Heroic Death System

Ghost Assault 12

Although the first overrun was successful, it did not accumulate much practical experience and was resolved together with the spiritual charm.

Only two months away from the New Year, it would have been a big deal if the main mission had been completed by the previous year. Two days later, it was decided to go beyond the second demon.

Near a residential building in the suburbs, wandering around a depressed ghost. The depressed man was only 25 years old before he died because of depression, pessimism, and eventually chose to jump and commit suicide in the residential building he rented.

It is often said that the soul will repeat the process of suicide after death, and this depressant is no exception. The only difference is that every time he commits suicide, his depression increases by one point, affecting other living people.

One tenth of the people in this residential building suffered from depression as a result of him, and seven people died of suicide in the last two years. Such a high suicide rate is clearly unjustified in a residential building with no more than 100 inhabitants.

With the rising mood of depression and the integration of the resentment of other suicides (those affected by the mood of depression who commit suicide, the resentment will accumulate on the depressed ghost), the depressed ghost will one day inevitably turn into a powerful ghost, from a passive victim to an active attack.

On a night when the wind was high, Jean-Claude and Shao Fei came to the residential building and just got off the bus, they saw an object fall on the roof of the building, snap, and hit the ground heavily, falling into a bloody mist. Then the mist slowly gathered and turned into a thin ghost, lying still on the ground, the depressed ghost they were looking for.

Luckily, this guy is a stream of consciousness, not a faction, or he will be scared of the tragedy of falling down the building.

Together, they walked towards the depressed ghost who was pretending to be “dead”. Shao Feifeidu dragged Sangkou's coat with his hand and held a ghost rider with his hand. He also tended to follow behind him with a stern look on his face.

Walking closer, the depressants suddenly disappeared from the ground.

Sang Ke and Shao Fei crossed the street in an attempt to find him.

At this time, there was a sudden echo from the top of his head, but he thought it was the depressant who started to jump a second time, and before he could lift his head up, he was pulled aside by a force. Then he heard a bang and muffled, feeling a few drops of mucus spilled on his face, he could reach for it, but it was the blood of a gorilla.

This is obviously not an illusion!

Sang Ke was looking back, but was held tight by Shao Fei Fei Fei Fei: “Coco, don't be afraid. ”

Jean-Claude listened to his intense heartbeat and his heart was soft. This man, obviously afraid of having to do it, in turn comforted him.

He hugged the man in front of him and kissed him again in the face. “I'm not afraid, what else am I afraid of when you protect me? ”

Hearing him say that, Shao Feifei suddenly felt that he was quite brilliant and courageous.

You can look around and see what's going on. What just fell was not a depressant, but a living person. Of course, the living man is now dead. He climbed less than a metre away, half his face blurred, the other half facing them straight, a pair of blood-red eyes staring at them without meditation.

Don't open your face and look up, the upper floors are all covered in darkness, not real.

This faller is situated exactly where the depressants just fell, in exactly the same direction and posture as lying down. If he hadn't been pulled by Shao Fei Fei in time, he would have been smashed right in the face.

There is a hidden feeling that the situation is not good, and that depressants do not proactively induce people to commit suicide. But what just happened, it's hard to believe it's just a coincidence.

“Watanabe, let's go back today.” It is possible to suspect that the depressants have been promoted from evil to powerful ghosts. For the sake of safety, let's go back first.

Shao Feifei naturally had no problem, and he dragged Shangkou to the parking position.

The two men boarded the car and were able to start it while making an anonymous phone call to the police station informing them of a suicide jump in a neighbourhood.

After hanging up the phone, he could see Shao Feifeidu looking in front of him unemotionally and asked: “Watandu, are you okay? ”

Shao Feifei replied: “Fine. ”

“That's good, I'll make you a delicious shock when I get back.” Jean smiled.

I don't know if it's because it's contaminated with depressed ghosts, but there's always a gloomy aura in the car.

He turned on the surveillance inside the car and found nothing abnormal.

The interior of the car was a little strange, as if the sound outside the car had been shielded.

Jean-Claude frowned and raised a strong anxiety in his heart. He decided to find a place to stop the car.

As he was turning, Shao Feifei suddenly made a move that could not be prevented. He reached out his leg and stepped on the throttle, listening only to a sharp whistle, and the car rushed towards the building not far away at an extremely fast speed.

Shao Feiduo was instantly realized that he had been possessed by a ghost. The reason why it is certain is that the ghost is powerful, because only the ghost possesses the ability to possess possession, and the so-called possession of other ghosts is only a mental control or hallucination. Moreover, he was able to escape his own perceptions, indicating that he had the same powerful ghost scent as himself.

At this point, however, it is too late to think about it.

