Heroic Death System

Sentinel & Wizard 1

Still a hundred and twenty years with Ti Fang, he watched the pop grow up and married the sons of Cashier and Ti He, although 10 years apart, were very happy.

This time Titu left the world before returning to the system space with love for him without regretting to close his eyes.

After a full life in both worlds, you can still feel your heart melting.

Host, start learning skills and prepare for new challenges.] The system is as bad as ever.

Two skills can be chosen at will, with the intention of learning happily while missing his man.

[Host, the next world is a difficult one, please don't take it lightly.

“Got it.” You can wave your hands and stick your head in the purification space.

When he comes out of the purification space, the gates of the new world open to him again.

Before opening his eyes, he heard a chaotic noise, he could feel himself lying on the cold floor, the air was clear and fresh, but always smelled bad.

Opening your eyes, the first thing you see is a drum... your butt, your gaze is moving fast, you still have a general idea of what's going on. This is a magnificent mall full of people, either lying or squatting, frightened and blinking. On the first floor, on the second floor, in the windows, safety passage, entrance and exit, stand several heavily armed strong men.

Outside the mall, hundreds of heavily guarded soldiers were gathered and the sounds of the aircraft were heard from time to time.

Even if no systematic information had been received, an intuitive judgement could have been made that the mall, along with the salesmen, shoppers, etc., had been hijacked by a group of terrorists.

At this point, the information of the system is transmitted.

As can be inferred, this mall in the heart of the town of Biya, the capital of the State of Ta, was controlled three hours ago by a group of unidentified terrorists who claimed to have planted fifty high-explosive-bombs in the mall and abducted more than 6,000 civilians, including staff.

ZF has repeatedly intervened, but the terrorists have not responded. The stalemate between the two sides, the instant coverage of the news media and the onset of out-of-control public sentiment made the situation less optimistic.

The outside world does not know that these terrorists are all from underground, religious anti-political coalitions whose aim is to create fear and retaliate against the ZF in various brutal ways.

They had no intention of negotiating terms at all, just to delay time and show more people what they were going to do.

In a few decades' time, however, the elite sentries of State Z will rush to the scene to besiege the terrorists. Sentinels and guides are two distinct groups in the Taguk. Sentinels, with super sensory and awakening powers, are the most powerful fighting power in the Taguk, but because their senses are too acute and their spirits are often unstable, guides are needed to calm their emotions and protect their senses.

Sentinels and guides are bound together through spiritual or physical union, and the higher the degree of fitness, the greater the power after the union of the two, once united, cannot be betrayed for life. Each sentry and guide will have its own “mental body", which generally appears in the form of an animal, the species of which is determined by personal attributes. Before combining, only sentries and guides with a fit of more than 95% can see each other's spiritual bodies.

Sentinels and guides are small in number and are generally only responsible for carrying out important tasks. Their status is far above that of ordinary civilians, and upon their initial awakening, they are registered, shouldering the heavy responsibility of defending the homeland and enjoying the privileged treatment of the State. Guides are relatively vulnerable as auxiliaries and partners of sentries, as the State does not allow them to associate with civilians. When necessary, guides are also forcibly combined with sentries, depending on fit.

The hijacking involved more than three dozen elite sentries from the country.

The sentries did live up to all expectations and subjugated the terrorists before they detonated the bomb. However, they do not know that this is just a prelude to the tragedy. Shopping malls suddenly exploded as they relaxed and prepared to evacuate the crowd.

Mushroom clouds rushed to the sky and flames of lightning swept the circle by thousands of metres, causing the largest human casualties and economic losses in the centuries of the Taguk. Nearly 20,000 people were killed in the disaster, including 45 elite sentries, seven guides and several officers.

It was only after investigation that people learned that they had missed a key figure: a highly intelligent, anti-social psychopath hiding in a crowd disguised as an ordinary civilian, who was the planner of the operation.

There are two sets of detonators, one in the hands of terrorists and one in the hands of the mastermind. If the terrorists are under full control of the sentries, the task of detonation is carried out by the mastermind.

At that time, everyone thought the crisis was over and guards and medical personnel lifted their advanced defenses and quickly approached the mall. Whoever knows the real killer reveals his disgusting face at the moment they relax.

[Main mission: Avoid three assassinations by anti-political coalitions.

High energy ahead, wish the host good luck all the way.

Fog Grass!

