Heroic Death System

I'm a brush 6.

Jean-Claude was brought home by his man, closed the cabin, tied up the pillars of the bed, took off his clothes... almost used all the experience of his dreams to reality. The more resistant he could be, the more fierce he was, almost at all costs, with every possible guarantee that he would not be injured, and eventually took possession of the man he had longed for.

Whenever Jingjung entered the state, wanting to be gentle, he could try to escape, two hot bodies violently mocha, trembling fast - feeling can always make Jingjung lose his mind, then hit harder, until he heard his broken and powerless moan - groan, slowing the pace, while soothing comfort, slowly grinding.

Once Jingjung is satisfied, his bravery will disappear, and at the same time, he can feel the pain. This pain can only be alleviated if the scenic mood is out of control or the desire is high - tide. You can only stir up the news by not stopping the resistance, and then you have to solve the problem so that he can reach the orgasm as soon as possible and release the horny creature.

At the end of the day, it is not clear whether it is more painful or quicker - more sensation. In short, he has lost the strength to resist and can only be left to hear the scenery.

Beds were messy, they were everywhere - traces of love, clothes scattered all over the place, only one condom was used, the back several times out of control, the smell of the scenery completely forgot to wear the condom. It is also deliberate and condoms can affect the effect of lewdness. He dropped so many knockouts, he naturally wouldn't turn a big meal into a small dish.

The next day, you can feel the tingling in your coma, like licking a tongue with a stab on it all the time.

He opened his eyes violently and found himself lying on the bed with a wet touch behind him.

“Wake up?” Jingjung half-studded his arms and looked down at him with a dull voice.

Sankoh's hands had been lifted and he lay down helplessly. He could not help but squint when he saw the morning light shining through the window. Gently shivering eyelashes reveal some fragility and confusion. The back of the luo of light, covered with traces of purple, is holy and horny in the morning light.

Although he had been taken by dishonorable means, Jingjun had no regrets, and he would have done so even if he had been given another chance to choose. This man, he won't let go anyway.

Smell Jingjun bow his head and drop a kiss at the back of his neck, feeling the person in his arms tremble, then shrink away from his touch like a frightened deer.

After sniffing Jingrong's move, he rolled up his quilt and wrapped himself tightly and firmly, then moved little by little, trying to drill out of him. However, the other blanket was pressed under the knee by the smell. He could not pull any strings and could only give up in disgrace.

He couldn't help but laugh, knowing that after last night their relationship could be worse, but he still thought he was cute at the moment.

He turned around frighteningly and was almost blinded by the brilliant bliss on the man. But for one night, do you want to look like you're getting the satisfaction of the whole world?

Seeing the tenderness in his eyes, he couldn't help but hurt him. Though it was to be better with him, he wanted to cry in love with each other's scene. Did the dog blood make him want to cry?

The only consolation is that he absorbed a lot of bravery, which, although consumed most by Fu Guang, is still much richer than in his dreams. However, if he continues to be “loved” by this blissful man, the bravery he had so easily accumulated last night will probably be “hurt” all over again.

It brewed a bit of emotion and said in an indifferent tone: "Are you satisfied? ”

“Fairly satisfactory.” There are points between the nose and the eyebrows □ □.

Yet the next sentence instantly ruined his good mood: “I have a girlfriend, I'm not gay. ”

Smell Jingrong's anger boil again. “How long have you been dating? Ever been to bed? ”

Jean-Claude was about to answer, but was interrupted by the news: “I don't want to know about your past emotional experiences, as long as you remember, from today onwards, I will be your lover, your only man. ”

Though he said he didn't want to know, he had been betrayed deeply by constant brazenness.

Jean-Claude secretly absorbed Sha Qi and squeezed his man's legs in his heart, but said: “I can't be your lover, I just want to live a normal life, marry a woman I love and have children, build a warm little home. ”

Smell the dark clouds in Jingrong's eyes, a breath gushing into his heart.

