Heroic Death System

I am a brush 3

To disappoint Jingrong, this time the person in front of him has five officials, but his face is like a veil, hidden from the truth. The scent stretched its hand over his face and painted his eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips… warm breath brushed over his fingertips, feeling so real. To outline his appearance in his mind, but he cannot imagine his God-rhyme.

Jean could not bear laughing when he touched it.

“Why are you laughing?” I don't know why, hearing him laugh made me feel better.

Jean-Claude just wanted to talk, but found that the surrounding scene began to shake, knowing that she was about to be squeezed out again.

“Wait!” Jingrong stretched out his hand to grab it and grabbed an empty spot.

There is only one light voice left in the consciousness: "Can you practice your dreaming skills later? ”

Practice dreaming skills? Smell Jingrong sitting on the bed, looking out the window at the dawn sky, the corner of his mouth slightly raised. Though his appearance was still unclear, there was a general outline in his heart, let alone his voice.

A moment later, the smell of Jingrong's expression converged. What is it that excites me about a person in an illusory dream?

Lifting the quilt vigorously, Scenic Jung walked into the bathroom.

It was still halfway through the sky, and this dream was not as difficult as the first time, and his cultivation during this period could be seen to have been fruitful. When he converts all the brass into magic, he may be able to congeal the entity.

Hang on Jingrong's sleeve as usual and follow him to the company. Wen Jingrong's industry is worldwide and involves multiple industries. He started out with nothing, although he was no better than those families with a rich family, but he was capable and uniquely eyed, making money like a rocket, and he went to heaven in a flash.

But he has a strong personality, acts harshly, makes his competitors unscrupulous, and no one knows how many people want to kill him, but no one has succeeded so far. Wen Jingrong himself possesses a high value of force and has a good relationship with many ZF dignitaries. The tax paid to the state each year is an astronomical figure. More importantly, he focuses only on commerce and never uses the financial resources at his disposal to dictate ZF decisions. These points alone are enough to maximize ZF support.

It would be easier to absorb a thousand labors in his industry if he wanted to accomplish the task. Only in this era most factories have become intelligent, with less and less demand for low-level labour. If you don't have the skills, you can only choose to start your own business or engage in the service industry. But entrepreneurship requires money, and the service industry has high physical requirements.

The 1,000 persons mandated were unemployed Travellers, laid-off workers, veterans and persons released after serving their sentences. Most of these categories, with the exception of veterans, do not have any special skills and their appearance is not estimated to be up to standard. Otherwise, they will not be able to find work. The cost of labor services in this era is very high, mostly concentrated in the catering, entertainment, health, beauty, cleaning and other industries. Even cleaning jobs that require the least amount of technical content and appearance requirements are very rigorous because they need to enter the customer's home to maintain some valuables.

Until then, however, he had to have an entity before he could do it, otherwise he would only have to poke a piece of paper on this bracelet alone.

Fortunately, Jingjun did not continue dating other men and women, but he did not deliberately cause any more confusion. He made a forgery at the time of the forgery. He threw up ink at the time of the forgery. Focus on practicing in your leisure time and plan to build up your strength to meet in a perfect dream.

The third meeting is really different, because you can see that the scene in the dream has changed, from monotonous void to scenic bedroom... really not creative, at least some kind of sky fortress, world peach garden, people in heaven and so on.

You can wear a loose shirt with two long, naked legs, standing in front of the window and bathing in the sun.

Obviously, he's dressed up now from the imagination of Jingrong.

“You're right, dreaming does require skill.” The sound of a slightly joyous sight came from behind.

You can turn around slowly and reveal your face clearly for the first time in front of the sight.

Jingrong has imagined it countless times in his mind, but only if he really sees it will he know how pale his imagination is. He has seen countless beauties, but no one can touch his heart like him. Those clear eyes seemed to have been engraved deep in his memory until then, when he was truly resuscitated. His eyebrows, his eyes, his lips... he seemed to be born for him.

Jingrong's heart beat uncontrollably, almost without hesitation, pulled him into his arms, lowered his head to kiss his lips, leaving no space.

The scenes in the dreams always happen so quickly that they have been overwhelmed by the bed before they even react. The shirt on his body was chaotic and the man was eager to ask for it, and the specific action seemed to be blurred and intermittent, but the pin-soul feeling was very real.

I don't know how long I've been doing it until I can get out of my dreams, and the spirit has a joy-post-love aftertaste.

Isn't this going too fast? He didn't even say a word and groaned.

After a while, he was surprised to discover that he was able to congeal himself outside his dreams. Though still in a spiritual state, the shape is very intact, revealing even male features.

