Heroic Death System

Sentinel & Wizard 6

The house assigned to Sankoh by the guiding union is a two-storey duplex villa in harmony with the surrounding architectural style and belongs to the Aerial Ring Mansion Zone 2. Three blocks away from Zone 1, where Yaonis lives, at the speed of Yaonis, is basically a dozen seconds away.

Ultimately, however, the monks lived together on the grounds of “protection”, only to move from District 1 to District 2. Of course, if you want to live in Zone 1 once in a while, that's perfectly fine.

As a Class A Dark Sentinel, Yaonis is usually only responsible for major events, so he usually has plenty of time to spare except for the necessary training. He was happy that monks could cultivate feelings, although not yet combined, but every physical contact made him feel incredibly comfortable, and the fear accumulated over the years of battle seemed to have been slightly repaired by Sankoh's nourishment.

A guided sentry is happiness!

Yaonis' inner heart is satisfied, and the only thing that is a little itchy is probably not able to combine immediately with his guide.

Watching Jean-Claude get better every day, he believed that a good day would soon come.

In continuous exercise, the physical qualities of the cocoa are steadily improving, the physical boosts accumulated in several worlds are gradually appearing in the new body, and muscles, bones, toughness, etc. are all in perfect harmony.

If he was still a little morbid two months ago, two months later, he had lost his child and changed bones. Originally dyed black hair, restores a bright burgundy color, dry, lean muscles become fine and firm, outlines beautiful lines, long figure quite handsome, ugly scars on skin, dotted fade, turns pale pink like a tattoo.

Changes that Yaonis sees in his eyes are like opening a dust-sealed treasure box, with new surprises every day.

“My lord, no, Lord Monroe is in danger!” An urgent message broke Yaonis' peaceful life.

Monroe is one of the three largest A-level Dark Sentinels named after Yaonis.

“What's going on?” Asked Yaonis.

“When Lord Monroe returned from a secret mission some time ago, his mental state appeared abnormal and his mental field seemed to have begun to collapse. ”

“Got it, I'll be right there.” Yaonis hung up the comms and looked at Sankoh beside him and said, "Will you accompany me somewhere? ”


Together, the two travelled to the residence in Sector 1, which belongs to Monroe.

Just walking to the door, you can still detect the free, □ □ spiritual elements in the air, like boiling hot water, beating maniacally.

Yaonis took the first step, releasing his spiritual strength, to set up a spiritual barrier for Jean-Claude, to prevent him from being harmed by the spiritual elements that ravaged him.

The two men, led by soldiers, came to Monroe's room. Seven people stood in the room, including Michelle Heran, the third Class A dark sentry in the country. There are also two C-level dark sentries, one A-level guide and two B-level guides.

The three guides were pale and each stood beside a dark sentry with deep fear in their eyes.

Everyone saw Yaonis come in, and all but Michelle saluted him.

Yaonis walked to the side of the bed and looked at the door tied to the bed with a very heavy face. Monroe, one hundred and thirty years old, is the most powerful A-level dark sentry in the country. Dark Sentinels don't need the aid of a guide to quickly increase their strength by relying on their own control. But in contrast, there are very few guides suitable for dark sentry, and the degree of mental fitness is basically less than 50%. Such fitness, if forcibly combined, the guides will no doubt die, so many of the partners chosen by dark sentry are ordinary people who are unable to muster their mental strength.

Lower Dark Sentinels have yet to find the right guide, let alone the most powerful.

“Class A" is a darkness sentinel, crossing the past is a whole new realm, crossing nothing but pieces of bone.

“Monroe may not make it this time.” Michelle looked at the three guides, apathetically, “the union sent ten senior guides, all of whom failed. The last three of them lasted only five minutes. ”

Everyone else had a painful look on their faces, and besides being guided by the dark sentry, they were well aware of the loneliness and danger behind the strength of the dark sentry.

