Heroic Death System

I'm a brush 9.

“Brother Hung, I just asked you to burn an empty factory, how did you get me killed?” Berlin looked at the news being broadcast on television and looked ugly and angry at the phone.

“I don't know who's in that factory, but two little people with no background died. You don't have to be so nervous. ”

“Little man?” Berlin roared in impatience, "Didn't you see Jingjun almost burned to death? And you're using 'black combustion fluid' as a fuel aid. That's forbidden. Find out you're going to jail! ”

Hung on the other side of the phone said indifferently: “There is no way to smell that Jingrong's factory is full of fire protection materials. You have to resort to extraordinary means to burn it down. This is also to accomplish the tasks you have given me, you can not put all the responsibility on me. ”

“Did I tell you to use black combustion fluid and I told you to burn people to death?” Berlin has the feeling of being killed by a pit at this moment.

“Oh, you let me set the phone on fire, I recorded it, and no matter what happens, you have to bear it with me. ”

Berlin's face turned red and he asked coldly, “You counted me from the beginning? ”

“What's the plan? I did it for you, but I would do anything.” Brother Hung smiled low, "We are now a grasshopper on a boat, we should cooperate with each other, come to me tonight at 10: 00 at the Fuwei Hotel 711, we will discuss the next measures. ”

Berlin lifted his phone until there was a busy noise inside, and he still hadn't recovered from his fear...

In the villa, smell the scenery leaning against the bed and staring at the brush on your hand. He's been through a lot of wind waves, but he's never had anything beyond cognitive. His lover turned into a pen, a relic left to him by his father and hung on him every day.

So he's been in love with a pen, having sex with a pen, eating a pen, thinking about the future with a pen?

No wonder he can't find the background to cocoa. Turns out he's not human at all!

[He's your thing, he won't leave you running away.

The sudden appearance of words not long ago was not understood, and the true meaning of them is now known.

The smell of Jingrong gently rubbed the pencil that had lost its shine, and it was clear in his heart that he was more afraid of losing him than finding that Sang was the shock of a pen demon.

Escaping the fire, he suffered only minor injuries and even the firefighters felt incredible. It was only then that he realized that he had been able to protect him with his own strength, and that he had disappeared because of the loss of power. If he had to, how could he have shown himself in front of him?

Perhaps he should not have rushed in, and it was because of his presence that he had to use excessive force to protect him.

Even if he didn't know anything about the creature Pencil Demon, seeing him lose his shine probably made him guess how bad he was.

“Coco, what should I do for you?” Smell the scenery whisper.

At this time, the cell phone next to him rang, and Jingjung heard the secretary's voice: “Smell the chief, the news media, the subordinates have been handed over to the PR for proper handling, the rest is waiting for the police investigation results. ”

Smell the scenic rumor, and the cold light flashed in your eyes. The incident was clearly deliberate, but strangely, why did the other party bother to burn down a workshop that had not yet been officially opened? Even black combustion liquids, which are prohibited by the State, are used. The loss of a factory building had nothing to do with the itching of Jingrong, and he could neither lose much profit nor damage his reputation. Instead, he rushed into the fire to save lives and greatly enhance his public image.

Is this just a crime committed by some bad guys in retaliation for society? But how did they get the black burning fluid? The price of this stuff on the black market is very high, and people who can afford black combustion liquid, at least not under any financial pressure. How likely are these people to retaliate against society?

After a long period of inconceivable thought, Jingjung could only temporarily instruct the secretary to closely follow the findings of the police and keep him informed. He did not intend to go out for the next few days in case the media caught him.

Two people were killed in the fire, and many outside thought one of them was Sankoh, after all, he never came out after rushing in for the third time. There are videos of him saving lives all over the internet, and he's amazed by the beauty of the fire.

Wen Jingrong also looked back and forth many times, and every time he saw it, he felt painful.

Wen Jingjun placed the magic pen on the pillow and opened the notebook, intending to check the company documents. But then, feeling uncomfortable, he picked up the pen and put it in his chest pocket.

After watching the computer for a while, I tweaked the pen in one direction, then tapped on an animation, zoomed in at the corner of the screen, and continued browsing the file in the gorgeous sound of the animation.

But for ten minutes, he felt something was wrong. He picked up the magic pen and looked up and down and asked, “Coco, where is your head exactly? I played the animation. Can you see it? ”

OK: … powerless spit trough.

The pen of the Magic Pen is a shell of sanctuary, so as long as you stay in the pen, you don't have to worry about being harmed by the joy of hearing the scenery. But similarly, he cannot absorb the bravery, and his strength is difficult to recover.

In his current situation, he could not even enter the dreams of Jingrong. You can only expect him to hack himself and breathe a little bravery to repair his body.

However, Jingrong's psychological qualities are so good that he finds that his lover is not scared at all and even accepts it well. Something's wrong with his third view!

