Heroic Death System

Retrospective Key ④ 2

Qin Yuan returned the same day to prepare the tools, drove the boat in person, and secretly transported the flame back to his island along with the glass coffin. Because he did not know the specific condition of the flame, he did not move him unexpectedly, but simply opened the coffin to facilitate his free access when he woke up.

In addition, Qin Yuan has put in place strict surveillance measures and defense systems around him, and no one is allowed to come near him. The island is currently under construction, and the house he lives in is relatively secluded and usually uninterrupted.

For the first time, Qin Yuan felt that insomnia was also good, so that he could stay close to the flame and patiently await his return. However, after the afternoon of the seventh day, Qin Yuan suddenly felt a nauseous attack, his eyelids held up for a few moments. Finally, he fell asleep unknowingly. In the shadow, he seemed to see a familiar figure slowly walking to his side, calling his name softly...

Flame, are you back?

Qin Yuan was so tired, his eyes were like being stuck, he couldn't open at all, and felt the smell of the ocean. He completely sank into deep sleep.

A white hand, gently brushed over Qin Yuan's hair, could still stand beside him naked, with reunited joy and deep pity in his eyes.

In fact, his consciousness was long awake, but his body was not yet fully integrated. He was well aware of Qin Yuan's living conditions over the past few days. In addition to his work, he was almost incessantly guarding him every day. He had not been able to close his eyes for seven days and seven nights. It was only from Secretary Ansong's words that he learned that he had insomnia and had not really slept in a long time.

Looking at his blue eyes and his full face of fatigue, it was painful.

So the first thing he woke up with was to use the hypnotic effects of dolphin sound waves to get him to sleep, nourish his spirit, and welcome his first encounter after his return.

Shan can first lift Qin Yuan up - bed, then turn to the bathroom to rinse, wash and touch, then slip into the quilt, beautiful lay beside Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan felt something. He moved his body a few times, leaned his head against Shangkou, and buried himself in his arms. His hands held his waist in a smooth manner, his face stretched out like a lazy big cat.

Can't bear to kiss his forehead: "Sweetheart, have a good dream. ”

Qin Yuan's lips were slightly flashing, but there seemed to be a glitter in the corner of his eyes...

ding ding ding ding… I don't know how long later Qin Yuan's communicator sent a series of singular and crisp ringtones.

Shannon can quickly hang up the communication device and look at the caller display. It's Secretary Ansong. It's 7: 00 pm. Is it about to remind Qin Yuan to eat?

Think about it, send him a text message and tell him not to bother him today if there is nothing important. What Qin Yuan needs now more than a dinner is sleep.

The text message was sent successfully, while mute was set, you can lay down again. He didn't have much sleep, but seeing Qin Yuan slept so comfortably, he also closed his eyes and went to sleep happily.

Early the next morning, she was asleep, feeling like a feather brushed over her face, light and tender, with a warm aura.

“Feather" stops on his lips, slides back and forth, then slowly penetrates the tooth.

“... hmm?” You can gaze at the man nearby.

“Flames, flames.” Qin Yuan held the person in his arms tightly and leaned his head against his neck. He greedily felt his body temperature and heartbeat.

It's not a dream. His flame is really back! The joy in Qin Yuan's heart is simply unspeakable.

“Flames, flames.” Apart from constantly calling his name, he cannot say anything at this moment.

Jean-Claude just listened to him for a few minutes and saw him as if he had no intention of stopping. He simply held his face and stubbornly blocked his lips.

The world is quiet, with only two indissoluble kissers left.

The loneliness of the two generations was completely filled by this kiss.

Ding-dong, ding-dong, the doorbell rang, and an electronic voice from the home support system came: [Master, Ansong is here, is access allowed?

Qin Yuansheu couldn't let go of the man in his arms and said casually: “Let him email me, I don't have time to see him now. ”

[OK.] The home support system truthfully communicates Qin Yuan's words to people outside the door.

Ansong was speechless for a while. President Qin has been in the house for more than a dozen hours. Dinner and breakfast have not been eaten. Is this the rhythm of his intention to lose weight?

As his secretary, Ansong had to warn him: “General Qin, please take care of yourself, no matter what you have to deal with, don't forget to eat. ”

Relaxed voice enters the room through a communication device.

"Get up and eat," she said, avoiding a man's kiss. ”

Qin Yuan, as if he didn't hear, bit Shang Co's chin, his lips all the way down, and then flowed through his chest. Now, no one in front of him is delicious, and he won't get tired of eating it again for thousands of years. (Shanko: For thousands of years, the meat has been crushed.

It can be seen that he is so “sexually” vibrant, why not wrap his legs around his waist, a face of Queen Fan: “When you're done, go eat. ”

Qin Yuan heard that the smoothness was strong, there was no root, and then began to operate at a rhythm.

