Heroic Death System

Dead Wood Meets Spring 10

Evie's face is like a demon, but she is beautiful and heartwarming, ugly and beautiful, in stark contrast, yet has a wonderful sense of fit and a fragrant aura.

Under the cover of their clothes, people do not know how “intimate" they are at this moment. The two of them had no interest in everything around them, as if they were immersed in a world that belonged to them alone.

With the infusion of the force of the elements, Sankoh's right hand was also affected by the seal, and suddenly the same serpentine marks appeared on Evie's face, starting with the palm of his hand, gradually winding down.

“Cocoa!” Evie's pupils contracted and her eyes were full of anxiety.

“It's okay, don't worry.” Shanko reassured, "I'm trying to rip the jade off of you, and as long as it succeeds, the seal will lose its source of power. ”

“But you...” Evie looked at the spreading spots on his arm and was extremely agitated. He did not want Shanko to suffer the same pain as him, and the counter-physical power of the seal did not know how much harm would be done to him.

“The real danger is you.” Sighs, “I don't know if I can get the jade out smoothly under the premise of keeping you safe. ”

“I don't mind.” Evie endured tremendous pain, didn't she, “I willingly died in your hands. ”

“I won't let you die.” She murmured softly and a soft color appeared between her eyebrows.

“Ah..." Evie's left eye pupil seemed to tear open and his whole orbit was bloody. Severe pain made him unable to resist a scream.

Everyone around them felt somewhat frightened when they looked at his frightening face and the eye that was almost out of orbit.

The smell of the seal of the Ghost Jade swept around, like a knife blade, scratching the skin of many people and sending a burst of tingling.

Some thoughtful people suddenly realized that the ghost jade seal that several hybrid elves had been unable to resist before was equivalent to fighting a banner on its own. This strength, even the Archmage, may be overwhelming.

As the crowd was shocked, a few screams were suddenly heard in the woods behind them, filled with flames and metal reflections, instantly pulling the quiet night into a bustling battlefield.

“The Organ Ghost Clan is here!” A warrior shouts, "Prepare to fight, never let them stop the seal from opening! ”

The Alliance's rush to kill Evie was due to time constraints. If the seal cannot be unsealed before the Vessel Ghosts arrive, the Alliance will likely lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Though they are fast enough, the Organic Ghost movement is not slow enough. At a critical juncture when the seal was about to be lifted, more than 1,000 organic ghosts broke through the Alliance's defences and broke into the heart of the Jazz Forest.

Alliance fighters pick up their weapons and rush to their enemies with no fear of death. In that room, the sound of the shouting and sharp impact fluctuated, and the magical light appeared in the dark.

The Alliance demanded the sacrifice of Evie in a forceful manner, while at the same time implementing their beliefs with their own sacrifices.

Jenko and Evie in the aperture heard the disturbance over there, but they ignored it and remained focused on Ghost Jade.

“Coco, don't worry about me, take out the ghost jade as soon as possible.” Evie chewed on the root canal.

Still no response. Keep going at your pace.

At this time, several organic ghosts came out of the woods and rushed toward the two.

A dozen Alliance fighters immediately came and blocked their way.

Cold lights, blood spills, a string of screams into Sankoh and Evie's ears, dangerous aura rushed in.

The Organ Ghosts will not kill Evie, but they will not show mercy to Jean-Claude.

A few sharp, thin blades shot at Shanko's back, Evie standing up and holding Shanko flashing aside.

Shannon's legs caught Evie's waist in a timely fashion, and his body sank slightly before being re-raised.

groaned and her cheeks blushed.

Evie clamped herself between herself and the tree, her lower back moved a few times unconsciously, and while her body endured severe pain, she had an irrepressible wave of fast-feeling. Evie watched the ghost movement with vigilance as she covered Sankoh with her body.

The organ ghosts who had just attacked them were being surrounded by soldiers who were rushing in, temporarily helping them to defuse the crisis.

Evie held Jean-Claude behind the tree and felt that some of the people in her arms were unable to focus, reaching out and holding his legs in case he slipped and deepening the "density” of the two.

Boom! A fireball burst over the heads of two people, and the big trees burned instantly.

Evie lowered her curse and held her position in a shiftable position.

In spite of the crisis at this moment, there is no reason to laugh.

I was just trying to have sex with Evian quietly and open a seal or something. I didn't think I'd have a hard fight before I finished it.

The scene is not necessarily bloody, the sacrifice is not necessarily magnificent, the cry is not necessarily magnificent, in which case they have not forgotten to hold their positions and follow through.

At this point, Evie's left leg was suddenly shot through by a sharp instrument that flew across the sky, a tumbling, falling to the ground, still under heavy pressure, and the motion on her hand was almost interrupted.

Evie's sweat leaned against the tree, her gaze blurred, and she couldn't even see the elves in front of her.

He tried to blink and the sweat bled into a ditch on his face.

It is certain that he, of this world, is definitely one of the most wretched and striking in all worlds.

I feel the ghost jade is loose, I can still converge my mind and start doing the final effort.

