Heroic Death System

Dead Wood Meets Spring 6

In his sleep, it felt as if a pair of big hands were swimming up his body, a wave of heat constantly attacked him, the bottom - his body was heavily invaded and hit by the top, the heat and familiarity, tightly wrapped him around. You may want to open your eyes, but your eyes are like glued together, with endless darkness and constant pleasure-sensition.

Why do you feel so real when you're dreaming? Still breathing heavily, the untouched body, in the tireless reclamation of men, became increasingly sensitive, every time deep, he couldn't help but tremble. His body was lifted and he could wake up whispering in the last violent impact.

Looking around for a week, she found herself lying in bed, with a slight pink appearance of exposed skin, a messy pyjamas and a bit of humidity. There is an undisturbed element in the air, like the residual breath of some kind of magic.

Jean-Claude's face got weird, just in the spring - was the dream man-made? There is a magic called "Dreamlock” that pulls a target into its own dreams. What happened in the dream, as if it were imminent, is very real. This magic, however, applies only to those who are unprotected or connected.

I couldn't help but defame my stomach. The man made his own spring - never mind the dream. I actually pulled him in...

Evie sat stunned under the tree and still had the aftertaste of last night's "Spring - Dream” on her hot body. The scene in the dream was too real to wake him up. He remembered how he had invaded his body, from top to bottom at a time, forcing him to whisper a moving whisper. The long leg tray is between his waist and bears his uncontrolled demands. There are traces of him all over his fair skin...

“Evie.” The gentle sound of the elves gave Evie a moment to mix dreams with reality until she heard a second call.

“Evie, are you okay?” Jean-Claude carefully and feel like he doesn't seem to realize he's using the Dreamlock, otherwise he shouldn't be showing this glittering look. If a person has a strong mind, the dream lock can be inadvertently activated, and even the impostor himself may think it is just a normal dream.

Evie raised her head and not far away looked at him with her right side, her long hair gently lifted up and her beautiful figure glittered in the morning light. Those two long legs, wrapped in boots, were just plated between his waist and let him ask for them... Evie underneath - tight belly, unnaturally closing his legs under Shanko's gaze.

“I'm going to collect the seeds in the woods, are you going?” Ask yet.

Evie wrapped the cape forward and got up and walked to him.

A group of Pokémon jumped out of all corners and blew into the woods, blinking.

Evie followed Jean through the woods not too slowly, and his fiery gaze flowed from time to time.

Unconsciously, he walked into a sea of flowers, a small half a person high branches, open a brilliant velvet, swinging demonically in the breeze.

I love these flowers, but unfortunately they grow too fast to be transplanted to his fields. However, the root stem of this flower is occasionally accompanied by a plant called "Red Pigeon", which has good cosmetic properties and is one of the materials used to refine a particular magical object.

Squat down and carefully search the rootstocks of velvet. The loose collar slides down as he moves, revealing a white neck. A few bluish-purple marks appeared on the neck.

Evie breathed nitrogen and the anachronistic image appeared again in her brain. The Pokémon in front of him, in his dreams, was invaded by him several times, with similar marks all over his skin, including the most intimate areas.

“Evie?” You can feel the touch of your fingers coming from the back of your neck and look around at the man.

Evie did not immediately retract her fingers and whispered, “You have some bruises here. How did you do that? ”

“Bruises?” Jean-Claude reached out and touched it, could it be the “memorial” left in the dream?

“It could be bug bites.” Still a giant human worm.

Evie's eyes were deep and his fingers could not reach behind his neck, and he wondered if he believed in what was said.

“If you're all right, why don't you join me in collecting the reds?” Being stared at by a pair of eyes as if they were going to eat people can feel a lot of stress.

Evie slowly retracted her burning gaze and responded with a distraction.

In reality, Evie doesn't dare step over the thunder pool, but in dreams, he can do whatever he wants. Evie has had a spring dream every other day or two since that night. Treehouses, flowers, lakes... leave traces of their joy-love everywhere.

Evie didn't know that she had activated the dream lock, and the dreams were real, and his experience, too, was a cocoa experience. He had nothing to worry about in his dreams. He tried it in different places and positions. He could have tortured him enough. He could barely bear to expose him in person.

Waking up from the high tide for the Nth time, you can only feel sticky, turn out a set of laundry and run to the lake to wash it at night.

Cool lake waters cut across the skin, taking away the dry heat and sighing comfortably.

After washing, you can return to shore, lift up your long hair, your fingers flash a magical glow, the water on your hair turns into a bead and floats around him.