He did only two things, turned on the emergency insurance in the car, and then jumped on Shao Fei Fei and protected him with his own body.

A loud noise broke the silence of the night.

The car hit a hard wall, and the car raised a shock-proof wall to protect both of them. However, the tremendous vibration continued to overwhelm the blood of two people, causing them to faint almost.


Dizziness suddenly brings a dull laugh to his ears. You can look up and see the "Shao Fei Fei Fei Fei" face, his eyes are bloody, his eyes are stunned looking out of the car, but he is holding a piece of glass in his hand as if he were unconsciously painting it on his wrist.


“Get the fuck out of him!” Jean-Claude grabbed his wrist and stared angrily at this powerful ghost possessed by Shao Feifeng.

After Shao Feifeidu practiced, he should not invade the ghost, but his training time is short, combined with his special physical condition, under no defense, there is a real possibility that he will be emptied by the powerful ghost.

This powerful ghost ignored Shannon, saw his arm restrained, leaned against his head, and kept crashing into the door.

“I want to die, I want to die, I want to die...” He banged and whispered, Shao Feifei's head was quickly hit by a direct stream of blood.

“Stop!” You can jump over and reach for the door. Shao Feifei's head hit him directly in the palm of his hand, instantly sending a severe pain.

Jean could bite his lip tightly. He did not move his hand away, leaving Shao Feifeidu's head to smash his palm one time at a time.

As if to hear a broken metacarpal bone, a hazy gaze inadvertently glanced at Shao Feifei's lumbar bag and a flash of spiritual light in his brain.

He had a lot of spells in his purse, just a few of which were advanced spells used against the Grim Ghost.

You can hold the pain while you reach out and open your lumbar bag. In order not to alarm ghosts, the spells are contained in boxes made of special materials.

When the box can be opened, the scent of the spell immediately dissipates. The ghost also seemed to perceive the danger and paused the impact.

A premium spell can be quickly drawn from the box and burned right between his fingers.

The powerful ghost screamed a scream, and Sankoh's body couldn't stop trembling. His soul was burning like a flame, and his pain was unbearable.

A piece of charm paper was burned out, and Li Ghost had not yet broken off from Shao Fei Fei Feng.

Jean-Claude gasped powerlessly, the sweat mixed with tears, slowly paddled from his face: Watanabe, I'm so unhappy, I don't want to leave you. Even for once, I won't let you suffer the pain of loss again and spend the rest of your life with me.

Jean-Claude cried and trembled out of the box, taking out the second spell...

“Heaven, art, before, strength, ghost, shelter, walk!” Jean-Claude bites his teeth in white and reads them word for word.

A golden ray of light overshadowed the two as the spell lit.

He curled his body, trembled uncontrollably, and was soaked with sweat. A blood bead seeped out of his skin, which quickly stained him as a blood man.

Shao Fei crossed his scattered pupils, reflecting a painful figure, and slowly two lines of blood and tears appeared in his eyes.

Cocoa, cocoa...

“Ah-” a tsunami sounded, the powerful ghost possessed by Shao Fei Fei's body suddenly came out, his body in the light of the spell was struggling with distortion, and he kept screaming and screaming.

“Tianjin is ahead of us, Ghost!” A golden light struck a powerful ghost preparing to escape and immediately swallowed him with a fiery flame.

Li Ghost screamed painfully in the flame, but for a moment, he was burned to ashes.

After all this, Shao Feifeidu's arms drooped helplessly and the real qi in his body was almost exhausted. Eyes fall on Sankoh through the hazy colour of his blood.

“Cocoa, cocoa…” He carefully held him in his arms and felt his body temperature and breath.

Still alive, still alive...

He gently held up the broken palm of the metacarpal bone and his eyes could not stop crying.

He remembered everything he had just said when the accident happened, he was desperate to throw himself at himself; when the powerful ghost hit his head against the car door, he took a heavy blow on him with his palm, even if he was hit by a broken hand bone; knowing that he would be wounded by a spell, he still ignored his life and used his ghost to induce the power of the spell.

Looking at his painful appearance, Shao Feifeidu hated himself so much for the first time, why was he easily possessed by the powerful ghost? Why can't you protect him?

“Cocoa…” Now besides calling his name, he doesn't even know what to do for him.

At this time, there was hidden noise from the outside of the car.

Shao Feifeidu embraced Sangkou, the blood from his forehead stained his eyes, his consciousness gradually blurred, and his mouth still kept calling.

“Cocoa, cocoa, cocoa...”

When the doors were opened, rescuers saw two people hugging each other tightly. One of them was covered in blood, unknown life and death, the other half drooling eyes, dim eyes, apparently unconscious.

People can't believe how people in cars get hurt so badly when insurance measures are intact...