Heroic Death System

I'm a brush 13.

It took Jingjung four hours to drive to Qishi Mountain, by which time he had been informed of the general situation from the investigator's telephone.

Because of the recent frequent accidents at the mining site established by Qingwei in Qishi Mountain, which delayed the progress of the project, Berlin asked Gwen Junxuan to visit the site together. When the evening was ready for the return trip, there was a sudden storm and the two had to stay on the site for one night. As a result, at 1: 00 or 2: 00 a.m., the Qishi Mountains collapsed, causing severe mudslides and burying almost the entire site, with some 300 people trapped, including nearby villagers.

By the time Jingrong arrived at Qishi Mountain, the scene had gathered a large number of JC and rescue personnel. Rescue efforts are proceeding very slowly as heavy rains have just passed, the ground is muddy and mountains are still unstable. At present, only dozens of villagers in the vicinity have been searched and rescued. As for the workers of Ge Junxuan and Qingwei, they are still buried under mudstone and their lives and deaths are unknown.

You can still see the scenic anxiety. “I'll go check it out. ”

Where there is brazenness, it is popular. Above the mudstone-covered village, a great deal of brazenness is gathered, indicating that many more people are still alive and in extreme panic.

“Pay attention to safety.” Jingjun ordered with reluctance.

He could nod his head and then turn invisible and fly off to a place where his breath gathered.

Drilling into the formation, many villagers were discovered in ruined houses. They struggle to breathe in a dark space, endure severe pain and endless despair, and the fire of life may be extinguished at any moment.

After about five minutes of searching, Shang finally found Grunxuan and Berlin in a village.

Berlin and a couple of mothers and daughters hid in the cellar, not many injuries, while Gertrude Junxuan was pressed into the cellar entrance, unable to move his lower half, as if he had passed out.

It is not clear why Berlin did not help him remove the heavy loads and take him into the cellar. Five or six hours have passed since the accident, which means that Gwen Jun Xuan has also been pressured for such a long time. If it stays that way, and even if rescued afterwards, I'm afraid my lower body will be paralyzed.

Although it possesses powers, Shanko is limited by the body. Most of the powers he specializes in are illusions, with little attack power. It is difficult to break the thick earth layer for a short period of time and rescue them directly. However, it is still possible to help Gyun Xuan clear his heavy loads.

While he was still in a coma, he could still show his figure and move quickly.

“Jean… but…” As he was busy, a dry voice suddenly appeared in his ear. It turns out that Gertrude did not faint. He felt the abnormality on his body and immediately discovered the presence of Shang Co.

He opened his bloody eyes and looked at him with dismay. The sparkling white light on your body makes you look extra bright in the dark.

As you can see, he finds himself and no longer hides himself, whispering comfortingly: "Don't worry, someone will come and save you soon. ”

“What are you...” Even if he's a little unconscious at the moment, he knows that ordinary people can't go under the mud without a sound.

Jean-Claude blinked at him: "I am a fairy, don't worship me too much. ”

Gwen Joon Xuan was laughed at by him: “If you are a fairy, why don't you just use fairy magic to get us out, and you have to use your hands to pick dirt? ”

“You don't get it. Isn't there a limit to what a fairy can do?” There is nothing to be said.

Goh Joon Xuan actually believed it. He gave a surprise look on his face: "Really? ”

Jean-Claude glanced at him and turned the topic away: “Don't talk about me yet. Why didn't Berlin come to help you? ”

When he heard the question, Gertrude's eyes flashed a little dark and his expression became indifferent: “When the mudslides occurred, the owner was going to take me into the cellar, but Berlin was still in the guest room, so I ran to get him. By the time we got to the cellar together, the mudslide had washed down the house, and that's when he pushed me away and jumped into the cellar himself. ”

Jean-Claude is not surprised by Berlin's approach. It's just that under temporary security, why isn't he willing to help Grunxuan?

“Why didn't he help me?” Gertrude chuckles, "it's simple, because if I die accidentally, he gets a lot of insurance money. We gave each other an accident insurance policy a year ago, and he said it was proof that we lived and died together. ”

What else can Jean-Claude say to this silly white sweetheart in front of you? He is a gentleman, but Berlin is a complete little man.

Gertrude had an orbital fever and his gaze became a little blurred when Berlin said: “I know you are the only son in the family and may not be able to marry me. These two policies are both a testament to our vows of engagement and to our life and death. ”

As a result, even if he heard any bad rumors, he never doubted him. Until he did not hesitate to push himself away and let himself lie painfully in the dark for five or six hours, his fantasies would not be truly ruined.

It feels much more comfortable when the things pressed against you can be cleaned up.

“Don't worry, the rescue team is here, you have to be patient.” Sang Ke said, ready to go back and give Jingjun peace.

“Thank you." Gertrude said softly to the place where he disappeared, and then fell into darkness again.

“Jun Xuan is alive!” Knowing the good news, Jingrong looked surprised and said immediately, "Coco, you lead the way, we will save him immediately. ”

He urgently redeployed several small, adapted, intelligent excavators that could be moved on relatively soft mudstones without even a professional rescue team.

After communicating with the rescue team leader, he agreed to send a team to accompany him to the rescue.

While they were still on their way, they could have rescued the shallow villagers first. With the aid of tools and magic, three or five people were rescued in succession.

He was able to accurately locate the survivors, so the rescue was very efficient. By the time the rescue team arrived, more than a dozen people had been rescued, while the location of the survivors buried deep had been marked, saving a lot of detection time.

While the crowd was surprised, the rescue task was daunting and they were not paying much attention to it. But the reporter they accompanied was very interested in the mysterious rescuer, and after interviewing several survivors, an unnamed hero saved lives in distress had been conceived in his mind.