Wen Jingrong searched the internet for weird information, the content was very varied, so he sent a help post: My lover is a pencil demon, now seriously injured, unable to become a human form, how should I help him recover?

In a few minutes, however, he received a number of replies.

[Stupid owner, how can there be a demon in the world? How can you let me wait to cultivate a thousand years of fox demons, rabbit demons, flower demons?

[Stupid upstairs, who says there is no pen demon? There is also a potty demon in my house, help me grow flowers and plants every day, don't be too considerate!

[Oops, it's all off the table. The pencil demon of the owner of the house is hurt. Don't you dare be a little sympathetic and help the owner solve the problem?

[Based on my experience as a demon, the owner of the building can take your pen demon to a more demonic place and let him absorb the demon to recover himself.

Wen Jingrong felt that the proposal was a bit reliable, so he left a message asking: [Where is the demon qi heavier?

[Bars, singing halls, nightclubs, haunted houses, hairdressers, entertainment circles...]

Smell Jingrong: Manual goodbye.

Jean could not help but watch and his pencil trembled with laughter.

Sniffer, your men are falling apart!

Sniffing Jingrong felt the pencil vibrate, he put him in front of the screen and asked, “Coco, what do you think? ”

Not so good? What he needs is Sha Qi, Sha Qi!

Shankos measured for a moment, then tried to muster his powers and slowly wrote on the screen: "Are you in jail?

If it's about the fierce place, push the prison first. It is estimated that only one time in prison will be enough to supplement the bravery. It's just that a place like that can't stay long, otherwise it will lose the good fortune of smelling Jingjun.

Seeing Jingrong could not bear the surprise, he asked hastily: "What are you doing in prison? ”

[The prison demon is heavy and can help me recover.

“I understand.” Wen Jingjun did not ask much and made a direct call to arrange a visit to the prison.

Wen Jingrong's company had a director who had been sent to jail for embezzlement of public funds. Speaking of which, he was still a distant relative, it was normal for him to visit the prison.

The next day, Wen Jingjun drove to the prison where the supervisor was.

As soon as he arrived at the prison entrance, he could feel a strong gust of bravery, like a good meal, catching his saliva.

After Wen Jingrong performed the surgery, he met the supervisor in the visiting room.

They are not paying attention to what exactly they are talking about, and he is desperately absorbing Brahma at this moment. While most of the brass is purified by the glow of scenic beauty, the leaking silk is also enough to feed him beautifully.

At the end of the visiting time, it was possible to replenish almost everything that had previously been consumed in the fire.

On the way back to the villa, Sniffing Jingrong drove and asked: "Coco, what do you say? ”

“Very good.” The soft voice enters the ears of the scenic.

Sniffing Jingrong's gaze swept around and did not see Shanko's figure.

“Here, here.” Sankoh's voice rang again, this time in front of him.

Wen Jingjung looked down and saw a small man with a big thumb sitting on the steering wheel, waving happily at him.

Smell Jingrong's fingers tighten and almost broke the steering wheel. Suspended for the last second, his face didn't even show a panic, but his tight muscles revealed the consternation in his heart.

His lover turns into a thumb doll, sits on his steering wheel and waves at him, what look should he use to greet his gorgeous appearance?

Think about it, take him off the steering wheel first, watch his body swing as the steering wheel moves, it always doesn't feel solid.

Wen Jingjung wrapped his two fingers around Sangkou's body and carefully placed him on the passenger seat.

“Coco, how did you get so small? ”

“Save power.” Maintaining an adult entity requires a lot of magic, and you can still expect to accumulate some more brazen energy into your dreams before returning to normal size.

“Do you want me to go to jail a few more times?” Asked Jingrong positively.

“No need.” Prison is a place of shame, and if it had to be, it would not have allowed Jingrong to come here. He signed a contract with himself, and if it wasn't for the blessings, he would have been involved. The brush can not be held by ordinary people, and the kinder ones will have a dark side. An old good man who is as pure as Jingrong's father is rare in the world.

Wen Jingrong's luck is both a weapon that hurts Sang Co and a weapon that enables Sang Co to remain at his side in peace.

That evening, I couldn't wait to enter the dream of smelling Jingrong, wrapped around him and complained to each other... well, most of the time was actually deep shallow limb communication.

“What about the factory?” You can ask when you are resting in the middle of the field.

“Arrange for the staff to be trained in a different factory before being officially inducted after this reconstruction.” The smell is stuffy on Sankoh, one of which counts his fingers. The ability to demonize the clairvoyant pen is really good, and the nails are impeccably shaped.

“I don't even know who set this fire, burned down a factory, and killed two people. What good is this going to do? ”

Smell the cold frost in Jingrong's eyes, and sigh: “I will definitely find out about this, dare to make trouble in the land where I smell Jingrong, I must make them pay. ”

More importantly, they almost cost him his pen! Unique pen in the world!

Shanko: Why do you always feel like you're being scolded every day...