Heroic Death System

Dead Wood Meets Spring 1

[Main Quest - Save the creatures caught in the fire and calculate the degree of completion based on the number of rescues.

As soon as he regained consciousness, he was given the task of the system, and did not even have time to introduce the previous summary. In front of us is a burning forest, with trees that stretch for miles swallowed up by fire, rolling hot surfaces, thick smoke choking hard to breathe.

Surrounded by active groups of fire elements, it was first realized that the world could use magic. However, there are no nearby sources of water, and most of the water elements in the air are evaporated or expelled by fire, which cannot be extinguished at all.

Time is running out, you can't even think about it, you can only condense as many water elements as possible, pour yourself through, then rush into the fire, release your spiritual strength, search for life as quickly as you can, and magically send them out of the forest as soon as you find them.

The burning pain was constantly coming from his skin, the intense smoke choked his tears and everything around him became distorted and blurred. Long hair dancing with the heat waves, green eyes, reflecting the colour of the flame, the sweat beads rolling down on the body, all converted into light blue water elements, star dots haunting him, fighting fire elements intertwined.

A group of magic shines from his hand, traveling through the flames, tirelessly saving the wretched creatures.

As time goes by, the more creatures are saved outside the forest, the more varied they are. They stood tall, licking the wound, looking at the tiny, gorgeous blue halo in the fire.

The sky is gradually overshadowed by darkness and vast forests are still moaning in wildly burning fires.

The spiritual strength of the cocoa is exhausted, and the whole person falls into a stream in vain. Cool river water reduces burning and washes away asphyxiating smoke and Mars. It was then discovered that he could breathe freely in the water, which seemed to replenish his vitality.

But he was so tired, he didn't have the energy to think about these anymore, let himself float in the river, showing the flame of the gorilla red, he slowly closed his eyes...

I don't know how long I've been asleep, but I can still wake up in the sound of leaching rain. Open your eyes and first see a silver-lined water color, surrounded by violent fire elements that have disappeared.

Congratulations to the host for completing the main task - saving the creature from a deep fire. A total of six hundred and seventy-one organisms were saved, more than 100 percent complete, and a bottle of healing water was rewarded.

Finished? Even a simple world isn't as simple as this!

[Don't doubt the judgment of the system, the host has deeply realized the essence of heroism, forgetting me, never moving forward. Please also continue to maintain this spirit in your future tasks.

For the first time, it was so easy to accomplish the task that I felt somewhat unbelievable. It wasn't until he swam out of the water that he realized it wasn't that easy. 90% of his skin had extensive burns, ruptured skin, swollen redness and horrible. The long, straightforward hair was like dead grass at the moment, leaving only a few pieces of clothing, barely covering the hidden areas.

Although there is water element protection, as mental strength drains, the protective effect is getting smaller and smaller. The person who focused on rescuing him did not realize that he had been so badly injured.

At this point, suddenly a few low sounds were heard in the ears, and one could look up and see a scattered group of creatures surrounding him. In addition to black bears, green sheep, mink, leopard cats, foxes, plum deer, rabbits, squirrels, and more, there are strange species and a dozen olive-like fruits that cannot be named.

You can start to think it's just ordinary fruit, but then you feel the fluctuations in life in the fruit, and you know it's an egg of some kind.

Standing up slowly, scarred bodies look like ghosts and do not scare the animals at all, in their clear eyes only respect and love him.

This group of animals has an unusual spirituality, quite different from the animals seen in the rest of the world, which may be derived from the active elements of the world.

The tingling sensation on his skin reminds him of the healing water the system gave him. Calling out the healing water, you can take a sip, immediately feel a little comfortable, then faint halos on your body, the crisp wounds slowly heal in halos, dry hair gradually becomes smooth and regrowth.

The surrounding animals stared at each other with amazement and admiration in a pair of shiny eyes.

Still slightly raised head, long dark hair gently swinging, sword eyebrows like flying, elongated tail outlines a bright curve, two eyes as clear as emerald, full red lip moisture dripping, a pair of pointed ears, if hidden in dark hair, white skin flashes a faint glow. Rotten clothes can't hide his beautiful figure and exuberance.

Behind the rocks of coke black, a pair of deep eyes, silently watched the view. A golden pupil that clearly reflects a beautiful figure.

Just yesterday, he accidentally saw a blue shadow that saved hundreds of animals from the flames of a bear, and the process lasted seven or eight hours before the blue shadow disappeared into his sight.

After a heavy rain at night, the fire burned for dozens of hours and finally went out, following the animal's trail, he came to the river and saw a scene that he would never forget.

This is an adult Elf man and an extremely handsome Elf man.

