Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 4.

“It's the footprints of the dogs.” Mutu crouched down and looked at the traces on the grass, silently, "at least 200 people said. ”

The Lion tribe has a total population of more than 400 people, one half of whom are elderly women and children with little fighting power. Two hundred people could swallow their tribe if the dogs came sneaking around while the Lion Warriors were out hunting.

Jean-Claude frowned and the dogs moved a few days ahead of his expectations. However, since the system does not prompt the mission to fail, it means that the sneak attack has not yet succeeded.

“Go!” Mutu accelerated, and the monk could run toward the tribe together.

As the distance grows closer, chaotic warfare can be heard. A protective fence over three metres high was erected on the outskirts of the tribe. Behind the fence stood more than a hundred Lions, men and women, scattered in formation, each carrying a weapon, resisting the mad attack of the dogs. A lot of bodies have been laid nearby, with lions and dogs.

You can see the fence and immediately understand why the dogs have not yet occupied the Lion tribe. Because they were cautious this time, not as they had been, they were beaten by a surprise.

But by the looks of them, it's not going to last long. The tribes are now clearly under-represented, and some should still be looking for Mutu outside, while others may be out hunting.

Mutu saw his people murdered by a pigeon dog and yelled angrily in his throat. He was about to rush to the aid battle, but was caught with one hand.

Mutu turned his head to the fox beside him and revealed a restless and puzzling look on his face.

You can point your finger in a certain direction, and then simply plot the shape of an animal on the ground with a branch.

Mutu remembered the herd of mules he had just seen by the river when he came back and said, "You mean to use the herd of mules to drive away the dogs? ”

Nod your head. The large number of dogs, even with him and Mutu, is not expected to play much of a role. After all, dogs can kill without any hesitation, but they also try to keep their people as safe as possible.

“Good idea." Mutu did not hesitate, and Monk could run to the river with him immediately.

The mule is a herbivore in Mount Karoki and one of the food sources for the animals. But they are rough and fleshy, huge in shape and large in number, making hunting more difficult, and when food is plentiful, the animals rarely target them for hunting.

By the river, four or fifty mules were taking a leisurely walk in the water, and Mutu monks could sneak up to the neighborhood, picking a suitable location, and then they saw Mutu's pupils contracted, his face blushing, his blonde hair roots erected, and his body smelled mighty belonging to Lion King.

The mules felt the aura and began to panic.

“Ow -” Mutu exclaimed a loud roar, shocked all over the wilderness, and shocked the birds and animals in the mountain forest.

He jumped out of the bushes, headed straight for the head of the mule herd, leaped on his back and grabbed his horn. The action was brisk and fast as lightning.

The mule leader made a panicking noise, then jumped under Mutu's control and rushed in the direction of the Lion tribe.

The other mules saw the chief run, and they followed behind, and had no idea of a different direction.

To avoid being knocked down, Mutu's legs clamped tightly against the mule's body, and his hands were not consciously pushing harder. But in this way, the direction is out of control, and the mad mule begins to deflect from the established route and run towards the outskirts of the tribe. At this angle and distance, when the mule herd arrives at its destination, it is likely to rub its shoulders past the dogs and fail to achieve impact.

As Mutu tried to reorient himself, an empty sound suddenly appeared in his ear, then only listened to a "bang”, and the mule's neck seemed to have been punched by something.

Mutu turned around and saw Shanko lying on the back of the other mule, holding a cane in his right hand, smoking it around the mule's neck from time to time, correcting his offset a little bit.

The wind blew his long hair to reveal a fine face. He was gorgeous, bright, clear eyes, shiny, cheeks because of movement, slight redness, snow-white tails dancing with the wind, beautiful.

Mutu was almost turned down by the mule beneath him. He hurried to converge his mind, steady his shape, and look at the fox around him. It was strange in his heart, why could he ride so elegantly?

There was no time to think, and the chief mule, under the whip of the cane of Sankoh, was back on track and slammed towards the dogs.

The dogs had gained an advantage by now, and the lions' faces were all in despair. Seeing that the fence was about to be broken, suddenly there was a tremor, and the sound of a chaotic rush ranged from far to near.

Everyone was amazed and famous. There was a tall figure riding on the back of a mule, and the wind swept out from the depths of the woods, picking up the rolling dust.

“It's the Patriarch, the Patriarch is back!” The Lions love to whoop.

Dozens of strong mules, led by Mutu, rushed into the herd, rushing them to flee and defeat the army. A number of dogs were trampled to death by mad mules on the run, with no power to fight back.

Mutu, who rides the mule, is like a god of war, unstoppable, and marks his fear in the heart of a dog.

They dared not to stop and flee. But in the blink of an eye, he ran one by one, leaving only an incomplete body.

Mutu saw the victory settled and lifted his hand to grab a branch and roll it over. Immediately after stabilizing himself, he looked toward Sankoh's position and saw him with his back to his side, hanging upside down on the top of the tree, his tail slightly rolled up and his body swayed, seemingly watching the sunset in the sky.

