Heroic Death System

Retrospective spoon ② 4

After the New Year, several visitors trampled the snow, and it was precisely the partners who sealed the Devil's Tree together, led by Cashew, a total of five people plus more than two dozen guards, one of whom was a special girl, a fallen sister, a little princess of Saint Elegance, and Cashew's fiancée, Tish.

After sealing the Devil's Tree, Cashew and others were named “Heroes” by Saint Ya and named Quartet. Tish fell in love with Cassius at the hero's medal ceremony, and when he graduated, the king announced the marriage of the two men.

The purpose of their visit was to invite Tishu and Tishu back to their weddings.

Until then, Cassius had no idea that he was still alive. When he walked into the small courtyard of the bamboo tower, he saw that tea was being brewed on the stone table in the snow, and the degree of shock was conceivable.

“Jean, Jean Coe!” Carshaw looked at Shanko, who slowly walked towards him, and his memory seemed to return to the little drip of life he had lived with three years earlier, one appearing in his brain, and finally leaving only a piece of blood. The man who was supposed to sleep underground appeared alive in front of him at this moment.

“Are you all right?” Jean can smile at him.

Cashier rushed up an arrow and held him tight: "You're alive, you're alive! ”

Warm body temperature, robust heartbeat, familiar aura, make Cashier not only feel the joy of losing, but also feel like a stepping stone.

At that time, a strong force tore Cashier from Sankoh and stared at him. I used to think the boy was unfavourable to Jean-Claude, and now it's a testament.

Cashier had not recovered from the excitement and saw Ti fall on her hands between her waists, her eyes flashing slightly.

“Second brother.” Tish, the little princess, walked up to her and greeted her softly, sweeping her gaze without a trace on Sankoh.

“Your wedding date is set?” Ti landed on the words "marriage period" to reinforce the tone.

Jean-Claude was not surprised by Cashier's marriage to Tish, as Cashier did marry the princess in the information given by the system. Being the “protagonist” of this world, career and love are both rich, and the future is a straight path.

I was thinking about the sound of the system suddenly coming from the brain: [“The protagonist” converted, the world protagonist converted from Carshaw to Till.

There was a slight surprise in Jean-Claude's eyes: the protagonist conversion? Why is that?

The system did not give the answer. In fact, Carshaw had a fortune of his own, and if he could have fallen in love with him in the first place, he would have replaced Tili, become a true “protagonist”, then pursued the scent of Sankoh, and competed with him for luck. Once he had succeeded, he would have completely replaced him.

In a few worlds, there have been several vice presidents like Cassius who have had their own destiny, but they have not been empowered and given the opportunity to compete with their own destiny.

The difficulty of the task depends not only on the task itself, but also on the choice of life.

“Well, the marriage is due in three months.” Tish smiled, “Second Brother, you won't miss your sister's wedding, will you? ”

“I'll be there.” Ti Fang had no intention of inviting anyone to sit in the house and stood tall in the courtyard.

"It's freezing in the cold," he said. "Go inside and talk. It's just that the house is too small, and I'm afraid it's time to let the others rest in the yard. ”

“Lord O'Surrey is kind.” Tish responded politely and glanced at Cashier around him.

Ti Fan reluctantly allowed them into the house, poured them hot tea and sent some refreshments to the guards in the yard to keep them warm.

Tish had a well-organized impression of him. It was just that he lived in the same room as Brother Er, was intimate, and Cashier's attitude towards him was quite disturbing to Tish.

Tita can get old with his sister and prepare her own meals in the kitchen. But then Ti came in and told him he didn't have to work anymore, and they left immediately.

“They come all the way over here, and you don't leave them for a meal?” I can't help but look at him.

“Twenty or thirty people, please.” Tita came over and kissed his face, "you cooked, leave it to me and Pop. ”

Shoulder shrugging and not insisting.

When the two men sent them out, Cashier seemed to want to talk to Jean alone, but never spoke.

After a short spin around Tish, I was surprised to see the neat and orderly vegetable grounds and garden, the well-designed amusement park not far away, and the children playing. Surprised by the wisdom and ingenuity of the sanctuary, but also by the serenity and serenity of the settling. The once mighty Prince of Fall is willing to hide in the mountains with a man.

No wonder Tish sighed in her heart. After he became a semidemon, no one supported him, accepted him, and gently said, "Let him rest in a secluded place," in which fear and distance mean, how can Ti Fang not understand?

