Heroic Death System

Ghost Assault 4

With a whisper, a streamlined sports car stopped in front of Shao Fei, and no one was in the car, but a few drops of crisp sound were heard.

“Watanabe, get in the car, let's go to the opera.” Sankoh's smiley face is blurred out of the window with a brilliant light effect.

Shao Feifei got in the car without a word and sat in the passenger seat. The seat belt fastened automatically for him and the sports car rushed out.

This uninhabited sports car made its way into the heart of the city and parked in the parking lot behind the opera house.

“Let's go.” Jean can get out of the car and take Shao Fei across to the opera house.

This was the first time Shao Feifei had entered a crowded place alone. Given his international reputation, he could have been deliberately given a mask in order not to be recognized and sighted.

Tickets to the opera have been booked in advance and can be entered upon presentation of identification cards. Shao Feifeidu, led by Shannon, found his place to sit down. Jean-Claude was comfortably squeezed into his arms with snacks in his hand. While the entity can be gathered at night, no one else can see him as long as he is invisible.

Shao Feifei, holding the ghost in his arms, had no concern for the noise of the outside world and looked straight at the stage.

The light went dark around and the show started. Shao Feiduo looked very focused, as if the whole person had been integrated into the opera. At this moment, an audience sitting in the front row suddenly turned their heads and turned 180 strangely, revealing an abominable face and smiling at Shao Feiduo.

Shao Fei crossed the body stiff, so easily soothed the spirit, suddenly tightened.

You can feel the weight on your waist and pat it in front of the ghost face without feeling comfortable, and take it directly back to the audience in front.

Grievances have debts, debts have lords. If you have a grudge with anyone, find them. Don't come out and brush your presence. A righteous and righteous warning is given.

No wonder Shao Feifeidu didn't dare to go out on his own. He could really meet ghosts anywhere. When he is resurrected, the first thing is to ask him for a charm.

Shao Feifeidu saw that the ghost had been handled by Jean-Claude, his body slowly relaxed, his hands wrapped around Jean-Claude's waist, and he put him in his arms.

“Take it easy, keep watching the show.” A piece of meat can be twisted from the paper bag and sent to his mouth.

Shao Fei crossed his mouth and began to chew slowly and rationally. After he finishes his meat jerky, he can hand over drinks to make him feel comfortable.

Good thing the lights are dim around, otherwise people will definitely see all kinds of snacks automatically sent into the Shao Fei ferry.

After two hours of opera, Shao Feifei followed the crowd out of the theater.

Just entering the lobby, suddenly a few screams were heard not far away, followed by a disturbance.

He could go according to his reputation, only a middle-aged man fell on the floor with his chest covered, looking painful, and he was kneeling beside him with a pair of mothers and sons, anxious to find out what was on his body.

“Where's your medicine? Where's your medicine? ”

Men are breathless and unable to speak at all.

Shanko and Shao Feifei both saw half of his soul disengaged, and by the time the paramedics arrived, people had lost their breath. After dozens of minutes of hard work, it was not possible to bring people back.

The new deceased was clearly eligible for resurrection, but he was reluctant to lend it to him. Because he has a wife, he has children, he has a family. That responsibility could not be shouldered, and it was not yet known how much harm would be done to the mother and child.

The opportunity for a second resurrection was abandoned by him.

“Let's go home and go to the hospital tomorrow.” It's not too late to get up in the mood, there's more than two months to go before the three-month deadline.

Tomorrow's visit to the hospital has two purposes: to examine Shao Feidu's fingers and psychological condition, and to find a qualified corpse.

Shao Feifeidu's finger was smashed by the piano cap two years ago. According to his rehabilitation record, the injury should have healed, but he didn't know what the reason was, and he could no longer play a full song.

The next day, still in a sports car without a "man", Shao Feifei arrived at the hospital and went directly to the VIP clinic on the fifth floor to meet the appointment doctor.

Hospitals are places where ghosts gather. If you were a man, Shao Feifeidu wouldn't have come here with an army.

Now that Sang is around, he doesn't think those ghosts are that scary anymore, at least they never throw their heads away...

Shao Feifeidu can be booked by an old doctor with a reputation.

After Shao Feifei sat down, he handed his chip, which he could have prepared in advance, to the old doctor, detailing Shao Feifei's medical condition, daily life and recovery progress. Though only 10 days, there are dozens of pages. The frequency and sentence structure of every speech Shao Fei crosses, every subtle natural reaction and movement change, daily recipes and meals, as well as movement patterns, lifestyle and sleep quality, are enormous and nuanced.

After reading it, the old doctor was quite shocked. How much patience and care does it take to write this down in such detail? According to this record, the old doctor can quickly make a preliminary diagnosis of Shao Feifei's condition.

