Heroic Death System

I am a brush 2

It can be condensed into a spiritual floating around in a dark room, glancing at the sleeping man in the bed from time to time. All of a sudden, he was in shape, remembering that when he had crossed into a statue, he had used the method of dreaming to impart skills to his followers.

Though not as powerful as the statue of the god, the magic transformed by Sha Qi should help him to dream.

The power within may be too long hungry or unheeded, and his power is like a mess, unruly entanglement. It is possible to try to distract and refine with the practice of cultivation. It is only a few weeks after the operation that this power is forced to subside, along with the irritating feeling of hunger.

It seems that the spiritual cultivation method also adapts to pencil spirits, just because the world has no spiritual energy, he can mobilize, and only the spiritual spirits themselves accumulate the bravery.

The original pen was lost because it lost its source of bravery and didn't know how to cultivate it, leading to the demise of consciousness. If he can't survive for himself, I'm afraid sooner or later he'll be in the aftermath of a pen.

Normally there is brazenness in the body. No matter how much, the basic need to maintain the cocoa is perfectly fine, but the smell of Jingrong is an odd number. Even if there is brazenness in his body, he will soon be neutralized by good fortune, and there will be no residue left. As for the brains of those around him, he didn't even have a chance to be close.

All that remains to be done is to cultivate the magic as soon as possible, strive to get rid of the contract barrier as soon as possible, and suck the brains out of people other than Jingjun.

After deciding on his ideas, he can run his powers, turn into a smoke, and enter into the dream of scenic dreams.

With his current powers, he is unable to control the dreams of others and can only be placed as a “Guest”.

The sleeping smell of Jingrong did not dream, the dream world was chaotic. At this time, a white figure suddenly appeared, instantly illuminating the original gray world, the toe fell lightly, a circle of ripples, like feathers, gently awakened the sense of smelling the scenery.

Smell the scenery staring at the glittering shadow not far away and walk uncontrollably towards “it” with both legs. Every step closer, the outline of the shadow is clear, and he has become a human form before staying close. Precisely a man with a long body and slim back.

It is surprising to discover that after entering the dreams of Jingrong, he began to transform himself without any rules. But for a moment, there was a human form.

“Who are you?” A voice suddenly came from behind.

The subconscious can turn his head and reveal a blank face…

Wen Jingjun: “…” Wanted to peek at the truth with anticipation, and found that the other party did not have five officials at all, and the disappointment in their hearts was far more than frightening.

“Who are you?” Jingjun asked again. Despite his blurred face, he would like to know his identity.

Yet there is no mouth at all to answer, only to be a quiet (faceless) beautiful man whose heart is crumbling.

The smell narrowed his eyes and tried to find his five officials from that blank face. Unfortunately, it was always a blur.

He rarely dreams, but every time he dreams, he wakes up feeling empty, like he's lost something, or looking for something. The presence of this man in his dreams made him feel unsettled for the first time.

The smell of Jingjung couldn't help but reach out and want to feel his presence more sincerely, yet just as his fingers touched his body, everything in front of him began to blur and then fell into total darkness.

The smell opened its eyes violently and saw only one room of silent clarity.

He sat up and pulled a cigarette out of his bed, constantly recalling the white shadow that appeared in his dreams, his deep eyes suddenly dimmed in the smoke, elusive.

You can lay on your bed unmanned and look weak. The first time I dreamed, I didn't say a word, a face was squeezed out without showing up, and I made myself immortal. Looks like you'll have to practice for a while before you think about dreaming, or you'll have to die.

Next, you can never try to dream again, but stay with Jingrong to practice safely and securely.

However, he did not expect this dream to leave a significant after-effect for Jingrong.

Jingrong began to change from dating women to dating men. But whoever he likes gets an invitation from him, but basically every date goes over once. A month down, I don't know how many beautiful men he made “Spring-Heart” adore.

Scenic Jung is the famous golden nobleman of Tam planet. He is a stately man with a remarkable appearance and is extremely popular in the circle. Though homosexuality is not mainstream, sniffing behavior undoubtedly gives some single men a clear hint to revitalize their minds.

A number of men began to take the initiative to sniff out Jingrong. Without privately finding a chance to meet them, they managed to attend a wine party attended by Jingrong, creating various unexpected and deepening impressions.

Wen Jingrong sometimes cooperates with a few words, but sometimes not even a single eye. A few times later, it was soon discovered that the men he preferred were essentially one type, with a long body and warm temperament. Unfortunately, no one has come to his doorstep, and I don't know what kind of man he wants.

