Heroic Death System

Dead Wood Meets Spring 2

The Divine Wood Pokémon has a space that unfortunately, because of its weakened power, can only hold up to about ten eggs, and every once in a while, needs to release the power to absorb elements. The divine wooden space can now only sustain the most basic energy of life.

Ten eggs can be put into space, and the two remaining woven ropes made of aquatic plants are temporarily hung on the waist side. After friendly consultations with a black bear, they sit on its wide back and leave the burnt forest, accompanied by a number of small animals who have lost their homes.

The main area of activity of the Organ Ghost Nation is the northeast, so the southwest can be chosen, but he cannot be too far from the center of the mainland because he needs to stay informed at all times in order to grasp the whereabouts of the Ghost Ball.

The forest burned by the Organ Ghost Nation, known as "Cover”, covers 9 million square kilometres and is the second-largest forest area on the Anglo continent. It produces one quarter of the world's oxygen, is active in natural elements and is one of the four most abhorrent forbidden lands of the Organ Ghost Nation. The world's largest forest area is the original inhabited area of the Pokémon, Jazz, which, although not completely destroyed, has become one of the battlefields of the Alliance and the Organ Ghost.

The fires burned down more than 100,000 square kilometres of trees north of the roll, although only an edge in terms of the total forest area, the rate of destruction of the organic ghosts far exceeded the rate of forest restoration. As long as there is such a fire every year, the vast forest will be destroyed.

According to the continental map provided by the system, it could eventually settle near Lake Cloud Shadow, southwest of the rolling forest. It is only a few hundred kilometres from the town of Londo, to which the Human Alliance belongs, and there is also a battle camp where mercenaries gather. I'm afraid it's not that easy for the Organ Ghosts to reach out here.

The original Godwood Pokémon did not dare to come into contact with any race, wandering around alone for nearly a hundred years, just to breed the Pokémon, but unfortunately he could not wait until that day.

You can stand in front of a tree full of vines, lift your hands slowly, and the green light flashes on your hands, then turn into a star river and circle around the tree. As the galaxy flows, the vines are as alive as they are, automatically interwoven, backed by trunks that slowly create a sophisticated and lovely tree house.

At this time, a small yellow flower suddenly blossomed in the branches, followed by the second one, the third one… In an instant, the flowers filled the house, like lighting a light, bright and bright.

Little birds crisp and joyful screaming in the woods, the leaves shake gently, the sparkling green glow flashes in the sun, the warm wind blows and the floral scent overflows.

Surrounded by vibrant elements, they surround the Sankoh, silent singing, like welcoming the Mother Tree, with endless joy and children's admiration.

Deep in the woods, a man stood silently, watching the elves immersed in nature, and watching his magical beauty. He followed the elf far away for days, watching him travel alone in the woods, accompanying animals, drinking fresh springs, eating nectar, habitat branches, calm and calm, like a slow roll of natural paintings, which kept people out of sight.

He has seen a lot of hybrid elves, but they are more or less worldly, and none like him has such a light-hearted temperament and unparalleled natural affinity.

At this moment, a gemstone flashed several times on the man's wrist. He moaned for a moment and looked up at the elf before leaving reluctantly.

It may seem to me that a glance has been taken in the direction of the man's disappearance. He knows someone's been following him for days, but he hasn't revealed it. The night before yesterday, he took a covert look through the eyes of the spiritual leaves. The man had dark brown hair with half a leather mask on his face and could not see clearly. He is about 200 cm tall and looks like a mercenary warrior. In terms of ear shape, it should be human, but also human belonging to the coalition, because he had on his hands a ring engraved with golden wings, which was the symbol of the Utopia Empire. The Utopia Empire is the largest human nation in the Alliance and one of the main forces in the fight against the Devil Nation.

In recognition of this, no action has yet been taken, leaving him to follow up. After all, the power of all races will have to be used to capture ghost balls and deal with them sooner or later. Perhaps the man will also be an opportunity for him to reach out to Alliance forces.

Shortly after the man left, one of the eggs in the waist jumped slightly, then clicked and crisp.

Pokemon coming?

You can hastily remove the egg fruit from your waist, one of which has a crack on its surface, your fingers slide gently along the crack, pull the power of elements in the air, and try to connect with the small life in the egg fruit.

Clicking, clicking... the cracks on the eggs are getting bigger and bigger, and as the last sound crisps, the shell breaks into pieces in the palm of the hand and a little white elf appears in front of him.

The short, light golden hair is wet on the head, a pair of pointed little ears are pale pink, the little face is round and cute, and the mouth is open and together, absorbing the element's air evenly. After a moment, he slowly opened his eyes, a pair of big wet eyes, his eyes staring at Sangkou without turning.

Unlike humans, Pureblood Pokémon carry part of their inherited memory from birth, and the body grows stronger in a very short period of time due to the power of absorbing elements.

