Heroic Death System

Ghost Assault 14

It wasn't until he woke up that he was unconscious for more than three months. For the past three months, Shao Feifei spent time in the hospital eating and sleeping. If Uncle Butler had not taken good care of him, he would have either starved himself to death or stinked himself to death. The day he woke up, it had been seven or eight days since Shao Feifei had taken a bath. The hair was chaotic, the clothes were wrinkled, the chin was full of fuzz, and at first glance, there were refugees who thought they were coming out.

So, the first thing you need to do after you get back into action is to cut, shave and wash his hair!

Shao Feifei sat on a short stool and let Jean move scissors over his head. Just listen to a few clicks, and your hair drifts with a hint of wire.

“Watanabe, didn't you bring 'Universal Cocoa'?” Jean-Claude cut his hair and whispered, "Why are you still making yourself so dirty? If I were in a coma for a few more months, would you just degenerate into a primitive person? ”

Sho Feifeidu heard the words "coma” and suddenly turned his head, almost stabbed by scissors.

Jean-Claude jumped and quickly moved the scissors away, scolding softly: "Don't move! ”

Shao Feifei stared at Shangko with those dark eyes and spewed out four words: “No. ”

If you think about it, you'll know what he means by "no”.

“Okay.” Jean kissed his eyes.

Shao Feifeidu had a sample and kissed him in the eye.

Tired and crooked, Shao Feifei can be tasked with many tasks, bathing, changing clothes, ordering meals, walking, practicing, etc.

From Shao Fei ferry, he was able to learn about his recent actions and finally figure out where his ghost came from. I didn't think he would replenish his energy in this way.

To prevent Shao Feifei from continuing to be attacked by ghosts, he could be ordered to refrain from actively attacking ghosts unless his life was threatened.

Shao Feifei naturally had no objection to his demands, and few short-sighted ghosts dared to approach him today.

On these days of rehabilitation, JC also asked about the accident. It can only be said that the car suddenly went out of control, causing an accident. As for Shao Feifeidu and his injuries, he deduced that he did not remember. JC questioned fruitlessly and had to treat the matter as an accident and deal with it with low profile.

The Cloud family also asked several times, and after getting the same answer, they stopped pursuing it. They arranged a bodyguard for the two of them, 24-hour protection, scared they'd have another one.

There is still confidence that Shao Feifei's damaged energy can be handled. What really bothers him is the system. Was his main mission a success or a failure? What's an extra task?

If it succeeds, he will have the opportunity to obtain a retrospective key even if the additional task is not completed; if it fails, even knowing the content of the additional task will make no sense.

The safest thing to do is go over two more evil ghosts. As for the additional tasks, I'm afraid it's just luck.

Upon discharge, Yunko's family took the two to the main house for rest. They're really upset that the two of them are out there alone. Who knows if there's going to be another horrible crash?

However, Shao Feifei was not used to the new environment. Although everyone else was friendly with him, he simply couldn't get close enough to follow Sangkou, like a child who was afraid to get lost.

At night, Jean-Claude held his hand and said, "If you're not used to it, we'll go back to the villa tomorrow. ”

Shao Feifei nodded and kissed his eyes.

“Well, go to sleep.” Jean-Claude lifted his quilt and pulled him in.

Shao Feifei grabbed him, seemed to have no ghost, haunted him around. The body, which used to be very hot, is now very cold.

He can breathe out a deep breath and quietly absorb the ghost from him.

Shao Feifei felt only a little coolness disappeared and replaced it with warmth. He spent almost every day in the cold these days without a good night's sleep. In the warm surroundings, he slowly enters a comfortable sleep.

The result of a good night's sleep is someone's full of spirit in the morning.

“Hmmm...” can't help but feel full-bodied - whisper.

When Shao Feifeidu heard the sound, he intensified his strength by a few points, holding his waist, entering directly from the back of the knife, and traveling back and forth.

The mattress made a subtle noise in the shake and the long-overdue xing made both very engaged.

For every penetration, Shao Fei's Yang Qi is intense. When GC arrived, his ghost almost disappeared. Of course, this disappearance is only temporary. But it also suggests that some kind of passionate movement can lift fires and disperse ghosts.

Feeling the heat in your body, you can whisper: “Next time remember to wear a T. ”

I don't know which one of these words stamped Shao Feifeidu's □ □, his unresolved desire flourished again.

“Wait, that's it for today. This is my house. Someone will wake us up later.” Jean-Claude pushed the man on his body.

Shao Feifeidu will be able to lift up and walk into the bathroom in a connected position.

He means obviously, washing and doing ai is not wrong.

When the two of them came out, they were just in time for breakfast. When the clouds saw their faces spring-colored, they immediately understood what had happened. A few younger generations frowned and praised him for his skill. Hard life turned Shao Fei across this cold ice into a warm ball. Look at how satisfied he is with the colour of his face.