It was not known that someone was spying in the dark because he was receiving information from the system.

The continent is called Angelo and inhabits several races, including humans, elves, dwarves, animals and organ ghosts. Humans are the largest, with dozens of nations large and small. The second is the Orcs and Dwarves, with the smallest number of Pokémon but the longest life span. These races have coexisted peacefully for centuries, and while there have been occasional struggles, they have not affected the overall situation of relative balance of power until the emergence of the organic ghost race.

Organic ghosts live in the wilderness, depend on minerals for their livelihood, are good at golden and fire-based magic, hate any plant, and cannot stand oxygen-rich environments. But elves love nature, and everywhere they go, they always bring a vibrant green.

Hundreds of years ago, in the wilderness where the organic ghosts lived, minerals were depleted, and in order to feed themselves, they began to expand and plunder land and minerals. Strong and brutal, the Organ Ghost Nation can directly convert metals into combat power, with little fear of any magical or physical attacks. The only ones who can harm them are the natural magic of the jinn, and the natural forests inhabited by the jinn are the lands on which they dare not tread.

To solve this scourge, the Organic Ghosts exploited their conquering human country, destroying forests and killing elves. In just a few years, elves have been killed and wounded, and vast forests have been razed to the ground.

Soon, several nations of humankind formed alliances with the Elves, Orcs and others to declare war on the Organ Ghost Nation. However, the power and brutality of the organic ghosts far outweighed the imagination of other races, who, using the power of human traitors, designed to lead to the King of Elves and kill him, and then sent men to destroy the Elves' natural trees and fountains of life.

Nature Tree is the mother tree of the jinn clan and the birthplace of all jinns. The Fountain of Life is the spiritual source of the mother tree, which can give the elves plenty of vitality and give the plants unlimited vitality. As long as the Fountain of Life does not dry, the Nature Tree will last forever.

However, the organic ghost clan sealed the Fountain of Life with a magical vessel called "Ghost Jade”. Nature lost its source of life and gradually withered away until it was uprooted.

The Elves have been devastated by the annihilation. They, who had lived for a long time, began to grow old and fade, and decades later, they died successively. If the Fountain of Life and the Nature Tree disappear, the Pokémon will be completely extinct. The absence of a Pokémon means that the continent no longer has the power of an exterminator ghost.

Elf elders, at the cost of their lives, retained a divine tree branch at the final juncture. As long as you get the Ghost Jade and unseal the Fountain of Life, the Divine Tree Branch is the last hope of the Elf Clan.

Since then, the Alliance State has begun years of continuous war with the Puppet State controlled by the Vessel Ghost Nation.

In wars and weaknesses, the number of elves is rapidly decreasing. A hundred years later, pureblood elves on the continent disappear almost completely, leaving only the descendants of the elves and other races. Blend Pokémon are far from being comparable to pureblood Pokémon, in terms of appearance, longevity, and natural affinity.

It was when the Pureblood Pokémon disappeared and the Alliance was at an absolute disadvantage.

[ADDITIONAL TASK 1 - Resurrection of Nature Divine Wood.

Sure enough, the main task is easy to accomplish and the additional task enters Hell mode.

To revive the Nature Tree, you must first grab the Ghost Ball from the Vessel Ghost Clan and then find the last branch of the Divine Tree.

For divine tree branches, there is no rush. Because he, the Divine Tree Branch, is, more precisely, the Divine Tree Branch Conversion Elf.

Today, the two camps are in a state of deadlock, with the Haunted clan in the north, devastating vegetation and turning fertile soil into wilderness, allowing only the puppet countries under their rule to grow the basically needed food and vegetable melon fruit.

And the human, hybrid elves, Orcs, Dwarves and other tribes of the Alliance countries are looking for opportunities to capture ghost balls. Only by resurrecting the Nature Tree and giving birth to a new pureblood Elf or even Elf King will they be able to destroy the Organ Ghost Nation.

It is possible to receive the information and once again look at the dozen olive-like “fruits” not far away. Before the destruction of the Nature Tree, not only did it leave a branch, it also left fifteen eggs that could give birth to pureblood elves.

Divine Wood Pokémon have been wandering around with fifteen small life, searching for a safe habitat. It was easy to find a vast forest. I wanted to use the forest's rich natural atmosphere to breed the Pokémon. As a result, this forest was also damaged by organic ghosts.

If not, the Wood Elves will be burned to ashes to save the eggs. Though he is a Godwood Elf, he does not use spells, only pure natural power.

On the count of fifteen eggs, there were only twelve left, and three small lives were hidden in the fire.

Twelve eggs, twelve pureblood Pokémon, are the hope of the future rise of the Pokémon...