He pulled Sankoh's duvet apart and flipped him over, straightening his back and entering his body directly.

“Ah!” Yet a painful shout.

Sniffing Jingrong held him up and pressed him against the bed, shrugging and laughing: “Look clearly, now make love with you - who is the man who made love? After I take possession, are you sure you have the ability to satisfy other women? ”

“Let go of me, I...” Jean-Claude was blocked before he finished.

Wen Jingjun knew Sang Co's body as well and was extremely provocative - teasing, almost responding enthusiastically. I'm afraid if the bravery on a man doesn't fade again, it won't hold up.

A few tens of minutes later, Jingjung walked into the bathroom with a paralyzed shank and cleaned him up. Once the brake disappears, it is replaced by needle-spiked pain. You can bite your lips, your face is fragile, and it hurts and hurts to smell the scenery.

“Jean-Claude, will you try to accept me?” There is a little plea hidden in the low voice of the scenic, “I really want to be with you. ”

It hurts so vaguely that I don't have the strength to respond.

Wen Jingjun did not go to the office this day and remained at home to guard Sangkou.

He was the only one in the room when he woke up. He tried to mobilize the brains in his body and found that the brains had increased considerably. No wonder he could maintain his figure for so long.

He walked out of the room wearing a pair of pajamas prepared for him by Scenic Jung and stepped on a size one slipper.

Wen Jingjun was sitting on the sofa with his notebook and knocking on the keyboard. He came out and quickly dropped the notebook and walked towards him.

“How do you feel? Is something wrong?” Jingjung said, naturally reaching out to him.

You can subconsciously avoid it and keep a safe distance from him.

There was a flash of anger in Jingrong's eyes, trying to deter him, but his stomach made an untimely noise at this time.

You can look up at him, try to keep yourself as cold as you can, and then flatly ask, "Do you have anything to eat? ”

“I'll have someone deliver the meal right away.” When Jingjung was about to take out his phone, he listened and asked: “Do you have any ingredients at home? ”

“Yes.” Jingjun replied quickly, then looked at him with a brilliant look.

You can stop talking, walk straight into the kitchen, pick some ingredients from the freezer, and start living.

Sniffing Jingrong stood in front of the kitchen and watched his busy back in the kitchen, suddenly feeling an unreal sense of happiness. How could he cook for him himself?

Jean can stay in the kitchen for how long, smell how long Jingrong watched at the door, scared that all this is a dream.

You can only feel pain in your back. Don't desperately brush your presence on someone's body. Even without physical contact, let him stab like a needle.

It was just a meal, so happy.

Sankoh's eyes couldn't help being astringent and really wanted to embrace him at all costs and respond warmly to his feelings.

Less often than not, the kitchen smells like a three-foot meal.

When the meal was served, Jingrong almost couldn't wait to move the chopsticks. It is a spiritual body, the food is converted into slag and volatilized into air.

Most of the food went into Jingrong's stomach, he was very satisfied with it, and he also highly appreciated Sangkou's cooking.

Once I had eaten and drank enough, I had to pull him out of happiness: “When can I leave? ”

Smell Jingrong's softened expression immediately stalled, and he said coldly: “Are you cooking for me just to let you go? ”

“You can't keep me imprisoned. ”

“As long as I want, nothing is impossible. ”

As you can see, he looks like he's going to freak out and decides not to stimulate him for a while, lest he pull him into bed again. This man absolutely possesses the gift of being able to send love anytime, anywhere, which is the result of his personal verification of several worlds.

Jingjun was obviously uncomfortable and insisted on putting him where he could see him, taking him everywhere.

However, he kept his promise and did it once to help solve the problem of the work of a difficult family.

There is a deeper understanding of his smallness and finesse.

Wen Jingrong can go to shopping malls, buy luxury goods, attend banquets, go out to sea... very sweet, come down for a few days, there is no resistance, just making love at night - it's a bit harsh when you have sex. In order to get his body to fully adapt to him, Jingrong almost ran out of moves to do it - changing places of love one after another, the posture is even stranger. On one occasion, it was even more shameful to do it in the fitting room of a boutique.

