Heroic Death System

I'm a brush 12.

“Jingrong, don't put a stinking face on it, I can hardly get your house to be a guest.” Gertrude sat comfortably on the couch, smiling and looking across the street.

Smell Jinglung glanced at him and didn't speak. He doesn't mind Gertrude coming as a guest, but he does mind Berlin around him. This person has a close relationship with Chen Zixiong, and is also obscure with Ge Junxuan. Obviously, he is not a simple person.

Gertrude seemed clever, actually easy to trust, and was always sincere to his friends. Wen Jingrong doesn't want him to be deceived, so be sure to remind him later.

“Come and eat.” Sankoh's voice came from the hall.

The smell of Jingrong's face slowed, indicating that Gwen Joon Xuan went to dine with him in the small room.

“Tsk, just look at it and you'll know it's good.” Gertrude praised.

Smell Jingrong gave him a “Of course my people are the best and use your words" to show off his eyes.

Gwen Joon Xuan rolled his eyes. Since he had the object, the painting style has become a little weird.

This lunch is served on a catering basis, with a total of eight dishes, one in each, and a large plate in the middle, which you can add yourself if you have a small portion. Eating at home is relatively casual and does not require restraint in order to be polite.

After Goh Jun Xuan tasted it, he praised Shanko's craftsmanship. Subsequently, he noticed that the dishes on the plate were somewhat different from the others and could not help but ask: "Shanko, why don't you have our share of the dishes? ”

Sniffing Jingrong said: “Don't you have enough food on the table? ”

“It's not the same.” Gu Junxuan Zhenzhen has a saying, "If it's normal food, eating less and more is no different, but this kind of professional food should not be missed. ”

Saying, he looked at Shanko again and smiled. “Coco, do you have any spare parts for me? ”

You ordered the cocoa too? Smell Jingrong's face staring at Gwen Joon Xuan.

Goh Joon Xuan completely ignored his menacing eyes and looked pitifully at Sang Ke.

“Are you sure you want to try it?” It is open to question.

Gwen Joon Xuan focused on a resolute expression of "no regrets to die for food”.

“Okay.” You can share the cutlery and give him two plates.

Grace Junxuan picked it up happily and couldn't wait to eat it. She only took two bites. Her face was like poisoning and she flushed her mouth towards the bathroom in pain.

Berlin next to him stared blankly and didn't understand what was happening.

A few minutes later, Goh Joon Xuan's face came out of the bathroom and asked grudgingly, “Shanko, how the hell did you make this terrible food? ”

Jean-Claude surprised him with a glass of drinks.

Gwen Joon Xuan sipped it and continued: “More importantly, can you eat it? ”

“I love it.” Eat calmly and comfortably without any problems with the taste.

"Shanko, is your taste in inverse contrast to your cooking? This comparable poison - the food of the drug has far exceeded the limits of what the human taste can bear! ”

“Nobody let you eat.” Smell the scenery coldly - last sentence.

“That's because I believe in Shanko's cooking, but who knows how inhumane he will be torturing his stomach!” Gwen Jun Xuan complained about himself.

Smell Jingrong's face: “I made those two dishes you ate.” Kambi? "It's inhuman, isn't it? That's good.

Gwen Junxuan: “…”

Tens of seconds later, Goh Joon Xuan silently cast an incredible “awe” look at Shang Ke. The power of love is so great, even the poison - the drug is so sweet.

“Finish your meal and get out of here.” The smell of Jingrong snorted cold.

Grosjoon Xuan hastily converged his expression and began to concentrate and taste the food with elegance. As for the two dark dishes, he pushed them back to Sankoh without a trace.

Berlin's gaze moved from left to right and found himself isolated and completely impenetrable. Wen Jingrong monks can make their own world, and Grunxuan focuses on food. The atmosphere is peaceful and out of touch with him.

After eating, Jingjun called Gwen Xuan to the study and left Shanko and Berlin in the living room.

“How long have you been dating Smell?” Berlin asked suddenly.

A few worlds together, not to mention hundreds of years.

You can still answer: "Not long.” It's not long, indeed, compared to hundreds of thousands of years to come.

“I suppose so.” Berlin calmly said, "I'm afraid I didn't know you when I was dating all the time. ”

Shanko: Well, when you “date," you must not have noticed that you still have a brush around you.

“Really?” Jean sipped tea with a smile.

Berlin saw him as the clouds were fading and the wind was slightly irritated. He continued: "Don't you think we look alike? ”

Don't play games with the brass, okay? He really doesn't want to lower his style.

A yellow piece of fruit meat can be inserted from the fruit tray, laughing: “Pumpkin and snow lotus fruit look alike, but one can fart after eating too much and the other can improve man-function. ”

Berlin, like the forbidden magic, was still unable to speak.

He stared angrily at Sankoh without concealing his disgust and jealousy.

No one can hide their negative emotions in front of the brush. Relax on the couch and look at him like a kid.

The heavier the anger, the easier the impulse, especially when he is sitting next to a brush that feeds on evil.

