Heroic Death System

Sentinel & Wizard 3

Yaonis stared at the surveillance video for a long time, and the person in the picture only flashed for a dozen seconds as he boarded, jumped, and escaped. Wearing a hooded tracksuit, he was completely blind and could only guess how tall he was about 178 centimeters and probably not too old, otherwise he would not have had such agile hands and reactivity.

At that time, an officer knocked on the door and, after the ceremony, began to report to Yaonis on the findings of the shopping mall hijacking.

“We found a total of fifty high-explosive-bombs in the mall, which were not ready for installation in two days, so we focused on vetting the staff inside the mall and finally locked them out. ”

Images and identities of three people appear on the virtual screen in front of Yaonis. One of them used a temporary identity card, while the other two used false identity cards.

Yaonis' eyes stopped for a moment on the image of the red-haired man and then rejected it from the bottom of his heart. The guide at the mall at the time was also red-haired, but he didn't believe his guide would be the gloomy man in front of him.

He subconsciously looked at his name: "Sal”, but since it was a false identity, it was of little investigative value.

“After the hijacking, all three disappeared, and the Head of State issued a Grade A warrant, believing that good news would come soon. ”

Yaonis shrugged: "Why did the terrorists not detonate the bomb after blocking the mall for three or four hours with the aim of delaying and causing panic? ”

“Perhaps it's because we're at the right time? ”

Yaonis glanced at him and said, "Did planning this horrific attack on the world fail just because it wasn't on time? ”

He looked at the three people on the screen again: "If the inside should have been one of them, then there must have been a detonator hidden on the person at the time, just wondering why he didn't detonate. ”

The officer's face slightly changed: “If so, then...”

After terrorists had been brought under control, many had relaxed their guard, and if bombs were detonated at that time, the number of casualties would definitely have doubled.

To think of it, officers only felt cold on their backs, afraid after a while. This totally lethal terrorist attack is the most headache, because it cannot be predicted in advance and prevented in a timely manner. It is true that the incident was resolved too easily and that terrorists should have detonated the bomb an hour or two in advance if they had no recourse.

At this time, the head of the guard responsible for investigating last night's sniper shooting came to report on the progress of the investigation.

Officers were going to retire, but the guard captain called them: "Captain Evey, I think you should stay. ”

The officer looked at him strangely and then silently stood aside when he was shown the look of Yaonis.

“Based on the evidence on the scene, we tentatively identified the person who attacked this mysterious passenger as part of a group of terrorists who abducted the mall the other day.” Yaonis and Ivy were surprised by the captain's first words.

The captain of the guard continued: "They use very similar weapon types and ammunition components, are brutal, move quickly, and leave little clue to trace and investigate. ”

“What about the passenger's identity?” Asked Yaonis.

The captain of the guard pulled out several pieces of information and, while presenting them, said: "Based on the fingerprints taken from the car, no trace of the passenger's life was found. We estimate that this person should hide his or her whereabouts throughout the year and rarely use instruments that require fingerprint verification. ”

Yaonis frowned, did not speak, and waited below.

“However," the captain of the guard turned over another piece of information, "we found information on the owner of the fingerprints in a diagnostic report from the hospital 10 years ago. ”

“Diagnostic report 10 years ago? ”

“Yes.” The captain put the report on the screen with an angry face, “the report was diagnosed by a 10-year-old boy named ‘Sido’. He was beaten by his biological father and almost stopped breathing when he was taken to the hospital and saved his life after an emergency rescue. In the course of treatment, the hospital found that the boy suffered many old injuries in addition to new injuries, apparently as a result of long-term ill-treatment. Consequently, they retained evidence, lodged a complaint with the Child Protection Association and sent the child's father to prison. ”

Yaonis looked at the boy in the photograph, with his eye-catching wounds, his fists tightened, and asked in silence: "We have a strict law on the protection of minors, why is it that this child has been ill-treated for so long that no one cares? ”

The captain of the guard replied: "Because his father, the animal, did not take him to the hospital for treatment after every beating. This time it was possible to keep a record because he almost killed the child. ”

“Bastard!” Evie, who had been silent, could not bear to curse.

Yaonis was also gloomy and asked, “What happened to the child? ”

“When the complaint was successful, the child was placed in a welfare home until he reached the age of 15, and then disappeared. ”

“Missing?” Yaonis frowned.

The captain of the guard sighed: "When his father was released when he was 14 years old, I assumed he was trying to escape the man, so he left the welfare home and hid his name from it. That's all I can find for fingerprints. ”

Disappeared at the age of fifteen, only in his early twenties, displaced for six or seven years, fearful life, how exactly did he survive?

Yaonis felt an unknown sense of sadness and anger. Was that the kind of twisted environment he grew up in? He was a guide who was supposed to live a carefree life and be treated like an aristocrat. Nowadays, they can only hide in the dark corners and be prepared for persecution by others.

“Where's his father now?” Yaonis asked unsympathetically, hiding a murderous breath.

“Two years ago, he was cut off from his legs for debt and died shortly afterwards. ”

“Deserve it!” Ivy snorted coldly.

