Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 1

No pain, no life or death, no regrets, no whole life with loved ones, this is the first time for Sankoh after so many worlds.

Despite his many torments, he thanked the system for letting him meet his loved one and fall in love with him again and again.

He could leave the world with satisfaction and happiness, yet he did not enter the system space directly, but appeared on a mountain peak, overlapping, cloudy fog, the vast Mile Mountain River, at his feet.

At this point, an arm reaches out from behind, hugs his waist, and a laughing voice comes from his ear: "Do you like it? This will be our retreat. ”

You can turn around and want to see the person behind you, but in the back room, the image in front of you has changed again. He was guarded in his arms by men, and countless strenuous green lights hovered around him, interwoven into a mesh that covered them. The tremendous pressure approached their knots, killing them with trembling breath.

“Chen Xiao, silence, I want you to live forever!” A harsh rage drinks from the light.

You can still blur your vision, you can't see the people outside the light, you can't see the people in the light, you just feel very depressed, as if something dangerous is about to happen.

“Silence, do you believe me?” The man around asked.

“Of course.” You can hear “yourself” in the affirmative.

“Well, let's play with him. ”

“Bet on what? ”

“Bet on our lives. ”

As his voice dropped, a heartbreaking pain burst into the air...

You can wake up sweaty and look at the familiar system space in front of you, with an uncertain look on your face.

“System, what just happened? ”

System: [What does the host mean? The system doesn't understand.

Shanko: "… I just dreamed of a man named 'Chen Xiao' and a man named 'Silence’. ”

System: [… who are they?

Shanko: "System, don't you know that every time you lie, you get a weird pause? ”

System: [The system never lies, just can't answer. Hosts are asked questions about "Tatsuru” and “Silence” to find their own answers.

Jean-Claude stuck two middle fingers to the system, but was automatically beaten by the system.

He did not ask himself how many more missions he needed to complete this time, because he did not want them to end now. Once it's over, it may mean he'll never see him again. With this possibility in mind, he would rather continue to suffer and go back in time.

After a few days of rest, you can enter the Purification Space and learn the skills he is interested in.

Today, he is known as a mobile skill bank, mastering dozens of skills large and small. Whether it's life, sports, combat, literary arts, etc., you can almost trust it. Of course, depending on preferences, skill levels vary.

Skills such as repair assembly, shooting, alchemy, driving, design, programming, instruments, cooking, etc. can also be preferred. As for other skills, they are basically done under the supervision of the system, not to mention proficiency.

After completing a new round of skills training, you will be able to enter the new world again.

With a thump, you can feel yourself falling on the ground and smell the dirt and grass.

Open your eyes, it's green in front of you, and the sun shines through the dense leaves, scattering a few spots of light. Behind him, a clamor of shouting and iron striking sounds appeared to be raging.

Judging by the sound of the weapon and the surrounding pristine landscape, the world he entered should be in the Cold Arms era.

The system quickly transferred the information.

This is an undeveloped primitive star, living in a group of animals with two physical forms. They live on a tribal basis, in all corners of the continent, with a sparse population, with one tribe only □ □.

This trip became a Fox Orc named “Janu”, whose homeland was occupied by other tribes, a person who had been on the run for several months and was eventually taken in by the Lions. Because of his natural inability to speak, combined with his inferiority, he was discriminated against among the Lions. But in order to survive, he could only live with silence and without being present.

After a hunt with Lion King Mutu, he was raided halfway by the Dogs, and more than a dozen young adults of the Lions were all sacrificed, and only Mutu escaped luckily. As for Yanu, when the fighting took place, he escaped the siege with a clever hand.

The battle power of the Lions should not have been so tragic. But inside the tribe, people colluded with the Puppies and revealed the Lions' route to them. The Puppies set an ambush on their path, covered their scent with the scent of spider blossoms, and launched their first wave of attacks with poison arrows, then attacked with a crowd several times higher than the Lions, which led to their near-total demise.

In fact, while the original Yanu escaped, he did not really abandon his companions, but drove them back to the Lion clan desperately, telling the tribe about the attack on the Lion King, asking them to send someone to rescue him, while being vigilant.

However, the man in the tribe who collaborated with the Puppy Clan, the brother of King Mutu, Sit, saw Yanu running back and immediately understood what had happened. Yanu was mute, unable to articulate the situation, and Seth immediately imprisoned him as a criminal. Then they took people, pretended to go to the rescue, and when they got to the place, they saw only one spot of blood, and they couldn't find a single body.