Pokémon stretched out his lazy waist in the palm of Sankoh's hand and stretched out his limbs naturally. His otherwise delicate skin gradually became strong. However, for a few minutes, he flexibly sat up, curiously weighed around, and then climbed up along Sankoh's arm, his feet stepped on his forearm, his little hands held his upper arm and rubbed against him with a smile.

Jean-Claude was adored by him. He came to the creek with him and before he could squat, the elf earned his arms and pounced into the water, swimming in the water like a fish, or throwing out a few bubbles.

“Are you a fish or a elf?” It's funny, “she said." If you like bubbles so much, just call it bubbles. "”

The little head came out of the water, threw up a few bubbles in the sand, and then turned around and sank into the water.

Having a good time, Pokémon's limbs suddenly pulled out a few times, displaying a painful look on his face.

He was shocked and immediately taken out of the water. The elf breathed heavily, his face was red and trembling. The original pink nails slowly turned blue, not looking choked by the water, but like he was enduring severe pain.

Pokemon swallowed painfully, curling in the palm of Sankoh's hand, like a pathetic dough.

The palm of the hand flashed white rays of light, wrapping small pieces in it, soothing and examining his body.

After a moment, you can frown. This Pokémon has an uneven body and weak body. If he guessed correctly, it should be because he left the mother tree too early, contaminated with turbidity and was so congenitally inadequate.

"Don't be afraid, I'll take good care of you," she whispered, gently brushing her fragile body. ”

The first Pokémon is congenitally inadequate, as are the remaining eleven, I'm afraid. He must find a way to help them tone their bodies, otherwise they may not grow up healthy at all.

Sleeping Pokémon can be sent into the tree house, protected, and then rushed into the woods to collect some available plants.

He sat on his knees beneath a tree, using magic to extract plant fibers from plant stem poles and knit clothes for the elves. A small, soft piece of clothing is produced in the hands of Sankoh, silver white, light yellow, light brown, water blue… delicate and clean with a natural fragrance.

Several small animals sat beside Sankoh and watched his movements curiously. A colored leopard cat sniffed her nose and squeezed her eyes like she liked it. By the way, Jean-Claude also made him a tassel knot, hung around his neck, swayed, so cute.

The rest of the sunset spills through the leaves into the tree house. The elf woke up from his slumber and rubbed his eyes. First, he looked around in confusion, then walked up to the door shaking his butt, poking his head out of the leaves, and glanced at the familiar figure under the tree and all kinds of objects placed around him.

Pokemon jump up and down the vine and jump to Sankoh.

He could still be seen, and he said with a smile: "Come on, try it. ”

Pokémon lifted his arms so that Jean-Claude could put on his clothes. The clothes are soft and lightweight like a willow flock, making the Pokémon look more spiritual and cute.

Pokémon dressed in his new clothes, rejoicing, pounding on the back of the leopard cat, flying around, completely forgetting the pain before.

Jean laughed, packed things up, and had a general plan of life in his heart.

The next day, Jean built several more tree houses with magic, then took the Pokémon to the woods to collect wood and seeds.

Wood is used to make musical instruments and a variety of everyday utensils, and seeds are used for self-sufficiency and to beautify the environment. Apart from absorbing elements, Pureblood Pokémon enjoy eating nectar and vegetable melon fruit.

Once harvested, items can also be used to trade with other races. Spirit-grown vegetables and vegetables are popular in human cities. It's just that pureblood elves are scarce today, and spiritual vegetables and vegetables on the market are almost extinct.

Half a month later, a second elf was born. His body was slightly stronger than the bubbles, but his left eye had no vision, his pupils were light grey and he could be named "Grey Eyes”.

Both Pokémon are flawed and still feel painful, even though they are mentally prepared. Pokémon are nature's favorites, but they are now so vulnerable. Their lifespan will also be reduced by the loss of their mother trees and fountains of life.

For these Pokemon, it is possible to decide to postpone contact with the outside world, at least until they have some self-preservation capability.

“Grab him and let him go. ”

In the woods, more than a dozen mercenaries chased an injured man in a deadly chase.

The man was chased to a cliff and looked back and jumped without hesitation.

The mercenary looked down the cliff, and the fog beneath it swept deep into the bottom. Unless a man can fly, he must crush bones.

“MD, without the body, the bounty must be reduced by at least half.” A mercenary scolded.

“We have his ring, that's enough.” Another mercenary threw the golden pair of winged rings on his toss.

“Shall we go down and take a look? ”

“What's there to see? By the time we get there, his body will be eaten by the beast. ”

A group of people discussed it for a moment and eventually gave up their intention to pick up the body and turned away from the cliff.

Beneath the cliff, the man did not crush the bones as the mercenary thought. He stood up, supported his severely injured body and walked in one direction, painstakingly and painstakingly, leaving long traces of blood.

I don't know how long I've been walking, the man's bloody gaze revealed a glowing light, and his nose smelled a faint floral scent.

He's still here.

The man fell to the ground, closed his eyes tirelessly, lost consciousness of the brain, and finally emerged the figure of the elf...