“Keep looking for his tracks.” Yaonis commanded, "I suspect he may have information in his possession that would be detrimental to that group of terrorists, which is why he would be attacked. ”

The guard captain looked at Yaonis and said positively: "I'm afraid we need adult assistance. Sido hides too well and must access the National Information Center's fingerprint library with adult A-status permissions. ”

This fingerprint library is tied to identity cards, and fingerprint searches by ordinary people do not require the use of national information centres, as fingerprints are now indispensable for life, entertainment and work, and it is difficult to erase their own trajectories of activity in public unless they are far from high-tech. Sido did, however, and he may have lived in isolation, spending only on bearer cards and not engaging in social activities.

His lifestyle, in the highly technologically developed Taguk, was simply unimaginably boring and primitive.

Of course, if identity is falsified, although it can be confused in a short period of time, security surveillance performs regular scans of everyone's identity. If the fingerprints and ID aren't right, they'll find out soon enough.

Identity information that can be falsified using hacking techniques is also applicable only to low-level identity cards, which are held by persons who can only apply for the most ordinary jobs and who do not receive any benefits and guarantees. In contrast, there is naturally no very strict monitoring system.

However, although it is a low-level identity card, his fingerprint information will also be entered into the National Information Centre.

“Give me three days.” Yaonis promised without any hesitation. Access to National Information Centres information must be above A level of authority and subject to review, with three days already being the fastest.

Three days later, today's identity is finally revealed. He used his real name, "Shanko”, age 22, the photograph of him after he changed his face, even though Yaonis et al. recognized him as one of the three staff members who disappeared in the mall.

“If our speculation is correct, then he will be targeted by terrorists - and understandably so.” Ivy conceded, "because he temporarily abandoned the plan amounted to betrayal of the organization. ”

“Do not make a decision for the time being.” Yaonis looked at the red-haired man on the screen, his eyebrows tight, not knowing whether he was disappointed or depressed, and suddenly lost interest in pursuing, “he said. ”

With the revelation of Sankoh's identity, intelligence was also received from the anti-political coalition. Next, he can't find a job, he can't go to the hospital, he can't reveal his appearance, there are only 100,000 points left on the bearer card, and he can't last three months without saving money. Deep down every day, like a spy, be on high alert 24 hours a day.

On the one hand, an A-status wanted warrant issued by the State, on the other hand, the anti-political coalition's cynicism and the desperate situation of running out of food, even though there are still eighteen ordinary martial arts and it is difficult to strike a new siege in such circumstances.

The second assassination arrived quietly while the countermeasures were still under consideration.

The anti-political coalition operates in a style that prefers to be wrongly killed, unrelenting, and that does not give a damn about the lives and deaths of passers-by.

At a beautiful dusk, Sankoh's door was knocked and he stood outside with a smile in his hand with his takeaway brother.

The door was about to open and the spiritual waves were sending dangerous signals.

Without saying anything, he was about to jump out of the window with his backpack up, and as soon as one foot crossed the window deck, he was flushed out by the exploding airflow behind him and ran straight into the opposite wall. There is a row of metal lamps on the wall and the lamp stand is a complex pattern with sharp barbs at the edges. Once it hits it, it must have worn a broken bowel and died badly.

You can quickly roll over in the air and step forward with your feet dangerously and dangerously in the void on either side of the metal lamp, with a sharp barb just four or five centimeters from his crotch. Bend your knees a little longer, and you'll probably never have a second half of your life.

Sankoh's body stagnated in mid-air for a second before falling down due to gravity.

There was a car parked below and a man with a gun was standing on the roof.

Fog Grass!

At the moment of the shooting, you can spin your body violently and hit the glass window on the wall.

When he heard only one sound, he broke through the window and fell into a room.

“Ah -" the owner of the room had just stepped out of the bathroom, cold to see a glass scum shank, subconsciously a deafening scream, not even a bath towel had fallen.

There is no time to admire the beauty's torso, jump up and rush out of the room quickly.

Instead of walking through the front door, he chose the other side window. He did not believe that the members of the anti-political coalition had set up ambushes in four directions, east, west and north.

However, God of Luck didn't take care of him, and the guys actually set up ambushes in all four directions.

When you see the head below through the window, you can bite your teeth and simply rush to the top floor.

His backpack contains a flying rope to play with a flying man. So people around here had the privilege of witnessing a different version of Spider-Man.

However, Sankoh's movements appeared to be windy and the clothes were actually soaked with blood.

The previous old wound was not good, just another explosion hit, the wound split, and the back was even more wretched. At this time, when the sky was gloomy, others could only see a flexible figure leaping between the buildings, without seeing the brutal appearance of blood all over him.

He was able to land in the alley between the two buildings, with a white face, shortness of breath, sweat beads rolling down the corner of his forehead and strange redness in his lips.

A moment later, his eyes flashed two glows of photography, as if to make a decision, stood up, walked out of the alley and headed straight for the security police not far away.

When the guard on duty saw a man wearing worn blood, he immediately placed his hand on the weapon and asked vigilantly, "What's the matter with you? Are you in any trouble? ”

Jean could lift his hood and reveal that shiny handsome face and put his backpack on the table at will. "I'm here to surrender myself. ”

Congratulations to the host for successfully avoiding the second assassination.