Still, he had a middle finger in his heart, and he knew why the system was releasing this task, because the “high-IQ, anti-social” serpentine disease that ended up detonating the bomb was the object of his journey.

If he chooses not to detonate the bomb, it is a betrayal of the rebel political coalition; if he chooses to detonate, he will surely die. So, rationally, he had to choose betrayal, to free these innocent civilians, and to save himself.

Worthy of a difficult world, the setting is so distorted.

Looking at the time, the elite sentries sent by the State should have arrived.

No matter how reluctant he was, he was the mastermind of the incident, and even if he did not detonate the bomb, his identity could be exposed in the next investigation, so he could not do anything, at least to win an opportunity to paint his “red name" before the sentry had resolved the crisis.

An attempt could be made to mobilize his spiritual strength and the unexpected discovery that the original owner was a guide, although it was not known why such a strangeness appeared in the guide, was undoubtedly available to him. It is not known that the original owner was actually just an ordinary man, and that his guiding spirit originated from Shanko himself.

Jean-Claude looked up at the "accomplices” who were on guard around the mall, silently painted a cross in their hearts, and then quietly gathered their spiritual bodies.

After the spiritual condensation had taken shape, it was somewhat incredible, why was his spiritual body a... dolphin? Translucent body flashing a light blue light with a lovely smile on its face, swimming around Sankoh with joy.

Dolphins are dolphins. They look a little like waves. Just call them "waves."

Spiritual waves flip and jump in the air and seem very satisfied with the name.

Let go of your mind and let it fly out of the mall. The spirit of the guide can only be seen by sentries with a compatibility of more than 95%, except for the combined sentries guide.

The aim is to find sentries who can see the waves and then send terrorist intelligence through the psyche to help them control the situation more quickly.

Fit 95 per cent of sentries are very difficult to locate, and both parties must be physically strong enough to exchange information accurately. Luck is the only way he can think of to wash his red name right now.

Five hundred metres away from the mall, a man in a dark, cold black coat is looking at stereoscopic images inside the mall and sits beside him with several serious waiting sentries.

At this point, he suddenly raised his head and two sharp gazes shone out the window, then stunned. Outside the window, laying on a strange body of mind, looking towards a fish (there are no dolphins in the world).

Yaonis has never seen a fish spirit, because fish are generally fragile, have low intelligence and are not compatible with human spirituality. But this mental body in front of me, emotional, thick and cute, seems different from the average fish.

More importantly, he can actually see it.

Yaonis subconsciously releases his spirit, a golden lion.

The waves saw that the lion was not scared, but instead went into the car and stuck it in front of the lion and greeted it with a friendly greeting.

The lion sniffed on it curiously and bent his eyes to reveal an uncomfortable expression.

Yaonis also felt very comfortable, as if a spring had flowed through his heart, suppressing a moment of irritability for a long time to soothe.

Yaonis stared closely at the little fish and his eyes flashed brilliantly.

Yaonis, its owner is in the mall.] The lion suddenly sent a message to Aonis.

[What's going on?] Aarnis is brilliant.

[Its owner knows what's going on in the mall and wants to notify the rescuers.

Yaonis quickly ordered the sentry around him: "Gnar, prepare the record. ”

“The total number of terrorists is 25, 15 on the second floor, 10 on the first floor each armed with two guns and several hands - Ray…”

It would be nice to know who had the detonator. Yaonis just thought so, and the lion sent a message: [The detonator was in the hands of the terrorist on the southeast floor with a bow and arrow tattoo on his arm...]

Yaonis glanced slightly and told the sentry around him this information, but he was not entirely sure of its accuracy.

A sentry officer also asked, "Sir, is this reliable? ”

Yaonis looked up at the wave and the wave immediately lifted its tail, swinging its belly fin, indicating absolute reliability!

“Check to see if it's reliable!” Aonis Road, "time is running out, get ready to move. ”

The sentries have Superman's senses and, within a certain distance, can penetrate obstacles and sense situations on the other side. According to the information available, Yaonis mentally targeted the terrorist with the detonator.

A moment later, he opened his eyes: "Yes, the detonator was on him. ”

At the same time, he wondered how the guide discovered that the detonator had been placed in the terrorists' clothes. The guide does not have the super strong senses of a sentry.

It doesn't matter, when this crisis is resolved, he will see this guide who has more than 95% compatibility with him, strong mental power and strange mental body...