The smell of Jingrong seemed to show signs of softening and delight in his heart, but as he relaxed his guard, he disappeared again!

Everything that was good before was a delusion, which made the scenic scenery furious. What's even stranger to him is that he can't find him in any way. He's like a non-existent man with no record.

“Jingrong, it turns out you're here.” A young man, 245, walked over and greeted him with a smile.

“Well, it's quiet here.” Wen Jingjun ignored the visitor and picked himself up with a glass of wine.

“I heard you recently found a lover. Why didn't you bring it out?” The young man sat beside him, twisting, “I was curious to see what kind of people you could see, after all, you didn't even look down on the one beside me. ”

Sniffing rumors, he turned to look at the people beside the youth. It was a very handsome man, elegant and well-behaved. Wen Jingjun had a meal with him before he met Shang Cao. He is one of the most resembling people Jingrong has ever met, but he is just a resemblance.

“Smell Chief, Long Time No See.” The man raised his glass to him with a slight glare between his eyebrows.

Jingrong nodded and did not respond.

“Tsk, I don't know who can stand your temper.” After Goh Jun Xuan puked, he went straight to the point, "By the way, Jing Jun, I'd like to ask you a favor. ”


“Berlin's company is competing for the development rights of an island and needs a lot of money to go around. I hope you can push him. It would be great if you were willing to invest in the name of the newspaper. ”

“You mean Pinot Island?” Wen Jingrong also knows about the island's development projects, but does not intend to participate. The first is that it is too far away, and the second is that several tourism projects are already under development.

“Exactly.” What do you think of this project? “”

“The investment is too large and the risks are not insignificant, but if the development is successful, the returns are also objective.” Wen Jingrong evaluated it appropriately.

“So are you willing to invest?” Goh Joon Xuan asked with great interest.

Wen Jingjun did not answer, quickly calculate the advantages and disadvantages in his mind.

“If you invest...” Speaking of which, Jingjun suddenly stopped and his sharp eyes shot straight at the wine somewhere.

Gwen Junxuan did not pay attention to the state of Jingrong. Hearing that he had an intention to invest, he hastily asked: “How is it? ”

Berlin next to him also showed a sense of anticipation.

“Excuse me, I have to leave beforehand.” Jingjung puts down the glass and gets up and walks to the other side.

The two people left behind looked stunned and wondered why he had left without even finishing the conversation.

He then quickly walked up to a young man, forcibly pulling him out of the guest and then walking into the corridor behind him.

“What's going on?” Goh Joon Xuan glanced at Berlin around him.

Berlin glanced slightly and stood up: “If you're curious, why don't you go check it out? ”

“Good idea." Gertrude responded immediately.

On the other hand, young people who have been dragged away by the news are naturally disappeared for a long time.

He had no intention of showing up, but when the two men approached him, he found that one of the handsome young men was very angry, and that he would be in absolute trouble in the future, and the scourge would continue. Seeing Jingrong intend to work with such a person, he has to show up.

Looking at a man in front of him, he can be both happy and tangled. Happy to have another meal, what is tangled up is that you have to hang your brains out and love this man to kill each other in order to gain bravery.

Jean-Claude is wearing a slim white suit today, unlike casual dresses and the sexiness of pajamas, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance and a sense of abstinence.

The smell stared deeply and darkly at him, pressed him directly behind the curtain, and kissed him with punishment and madness.

When Gertrude and Berlin walked in, they saw this hot scene. Without being kissed by anyone, the body was close together, obviously there was no excess limb movement, but it gave a heart-beat accelerating fragrance - vibrancy.

Because of the angle problems, Gwen Junxuan could not see the appearance of the young man in Jingliang's arms, but the beautiful body lines, long fingers, and white skin were also enough to create infinite thoughts.

Goh Joon Xuan immediately guessed that this was the mysterious lover who made the scenic scenery crazy.