Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 3.

A chicken obviously couldn't fill the empty stomach of a lion. He licked the oil juice on his paws and looked at Sankoh silently.

Shanko also brought him a bowl of three fresh soups, and the shell used to hold the soup was two-thirds larger than that of the patchouli mouse.

After tasting the delicious flower chicken, Mutu, although a little disgusted with the soup, was satisfied with his weight and that of the fat rat. He drank a refreshing drink and the taste was surprisingly good. He took a deep look at Jean-Claude and didn't know the little fox had such a craft.

Such a talented person who can kill enemies and enter the room to keep a family should be well placed beside himself.

Eat and drink enough to start cleaning Mutu's wounds and re-medicating. Mutu's wounds were staggered, knife wounds, axe wounds, arrow wounds, different feet, several wounds deeply visible bone, skin flesh blossoming, but the guy seemed to feel no pain, the face did not change color. A slight frown wrinkle occurs only at a moment when he can be drugged.

Leaves soaked in the juice are still available, almost filling Mutu's front chest and back, and then fixing them in a circle with hot water hot linen strips. The linen was torn from Mutu, whose shirt had already been cut to pieces and simply used for waste.

Mutu saw him masterfully, neatly bandaged, and couldn't help but ask: "Are you a witch medical apprentice? ”

This era of medical backwardness has not yet established a relatively sound medical foundation. The "witch doctor” in Mutukou only knows some simple pharmacological knowledge, and their more important duty is to ask God for blessings, which are generally held by prestigious and experienced elders of virtue. So Mutu is asking about "witch medical apprentices”, not “witch doctors”.

Still shaking his head, the long hair in front of his forehead swayed gently as he moved.

Mutu was about to stretch his hand over his hair and saw him get up and walk out.

“To where? ”

Jean could turn around, pick up the rest of the cloth and do a facial wipe.

Mutu stopped asking questions and stared silently behind his departure. The light out of the hole, his body lined extraordinarily tight, his long white hair down vertically, his fluffy tail swaying gently behind him, like a soft puffer, makes one unbearably want to touch two pairs.

Mutu discovered on this fox a very different temperament from the other Orcs, quiet, soft, indisputable, and a few things seemingly... glorious.

How could such a person, even if he was just standing around quietly, make people feel comfortable and he had never felt anything before?

At night, a boar can be carried back. Look at his slim shoulder with a fat boar, Mutu always felt something was wrong.

You can take the knife up and down and start cutting the boar. Looking at the weather today, he figured it would rain tomorrow, so he hunted a wild boar back in case it rained again tomorrow.

Mutumeen looked at his movements without turning a blind eye, and in the dim cave, the silver flashed, like dancing, with a wonderful rhythm.

In the middle of nowhere, the boar has been disposed of, half wrapped in leaves, and the other half has been made into braised meat, so that Mutu's intentions have not been exhausted and half filled.

In the middle of the night, it rained heavily outside, and the gloomy, wet breath made Mutu sleep extremely unstable. At this point, a sudden sensation of warmth came from the chest.

Mutu slowly opened his eyes and saw a big, snow-white tail gently covered in his chest, softening and warming the touch, dispelling the cool on him. Mutu looked to his side and the owner of the tail was in a group, lying quietly beside him, and he could wrap him in his arms as soon as he reached out.

The idea just came up and my arm was over it. Slim, narrow waist in stark contrast to your own roughness. The loose animal skin slides beneath your shoulders revealing a large patch of glossy skin. Under the skirt, the two long legs flexed slightly and the knees rested against his thighs.

Under Mutu - Tighten your belly and suddenly feel a little dry in your throat. He couldn't help but sniff around his neck and his nose poured with a slight fragrance of body heat.

Mutu took an uncontrolled bite in his neck and the lion's desire - desire - always came quickly, but Mutu had just taken over as chief of the clan and had not yet had time to enjoy the spousal rights of the Lion King. All the females of the Lion Nation belong to the Lion King, and no other lion can mate with the females without the permission of the Lion King. Lion youth can only find their partner when they wait for the bar mitzvah.

The predecessor Lion King was superior in character and regarded all young and beautiful females as his own personal possessions, which he would not assign to other lions even if they were adults. Unless they are separated from the community, they can only choose older, mediocre looking partners.

Photographed in the mighty Lion King, the young lions dare not speak angrily. It was not until Mutu challenged the Lion King and won the battle that the former Lion King finally came to an end.

Mutu became the Lion King only two months away, and two months into adulthood. In other words, Mutu defeated the mighty Lion King with his own courage and force when he was a minor, which made him admirable among young lions, but some older lions did not necessarily take him seriously.

Mutu didn't think much about females before, but now he moves because of a fox. As for race, he had not considered it at all.