Jean can hang on the sleeve of Jingrong's clothes, look at his beautiful man, peach blossom, unspeakable depression in his heart.

“Mr. Smell, this document needs your signature.” The Secretary forwarded the document to Wen Jingjun.

Smell Jingrong habitually removed the cufflinks, and after changing the pencil shape, he raised his hand and swayed over the document, and found no ink left.

The smell frowned and took a look at the magic pen on his hand, which seemed fine.

There are fingerprints on the pen, and although outsiders can write, only the owner of the pen can use it personally for legal purposes, which is why Alien Tam is used to carrying the pen.

Wen Jingjun tried again a few times and still couldn't write the text. He had to take out the spare magic pen and sign his name on the document.

After signing, Wen Jingjun also buckled the spare magic pen on the sleeve and made a companion with Shanko.

Looking forward to this new companion, he said, "What a coincidence, we are all cufflinks. ”

The new little buddy silenced coldly.

Still in a bad mood, he decided not to let Jingrong use his body for a short time.

Before leaving work, Jingrong left the company and drove to a private repair shop.

“Bra, long time no see.” The owner, a handsome uncle in his 40s, came in and greeted him with enthusiasm.

“Don't call me 'bra'!” Smell Jingjung glare at him, then take it off and hand it to him, "help me see if something went wrong? ”

The handsome uncle took the magic pen and praised it: “Look at this style, it was a couple of decades ago. It's really well maintained and fully functional. Hasn't it been modified before? ”

“Probably.” Wen Jingjung inherited this pen from his father five years ago. I don't know if his father has modified it, but the features are no different from modern products.

The handsome uncle converted him into a pencil shape and wrote a few times on the paper. The text was clear and the colours were uniform. There was nothing wrong with it.

“Isn't that normal?” The handsome uncle looked at Jingrong in disquiet.

Wen Jingjun took the pen back and wrote a few times on the paper, and the result was still blank.

The handsome uncle tried it again and wrote it out very smoothly. But as long as it's in Jingrong's hands, it won't work right away.

“Ha-ha-ha.” Uncle Handsome couldn't help but laugh, “Bra, looks like this pen is not waiting to see you! What the hell did you do to it? ”

Smell Jingrong stared at the pen on his hand, his face gloomy, and a slight anger appeared on his body.

Shanko's spirits flew rapidly toward the fury. The motion was not unreasonably unpleasant. The reaction was not unreasonably agile. Unfortunately, it did not succeed in purifying Fukumitsu. The delicious smell dissipated right in front of him.

It can be as cotton as a tumble of cotton on the ground.

How can it be so hard to get some temper?

“Your magic pen is fine.” The handsome uncle carefully examines and makes professional judgments, "I think the problem is your character. ”

Wen Jingrong put away the magic pen and left the repair shop without going back.

In the evening, after smelling Jingrong combed, he lay down in bed and watched TV, then picked up the magic pen and started studying.

This pen has been with him for years. It's never broken down. How come it suddenly doesn't work? And he's the only one who can't use it. I feel uncomfortable smelling Jingrong, feeling betrayed by my own things. I didn't think of anything for half a day, so I had to put the pen aside and put out the lights to sleep.

Jean can sit gently on Jingrong's body and constantly do ghost faces to scare him, even though he can't see anything.

“You wait, I'll go and get you in my dreams!” He waved his fist at him in disgrace.

As soon as the voice fell, he saw the man in the bed suddenly opening his eyes and his sharp eyes shooting straight in the direction of Sankoh.

Still bouncing back: Nima, you scared the shit out of me!

The smell swept around suspiciously.

Here, here! A twisted poss can be placed in the air.

Jingjun only felt the shadow wind forming over his head, frowned for a moment, did not find anything abnormal, and slowly closed his eyes.

After a while, however, he went to sleep.

It brewed emotions and used magic to re-enter scenic dreams.

Just like the last time, he had a human form when he first fell asleep.

Before I had time to act, I was hugged by a pair of big hands and a man's low voice came from his ear: “Gotcha. ”

There shouldn't be anything to touch in the dream, but the smell of the scenery approached, but let Shang feel the heat in his back, familiar breath wrapped his group.

Instead of struggling, he touched his face first and found out that he actually had five officers!

“Tell me, who are you? ”

I'm the brass pen next to you —— Jean certainly wouldn't answer that.

Without receiving a response, Jingrong snapped his waist and slowly turned his body around.