At this moment, a powerful arm suddenly circled his body from behind, spraying a scorching breath on his back neck.

Without waiting to react, the person behind him stood in a standing position and reintroduced his desire into his body.

“Hmmm...” can't stand bending over and being plundered behind. Because of the Spring-Dream relationship, the body is still moist and Evie's entry is not difficult, but sudden enrichment still makes her feel a little uncomfortable.

“Slow down, slow down!” It can be flipped upside down, with your back resting on the trunk, your legs erected and another round of fierce offense.

Jean-Claude looked at the man who was making a fool of himself, implying that he didn't think it was just a dream!

Wake up! Hey! You're killing me!

Jean-Claude took a bite on his shoulder, he made a move, and then he lowered his head and kissed his lips, his tongue penetrated his mouth and seized his breath. At the same time, don't forget to apply force at the waist, from the bottom up, deep and shallow.

Evie thinks this time - it feels stronger than ever before.

Yes: “…”

At some point, it was possible for a man to put it on the grass, and the intense intertwining of his body gradually blurred his consciousness.

Aromas of grass and soil linger in the nose, as if resonating with the body of the Divine Wood. In the ultimate quickness - sensation, the power of a huge element pours out like a wave.

“Ah!" Evie stopped suddenly, reaching over her left eye and showing her pain on her face.

Jean-Claude hastily stood up to see how he was doing.

The snake-shaped marks on Evie's left face appear to be splitting, giving rise to a lot of elongated blood lines that spread outward, covering almost half of her face. The original golden left eye gradually turns bloody red, flashing a demonic light in the dark.

Evie felt her left eye hurt like a fire, but her body's desire didn't cool down in the slightest, but increased.

He lowered his face and stared red-eyed at him - the man below, shouting a few beastly roars in his throat.

Jean-Claude was observing his eyes, not wanting to be suddenly trapped in the waist, then punctured hard, instantly not getting in.

Evie's left eye exuds blood, the blood filament on his face flows like lava, red and gold eyes look like a demon, but he himself seems to have no feelings, and the whole person is completely immersed in desire.

Evie's left eye reveals a dreadful scent that clearly stands apart from the natural elements. You can still read your mind and try to converge the natural elements of your body. Indeed, as the natural elements disappeared, so did the blood filaments on Evie's face.

After a moment, the blood eyes gradually changed back to their original golden color.

Evie regained clarity and sighed in relief before fainting in exhaustion.

Evie looked rigidly at Sankoh, who was crushed by him, and his desire to stand up was still in his body, moving a little bit, and the connected areas immediately conveyed an unusual touch.

It's not a dream!

Watching the signs of turmoil on Jean-Claude's skin, Evie's breathing fast, stretching out her trembling fingers, gently touching his face, then leaning down and kissing his lips pitifully, whispering: “Sorry, sorry...”

Although his mind was a little blurred, he remembered how he attacked him secretly, forced him to take possession of him. This is exacerbated when the left eye changes. Instead of struggling, cooperate with him, soothe him and relieve his suffering.

This good Pokémon may not even know how obscene he is about what he has done to him!

Evie will be able to lift him up, walk into the lake and gently help him clean the stains on his body.

Looking at the beautiful sleeping face, Evie blamed herself while hiding a hint of joy. It was a dream, but suddenly it became a reality. Combined with him, the beauty made it difficult for him to pull himself out.

Evie leaves a company on his lips, a devout whisper: "Jean-Claude, I'm willing to die for you as long as you let me stay with you. ”

When you can wake up from a coma, it's already noon the next day.

Jean-Claude walked out of the tree house in pain and found someone missing, leaving only two oxygen beads and a note saying "Wait for me”.

Nima, run when you're done, you fucking asshole!

Fruit is still available to carve a dead man's head and then insert a cross over it to expose it in the sun.

If this “dead head” is conscious, the heart must have collapsed: what exactly did I do wrong? You have to do this to me!

The next day, you can feel comfortable teaching Pokémon magic in the forest. Although they have disabilities, their magical gifts are unique and distinctive.

For example, Riley, who is poisoned by fire, possesses the rare fire-based talent of Pokémon and is skilled at handling flames. For example, the left eye can't see gray eyes, but it has a super visual right eye, and the arrow shoots almost 100 rounds.

The abilities of other elves also vary.

Half a month later, three more elves were born. Surprisingly, these three Pokémon are not disabled and are very healthy.

Eight twelve elves have been born, and I believe they will all be born in less than a year.

In ardent anticipation, an ambitious man finally returned with a bad news: the Organ Ghost Clan and the Alliance are about to wage a war in the Jazz Forest.