He is not fast, tastes as good, chews slowly and is very skilled at changing positions. Desire gets harder and harder as Mocha moves.

You can still feel the changes in your body, with a mist in your eyes, flashing with emotional glow.

Qin Yuan's eyes darkened. He lowered his head and kissed his eyes gently. At the same time, his waist exerted force. He re-entered the deep abdomen...

Poor Anson, totally left behind by two people in the room. He waited a dozen minutes outside the door, remained unresponsive and eventually had to vent.

It was not until three hours later that Qin Yuan sent Ansong to deliver the meal. His place of residence is usually inaccessible to babysitters, and living is essentially a matter of peace and security.

When Ansong walked into the room with an oversized package, the first thing he saw was Qin Yuan, who was refreshed and seemed to rejuvenate the second spring. Then he glanced at Sangkou, who was sitting next to him, and glanced at him.

“You…” he opened his mouth wide in shock as if he saw something incredible.

Sangquo's identity, Ansong knows, and knows more about Qin Yuan's insomnia, also because of his departure. But isn't he dead? His body was buried under Qin Yuan with his own eyes.

Qin Yuan had the experience of a lifetime and knew very well who Ansong was. Even during his most difficult times, he had never betrayed him. Therefore, Qin Yuan had nothing to hide from him. He said frankly: “You are not mistaken, he is the flame, the flame of resurrection. ”

After being relieved, he stammered and exclaimed: “Dolphins are such powerful creatures? ”

Qin Yuan looked at Sangkou in his arms and his eyes flashed with a hint of happiness and anguish. Fortunately, the magic of the flames, painfully, had not been discovered in time in his previous life, which had led him to be trapped in the dark seabed, without knowing what kind of despair he had experienced.

Whenever I think of this, Qin Yuan feels awkward. Though God gave him a chance to be reborn so that he could make up for his past mistakes, I'm afraid this will be a perpetual prick in his heart.

It is not yet known that Qin Yuan's thinking is infinitely dissipating, completely trapped in guilt and all sorts of terrible assumptions.

He stood up and picked up the tray from Ansong's hand, placing the food on the table.

“I'll do it, you rest.” Qin Yuan offered the highest quality and most considerate service, but only responsible for eating.

Of course, if he asks, Qin Yuan doesn't mind hand-feeding.

Ansong saw Qin Yuan's enthusiastic appearance, and a day ago, he was judged by two people. At this moment, he, as if the whole person were alive, had a radiant face.

Peace of mind is both comforting and envious. Encouraged by Qin Yuan's revitalization, he envied the deep feelings of the two.

The shadow of the wave suddenly flashed through Ansong's brain. Since the flame can become human, can the wave also be? Looks like he's going to have a good time communicating with the waves and maybe have a nice human pig love.

Influenced by Qin Yuan and the flames, his love of dolphins is almost beyond ethnic boundaries.

At this time, the waves swimming beneath the sea shuddered, the simple guy, didn't know that there was a “lewd” human being lumping his round body...

In the evening, Qin Yuan told Shanko about what had happened two years after his “death”.

“The lab hasn't given up on dolphin genes, and I expect terrible consequences soon.” This was Qin Yuan's personal experience, and his tone was very blunt. Neither in his previous life nor in his present life, he intended to meddle in his own business. Humanity's desires are endless, and with his help today, he could cause himself endless trouble. In his previous life, he suffered repeatedly and repeatedly from flames because of his disrespect for the institutions of the State.

The same mistake he would never make again.

“What are your plans for the future?” Ask yet.

Qin Yuan smiled and clicked on the screen. A virtual 3D image immediately appeared in the room, which is exactly what the island was planning to do.

“I'm going to build an island paradise, you see.” Qin Yuan showed the images to Shanxi and gave a detailed introduction.

In the end, he smiled, "What do you think? If you are not satisfied, we can modify it at any time. ”

Qin Yuan's island planning is obviously designed according to the dolphin's lifestyle, connecting the sea area, easy to access, and easy to hide, and can transform morphology in different directions without fear of being discovered.

You can turn around and look at Qin Yuan. The light flashed in your eyes.

“What's wrong?” Qin Yuan asked softly.

Jean revealed a brilliant smile, hugging his neck and kissing him heavily in the mouth.

This man bought the island after he “died” and built a desperate and hopeless future. Now, he will make this future a reality.

“Qin Yuan, this island is good anywhere, is just not a good name.” may be indicated.

“Flame wings aren't good? What would you like to change your name? ”

One word: “Flame House." ”

From now on, this is the home of flames, which Qin Yuan built for flames and belongs to them.