Wen Jingjun left two intelligent excavators and then took the rest of the men and machines to the trapped location of Grunxuan.

Jenko has been positioned on his electronic map, so it didn't take much time to find the target accurately.

Under the operation of the excavator, the mudstone is peeled off by a layer and, if smooth, can be accessed in less than half an hour.

At this point, the sky began to rain again, and the leached rain dropped on the ground and splashed a piece of mud.

The smell of Jingrong was harsh, and he urged: “Hurry up. ”

The sky gradually becomes gloomy, like heavy ink, making people feel extremely depressed.

Di Di heard the rescue team leader's voice from Jingrong's walkie-talkie: “Sir, please evacuate immediately, the mountain is extremely unstable and may collapse again at any moment. ”

“Give me another 30 minutes. ”

“No, please make sure you evacuate in five minutes! It's not a negotiation, it's an order.” The rescue captain's tone became harsh.

How could Jingrong give up when he saw that he was going to rescue Gyun Xuan? If he leaves at this moment, in the event of a second landslide, I'm afraid there is no chance that Grunge will survive.

Rescue continues, and the rain increases. A few minutes later, Jingrong and others finally saw the figure of Gwen Junxuan, and at the same time, the rumbling noise came from afar.

The mountains did collapse again. The mudstone mixes the broken trees, forming a flood that rolls down from above.

Wen Jingrong, Goh Joon Xuan and all the people present, their faces became extremely ugly. Rescuers, under the trend of desire to survive, abandoned half of those rescued and quickly fled.

“Jingrong, run away and leave me alone!” Gu Junxuan was seriously injured and unable to walk, even if he was rescued from the earth pit, he could not escape.

“Shut up!” Wen Jingjun jumped out of the pit and carried Goh Joon Xuan on his back.

As he was about to leave, he saw Berlin's grey head climb out of the cellar, didn't see Gertrude and Wen Jingrong, fled to his own life, and drove away the only excavator left.

“Wipe!” Jingjun couldn't bear shouting out loud. He was carrying Gwen Junxuan and couldn't stop him at all.

Grace Junxuan held her fists tightly, feeling both cold and guilty.

“Jingrong, run away, leave me alone.” Gertrude's face was filled with sadness, not knowing whether it was rain or tears.

“Just mind your own business!” Jingrong scolded harshly.

He attaches so much importance to Gyun Xuan because this guy was the only one who supported him unconditionally during his difficult years. He is a rare friend who is willing to take risks for such a friend. Besides, he still has cocoa around him.

The corner of the eye flashed a flash of light and the shadow of Sankoh appeared beside him.

Seeing him instantly, his irritable heart immediately calmed down.

Jean-Claude looked back at the hillsides behind him, and at that rate, it was estimated that they would be submerged in less than a few minutes. Not only are they, but there are more than a hundred survivors who have not been able to rescue them.

Sankoh's temper does not resist natural disasters, but his body, after thousands of years of cultivation, has become indestructible. If he integrates the body into the mountain, he should be able to slow the movement of the mudslides.

Still looking forward to smelling Jingjung, he said with a smile: "Smell Jingjung, you will escape. ”

After that, he held his face and kissed him again on his lips, then turned and flew towards the collapsing mountain.

“Cocoa!” There was a panic when Jingrong heard the news.

[Don't look back, run as far as you can.] Reminders can be received from the ears again.

Smell Jingrong bite his teeth, severely injured his back, stepped on the mud and fled hard.

Coco, I wait for you to return safely.

Goh Joon Xuan turned around, through the rain screen, and saw that Shan could be turned into a pen in the air, and then inserted straight into the dirt. In that room, the mountain body that was originally active suddenly solidified, leaving it to pour in heavy rain, still like a rock, still immobile.

Seeing this wonderful scene, there is no surprise in Goh Joon Xuan's heart. Instead, he feels an unknown fear. It seems that there is a dark power over his mind.

Beneath the mud layer, all the survivors felt a bitter shadow of cold, tightened by endless despair, pain, sorrow, anger… intense negative emotions, turned into a brazen rush into the mountains.

The things that lead to evil, obscene, confusing, exalted in heaven and earth are not acceptable.

The reason Pen Ling wants to sign a contract with humans is to avoid the laws of nature. If he is unrestrained in promoting people's hearts and breathing bravery, he will be immediately reversed by the laws.

In order to gain maximum strength in the home for a short period of time, you may have to break the contractual limits and suck a lot of breath.

As the brake gathers more, the airflow becomes more and more cloudy, and the storm stops, replacing it with a dark night.

The brush is dark and bright, and in the dark, black golden light shines through. Just like a sea divine needle, hold on to the broken mountain body.

Use the power of evil to save people. Even if it violates the law, it is well deserved.

The smell of the landscape turned its head suddenly, and the mudstone flowing on the hillside in the distance, it was not known when it had condensed into earth.

A dark light flashed through, the earth vibrated, and the soil suddenly turned into a thick layer of powder, forming a sand river in the night wind, slowly dissipating.

The braziness dissipated, the darkness faded, the fish's belly gradually appeared in the sky, and the shady cold that covered the hearts of all people dissipated.

Everyone feels relaxed for a while, only to smell the scenery falling into the ice cave and freezing all over.

In the middle of nowhere, a black light shoots this way, smelling the scenery stretching out his consciousness.

The black light slowly fell in his palm, exactly his cocoa.

Even when the consciousness dissipated, Jean-Claude wanted to go back to the man and say to him, "I'm back." However...

The smell of Jingrong's face was a surprise, but “cocoa” had not yet been summoned to exit, and the pencil layer of the palm was cracked, and instantly, it broke into a piece of powder...