Mutu discovered that his eyes were always drawn to him uncontrollably and he drove him into his arms, as if he were more pleased than he had won a victory.

“Come on down, let's go home.” Mutu stood under the tree, staring backwards at Sankoh, stretching out his arms to him.

Shaking his body, he rolled down from the tree and steadily fell into Mutu's arms.

Mutu put him down and put his arm on his waist.

Together, the two returned to the tribe, greeting them with the warm cheers and admirable eyes of the tribe. Not only because Mutu had driven away the dogs and solved the tribal crisis, but also because of the way he managed the mule, which shook them greatly. In this ancient era without knights, harnessing beasts was enough to be used as a symbol of courage and strength.

Mutu's prestige was greatly enhanced and strengthened by this extraordinary victory.

He assembled the rest of the tribe, counted casualties, and swept the battlefield. In this battle, the Lions sacrificed a total of 11 people, seriously injuring 50 or 60 people, including minor injuries. Forty-three dead and four captured. This has been quite a triumph for the Lions. After all, there were only two dozen young adults in the tribe at that time, and even women and younger children were sent to the scene. If the fence had not been erected beforehand, the tribe would have been washed in the blood of the dog.

As the aftermath progressed, the Lion fighters who went out returned and learned of the crisis experienced by the tribe, they were all overwhelmed with anger and fear. Then they heard the clan's eyebrows and dance about the majesty of the chief, and were even more stunned and stunned.

“Mutu, I'm so glad you're back safe.” Sit walked over and hugged Mutu with his arms extended.

Mutu pushed him away silently and calmly said, "Thank you for your hard work. ”

“Ha ha, we are brothers, say what hard is not hard.” Sitter revealed a smile without a capital.

Looking at the set in front of him, Mutu can't believe he's the one who betrayed himself. They were brothers and siblings, intimate from a young age. If he wants to be a lion king, he can challenge him properly, why use this despicable means to collude with the dogs, no matter how dangerous the people are?

Mutu wanted to question him, but he did. This time they captured four dogs, and only if they sat down from their mouths and betrayed him could he dispose of them in good faith.

After dealing with a lot of aftermath, it was late at night, Mutu went back to his house, his eyebrows were a little tired, and he was planning to take a good rest and suddenly felt something was missing. Looking around, the room was empty, cold and clear, and a furry big tailed fox was missing.

He turned around and thought for a moment before remembering Yanu's place.

Because he was an outsider, Yanu was placed in a remote corner near the periphery.

Mutu followed the scent and stopped in front of a greenhouse. This bungalow is low and broken and seems to have been abandoned for a long time. The ground pit was depressed, the grass was barren, and a slate road was laid outside the door, stretching intermittently for more than a dozen meters before the end.

Mutu felt a little uncomfortable and was about to knock on the door, finding that the door was just a cover and that the dull fire was coming out of the gap.

He gently pushed the door open and glanced at the white figure with his front leg sitting beside the furnace fire, his head lowered and his clothes knitted quietly.

The clothes of the Orcs are mainly made of animal hide. However, if you have patience, you can also collect hemp cotton, extract the thread by special means, and then weave it with a long needle. Although the fabric is a bit rough, it is lightweight and breathable for warm season wear.

There is no furniture in the room other than a table, a chair and a bed. The bed is covered with an old animal hide, a homemade bow and arrow and stone axe at the corner of the wall, and some ceramic bowls and dilapidated kitchenware by the stove. The bowls and utensils were washed clean and neatly displayed.

Placing a snowy white fox in this environment always seemed a little out of place to Mutu.

When he sensed his arrival, he raised his head and looked quietly at Mutu with his eyes hidden under white hair.

Mutu stood at the door, muffled and said, “I'll give you another place tomorrow. ”

You can shake your head and say no. Then pointed to the grass seat opposite him, indicating that he was seated.

Mutu walked over and sat next to him, his gaze unconsciously shifted to the large tail next to his leg.

After watching for half an hour, I finally couldn't bear to stretch out my paws, and at this moment, my nose suddenly smelled a fleshy fragrance.

He raised his head violently and saw Shanko lift the lid of the soup pan, revealing the broth cooked inside.

Murtutun felt his stomach grunt, which reminded him that he had not eaten since he came back.

Jean-Claude gave him a bowl of soup, scooped most of the meat into his bowl, and then sprinkled an oval of mud from the fire.

Mutu's eyes shined as he drank the soup beautifully and immediately recognized that the muddy goose was the kind of roasted chicken he had once eaten.

You can cut the chicken, put it in a plate, touch five more braised river crabs, peel off two tender white eggs, pour two bowls of fruit juice crushed with wild fruit, and a full dinner will be complete.

Mutu looks at this table food, the tiredness and tightness of the day dissipate the smoke, leaving only a sense of happiness surrounded by delicious and soft hair...