Heroic Death System

Extra: I'm not a mermaid

The name of the flame, was taken for him by Qin Yuan. He was like a rare treasure bestowed upon him by the heaven, breaking into his life without a sign.

He is one of the only two dolphins left in the world with no less wisdom than human beings. He was very friendly to mankind, had no guard at all, saw mankind in danger and stood up for the first time. Yet he, so kind, on several occasions almost fell victim to mankind.

Flames treat humans as relatives and friends, but humans treat them as food or experiments, in an unequal position and are doomed to fail to receive the respect they deserve.

The flames were clear about what humans wanted, but they were still willing to cooperate with them, leaving it to them to take research samples from him. But even so, it does not satisfy some people, who want more, or even do whatever they can to achieve their purpose.

Ever since we arrived in the world of mankind, the flames have been constantly wounded and more serious than ever. Finally, precious lives have been lost for their cruel and selfish humanity.

The appearance of flesh and blood before the death of the flame became Qin Yuan's eternal nightmare, constantly tormenting his soul.

He suffered from insomnia and was unable to sleep for decades in a row, even if he was tired to the extreme, he could only take a nap for a moment and wake up in pain.

But Qin Yuan cannot fall down, because he also needs to protect the waves, which is the responsibility left to him by the flames, and his only support at present. However, the small waves of flame loss, diminishing emotions, and affectionate dolphins are very sensitive to changes in the environment and the passing of loved ones. Despite Qin Yuan's best efforts, he still failed to stop the waves from moving towards death.

On a sunny morning, the waves hit the stone table and struggled for a few moments before saying goodbye to the world forever.

Since then, the last dolphin, too, has disappeared into human view in a tragic way.

The death of the waves has again caused a great blow to Qin Yuan. He did not keep the flames, he did not keep the waves, and the few remaining mermaids died because of the lack of human experience.

The majority of the population deplores the loss of only a few precious creatures, but they do not know that what they have lost is not only a few precious creatures, but also hope for human reproduction and evolution.

Dolphin genes can compensate for human genetic deficiencies, promote human evolution and enhance fertility. However, all of this was destroyed with the death of the flames. Scientists tried to replicate dolphins using □ □ technology, and failed without exception. And it was a terrible failure, a mutated dolphin, with a magical ability to assimilate most of the organisms' genes, but the result of improper application was to create monsters like Dapson.

The flames did their best to kill Dapson, who turned into an octopus monster, and to avoid the spread of mutant genes. But most scientists don't know anything about it, and even knowing it won't stop some people from doing crazy experiments.

Qin Yuan was one of the few people who knew, but he didn't listen and watched mankind destroy itself indifferently.

The first major outbreak of variation occurred in the seventh year after the death of the flame, when twenty monstrous babies were born worldwide.

In the mother, the fetus is normal, but at the moment of birth, their body immediately mutates into a variety of deformed organisms, most of which do not survive for five months.

This result undoubtedly adds to the panic felt by humankind in the face of a proliferative crisis. But now that this is happening, scientists cannot abandon it in the middle of nowhere, they can only continue their research.

However, because of the lack of dolphin ancestral genes, the experiment failed once, while the mutant genes were evolving and spreading silently. Many human beings have become vectors and victims of mutant genes, unconsciously. A few years later, a deformed human being emerged, like a monster, causing huge disturbances around the world. This variation is irreversible, and humankind can only choose between acceptance and destruction.

Finally, they opted for lockdown and quarantine. Gather these mutant humans together as their test pieces. Naturally, mutant humans do not grab by the hand and begin to fight back for their survival. Since then, the world has entered a period of confusion when mutations erupted.

Humanity, which had the opportunity to evolve perfectly, is now on the path of distortion and aberration.

Qin Yuan ignored this, but used his wealth and connections to buy an uninhabited island and build his own power.

Twenty years later, the island, known as the Wings of Flame, became the most peaceful place in the world, with no external strife whatsoever affecting this beautiful island.

Qin Yuan lived on the island for decades, all his life, and did not step out of the island.

On that day, sitting alone on the beach, facing the azure sea, he kissed the ring on his hand with deep affection, then smiled and closed his eyes.

He once fantasized about living on such an isolated island from the flames.

Today, the island is the tomb he built for himself.

Alive, unable to sleep; rest in peace after death.