After a moment of observation, he nodded satisfactorily. The old doctor was not only experienced, but gentle in his attitude, indifferent to Shao Feifei, without any discrimination or aversion.

He temporarily handed Shao Feifei over to the old doctor and ordered him to go out and look for the body.

Those who are not able to sleep properly at the end of their lives, and those who are seriously injured are not able to heal, must ensure that their physical functions are basically normal before death, and that the time of death is preferably not more than 1 hour, and that they cannot drag home.

After a long search, a goal that barely meets the requirements has yet to be found. This is a brain dead man whose soul has disappeared and can only sustain life by means of an instrument.

He's about twenty years old, looks clean, looks at the luxury ward he lives in and the high cost of treatment, should be nice to come home to. Jean-Claude took another look at his length of stay in the hospital, almost two years ago.

Having not given up treatment for so long, it was evident that his family loved him very much, although they did not know that their children could no longer wake up.

“Clouds...” He can read his name gently, check his identity and family status first, and if there is no unclear trouble involved, he will be resurrected with his body.

Let go of one thing and return to the infirmary where Shao Feifeidu is located.

As soon as he came in, he was firmly locked by Shao Feifei's gaze. The anxiety in his eyes was hidden. After seeing him, he quickly disappeared.

According to Shao Feifeidu's records, the old doctor carried out a series of examinations and tests on Shao Feifeidu. Finally, he left his medical advice on the chip as well, and then gave it to Shao Feifeidu. "Give this to the person who takes care of you, I'm sure he knows what to do. With him guiding from the side, I'm sure you'll recover soon. Bless you, son. ”

The old doctor gave a gentle smile to Shao Fei Fei.

Shao Feifei raised his eyes slowly, gazed at the old doctor's face for a moment, then stood up and turned away from the infirmary.

Since the age of 14, he has been surrounded only by mules, assistants and babysitters. Today, for the first time, he felt genuine goodwill in strangers who could not be outside.

It's true that the outside world is not as terrifying as he imagines.

After leaving the hospital, Shao Feifeidu took Shao Feifeidu for a few more rounds in the city, asked him to go shopping mall, dine in the restaurant himself, take the electric train himself... back and forth until dusk, Shao Feifeidu took the sports car and returned to the villa.

Shao Fei looked out at the sunset in the distance and his eyes flashed with light, showing that he was very happy.

But this happiness, when I returned to the villa, was nothing. As Mu came back, he stood beside his ugly assistant Gibbs.

“Wataru, where have you been?” Murray scolded, "don't you know how dangerous it is out there? What do you want me to tell Mr. Shaw if something happens to you? ”

Shao Feifeidu didn't seem to hear, since he walked by him.

“Stop!” Mu Yu stopped him and swept at him in confusion, "You usually don't dare to leave the door alone, how can you suddenly run out this time, who took you out? ”

Shao Fei looked over the staircase in front, silent as a sculpture.

“Speak to me, you're not mute!” Muffled up the volume. Something went wrong with the investment, and this guy came to mess with him, and it was disgusting.

Shao Feifei glanced coldly at him.

Mu Xiao's back was cold and he was angry: “It's been a few days, you've learned to stare! Did you finish the song I asked you to do? ”

Shao Feifei never looked at people, but at this moment, he had a divine eye, like two sharp blades.

Is he getting better? This is not good! Mu Zheng must not be intimidated.

“Starting today, you are not allowed to step out of the villa without my permission.” Moulin said in an unquestionable tone, "I'll hire you some bodyguards to keep you safe. ”

Shao Feidu was silent for a moment and suddenly said three words: “I don't want it. ”

“What?” Mu Jiao stunned, completely unanticipated he would object.

“My villa, I don't want a bodyguard.” Shao Feifeidu looked at him again, his dark eyes, accompanied by his indifferent expression and tall body, gave him an indescribable sense of oppression.

“You… you……” looked at him nervously, unable to speak for a moment.

Gibbs next to him was also stunned. After working around Shao Fei Fei for so long, this is the first time I've heard him say so long, with clear bites and fluent speech, almost like a normal person.

You can still see the scene, glad to showcase the flight with two thumbs up.

After Shao Feifeidu finished that sentence, he ignored Mu and turned to his room.

Mu Jiao stood still for a long time, then turned his head and stared at Jib: “What the hell is going on here? Didn't I tell you to install surveillance? Why didn't you find anything unusual? ”

Gibbs cried and said, "There's really nothing in the surveillance. ”

“Send all surveillance footage to my email address and I'll check it myself.” Mu Yu glanced upstairs quickly and lowered his voice. “After Do-san's medicine was taken, he went to see Dr. Xu for some more information. ”