Heroic Death System

Ghost Aid Attack 10

It is possible to decide to draw a map of the spell, as long as no special material is used and the magic is attached, the spell will not work, and he can draw it at will.

In the next time, Shao Feifei could be taught basic cultivation techniques. The world's spiritual energy is thin, and even if talent is any higher, only a small amount of true qi can be cultivated. However, these qis are strong enough to refine charms and deal with ghosts.

Shao Feifei has a special physique. It shouldn't be difficult to cultivate true qi. Exercising qi can be very beneficial to him as it strengthens his fitness and exorcises evil from the shadows. It is not compulsory as to whether or not he will eventually become a master of heaven. As long as he can make the spell, there is always a way to use it.

Shao Feifei's daily life has changed again, making music during the day and cultivating the arts at night. In order for him to breathe in as quickly as possible, he can often communicate with ghosts who like to wander around and ask them to help find spiritual objects.

Thus, Shao Feifeidu began a wonderful life of three days, one small complement and five days, one big complement. Full of spirits and blood every day, it accumulates endless energy.

Part of his energy was devoted to music creation, and the musical style gradually changed from euphemism to generosity.

As for the other part of his energy, nature is dedicated to his cocoa...

It could have relied on the flesh to resist the Yang Qi of Shao Fei Fei Fei Fei, but since he began practicing, the pure Yang Qi of refining was almost straightforward to the soul, making Shang Co a little bit inedible.

Shanko felt that he should practice too, practicing his own ghost to be powerful, lest one day he be refined by his man into scum at the time of water-milk-crossing.

At a time when the two were living in harmony without asking, the Shao family suddenly sent someone to take care of him, on the one hand, to reschedule Shao Feifeidu and, on the other, to inform them that the Mu trial was about to begin.

The Shao family must know about the cohabitation with Shao Feifeidu, and would not have sent anyone here until now.

As can be seen from the attitude towards courtesy, they are keen to promote the relationship between the two families. Shao Feifeidu is like a piece of chess, only to be concerned when it involves family interests and faces.

Since entering the villa, the Shao family has not shown enough respect and concern for Shao Feifeidu. All attention has been paid to the young master of the Yunka family, who deliberately and unintentionally examined his willingness to engage in the near future.

"It's almost the end of the year, and if nothing happens, I intend to get engaged next spring. ”

The Shao family left satisfied, so reasonably handed Shao Feiqiao over to Shanko.

Shao Feifei always had no expression and seemed uninterested in everything outside, but as you can see, he kept some words in mind.

Jean-Claude grabbed his face and said warmly: "Watanabe, one day, I will let everyone know how good you are. ”

There is no need to feel sad for those who despise you, exploit you, hurt you. Only by making themselves brighter can they be overshadowed.

Five days after the Mu 'er trial, during which news could be received from a ghost, Mu 'er contacted media journalists and intended to be interviewed publicly before the trial.

Since it was an economic case, he still had some personal freedom and was in the bail phase. His influence in the industry over the years, combined with Shao Fei's family background and his place in the music industry, soon attracted a large number of media outlets.

Ever since the ghost scared me to fall from upstairs, Mu Yu started to have bad luck. First, he broke his leg, lay in hospital for less than a few days, and received a letter from a lawyer accusing him of taking advantage of his position and embezzling his employer's property in private, with the police intervening in the investigation.

The lawyer Shao Feifeidu hired was smart and told the Shao family the first time. Although Shao Feifeidu was not valued by the family, it was impossible for them to ignore the matter in their capacity as Shao family members and Young Master Shao.

With Shao's intervention, Mu Yu naturally had no power to fight back. He misappropriated billions of dollars, not to mention sentenced to life, but at least to seven or eight years' imprisonment (because several transfers were signed by Shao Feifeidu, coupled with a much smaller amount of procedural involvement than was actually the case in the name of managing money on behalf of his generation, so sentenced to up to eight years' imprisonment).

