Heroic Death System

Ghost Aid 11

You can still walk out of the room with the bodyguard.

He came here today, first to sabotage Mu's plan, and secondly to send the fierce ghost to him. Things went fairly smoothly, and people believed in JC and evidence more than Mulborough's sympathetic grievances. The popularity and fame of Shao Feifei was higher than he had expected, with little explanation, and people had begun to complain about him.

“Please wait!” In the meantime, several journalists caught up, but were blocked by bodyguards before approaching Shanko.

One of the reporters asked, "Would it be convenient to share your name? What is your relationship with Mr. Shaw? ”

Jean-Claude paused and replied: "My name is Cloud Cocktail." ”

Leave the sentence and turn around and leave.

Looking behind his back, it was enough for several journalists not to dare go up and get each other's names.

As they were about to leave, a sports car stopped in front of Sankoh and immediately walked out of the car with a tall man.

The reporter whispered, “It's Shao Feifeidu! ”

When he saw someone, he greeted him with a smile and gave him a big hug: "Why are you here? ”

“Miss you.” Shao Feifeidu graciously rubbed his face.

“Go home.” Shan can hold his hand.


Several journalists watched them leave until the car disappeared into their sight, and a journalist suddenly shouted: “I remember! ”

“Remembered what? ”

“What a cloud!” Journalist excited, “Yunko, Third Young Master Yunka! ”

“Ah, is that him? ”

“No, didn't Master Yun become a vegetable man because of a car accident? I remember being pronounced brain dead, how could it have ended up here? ”

By then, someone had already searched their laptop for relevant information, pointing to the photo above and shouting, "That's right, that's him! ”

In the photograph, a handsome young man stood by the bridge and laughed.

“Brain death… can awaken too? ”

“The hunch is big news. ”

“Autism Shao's parents and three younger plants, Yunjia. ”

“The Bully King of the Piano and the Wonder of the Resurrection! ”

“Stop me, I'm a little out of control of my brain hole. ”

“I'm sorry, so am I. ”

“Then what are you waiting for? Get up! ”


The following day, the Mu 'er incident generated tremendous repercussions around the world and soon became a high-profile news hotspot.

Shao Feifeidu was discouraged by his family because of mental deficiencies. The broker took the opportunity to use drugs to control him as a means of earning money, disregarding his health and wasting his talents. His shameless behaviour was strongly condemned by the public.

A few days later, Mu 'an's sentence was handed down and, in addition to ordering the repayment of all misappropriated property, he was sentenced to 45 years' imprisonment. Other accomplices are also sentenced to prison terms ranging from 5 to 10 years.

This judgment is still unsatisfactory, demanding that it be changed to life, and Shao Feidu's fans even organized a □ □.

However, their attention was quickly attracted by several other pieces of news.

[Miracle! The plant man who was pronounced brain dead was resurrected.

[King of the Piano has a mysterious lover?

[Hauguan Abuse - The story that the autistic emperor and the plant prince had to tell.


The title of a blogger's eyeball, looking at it alone doesn't make you feel anything, the connection makes you curious. At a time like this, just mention autism, necessarily related to Shao Fei Fei Fei Fei, then who is the botanist? Is he in love with Shaw Feiduo?

Everyone looked carefully at the contents of the vomit, and it all turned out to be a mess.

What? The vegetable man is actually a cloud dweller. When he became a vegetable, a lot of people knew about it, and it was confirmed, that he was diagnosed with brain death, and that he had always relied on the instrument to sustain his life.

Just a few months ago, this almost-dead cloud family of three miraculously survived?

Even more startling, is he still Shao Feiduo's lover?

An autism, a living dead man. One was drugged by a broker, stolen property, and one slept in a hospital bed for two years without consciousness. How did they meet and how did they meet? Did you help Shao Feifei deal with the Mu 'an affair when the clouds were clear?

Life is so bloody, people are overwhelmed by emotions, gossip soul bears flame.

Next, information about Shao Feiduo and Yuncuo follows. They run every morning, travel together, play the piano, take a walk under the moon... a picture of love, captured by an impenetrable journalist.

Compared to the changes before and after Shao Fei Fei, no one would question his feelings with the clouds.

Before Shao Fei Fei Fei, he was cold and wooden, his eyes were gray; today he is bright in spirit and his eyes are golden. When you're with the clouds, you smile, you're angry, you're delicate, you embrace, you kiss gently, like you're someone else.

People can't help but feel that if the clouds are resurrected for Shao Fei Fei Fei, then Shao Fei Fei Fei is also reborn for the clouds.

The hustle and bustle of the outside world did not disturb the lives of the two. After solving the problem of Mu Xian, you can still devote your whole heart to guiding Shao Feifei through training and finishing the charm.