The Puppy Clan is one of the most brutal of the Beastmen clans, who are born to kill and like to eat the flesh and blood of the Beastmen. Orcs of any race, once killed by them, become their food.

So, if you can't find the body, it means the battle is a triumph for the Puppies. The bodies of the lions were taken away.

Seth appeared sad, delighted, in the name of vengeance, united the people, and replaced Mutu as the new king of the Lions. Yanu, for his part, was used as a tool for disseminating hatred among the people, publicly punishing them with fire and dying with the stains of the traitors.

Just as the Sith ruled the tribe, intending to make a big scene, the Puppies fled and used Sith instead to wash the Lions' tribe with blood, hundreds of Lions were slaughtered, and others fled and ran away. Once upon a time, the lions on the side of the mighty earthquake broke apart overnight.

With remnants of his power, Seth shrunk a corner and dared not fight the Hounds again.

A few years later, the Lion King Mutu, fortunate enough to escape the heist, returned to his wounds, quickly gathered the scattered tribes, re-established the tribes, reared the refined joy, and finally wiped out the Puppies and took back their homes.

Mutu's delay in returning to the tribe was due, first, to serious injuries and, secondly, to speculation that the tribe had a traitor, although he did not know that the traitor was his brother, Seth.

It is dangerous for an injured lion king to return to the tribe, as other clans claiming the throne are likely to challenge him. This is a cruel competition within the Lion Nation, where the battle of the Lion King cannot be rejected and challenges must be accepted even if seriously injured. In Mutu's state of affairs, once challenged, it must have been nine deaths and a lifetime.

So he intends to raise the wounds first, then return to the tribe and revitalize the flag drum. He just didn't expect the Puppies to bloodwash the Lions. By the time his wounds healed, the Lions' territory had been occupied by the Puppies.

By the end of the information transmitted by the system, it was not known whether Mutu had finally discovered that Seth was the traitor. As for the original owner, he was completely a victim of a conspiracy and had no chance to defend himself.

The time that Jean-Claude could cross was precisely when the Lion King was attacked, when the original Lord Yanu abandoned his companion, escaped from the encirclement, fell halfway, and Jean-Claude came.

[Main Quest - Protect Lion Territory from Violation.

But now that we are accustomed to various tasks, whether we can accomplish them or not, what is most important is to change the image of ourselves in the heart of the Lion King.

The original owner was a foreigner to the Lions, unable to speak, unpleasant personality and non-existent. As a result of this escape, it is estimated that a “greedy life and fear of death” assessment will have to be added.

You can turn around and gently plunge into the bushes, quickly locking a bunch of dogs hiding in the treetops, then sneaking up...

Mutu was hit by a poison arrow in the arm and suffered several axe wounds, blurred flesh and blood.

Watching the people fall under the teeth of the dogs, his heart was furious, his expression was like a demon, and he killed several dogs in a row. The intrusion of toxins, however, blurred his consciousness and reduced his fighting power in a straight line.

Mutu was besieged by several puppies, one of whom suddenly rushed over his back, waving an ax and chopping it straight to his neck while he was still unable to recover.

In the meantime, a sharp arrow came with the sound of a broken wind, scratched from the tail of Mutu's eye and shot the dog in the wrist behind him, listening only to a scream, and the axe landed on the ground.

Mutu also failed to look at the source of the arrows, and a carp rolled up to pick up the axe on the ground, waved and swept, repelling the mule that was trying to surround him.

At this time, the dogs didn't know who had just shot the arrow was Shanko. They just thought it was some stupid finger cramp and shot the wrong target.

It was not until the second and third arrows hit Mutu's dogs in succession that they realized that the situation was not good.

“There are their men in the woods!” A captain-like puppy roared and immediately several people rushed in the direction of Sangho's location.

Jean-Claude jumped off the tree, picked up the sword of the dog he had just killed, threw several knives and flowers in the air, and greeted the enemy with a graceful welcome.

It was only then that Mutu learned that the man who had just fired the arrow was Yanu, whom he had thought would have fled.

Seeing him knife up and down, the motion would rush back towards his dog, Mutu was surprised by the fact that Yanu had such a fighting power.

At this time, however, he can't bear to think that the people around him have sacrificed half of their lives, and there are still fifty or sixty of them. Next will be an endless battle between life and death...