Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 2.

Flexible hands can be relied upon to quickly cross the siege of the dogs and rush to Mutu.

Looking at the surrounding Orcs, it is only then that we understand why the Lord was able to escape the day of his birth under heavy siege. Because he is one of the most “petite” of all the animals in the place. In other worlds, 180 centimetres is not too short, but it is “small and luscious” compared to this group of animals at least 210 centimetres tall and fit. Mutual the Lion, in particular, concealed him with a single shadow, and it was a living flesh shield.

Jean-Claude thinks about it while he hits the dogs. His powers are less than those of these Orcs, and he can only revolve around them with skill and specialize in their majesty. The clever figure jumps in the air, the knife interweaves, the blood splashes, and although there is no lion's superiority, there is a gorgeous aesthetic.

Neither side of the belligerents could help but look at him a few more times, and his joining increased the downward momentum of the Lions by a few points.

The main body of the Puppy family is the bird head dog body, mental ferocity, body and hand orthotics, with a barbed tail, the tip of the tail with toxins, can act as a weapon, hit by the area, will immediately begin to become rigid and paralyzed.

The lions were wounded by poisonous arrows for the most part and then besieged by a large group of dogs. Forgive them for their strength and gradual inability to resist. The only person present who was not poisoned was still alive, but as the fighting lasted longer and longer, his strength began to decline.

“Janu, take the chief and go first!” A young Lion suddenly drinks heavily.

Several Lion youths blocked Mutu in front of him in an attempt to break for him. Mutu alone attracted most of his power, and by this time he was exhausted with blood.

Jean-Claude had just observed the terrain on the tree, and not far behind was a waterfall, the only exit for their escape. Under the cover of the rest of the Lions, Monk Mutu can approach the waterfall a little bit.

Just as the two were approaching the edge of the waterfall, a hound suddenly slammed from the side and could fly to Mutu, avoiding a fatal blow, rolling a few laps on the ground, rolling straight down the broken wall and into the tumultuous waterfall.

When Mutu disappeared, the rest of the lions jumped into the water, except that the toxins of the dogs made their movements very slow, some drowned directly, others were slaughtered by the tightly chased dogs, and only one or two survived. This is a small change from what we learned earlier.

Later, the two survivors fled to the Lions and returned with news of a clandestine attack by the Puppies, which aroused vigilance and frustrated Seth's plan. On the one hand, he organized increased security for the ethnic groups and, on the other, he searched around for Mutu's whereabouts with concern, but secretly contacted the Mutu and asked them to send assassinations as soon as they were discovered.

This is the last word, skip it for now.

Shanko dragged the semi-conscious Mutu quickly downstream along the waterway until he turned into a tributary before climbing ashore with Mutu.

Mutu was pale and muscular at this time, apparently not relaxed from the fighting he had just fought.

After searching around, it was difficult to find a relatively hidden cave, but there was already a master living in a nest of spotted mice.

He wanted to negotiate with them amicably, helplessly. He was mute and could only use the most primitive language of violence to forcibly occupy their homes, while expressing in his heart that he would try to compensate them as much as possible. After all, it was not easy for a mouse mother to carry a group of cubs.

Once Mutu is settled, he can run out looking for antidote herbs and food. Dog poison is not lethal, but it can paralyze people for days.

Mutu was confused and smelled a smell of medicine, even though he felt lifted up and fed him a bowl of bitter hot soup. Immediately after drinking, the body warms up and the muscles are no longer rigid.

Jean could squat on the floor and stare at him without turning a blind eye. He identified his man from the first glance. As a Lion Orc, Mutu has a blonde curly hair, about 220 cm tall, a developed muscle with an astonishing burst force, and something between his legs is even more majestic.

Shan can darkly contrast his size, suddenly he feels a little unbalanced, should the racial difference be so great! It's totally discriminatory, okay?

In anger, Jean decides to eat the biggest wild chicken he's ever hunted back!

Not knowing how long later, Mutu slowly opened his eyes and saw a blurry fire before he saw a man sitting by the fire. He lowered his head slightly and peeled the chestnut quietly, beside his feet, surrounded by several stretched necks waiting for a chestnut-eating spotted mouse. Long white hair almost covered his entire face with a fluffy tail that swayed gently behind him, leaving him feeling unspeakably soft and warm.

Is that the Fox Junior Janu?

Mutu had never noticed the mute beast, and had treated him only as a labour force held by the tribe. There are still a lot of outsiders like him in the tribe, but none of them have a lower profile than him. The Orcs undoubtedly did not manifest themselves in contention and wanted a place in the tribe.