This matter involves the Shao family of one of the four great houses. The Shao family has a low profile. After all, Don Da Young Master was constrained by an agent and it is not nice to talk out. But Mu Xiao decided to reveal Shao Fei's illness to the outside world.

“Wataru has been under my care since he was 13 years old, and we have been in a good mood. He is Shao's father and son, he should have inherited the family business, but do you know why the Shao family handed him over to me? Because Wataru had autism since he was a child, he had no self-reliance other than music. Therefore, he had long been excluded from the list of heirs. For more than a decade, Watanabe's lifestyle had been earned by music, and the Shao family had not given a penny.” Mu Yu looked lonely in the face of the media.

Everyone was stunned. The outside world has always assumed that the lack of success was due to the enthusiasm for music and the willingness to renounce inheritance. I didn't expect that because he was autistic, he was abandoned by his family in his teens and had to live alone.

Looking back on the past, Dojo has never had any interviews or participated in any public programmes of a promotional nature, except for a few promotional photographs taken during the performance, which are usually very low-profile. It's not surprising that people think it's his arrogance and coldness as a Shao family major.

The truth, however, makes people fall into glasses. They do not suspect that Mu Jin is lying, and this can be detected only through careful investigation.

“I don't want to argue for myself, but without my care, I'm afraid my life would have been miserable.” Mu Xin told the truth, "True, I did spend a small amount of money, but all this money was invested. Making music, attending performances, costumes, publicity, networking, all require a lot of money to build the foundation. Although his current income is good, he does not know when his condition will worsen. If he loses his only talent, how does he live in the future? ”

Mu Zheng spoke very sincerely and made many people feel it.

“Unfortunately," Mu Jianxiao laughed, "I failed on several occasions to make more money, but lost a lot of money. I am so sorry for Wataru, but the charges were taken for my own sake. However, I believe that this matter was definitely not the work of Major Watanabe, and in his state of mind, it is impossible to charge me. I don't know who really wants to get rid of me. I don't know why. I just hope that Watanabe will live well, that we have lived together for more than a decade, that we have supported each other, that we have experienced a lot of wind and rain, that he is like my family. ”

He whimpered his head down as he spoke. He shaped himself into a poor man who was thinking about Shao Fei and was just unlucky in time. He also highlighted his feelings with Shao Fei Fei, suggesting that someone was counting him to earn a lot of sympathy points.

Gibbs beside him testified in response to the noise. He was affected by the incident and was blocked by the Shao family, so he simply colluded with Mu Xiao, intending to take a hand in the Shao family before hiding abroad.

After listening to their narratives, most people have improved their impressions of Mu, while at the same time using their own imagination, what kind of Haumen resentment, power struggle, hu zhang zhang nest… various kinds of conjectures follow.

If this content is reported with fuel and vinegar, it is expected that Mu will be able to wash himself away. He took care of Shao Feifei for over a decade and put his heart into creating music. Against the Shao family, he was so indifferent to his eldest son, and finally, for some reason, under the name of Shao Feifei, he was expelled from the person who accompanied Shao Feifei for more than a decade.

Billions are an astronomical number for ordinary people, but not for the Haumenshaw family. But they haven't given Shao Fei a penny to live on in all these years, and their indifference and indifference are evident. Are you trying to get rid of Mu Yu now, instead of fighting for the money?

“Mu Mao, don't you feel guilty when you say that?” A voice suddenly came through the door as public opinion was increasingly inclined to muddle.

The crowd followed their fame, only a handsome man walked slowly, behind him followed several divine JCs.

When the reporters saw the scene, they immediately realized that there was another play, one of them was like beating chicken blood, and they pointed the camera at people.

You can go to the stage, in the eyes of everyone, the state is proud, the temperament is clear, and everyone has their own style.

“Who are you?” Gibbs asked.

Still ignoring him, he prompted the JC behind him to arrest him.