Yaonis looked at the three weak guides, and looked at the surrounding Sankoh, and his heart fluctuated. Didn't he expect the situation to be so bad that he could help Monroe through it with his spirit?

“Let me try.” Yaonis hesitated to speak up.

The crowd concentrated their eyes on him, dressed in white casual clothing, standing tall, standing beside Aonis, as harmonious and natural as a light wind and a warm sun.

Everyone knows that Aarnis recently applied to adapt to his spouse. He must be the one in front of him. He looks remarkable, but can he bear the spiritual power of the Dark Sentinel?

Yaonis grabbed Sankoh's waist and said in silence, "Don't push. ”

Nodded and walked to Monroe's bed.

Yaonis put away the spiritual barrier and stare closely at Sankoh's every move without letting go of any abnormality.

At this time, others had little hope of healing Monroe, and even if the guide had the spiritual power that matched Yaonis, it did not mean that his spiritual power could match other dark sentries, and even more so, a level A dark sentries whose spiritual power was in fury.

However, their thoughts changed completely after they could unleash their spiritual power.

In the air, a circle of light blue water rhymes swept away, and a mental body gradually condensed into shape. Situated in a turbulent and manic spiritual ocean, the waves do not retreat and rush into the tumbling waves with joy.

At the same time, the spirits of all the dark sentinels in the room appear, stretching out their bodies and enjoying the delights of cocoa's spiritual strength as if they were tasting wine.

The most shocking of these, when Michelle, who is also a Class A Dark Sentinel, clearly sees Sankoh's spirit, which means that he has more than 90% compatibility with the guide.

A guide that can fit more than 90% with a Class A Dark Sentinel? This is unprecedented!

Not only him, but also two other C-level dark sentries, saw the waves in the shadows. Visible spiritual strength is no less compatible with them.

Is the spirit of this guide in front of you suitable for all dark sentries?

A fierce line of sight, all of which can be projected towards yet.

Concentrate on the color, light blue light shines around you, red hair floats gently, beautiful eyes sparkle. Under the luxury of spiritual strength, the original violent spiritual elements of Monroe began to calm down, following the trajectory of the waves, gradually becoming quiet and orderly, and finally converged over his head, condensing into a fox form of spiritual body.

The fox stretches out its extremities, revealing nine tails behind each other, gently wiggling like a feather fan in the air.

Violent spiritual elements disappear and everything is tranquil.

All the dark sentries' faces revealed a peaceful colour, especially the Menlo, which not only defused the crisis of self-destruct, but also increased their strength. Originally a bit of a relaxed muscle, it grew stronger again, and seemed to restore its full-grown beauty.

People were shocked and could hardly believe their eyes.

Meanwhile, Monroe's fox spirit jumped lightly to the waves and rubbed his chin with his head.

A golden shadow flashed, knocking the fox apart and blocking it from the waves, staring at it in a fierce manner: [This is mine!

The fox shook its tail and looked at it with a smile, seemingly uninterested in its proclamation.

“Thank you.” A low dumb voice suddenly rang in the room.

The people followed their reputation and found that Monroe had not known when to wake up. He looked gently at Sankoh, with a few surprises in his eyes and a few rejuvenated joys.

“Don't be polite.” You can smile back.

Monroe looked at Yaonis standing next to Shanko and asked with a smile, "Yours? ”

“Mine." Yaonis answered with great certainty.

“Oh.” Monroe said softly, "you'll have to keep an eye on it later. ”

A guide that fits all dark sentries is an irresistible temptation for any dark sentries. Though Yaonis is strong, he is not the only sentinel of his kind, and there is one in the room now.

Monroe glanced at Michelle, who was leaning in the corner and staring quietly at Shanko. If she was 50 years younger, she would probably have to contend, hey, too bad...

Yaonis left Monroe's residence with Jean-Claude, followed by Michelle.

“Yet.” Michelle called out Shanko's name.

You can look back at him.

“I'll see you later.” Leaving behind four words and a profound look, Michelle went.

