do in heaven - love all the time. ”

Jean-Claughed at him.

“And you? What kind of old age do you want?” Jane turned back.

“I hope," he said softly, "your wish comes true. ”

A day later, Jane Simmer came to the villa with a car of health products.

He pushed the door open and saw the two elderly men leaning on the chair, seemingly asleep, so he picked up a blanket and walked over lightly.

The old man was quiet and had a smile on his face. Just looking at him made people feel happy.

Jane Smith shakes the blanket away and gently covers them.

As soon as his fingers touched their bodies, his movements stalled.


Jane Shimmer's voice trembled and tears snapped out of her orbit...