Shao Feifei has a high talent and progress of one “day” a thousand miles.

Two months later, Shao Fei Fei successfully condensed his true qi. He sat on his knees, spreading water mist all over his body, mixing large stains on his skin, looking like a miner who had just fallen out of a mine.

At this point, he suddenly opened his eyes and shot a sharp ray in them as if they could penetrate the human heart. But after glancing at the surrounding Sangkou, the sharp light immediately hid away, and turned back to the usual calm waveless, with a little laughter.

At this moment, Shao Feifei only felt the blood boiling and energetic, he reached out his hand, intending to carry Shan into his arms and calm the heat wave within a □ □.

Instead, he stepped back, referring to the bathroom: “Go shower first. ”

Shao Feifeng looked down and found himself everywhere with sticky, dark substances and an unbearable odor.

He stood up hastily and flushed towards the bathroom.

Soon after, he ran out of the bathroom, stretched his arm, circled Sankoh's waist, and dragged him into the bathroom.

Jean can shout in his heart: No, I don't want to bathe with this guy at all right now!

However, his cry was not answered. He walked in vertically and ended up crossing out...

Towards the end of the year, Shao Feifeidu's cultivation had been modest and had been able to produce several low-level spells. Jean-Claude took him to the experiment, whether it was a ghost repellent or a soul, and it worked great. This low-level spell has little effect on the cocoa. He tried to drive, and the spell burned directly in his hand.

The spell can sense his ghost qi, and even if he tries to converge, it won't work properly.

Shao Feifeidu touched his head and took the initiative to comfort him: "It's okay, it's okay. ”

Shanko: I was actually comforted by a guy who couldn't take care of himself...

“Okay, three days from now, let's have a real fight! Goal - starving ghost!” Shan can hold his fist hard.

This starving ghost was born a little boy about 5 years old. His parents were displeased and left their children at home after an argument. They all thought the children were around each other, and by the time they got back, the children had starved to death in front of the freezer.

At that time, there was still a lot of food left in the freezer. The child starved to death because his throat was stuck with hard objects and he could not swallow it. As a result, he could only look at the food in a freezer and starve to death.

After the child dies, he becomes a starving ghost, likes to live in someone else's freezer, sees someone else's leftovers, creates resentment, and then controls the other person to eat the leftovers.

As you can see, he loves to eat chicken legs, so long as he throws leftover chicken legs in the bin near his activities, he will be there soon. On one occasion, he was seen controlling a guy who threw food on his hands, picking it up from the ground, mixing the dirt into his stomach.

Jean-Claude thinks this little hungry ghost is pretty cute, just a little obsessive-compulsive. He died of hunger, still suffering from hunger, retaining memories of hunger and wandering alone in the world.

Late at night, by a secluded garden, a box of hot chicken legs was placed, the night breeze blew through, and a shadow slowly emerged, gradually condensing into the appearance of a child.

He squatted next to the chicken's leg and stared viciously. The resentment rose in his eyes: whoever threw away such delicious chicken's leg is inexcusable!

Soon he locked his eyes at the corner of the garden and saw two long figures coming out of the darkness, just as Jean-Claude and Shao Fei crossed.

“Eat it!” The child roared sharply, and the strong ghost shook the trees around him.

Jean-Claude walked up to him and bent over. “Funny, this is for you. ”

The child was stunned at first, then furious: “Eat! Eat!”

Sang can turn his head and look at Shao Feifei, who immediately took out a charm, ignited it with real gas, and sprinkled the charm grey on the chicken leg.

“Eat, tease, you've been hungry too long.” You can squat on the ground and look at him gently.

Funny to see him look at the chicken legs on the ground again, in the secluded room, as if he smelled the smell of chicken legs, the smell of chicken coming from his mouth.

He chewed carefully a few times, a familiar and unfamiliar delicacy that made him fall in love.

“WOW... WOW...” I mumbled and cried, “Mom, I'm so hungry, I want to eat chicken legs...”

Jean could take out a porcelain bottle and catch his tears. Ghost tears are extremely precious, hard to find, and can be applied to the eyes of living people, allowing them to see death.

Teasing and tasting the delicious taste of chicken, crying, the resentment on the face gradually replaced by satisfaction.

After eating, he touched his stomach, burped like a monster, and smiled happily as he crossed with Shao Fei. Then his figure faded and eventually slowly disappeared into the night under the eyes of both of them.

[Thank you.]

Poor, simple kids, just because of a few chicken legs, dissolved their grievances, and they didn't even use the supercharm.

Shao Feifeidu suddenly hugged Shang Co, depressedly said: “Coco, we don't want to have children in the future, it's hard to support. ”

Jenko: Who wants to live with you! Besides, you can't take care of yourself in this life.

He ruined the atmosphere!