Yaonis' pupils contracted, and this guy was actually challenging Jean-Claude even though he was talking to him!

Until then, he had not realized the specificity of the Dark Sentinel. After all, he had been single for too long and had never expected to encounter a guide that suited him. But after today, I'm afraid the dark sentries of the entire country will be aware of the existence of Coco.

Originally his only treasure, he was soon to be admired by many people, a feeling that irritated him.

Yaonis' spirit became fluctuating and fluctuating, as if a sense of fear emanating from the soul were born.

“What's the matter?” He could feel his anomaly and couldn't bear to ask.

Yaonis replied with a repressive voice: "It's okay. ”

The spiritual fluctuation of the sentry, how can you hide it from the guide?

Still nothing more to say, quietly return to the villa with him. Yaonis took him back to his room and left, completely different from the usual boredom of nothing. Based on his knowledge of Aonis, this guy's innate scum is likely to explode.

It was not too late to take a shower and feel the spiritual fluctuations of the disorder coming from the other room. Despite Yaonis' strenuous repression, mental power stirred uncontrollably.

Based on two months of experience, Yaonis, but any minor headache with a fever can cause problems even if there are no problems, and then let his lion come and complain about the pain and comfort.

Today, his spiritual strength has been so violent that he still does not come to him for help.

If not mistaken, Yaonis may be afraid of hurting him without reason.

Jean-Claude stood in front of the mirror, moved his limbs, pulled his muscles, prepared himself for a full pre-war exercise, determined that his body was at its perfect peak, then loosened his turtleneck and walked gracefully towards Aarnis' room with a temptation-luminous ring.

“Knock, knock.” Knocked politely on the door.

The door was silent and unresponsive.

Shanko knocked a few more times.

“Bang!” the door was slammed open and Yaonis stared red-eyed at Sankoh, squeezing out a sentence in his total teeth: “You have three seconds to go back to your room and sleep immediately. ”

“I want to ask you...”

“Time's up!” Yaonis pulled Shannon into the room and kicked the door.

“… Need help?” The second half of the sentence is hidden in a closed door (OK: it's not even three seconds!).

Often, however, the sound of clothes being torn from the room is followed by intermittent moaning - groaning, followed by a series of dull vibrations.

Two spiritual forces intertwined into a storm that quickly swept the entire villa.

Though he thought he was well prepared, he felt rushed when he truly embraced Yaonis' invasion. He tried to relax his body as much as possible, bearing the brutal impact of his body, while soothing his violent emotions with his spirit.

At the moment of his union with Shannon, Yaonis was thrilled with a low howl in his throat. He manipulated Sankoh's body and tried his best to get himself to the deepest point every time.

As the spirit blends, so does the pleasure-sensition of the body.

Dark sentinels have difficulty encountering guides that match them because of their physical relationship, and even if they find a partner in the future, it is difficult to reach orgasms. Often couples are exhausted and they still stand up. The pain of having a strong desire that cannot be satisfied is very personal.

An hour later, Yaonis finally got his first orgasm on Sankoh, and the spirit of disorder subsided. Looking at the cocoa in his arms, Yaonis felt something he had never seen before.

He rubbed his body in love as he massaged his sour muscles.

Lie back and relax and enjoy his massage. Fuzzy, feel it - body enriched again, then another round of hot physical fights...

So this is the combination of the sentry and the guide.

This ultimate pleasure - feeling, addicted just once, can never be stopped. Yaonis felt that he had lived in vain for decades before and thought that he did not need a guide, and now he knows that it is not only spiritual and physical comfort, but also spiritual integrity that the guide gives the sentry.

He was fortunate enough to find a guide who would fit him so well.

Yaonis kissed Sleeping Sankoh softly, physically satisfied and spiritually exhilarated, making him completely unable to sleep.

This man is his, and he doesn't allow anyone to hit his ideas.

In anticipation of the imminent target of all the dark sentries, the murderous cold light in Yaonis' eyes.