Berlin's expression is uncertain, why is he exhausted □ □ and he can't get what he wants, this person only has everything on one face? (Shanko: Reasonable, that's because you're not a qualified brush.

Looking at his white lotus flowers, Berlin could not help but tear him apart, creating an irrepressible destructive desire in his heart. I glanced at the cup on the table and it was still warm. He read it and slowly took a sip of the cup and said: "Shanko, my tea is a little cold. Can you change it for me? ”

“Okay.” Happily agreed, taking the cup from his hand and going to the kitchen to make him a hot new cup of tea.

“Thank you." Berlin stood up and reached for it, his knee “accidentally” hit the coffee table, an unstable center of gravity, his body poured forward, while the hot tea in his hand was thrown straight towards Shang's face.

Normal people can burn their skin with hot liquid if they are facing a wave, or if it is serious enough to burn others' eyes. Afterwards, just say that you are careless, even if you are held accountable, you have caused irreparable harm to others, who may then succeed in destroying others' love and getting what they want.

It has to be said that Berlin did nothing real and soft, relying on Gwen Junxuan's relationship with Wen Jingrong, even the pros and cons were well considered.

Too bad his opponent is a darker brush than he is.

The moment the hot water spilled on his face, he could scream with his face, pretending to squat to death and pain.

“Oh, I'm sorry, are you okay?” Berlin's face hurried up to hold him, “Let's see, is he badly hurt?” If it's not serious, he can make it up again, and he's still holding the cup.

You can whisper and slowly raise your head as you follow Berlin's movements.

A burnt face appeared suddenly in Berlin's gaze, red eyes and blood seeped out, scared Berlin to scream and fell to the ground.

When they heard a scream, they heard Jingrong and Gertrude run out of the study one after the other. Meet two people in the living room, one squatting on the floor with his face covered and one pointing at each other with panic.

“What's going on?” Jingjung quickly walked to Sangkou, his eyes flashed a spot of focus.

“He, he...” Berlin pressed down the panic in his heart and said with guilt, "I could just make me a cup of hot tea. When I cupped my tea, I didn't stand steady and accidentally asked him to throw the tea on his face. ”

As he said, he pulled Grace Junxuan's sleeve, and his voice said with a cry: “Junxuan, I really didn't mean it. ”

“All right, all right, all right.” Gertrude held him in comfort and asked nervously, "How's Jean-Claude doing? Shall we go to the hospital? ”

Berlin remembered his face again and whispered: “He seems badly hurt..."

Goh Joon Xuan's face changed slightly and quickly looked forward to the news of Jing Jun monk.

When I heard Berlin's words, I smelled the scenery instead of being nervous, but I could have been unharmed in the fire, let alone a small cup of hot tea? It's just that Berlin's description is worth considering, and the cold light in Jingrong's eyes flashed away.

“Coco, how's it going?” Wen Jingjun held him down and asked in a low voice.

“It's okay, don't worry.” Let go of your hand and slowly reveal your face.

Berlin's consciousness shifted his gaze, but he heard Gertrude say softly: “Fine, not very serious. ”

What, it's not too hot like that? Berlin turned his head violently and saw that there were no other marks on Jean-Claude's face than a pink burn under his right eye.

Berlin looked at him with amazement, as if to see something incredible.

“Does it hurt?” Jingrong gently kissed on the pink.

“It doesn't hurt.” Sankoh's eyes were foggy, and the pink corner of his eyes not only did not destroy his beauty, but added a touch of glamour.

“Come here, I'll get you some ice.” Jingjung grabbed Shangko's hand, didn't even look at Berlin, and walked straight into the kitchen.

“Berlin, you are too careless. If you burn Sang Ko out, Jing Jun will have to kill you.” Gertrude looked blamelessly at Berlin and a little doubt flashed in his eyes. Earlier in the study, Jingrong reminded him to guard against Berlin, but he was always reluctant to believe that this man would betray him.

“Sorry, it's my fault.” Berlin lowered his head and hid his face from suspicion and resentment.

When Goh Joon Xuan saw such a pathetic appearance, he felt soft again and said nothing more.

“What's going on?” In the kitchen, the smell of Jingrong lays his face on Shang, whispering the question.

“Well, I just didn't stand steady and put hot tea in my face.” Seriously, “I suspect he has indirect polio. ”

Wen Jingjun: “…”

“Did you warn Grunge that this man is unreliable?” Ask yet.

“Reminded, but he seemed genuine about Berlin.” Smell the scenery, "Pinot Island project, Junxuan also invested, even if they don't talk about feelings, they are also partners. ”

Shannon frowned. In a few moments, there will be a major accident. I'm afraid Gwen Junxuan will be implicated.

As Sang-koo expected, one night after half a month, Jing-jung received a call for help from Gwen Xuan: “Jing-jung, something happened to me. Come to Qishi Mountain, I, I...”

Before the end of the conversation, the phone became busy.

The scenery was gloomy, and while sending someone to inquire about the situation, it was raining heavily and driving to Qishi Mountain.