Evie's body trembled, her muscles tightened, her blues exposed, her waist arched and her desires rose high, nailed to her body like a cone.

Shannon can withstand - the anomaly beneath, push harder and pull the ghost ball out of Evie's eyes little by little.

Evie just felt a sharp and severe pain coming at him, and he felt a little angry. At that time, he saw a rapid shadow coming, his heart was frightened, and he couldn't stop it. It was dark in front of him, as if he had instantly fallen into the abyss and was freezing. In the darkness, a terrible atmosphere filled the heavens and the earth, and even made a strange whistle.

The fighting came to an end, and everyone looked to the centre. Just above Evie and Sankoh's head, a red bead hangs on it, and the bead's outer lettering flashes with a sharp glow.

Ghost Jade!

After centuries of searching for ghost balls, the world is finally here.

Almost simultaneously, the Organ Ghost Clan and the Alliance Clans rushed toward the Ghost Jade together.

Haunted jade has not yet been unsealed. It is a threat to the Alliance, and the Weapon Ghost is dependent on it.

However, just as an organ ghost clan was about to touch the ghost jade, the script around the ghost jade suddenly broke and a brilliant white light flashed, instantly turning the night into day.

Everyone unconsciously closed their eyes and, as they opened again, discovered countless droplets suspended in mid-air, as if they were clogging, forming a water-colored curtain around them.

The vast breath of life, haunting the heavens and the earth, the grass slowly stretches out the body, the otherwise withering branches and revitalizes.

The Alliance communities looked at all of this with a breath, and the wounds were healed by the moisture of the water gas. The elves looked up to the sky, their eyes sparkling with joy.

The fountain of life, which disappeared for centuries, finally reappeared.

The inverter ghost tribe, like poisoning, metallic skin, began to rust and rot, and the fierceness of the face was replaced by fear and pain.

“Kill them one by one!” An organic ghost commander commands cold.

In spite of the rusting of the body, the demon clan's face revealed its colour and launched a wild attack on the people.

A bloody slaughter erupted again.

The opening of the seal can be the first and most important target of exasperation of the organic ghost family. At this time, however, there is no longer any rescue.

Seeing several cold blades about to shoot - into Sankoh's body, Evie moved in shape, holding him and disappearing in place, the airflow beneath his feet carrying several deciduous leaves.

Evie withdrew from the body, lowered her head, half kneeling, her eyes closed, the marks on her face disappeared, her muscles swelled, her skin revealed a faint golden scale, and a pound of vibration shook around her.

Evie opened her eyes slowly, her golden eyes shooting sharp cold.

He who disengages from the Jade of Ghosts, like a caged eagle, is inspired by all the power in his body.

“This is the aura of the Dragon Clan!” The organ ghost makes a sound of fear.

Evie looked at her hands and in her excited expression, she was a little arrogant. I thought it was nine deaths and one life, but I didn't expect to be blessed by the scourge. It is not only the fountain of life that lifts the seal, but also him.

“Coco, stay here, I'll protect you.” Evelyn lifted Shanko's hand and gently dropped a kiss on his back.

Jean smiled and nodded.

Evie stood up, pinched her hands, directly using the water fog in the sky, condensed into an oxygen spell, and attacked the surrounding organ ghosts.

Still reliable by the stone wall, looking at Evie in battle, with a love in his eyes.

The unblocking of the Fountain of Life, although it greatly damages the vitality of the Organic Ghost Nation, in a short period of time, their fighting power cannot be diminished. The Alliance's communities were defeated by their festivities, causing heavy deaths and injuries.

Evie has gained strength, but alone, I fear, will not be able to reverse the situation.

However, they cannot retreat because the water of life has not yet gathered to form a fountain, and the Organic Ghosts still have the opportunity to seal it again.

Look at the Alliance people dying one by one under the blade of the organ ghost tribe, scene by scene,

Evie realizes that the situation is not good and turns to Shanko and says: "Coco, I'll give it to you first...”

The voice stopped suddenly, Evie said, “Cocoa...”

The whole person is wrapped in a green group of light and gradually blurred.

“No!” Evie did not know what had happened, but he felt the elf in front of him was about to leave him.

He rushed towards Shannon and reached his arm into the group, trying to pull Shannon out, but his fingers went straight through his body.

“Coco!” Evie's heart was tight and his panic overwhelmed him.

“Evie, take care of the elves for me.” The gentle murmur entered Evil, and the shadow of Sankoh disappeared before his eyes, replacing it with a lush green branch, which was rooted in the soil, and then began to grow at a rate visible to the naked eye, one meter, two meters, four meters… the backbone gradually grew thicker, the branches stretched and staggered, and the root stem spread.

The change quickly caught the attention of the crowd, and in a shocking gaze, a great tree stood proudly beneath the heavenly dome about to dawn.

At this point, the top of the branch trunk suddenly pulls out a piece of tender bud, a spiritual stretch, flashing green light. Then, the second one, the third one… grew up successively, quickly filling all the branches with trunks, forming a huge green umbrella.

Feeling the smell of the mother tree, the hybrid elves burst into tears and bowed down to greet their mother with piety and joy.