“What are you doing?” Mu Wei, "I'm still on bail, you have no right to arrest me! ”

“Mr. Mu, you are involved in ‘deliberately harming the lives of others and misappropriating the property of others'. We would like to take you back to the police station to assist in the investigation, and we hope you will cooperate. ”

“What hurts people's lives? When did I hurt someone's life?” Mu 'an shouted as he struggled.

Journalists in the room saw the scene and immediately surrounded several people and raised various questions.

“Wasn't Mr. Mu prosecuted for misappropriating Mr. Shaw's funds? ”

“What's wrong with hurting people's lives? Can you give us an explanation? ”

“Is the Shao family deliberately making false accusations because they fear that Mr. Mu will reveal the truth to the media? ”


Journalists' questions go one after the other, and they get out of control.

Jean can pick up the microphone and say out loud: “Gentlemen, please don't make it difficult for a few police officers. They are just doing business. If you have any questions, please ask me. ”

At this moment, journalists tended to mumble and, hearing Sankoh's words, did not immediately disperse, but merely pointed the cannon at him.

In the face of the people's questioning, there was no rush, indicating that they were quiet, and he said: “First of all, I must state that Mr. Shaw is not autistic, he is just a little autistic, Mu just lied. ”

Everyone will look at him in doubt, waiting for what follows.

“The reason he has not improved is because he was secretly given drugs that did not meet the requirements.” Several bottles can be removed from your pockets to show the front in front of everyone. If you know a little bit about medicines, you will immediately identify the types of these medicines, and if you take them for a long time, you will have side effects such as depression, hallucinations, mental disorders, etc.

After explaining it, everyone had to show a shocking look on their faces. Mu Yu actually drugged Shao Feifei? What about autism, which is not natural, but artificial? Such a shameless act is heinous.

“You are defamatory!” Mu Huanhuan pointed angrily at Sang Qiao, “I didn't even give Do-sau this medicine! ”

“The doctor Xu who prescribed the medicine for you is in the police station, is it not a slander, then he will have his own public opinion,” In the talking room, Shanko's gaze falls behind Mu, there is a blind demon, climbing on him, his hands cover his eyes, let him lose his clarity, into emotional blindness, this is what people commonly call "ghost blindfolding”.

Journalists' uncertain eyes moved back and forth between the monks and the monks. The former is desperate and the latter is comfortable. From the glance of a bright eye, I feel that Sankoh's words are more credible.

If the situation is true, Mu not only uses drug control to gain confidence in him and steal his property, but also attempts to reverse black and white and fool the public. How pathetic he said it earlier, how disgusting it was at the moment. Shao Fei is well known in the music industry and has fans all over the world. Though he hasn't performed in two or three years, his songs, each capital, are classic. Who would have thought that the venerable king of the piano, because of his mental defects, had been abandoned by his family and then stripped and injured by his broker.

Journalists quickly replenished a history of sour blood tears, looking into muddled eyes, filled with anger.

As you can see, the situation is basically stable, so say politely to JC: “I'm going to trouble you. ”

“It is our duty.” JC nodded and looked around at their reporter.

“No, I'm not drugged, it's plagiarism.” Mu Xiao is still resisting in the negative corner, yelling and yelling.

But no one believed him at this moment.

Journalists slowly loosened up and gave JC a passage, while not forgetting to raise the microphone and question Mu.

A reporter in front of him almost climbed to Mu's face because of the push of several people behind him, so that he could avoid it in time.

When Mu suddenly broke JC's hand and grabbed the microphone, he smashed it over the reporter and smashed a piece of purple in his forehead.

“What are you doing!” JC immediately restrained him. However, it is too late.

Journalists' emotions were already exciting, so muddled, the scene was instantly chaotic, and then a microphone fell from the sky, such as a hand - grenade - bullet smashed towards the muddle, and even Uncle JC had blood mold.

Still silently glancing at the evil ghost smiling at the corner of his mouth behind his mumble, he silently withdrew from the room.

Several journalists did not join the mixed war and were very interested in the sudden appearance of the monster. They saw him leave and immediately chased him.