Heroic Death System

Sentinel & Wizard 5

People outside surveillance feel a little distracted and sympathetic when they witness the appearance that they can almost collapse due to painful memories. At this moment, they finally let go of their misgivings and truly accepted the cumbersome guide of the experience.

Yaonis will be able to take him back to the ward, hold his hand tightly, and sit quietly by his side.

Jean-Claude had escaped, and mental torture was a hundred times more painful than physical pain. Similar to a volcano, Sido's remnants of memory erupted suddenly, spurred by hypnosis, and suddenly swept Sankoa's spirit into it, accompanying him through the tragic childhood of the past.

It is incomprehensible why can someone be so cruel? Nor does he have any compassion for his child. He releases his anger, frustration and grievance over reality, all in the form of violence, to the child. He inflicted not only physical harm on Sido, but also mental oppression.

Had it not been for the powerful spiritual power, it would have been influenced by Sidor, becoming psychologically distorted and even completely insane.

After a long time, he could wake up slowly from his coma. Though he was a little distressed, his brain was clear, as if years of dust had suddenly been swept away. Perhaps after the outbreak, Sido has been given real rest.

“Yet.” A low voice came into Sankoh's ear, interrupting his thoughts.

He could turn around and see a handsome man sitting beside the bed staring at him.

Sankoh's gaze slowly moved down and landed on the hands of both of them.

Yaonis introduced himself: “My name is Yaonis." ”

A glimpse of the lion around him playing after the waves led him to guess that he was the sentry who communicated with himself through his body on the day of the terrorist attack.

“I'm very sorry that we hypnotized you to determine your identity, which almost caused you a mental breakdown.” Yaonis blames himself deeply for this and is eager to bear it all for him.

He could have looked at him silently.

“However, your suspicions have been completely cleared and you will henceforth be a lawful citizen of the Taguk State, with a senior identity card and all the benefits that a guide deserves.” Yaonis puts Shanko's hand on his chest and declares it in an unquestionable tone, "and I, Yaonis, am the guard of your sentries in the future. ”

There is no information available from the system about Yaonis, nor does it know who the “protagonists” of the world are. However, he knows that this man is one of only three dark sentries in the Taguk to reach the "A” rank. The so-called Dark Sentinel is the most powerful of the sentinels, with extreme self-control and a strong body, theoretically without the aid of a guide, and has always been the pinnacle king of every era.

The strength of a Class A Dark Sentinel is stronger than a regular Class S Sentinel. But "Class A" is the bottleneck of the Dark Sentinel, and there have been many signs of progress in the history of the Taguk State, which has either been rendered obsolete by the failure of the Advancement or self-destructed by the spiritual uprising. The Dark Sentinel's ability to control itself is on the brink of danger when it reaches level A.

Later, it was speculated that, in order to succeed in breaking through bottlenecks, Class A Dark Sentinels must find a guide with a spiritual fit of more than 90 per cent with them and be able to withstand their strong physical desires and mental shocks.

Yaonis was lucky to meet a man, but he didn't consider the issue of advancement at this moment, but simply moved himself for this man.

Shannon could have pulled Yaonis' hand in front of himself and gently broken his finger, inadvertently seeing a mole in his palm. Although he no longer needs a palm mole to identify himself, finding it seems to have become a habit. He thinks this mole is his man's charm accessory. Without it, his man's charm needs to be at least -30...

“Yaonis, I'm hungry.” Still with his blue eyes of water, he looked seriously at Aarnis.

“If you want something to eat, I'll have it delivered right away.” Yaonis felt itchy in his eyes and pressed down the urge to touch.

“Just a lighter one.” Jean-Claude sat up, seemed to want to get out of bed, but was held by Aarnis: “What are you doing up? ”

“I sweat a lot and want to take a shower. ”

Without saying anything, Yaonis lifted him across his waist and turned towards the bathroom.

“I can walk by myself.” Safely nestled in his arms, he protested with his mouth, but his body did not struggle.

“I'm fast.” As soon as the voice came down, they appeared in the bathroom.

Yaonis gently lowered it and helped him adjust the water temperature.

You can still see a small half-moon bath before you realize you're no longer in the hospital.

“Where am I?” There is one question that you don't really have to ask at all.

“My home.” Yaonis replied.

“I'll live here from now on?” Ask again.

“Yes.” Yaonis stood up straight and looked down with his arrogant male height.

Still thin body, almost covered in his shadow. They are very close to each other and seem to feel the heat of each other's bodies.

Spiritual waves swim beside Shangkou, followed closely by the lion Moreau, who from time to time strokes his tail with his nose and claws. Without paying attention, the waves were knocked down by Moreau, and then flipped and twisted.

The intimate entanglement of the mental body allows the monks of Aarnis to simultaneously feel an electric current running straight up the back ridge and then all over the body.