What's going on here? Although he is now relatively free to enter and exit dreams, he consumes a lot of magic every time. Instead of being consumed this time, it has increased considerably.

In the middle of thinking, the smell of Jingrong also wakes up from the dream, with a desire not to fade away on the face, and the body's reaction is more direct.

He walked into the bathroom with a low face, even as he heard the sound of leaching water and heavy wheezing inside.

Yes: “…”

Don't even think about it, for a vigorous man, Haru Xiao - dreams naturally don't satisfy his empty, lonely body.

You can think about it, and so on, and it seems that Succubus also includes lust. It also explains why his power grew, as he had just absorbed in his dreams the brazenness of obscenity.

How could the source of his anguish have been solved? You don't have to worry about losing your powers if you shoot him in your dreams?

I can't help but cry and have a good pen. I'm afraid I'll only be able to make one "pen" in the future. However, he was pleased to see that life could not be more fulfilling when it was full and enjoyable and without suffering from evil.

The next thing is simple, you can still dream every three days. The scenic jung also gradually mastered the essence of the Spring - Dream, the scene became richer and richer, from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the garden to the pool, from the office to the balcony, from the car to the plane... heaven and earth, everywhere. I just can't imagine, I can't.

However, unlike Evie's magical age, Spring Dreams, with the addition of magic, can give real satisfaction to the body as well. But the smell of Jingrong is only a wonderful experience in the dream, and when it returns to reality, the body becomes more eager.

Until two months later, the person who would have appeared in the dream every few days suddenly disappeared. No matter what position he slept in, he never dreamed of him again. This makes the scenic scenery grumpy, and even the joint tortures the people under it.

After two weeks of endurance, Jingrong decided to find a bed to leak the fire before it exploded. He never thought of a one-night stand before, but lately he's had a bit of a hard time with it.

No matter how eager he is to get the man of his dreams, it's just a dream. He's not the one who hasn't tried to get his face painted and searched in the dark. But whoever finds them, no matter how similar they may be, knows for every glance that it doesn't feel right.

Driving through the rearview mirror, the driver sees his boss sitting in the back seat with a gloomy face. He can't help but mutter: This is like going to have fun, it's like going to smash the scene, okay?

Parking the car in front of a entertainment club, Jingjung walked out of the car and was about to walk into the club under the guidance of a waiter. Yu Guang suddenly glanced at a familiar figure appearing across the street.

His heart was tight and he set aside the messenger and hurried towards it.

The man walked into the underground passage and smelled Jingrong following without any hesitation.

No matter how fast Jingrong smells, they are always close to each other. Wen Jingjung followed him through the underground tunnel, walked several streets, climbed the subway, crossed the crowd and approached one step at a time.

The young man stood in a noisy crowd, gazing quietly at the scenery outside the window, his beautiful side face, with a soft light, clear eyes and elegant temperament, giving a sense of tranquillity and distance, in stark contrast to the noise around him.

Smell the burning fire in Jingrong's eyes, the blood boiling in his body, his fingers trembling with excitement.

It was not until the subway came to the station that he suddenly realized what he was supposed to do until he saw that the young man was about to walk out of the car.

Grab him, take him away and take him for yourself at all costs!

However, when he chased out of the compartment, he found that the man had disappeared. He searched wildly and still had nothing to gain.

“Damn!” Jingjung clenched his fist and hit the wall again. It was hard to hide his anger in his eyes.

Half a dozen minutes later, he calmed down.

It's okay, just make sure he's real and he'll find him!

After deciding on his plans, Jingjun was about to go back and found his wallet missing. He had to take out his cell phone and ask the driver to pick him up.

The sculpture generally stands upright at the intersection, and the smell of the landscape does not care that it becomes the focus of attention of the crowd.

Shan can be turned into an illusion floating beside him, happily thought, "Wait, now is the peak of the off-duty period, the road can't even pass a dog, the driver hasn't been here for an hour or two, definitely can't come.

A day ago, he discovered that he had been able to congeal the entity and formally evolve from a pen spirit to a pen demon, capable of appearing as a human being for a certain period of time. Though not too far away from the scenic scenery, it is fine within a few thousand meters.

I wanted to surprise this man, but he wanted to go to bed with me! How dare you!

So Jean deliberately lured him out and hid his wallet, trying to fix him up.

However, Shanko's plan soon disappeared, and after a few minutes of waiting, Jingjun called the head of a nearby branch. However, for a few minutes, the welcome mount flew fast and comfortably picked up the CEO.

Once again, it was decided to postpone their meeting. He also needed to gather some professional information in preparation for the employment problem.