Mutu was going to go deeper and "study" the fox around him, and suddenly he saw a big tail crossed over and covered his face. Then he felt the fox stretching a lazy waist and rolling over to continue sleeping.

Mutu saw that he had even his tail rolled away from him, some dissatisfied, his hands stretched out and he fished him back into his arms.

Well, that's comfortable.

Mutu raised the corner of his mouth and slowly closed his eyes against the back of the fox.

The next day, the rain had not stopped. Good thing you're ready in advance, don't worry about food issues for now.

He didn't notice that Mutu looked at his eyes and became a little hot and indescribable...

In the following days, it will still be possible to go out and collect medicines and prey on a daily basis, whilst clearing possible traces, Mutu will be responsible for the maintenance of the external carcasses. After a few days of careful tuning, coupled with his own resilience, the wounds have basically healed the scabs, but he has not been able to exercise intensely.

Mutu has been fattened for several laps by Sankosheng while he was seriously injured and falling into the wilderness. He also has the same fattening spotted mouse. Looking at their rolling bodies almost doubts that they can still run, perhaps faster.

After more than a decade of unconsciousness, the surrounding terrain was carefully examined and the route back to the tribe was examined in advance.

There are only about half a month left for the Puppy Bloodwashing Lions, and it should be too late to see Mutu recover.

On that day, Mutu mocked Spotted Mouse boringly in the cave, waiting for him to come back.

But by the afternoon, he hadn't come back.

Mutu is somewhat worried that he is on time every day and seldom returns late, but is still missing today. He suppressed the irritability in his heart, waited another half hour, still disappeared, he finally couldn't sit down and decided to go out and find someone.

Following the usual route, Mutu quickly travels through the woods. Be careful, there was no smell of yourself along the way, until a few decades later Mutu smelled a faint smell of blood. Soon after, he found traces of blood on a few leaves that had not completely dried up, and a smell that disgusted him.


Mutu looked iron and blue, and quickly chased to the source of the breath.

The smell of blood in the air is getting stronger and stronger, and Mutu captures the smell of a fox accurately in the trail of a hound.

He did meet a puppy!

From the direction of the smell spreading, the fox obviously wants to lure the dogs away so that they don't find themselves.

Mutu growled and increased his speed again, as the whole man flew quickly through the dense bushes, like a golden arrow.

But for a moment, he heard the roaring noise of the dogs and the fighting.

Rushing out of the bushes, he glanced and saw that Shang was being surrounded by dogs. His body was moving and he had long hair dancing. On the white hair on the left, there was a splash of blood, like a blooming poppy. A long hairbrush revealed half a beautiful face and a drop of blood fell in the corner of his eyes, like a red tear mole, adding a touch of brilliance to him.

Mutu was stunned by the splendor.

But at this moment, I couldn't appreciate it, and rushed towards the Puppy clan with a frivolous threat.

New hatred was added to old hatred, and Mutu was merciless, and several dogs were soon killed and defeated.

“Retreat!” shouted the leader of the dog.

“Wanna go?” The cold light flashed in Mutu's eyes and threw the axe out of his hand, accurately hitting a runaway hound.

Then he picked up a big knife from the ground, and the monk went after the rest of the dogs.

A dozen minutes later, the battle was over, and eventually a hound ran away.

“Janu, are you all right?” Mutu grabbed Sankoh's shoulder and asked with care.

You can shake your head and say you're okay.

Mutu looked around and said, “Clean up, let's go back to the tribe. ”

Naturally, he had no opinions, and that was his intention. And because of the presence of these hounds, he had a plan to reveal to Mutu the identity of the rapists and the hounds to be attacked.

When they returned to the cave, they took food and weapons and went on their way.

The route has been examined beforehand, so don't worry about getting lost at all.

This, in turn, makes Mutu feel like a fox with fine hair, a necessary hanging for a home trip.

Along the way, it was possible to draw a script and tell Mutu about the plan and the identity of the dogs, supposedly from the mouths of the dogs.

Mutu now has a great deal of trust in Shannon, and the fact that he has taken great care of himself these days, and that he has spared no effort to use himself as bait to lure him away from the dogs, gives him no reason to doubt him any longer.

It's just that he can't accept that his brothers want to put him to death or even collude with the dogs to blame the tribe.

Mutu repressed the pain in his heart and looked up in the direction of the tribe, flashing a resolute cold light in his eyes.

At this point, a whistle came and a figure stood on the tree's edge, pointing far away, turning back to Mutu to reveal a happy smile. The big white tail swayed in the wind and the sun poured brilliant light on him, breathing beautifully.

Mutu's suicidal breath swept away, jumped vertically, and grabbed the fox's waist, like a wind, quickly swept away in the direction of the tribe.

The only reward of the attack was probably to make him truly aware of the fox.