Can't help putting your hands on the sink in case you can't stand still because of soft legs.

In the dark eyes of Yaonis, two flames burst forth. As he moves forward, he will be able to circle in his own breath, his muscles gradually become tight and burst into a force, as if he were a beast awaiting accumulation.

Dark sentries seldom find the right guide for themselves, but their own desires are very strong and they usually rely only on self-control to forcibly suppress them, and may not even reach the orgasm for life.

Fit with his guide of more than 95%, right where he can reach it and join him as soon as he wants. On strength, sentries have an overwhelming advantage.

The desire of the body has reached unprecedented strength, almost devouring the wisdom of Ayonis. Even Jean-Claude feels a little overwhelmed by this trigger of oppression.

He let go of his spiritual strength, a circle of watery ripples, slowly flowing towards Aonis.

The agitated spiritual strength, wrapped in ripples, gradually became peaceful. Yaonis' eyes quickly regained clarity, but his desire still hadn't completely subsided.

This is the first time that Yaonis has accepted the spiritual comfort of the guide, feeling like a hot spring and feeling comfortable.

As a dark sentry, talent is unique, but it also lacks a lot of fun. The perfect blend of the two spiritual forces is so wonderful, what would it be like to really combine with him?

Yaonis was almost impatient but had to temporarily suppress his impulses. Yet he is too weak to bear his demands.

Yaonis unwillingly let go of the shackles to Sankoh and said, “You wash it, call me if you need me. ”

After that, he turned around and walked out of the bathroom, and his back reflected an indescribable loneliness.

Yes: “…”

He felt it was necessary to exercise his body. Compared to the previous worlds, their physique appeared to be too different this time...

In order to achieve the perfect realm of the great harmony of the universe, it is possible to start implementing his sports plan the following day.

Yaonis villas are located in the Aerial Circumference Mansion, the nation's finest residential area with a pristine environment, second only to the capital in security, mostly with sentries and guides. The anti-political coalition, despite its strength, is not yet capable of crossing the cordon belt and attacking the airborne mansion where the sentries gather.

You can change into a comfortable home outfit, walk out of the villa in spirit and get ready to start your morning run.

As soon as he left the room, Yaonis noticed that he walked straight out the door and almost rushed over to bring the man back. He was then found only running in the villa's garden and not making a move.

Morning air is fresh, still running in the garden at a rhythm, flying hair, from time to time sprinkled with several crystalline sweatballs, original white cheeks due to exercise, hidden faint red dizziness, a pair of clear eyes, sparkling endless vitality.

Yaonis stood in the window, staring deeply into the morning light, and a soft color appeared in his eyes.

Yaonis sees a good quality in his thin body, which is strength and optimism. Hypocrisy cannot hide the sentinel's acute senses, yet the light on his body emits beauty from the inside out, as pure and delicious as his spiritual strength.

This is his guide, destined to accompany him all his life. This cognition makes Aonis feel unprecedented joy.

Half an hour, you can go back to the villa and after a simple cleanup the butler has prepared the breakfast.

Most of the dishes in Taguo are artificially synthesized. The nutritional composition of the flavouring ratio is calculated. It's not bad to start eating, but after a few more meals, you'll feel that the flavour is uniform and too monotonous.

You can cook ingredients from all worlds in a hundred refined spaces, practice superb cooking, and master the flavours of different worlds. So he makes food that basically doesn't make "empiricism” mistakes.

In order to raise your body as soon as possible, you can decide to cook in person in the future. He made a menu divided into several categories, such as meat, vegetables, soup, porridge, desserts, halogen sauce, beverages and more, with more than a hundred dishes scattered across the ocean.

Aarnis looks at this rich menu and suddenly creates a sense of happiness of "future blessings”. Especially after a true taste, Yaonis felt that this skill alone could appease the spiritual uprising of any sentinel.

Jean-Claude wanted to raise herself a little bit, but she came down a week later, and it was Aarnis who was really strong. This guy has more muscle, more energy, burning heat and pounding desire at all times...

Half a month later, Shanko's senior ID card was finally processed, and the guiding union also assigned him a villa just three blocks from where Yaonis lived. Nonetheless, Yaonis felt that the guiding union had done more, and he had already filed an exclusive application with the Notary of Marriage and the guiding union, which would still be available in his own spouse's district. Although the engagement ceremony has not yet taken place, they are now the spouses of the adaptation period.

Adaptive spousal relationships are not formal spouses, but legal relationships between the parties for the purpose of union, which can be requested to be dissolved at any time, although Yaonis naturally does not allow this to happen. Although, in his capacity, the right to compulsory pairing is perfectly exercisable, Yaonis believes that he is a monk and should be able to combine smoothly.

If he finally rejects himself, then I'm afraid Aarnis will have to “force” him.

For Sankoh, he is bound to win and will never be allowed to choose anyone but himself!