Before leaving, Tish asked Tita: "Second Brother, are you really going to be with Osaari? You are both men, and I'm afraid you will suffer from illness in the future. ”

“Do you know why I became a semidemon?” Tita didn't answer the question back.

“Wasn't it because of the enchantment of demons? ”

“because of Sankoh's death. ”

“He's your soft rib, so you want to be with him? ”

Ti faded and asked: "Do you know why I can get rid of the magic and get back to normal? ”


“Because Jean-Claude came back to me. ”

So Tish looked at him indistinctly.

Ti Fall looked not far away from Sangkou, and said warmly: “Only the power of faith can dispel magic. Sangkou is my faith. ”

Tish looked at him in shock, and it was not uncommon to regard loved ones as beliefs, but the ability to transform such beliefs into powerful forces for exorcising demons required extreme obsession and pure deep emotion.

Her second brother, gave himself everything to that man.

Tish couldn't tell if it was heartache or envy. O'Surrey is so lucky that no one in the world wants such a sincere love.

“I see.” Tish smiled at Ti Fall, “Take Ausari, no, take Shanko back to the palace, I will do everything I can to convince Mother and Father that they will not be an obstacle to your monks being together. ”

“Thank you.” Ti's eyes flashed slightly softer. Though he did not care if it was recognized by the family, Tish accepted the good intentions.

Tish shrugged his shoulders, helpless: “I planned this for myself, too. My fiancé obviously has an inappropriate mindset for your man, who may not have realized it himself, but if he doesn't break it soon, he will likely affect me and his life in the future. ”

Ti Fang heard the rumor, looked heavy and said coldly: “You better watch your fiancé. If he dares to fight Sangquo's idea, I will let him live rather than die! ”

“Don't worry.” Tish gracefully dressed his shirt, "he said," I still have a lot of faith in my royal technique, it took less than two years, definitely let him fall for me. ”

The walkers came all of a sudden and walked very simply. In Tish's view, since the purpose has been achieved, there is no need to remain. Ti Fang always said that he would come to her wedding, so he would never break his word.

Indeed, more than two months later, Ti Fang arrived in the capital with a jump.

Shanko was prepared to be cynical and cynical, and found Tish had put everything in order. Perhaps there is some disagreement, but most have expressed support and blessings for their relationship.

A few years ago, the sealed journey that struck the continent, as an important member of the mission involved, and the contributions that Titan could make in the mission, were written into stories and widely disseminated.

Today, however, the people are most interested not in the familiar hero stories of a few years ago, but in the love stories that have only recently been circulated, with the main characters being Shanko and Tito.

Both are masterful talents, once known as "Academy Twin Stars” and highly respected. However, after losing a duel, he could have left the country and returned to the capital only a few years later to earn his living by selling boxes of rice. But if you think selling a box of rice is a humble thing, you are mistaken. Even when selling boxes of rice, Shanko sells charm, sells fame, sells taste, and is known by many as the "Prince of Box Rice”. Titu, on the other hand, accidentally tasted a box of cocoa before recognising his identity. The eyes of the two people crossed the crowd buying the box of rice, remotely opposite each other, from which they set a lifetime.

When you hear about this place, it's inevitable to throw up. Would you dare to change the place a little romantic? In a bunch of people buying boxes of rice and a wave of dead sweat, who has that idle hair - spring!

Ti Fang and his enemies: “Yes, this storyteller is just too creative. ”

Then, the two of them participated in the task of sealing the demon tree together, and the process was not indisputable, the experience was not surprising, it was tearful. Their feelings gradually escalated in all sorts of difficult obstacles and they made an unwavering vow.

However, heaven seems intent on testing the feelings of both of them. When they finally sealed the Tree of the Devil together with other companions and were ready for victory, they were attacked by traitors. To protect their loved ones, they could have used their bodies to block a fatal blow for him and died in the arms of the fallen.

Ti Fall was desperate for grief, his mind was weakened, and he was eroded by magic, becoming a half-breeded demon. In order not to endanger the lives of ordinary people, he hid in the snow mountains with Sankoh's body and waited alone for three years.

Then, the most incredible miracles happen! Three years after his death, he was resurrected and became the longest-dead member of the family. He returned to man with the blessing of God, to Ti Fang.

Ti fulfilled his unequivocal vow to break the boundaries of life and death. After so much ordeal, the two finally walked together.

Who would bear to break up a lover so deeply? Their love, almost regarded by the world as a legend, is spread throughout the continent.

“Jean-Claude, you are my faith. ”

Hand of the stallion, old with the son.