Heroic Death System

Retrospective key ④ 1

When you open your eyes, you will find yourself in a small space surrounded by water, and the sun will cast down from above, sparkling with waves of light, hidden in the water, swarming fish and colourful corals.

There's a big, clear box in the coral that you can put in. He tried to hit it a few times and the box was intact, apparently tightly sealed.

Dolphin morphology at the moment, scarred everywhere, although treated, has little chance of survival depending on its severity. So now he's dead and resurrected? Back to the war monster Dapson?

According to Qin Yuan's character, his “body” will definitely not be handed over to the research institute, the most likely way is to “bury the scenery", so this transparent box, is actually his coffin?

When I woke up, I found myself locked alive in a transparent coffin, sinking into a deep, bottomless ocean, a proper scene for a horror movie.

System, you did it on purpose!

[Body repairing……]

Jean could have put his tail in the coffin and asked, "How long does it take to fix it? ”

[Estimated 700 days.

700 days... system, why don't you go to heaven? Don't say 700 days, he has to starve to death in less than seven days, even if he doesn't starve to death, he will die of lack of oxygen. Dolphins are not fish. He needs to breathe.

The host can choose to be temporarily dormant and the system will maintain the basic survival needs of the host.

Think about it and accept the proposal of the system. Although he would very much like to see Qin Yuan as soon as possible, the current state of incompleteness is expected to make him look uncomfortable, let's wait until it is repaired.

You can close your eyes and slowly enter deep dormancy with the aid of the system...

“Chief Qin, Chief Qin?” A voice seemed to come from the sky, awakening the divine wisdom of Qin Yuan.

“General Qin, this is the island's plan. What do you think?” The secretary looked at Qin Yuan with an enquiry as he displayed the three-dimensional image of the island on the screen.

Qin Yuan looked at the screen and looked again at the secretaries who seemed to be many young. A moment of confusion appeared in his eyes.

“General Qin, is there a problem?” The secretary looked as if his soul was traveling outside the sky, Qin asked hesitantly.

Qin Yuan looked down with confusion and then turned the ring on his hand. The cold touch made him feel incredibly real.

Strange, how did he end up in this office he hadn't set foot in decades? The secretary in front of him was still so young, and he was so familiar with the scenario where he showed him the blueprints.

Qin Yuan's gaze fell on his fingers and found his skin firmly smooth without a trace of wrinkles.

Qin Yuan began to realize something was wrong. He stood up and quickly walked toward the bathroom. At the moment he stood in front of the mirror, he finally determined his guess.

“Ansong, Ansong!” Qin Yuan rushed out of the bathroom and asked eagerly, "What month is it today? ”

The secretary relaxed for a moment and responded: "13 May. ”

“Year? ”

“3755.” Ansong is somewhat unconscious about Qin Yuan's problems.

May 13, 3755, May 13, 3755… Qin Yuan sat down flashly, two years after the death of the flame. Thought it was a gift from heaven that gave him the opportunity to change history, but it turned out so cruel. If you give him a chance to be reborn, why don't you let him go back to the time when the flames are alive! Is he going to repeat decades of loneliness?

Qin Yuan grabbed the clothes on his chest, distorted his expression and felt he was about to choke.

All of a sudden, he made a move, his face mutated.

May 13! It's time for the waves to kill themselves!

Qin Yuan pushed away Ansong in front of him, and went crazy to the aquarium where the waves were located.

Waves, please, don't leave.

Qin Yuan could not bear to lose them again.

“Waves!” Qin Yuan burst into the aquarium panting and yelled at the water.

Gouron, the head of the wave came out of the water, two shining eyes staring straight at Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan raised his head in relief and sat idly on the shore, waving at the waves: “Waves, come here. ”

The waves swayed and rubbed Qin Yuan's hand.

“Wave, you're all I have left. Don't you leave me?” Qin Yuan's tone carries the request.

The waves didn't know if they understood, so they rang him a few times.

Qin Yuan continued: “I bought a small island and in a few days I will send you there and I will never hurt you again. I only beg you, live. ”

Two lines of tears slipped from the corner of Qin Yuan's eyes, and two generations later, still failed to retain his flame. Luckily, he still has time to save the waves.

Qin Yuan's eyes flashed with a decision, a plan shaped in his heart...

A few days later, Qin Yuan released a news that shocked the world: the waves committed suicide.

Because of the death of the flames and continuous experiments, the waves depressed and eventually chose to commit suicide. Qin Yuan also uploaded a video taken from the aquarium surveillance. The waves jumped high from the water and rushed irreversibly to the stone platform on the shore. Though no moment of impact was seen, the waves twitched clearly on the ground.