Janu was the first to flee the attack. At the time, he regarded the man as a coward, angry and despicable in his heart, with a very poor impression of him. But instead of fleeing, he secretly cleared the archers of the tree and gave them a chance. In the battle that followed, he showed himself his agile hands and the courage not to be afraid of strong enemies.

In contrast... Mutu closes his eyes and hides the killing in his eyes. In this ambush, it was apparent that someone had given away their whereabouts beforehand, and that he was filled with anger and hatred when he thought of the dead Lion warriors.

At that point, a scent of barbecue poured out of his nose.

Mutu opened his eyes and saw Yanu squatting beside him with a roasted chicken in his hand.

A few long strands of hair covered his eyebrows like a curtain, revealing only one beautiful nose and two moisturizing lips.

Mutu wanted to open his hair to see the truth, but the hunger in his stomach temporarily put him out of his mind.

He sat up, took the roasted chicken from Yanu's hand, tore it up with a big mouth, and glanced at the spotted mouse in the corner, which seemed strange to him. Doesn't a fox like rat meat? What do you think, they seem to be having a good time? Is this what he has prepared for himself?

“Janu, don't reveal my whereabouts for now until I get better.” Mutu warned.

Nod your head. In fact, without his reminder, he would not divulge it. After all, there is still a tested suit hidden in the tribe, and going back will only be counted. He has not yet fully gained Mutu's trust, and even if he had been told that it was Seth, he would not have believed that it might have led to his suspicions.

However, he must help Mutu to recover his wounds as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late for the Puppies to kill into the Lions.

The next day, you can go out early to collect medicine and hunt for food, and keep an eye out for traces of dogs along the way. In the pristine mountain forest, the property is abundant, so long as you are good at it, hunting is just a matter of minutes, don't worry about starvation at all. Of course, by the cold season, food will be scarce.

Back in the cave, the sky was just glowing. Clean the pheasant, add some natural ingredients, wrap it tightly in leaves, wrap it in a layer of soil, and roast it in a fire.

In view of the wounds on Mutu's body, several more coconut-like fruits were picked. This fruit tastes terrible, but its shell, dug up, can be used as a temporary pot, and boiling some soup is fine.

Lions don't like vegetables, so they make three fresh soups. Of course, the ingredients of the three fresh soups of different worlds are tailored to local conditions and taste varies.

While still cooking, the little spotted mouses looked around curiously. Rat moms were supposed to run away with them, after all, foxes were their natural enemies and could eat them at any moment. Mother Nerd was injured not long ago, had no strength to escape, had to wait for death, who knew that they met a fox who did not eat the flesh of rats. Not only do they not have to die, they also have access to free treatment and adequate food supplies.

A newborn calf with little patchouli, fearless yet, a few chestnuts mixed with this fox like brothers and sisters.

When Mutu left the cave, he woke up and kept his eyes closed until he returned.

Listen to the movement outside and guess what he's cooking. In the aftertaste of the barbecue we had last night, Mutu realized that the food was delicious and suddenly the mouth was full and hungry.

The lions had a big appetite, and the chicken ate a few bites last night and it was gone. (Shanko: Well, I ate the big one, don't thank me.

After waiting impatiently for a long time, he finally saw that Shang could walk in with half a fruit shell in his hand, but instead of giving it to Mutu, he was sent to the injured spotted mouse.

Mutu glanced sharply at the fat rat and looked at Sankoh dissatisfied: the head of the Tangtang clan is here, and you prefer to serve the reserve? It's fat enough, no need to feed it anymore, just wash the grill!

Another few minutes later, Jean finally walked towards him with food.

When Mutu saw what was in his hand, he was silent. This thing, from any angle, is just a pile of mud! You feed the fat rat soup, but you feed the chief dirt?

Not paying attention to the grudges in Mutu's eyes, he laid the mud on the ground and struck a few times with a stone. Only a few clicks crisp, the mud shell cracked, in a tiny cave, suddenly diffused by a strong scent.

The leaves wrapped outside can be carefully peeled apart, revealing the fresh chicken inside.

Mutu stood by the swallowing motion and tried to remain as dignified as possible, staring at the food on the ground with no expression. Watching Jean-Claude cut the flesh with a knife, he really wanted to yell: no cutting, give me the whole thing!

The chopped chicken can be put in leaves and held in front of Mutu.

Mutu picked it up calmly and took a slow, sly bite. At the moment of the chicken entrance, an unspeakable sense of satisfaction was immediately created in his heart: how, why, would, would, would, would, good, eat!

As you can see, his eyebrows were stretched and he ate extremely cheerfully, and his original curly hair seemed to shake.

Although it is a powerful lion, it does not change the sullen traits of being a feline animal...