Have had breakfast and can still request to return to the villa. The mica was the first to disagree, and the mica didn't agree very much.

After several rounds of bargaining, I finally decided to stay for another three days. Three days later, Jean-Claude and Shao Fei left the Yun family and returned to their villa.

You can listen to the piano quietly while lying on the carpet and thinking about the excesses.

Less often, the piano stops and feels a hot body overhanging.

Shao Feiduo lowered his head to kiss his lips and taste carefully.

The aftermath of the sunset sprinkled through the floor-to-ceiling windows onto the two of them, adding a layer of yi colour to them.

At a time of warmth, a sudden flash of spirituality: I thought of it!

He just figured out how to be super evil. Though he can't use the spell directly, he can use formations!

The method of formation works only if it is touched. He could have put up a spell where the demons came from and waited for them to enter automatically, and the spell would start as soon as he found the spell. So he and Shao Feifeidu don't have to face the devil. Of course, this is a tricky way to go, less than half the success rate, and only one demon at a time. But even so, it should be enough for him to accomplish his task.

I was thinking, suddenly I felt a shock in my body, a feeling of crispness straightening my back. Next, I couldn't think of anything else...

Thereafter, where evil ghosts are found, a hyperbolic method can be placed separately and monitored to keep abreast of the progress of the hyperbole.

Sankoh's approach was quick to bear fruit, but in a month, he succeeded in surpassing three low-level demons and several children.

However, the system did not send a task prompt. So he did complete the main mission before? Why is there an exception in the system? What's the next extra task?

Based on past experience, this additional task is either related to his man or to the ghost, and I'm afraid I'll have to figure it out myself.

A month later, Yunjia and Shao Jia, after consulting with Shanko, decided to organize an engagement ceremony for him and Shao Feifei in three days. Their marriage was blessed by all parties.

Jean-Claude intends to cherish his life this time and spend as much time with Shao Fei as possible. Never seek death without last resort.

Their engagement ceremony went well, and three months later, they officially registered their marriage and became recognized as the best partner in the blessings of all.

After the wedding, Shao Feifeidu started making music again. When available, he would also be invited to concerts organized by celebrities. Their music album, once sold, was swept away. Fame and popularity followed, gradually climbing the altar of the music industry over a decade.

Everything is so wonderful, so wonderful that it can't be happier.

As time goes by, it can be seen that the ghost gradually disappears from his life. Had it not been for the ghosts, he would have lost his ability to go to hell.

But neither is likely, with people dying every day in the world, and ordinary ghosts staying in the world for at least seven days. And he himself is a powerful ghost, made up of ghosts, can't see ghosts.

“Watanabe, can you still see the ghost?” Ask Shao Feifeidu.

“Ghost?" What ghost? ”Shao Feifeidu gave a puzzling expression.

“It's the ghost that used to harass you all the time. ”

Shao Fei paused for a moment and then touched Sang Co's head: “Don't try to fool me. Where is the ghost in the world? ”

Her pupils shrunk and her heart raised a chill.

He turned around and walked into the room and started looking around.

At this point, Shao Feifei walked behind him and held him by the waist, whispering in his ear: “What is Coco looking for? ”

“Where's the spell map I used to draw?” It was in the drawer, but I don't know when it's gone.

“Character Spell Atlas?” Shao Feidu thought for a moment, then shook his head, "I don't know. ”

Shao Fei Fei Fei did not know the ghost, nor did he know the spell map. Think about it, it seems that he hasn't used his true temper in the last few years, and he hasn't practiced it again, as if he just ignored it? Or is it because life is too full?

You can still realize that something is wrong, but you can't think of anything that's wrong.

At this point, the man behind him began to kiss his neck and poke his hands into his clothes.

“No, I don't want to...”

“Cocoa...” Shao Feifeidu flipped him over, pressed him against the cabinet and blocked his lips. Now his making-sex technology has advanced dramatically, but he won't be able to speak in a moment.

Shao Feifeidu's palms were glanced at by a blind eye, and he discovered that something was missing there - a palm mole!

Isn't this Shao Feifeidu?!

Sang can instantly wake up from Emotion Yu and push his hands against the man on his body, but he is deeply embedded in him and continues to move.

“Let go of me, who are you?” Your cheeks are red, on the one hand because of the pleasure-sensitive and on the other because of the anger.

Shao Feifeidu stopped and looked confused: “Cocoa? ”

No, no, no. Still looking into his eyes, this person is clearly his lover, he is familiar breath, how can he mistake himself?

But why did his palm mole disappear? Why did the ghost disappear? Why did the spell map disappear?

A whole bunch of questions completely obscured Shang...