The “death” of the waves caused a lot of vibrations around the globe, and accusations followed.

Qin Yuan, on the one hand, made everyone think that the waves had committed suicide, and on the other hand, used the power in his hands to send the waves secretly to the wings of the flames he had just bought.

This time, even if Thousand Husbands said, even under more pressure, he had to keep the waves.

As for the little mermaids, he had to give up for the time being. Without the care of the flames, they will soon die, and humans have no experience in nurturing them.

After that, Qin Yuan slowly moved the industry and began to prepare to leave the country. National laboratories are studying mutation genes, and soon the first mutation crisis will erupt.

Qin Yuan was not interested in participating, he just wanted the waves to stay away from danger and live a peaceful life. Whatever the cost of doing so, he would spare no effort.

The waves jump from the tumbling waves, stirring up a slice of splash.

Qin Yuan stood on the beach and looked at his playful figure, trying to find another familiar shadow from him

“General Qin, go back and rest for a while. You haven't closed your eyes for a few days.” Secretary Ansong looked at Qin Yuan with concern.

Qin Yuan's eyes were blue, his eyebrows wrinkled tightly, and his face was fatigued. Long periods of insomnia make his face look terrible.

“It's all right, you go busy, I'll stay a little longer.” Qin Yuan stood still and had no intention of going back.

Ansong secretly sighed and turned away.

Qin Yuan continued to look at the sea as if a stone were motionless.

At this time, the waves swim this way, leaning back to Qin Yuan and calling.

Qin Yuan walked to the sea and looked at the waves in confusion, not understanding what it wanted to do.

The waves think this human being is too stupid to look at! So the waves turned to swim into the sea, then called him back a few times, then swimmed into the sea for a while, then stopped and shouted at Qin Yuan.

After several iterations, Qin Yuan finally understood where the waves wanted him to go with it.

Qin YuanEr didn't say anything, went to the pier and set out a fast boat, followed the waves towards the deep sea.

It's been over an hour, and I can't see the island anymore. The waves finally stopped and screamed a few times before tumbling into the sea.

Qin Yuan looked at the coordinates and his heart ached. Isn't this where the sea buried the flame? Qin Yuan squeezed his fists tight and didn't have the courage to go down and look at him.

Gouron, the waves came out of the water and shook his head to the tail indicating that he was following.

Qin Yuan mumbled, finally like a determination, picked up the diving suit on the speedboat and jumped into the sea.

The sparkling seabed, as if it were another world, cold, silent and vast, this is where the flames were raised and where he ultimately belonged.

Qin Yuan sat on the back fin of the wave and followed him downstream, but many times he saw a colorful coral swarm, a clear coffin was quietly placed in it.

Qin Yuan let go and slowed down.

The waves did not hesitate, swimming quickly into the coral herd and circling around the coffin.

Flame... Qin Yuan remembers his name in his heart and then slowly swims towards him.

Swimming closer, Qin Yuan suddenly paused in shape, his pupils contracted sharply, and his face showed an unbelievable expression.

In order to make sure that he did not have eyes, Qin Yuan's whole person lay on the glass coffin, looking at the intact dolphin in the coffin, like a sleeping dolphin, his heart had to beat violently.

Is it really possible? After being so badly injured, the flame of death has been determined, can it still be brought back to life?

Qin Yuan's eyes flashed with a splendor that had never existed before, as if those who had been in the dark for many years had finally seen a ray of light.

The flames float gently in the glass coffin, leaving no scratches on the body, smooth skin, like crystal clear blue water balls in the light of the waves.

Qin Yuan's hand slipped gently through the glass coffin and seemed to want to feel his breath through this thick glass layer. His eyes were tender and loving.

The flame is alive! Qin Yuan is absolutely certain at this time.

Though shocked by the dolphin's ability to regenerate, no cause compares to the joy of losing it.

At this time, Qin Yuan seemed to think of something. His face suddenly changed and his breathing began to rush.

If the flames were to come back to life, would he have been trapped in a tiny glass coffin on the cold bottom of the ocean while he missed him so deeply on the ground?

He didn't even come back to see him!

For 30 years, the flames lived alone in a glass coffin at the bottom of the ocean for 30 years?

God, what did he do?

If the flames succeeded and were free, they would surely return to him. But until his death, there was no news of the flames, and it was clear that he had not escaped from the coffin. He built a strong cage for the flame with his own hands, so that he could live and not die.

Qin Yuan trembled all over his body. This really made him hurt more than watching the flames die in front of him.


Qin Yuan held onto the ice-cold glass coffin and cried silently.