Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 6.

In preparation for the festivities, everyone began to prepare ingredients, knitting clothes, making ornaments, etc., young men and women without companions, but also with great energy.

As soon as Mutu brought the prey back to the tribe, he attracted a lot of people around. Baiqiu, a creature that emerges day and night, is rare. Its fur is white and smooth, it is not watered, it is not dusty, it is not suitable for decay, and it has a faint fragrance that makes people love it.

Especially the women, one with two bright eyes, looked at their lion king with the anticipation, hoping that he would entrust them with the task of dealing with the skin of the beast. It's not just a vanity, it's a hint. By entrusting his ceremonial costume to whoever it is, the Lion King is likely to be the first spoiler-lucky object.

However, it did not occur to all that Mutu had handed over his prey to Yanu, a naturally disabled fox male. Is Mutu going to let a male help him spend his adult night? Although a number of Lion youths occasionally soothe each other, it is for them that reproduction of future generations of females is their best choice, mating - and matching.

The crowd did not agree to move their eyes to the Fox teenager beside Mutu, his body was long and elegant, his two long legs were straight and proportional, a long white hair spread randomly behind his back, the front bundles covered most of his face, with the breeze blowing, the faint colors were visible, a large, fluffy tail, gently swaying behind him, like a puffin. Just standing still gives people a very comfortable aesthetic.

Strange. Was that mute fox that good looking? Spending an adult night with someone like that doesn't seem so hard to accept...

Mutu saw a lot of young people's eyes fall on the fox, his heart was upset, and he drank: “What are you doing standing here? Get to work! ”

The crowd laughed and scattered, and only women were somewhat dissatisfied with a fox male snatching their heads. They made a dark vow that the ceremony would be well dressed and that the Lion King would choose them as his companions for the night of adulthood.

There was no time to feed the lion for a few days before the ceremonial costume was ready for Mutu. Mutu was in a depressed mood, eating the food prepared for him by his men, feeling that he had lost several laps and that his hair was not as bright as it used to be. Of course, it's purely his psychological role.

In order to ensure that it is safe to lose, it has been very brief for some time. Important items must not be carried with you and must not be allowed to take advantage of those who feel bad about you. According to normal development, there is usually someone to destroy at this time. The destruction of ceremonial costumes, the creation of disputes, the use of weird gods to guide public opinion and so on could have an impact on Mutu's credibility.

As expected, Seth did want to sabotage it, but with Sankoh's caution and Mutu's covert surveillance, he had no chance at all but to look at them and see that everything was ready.

Decades later, the long-awaited celebration of adulthood finally arrived.

Spacious open spaces surrounded by huge campfire racks with a wide variety of food, barbecue, steamed meat, fish shrimp, vegetables, fruits and more, as well as fine ornaments and blooming flowers to adorn. Everyone has a happy smile on their face and wears the most beautiful dress to clean themselves up.

“Janu, you're here. Go inside. The chief is waiting for you.” A Lion youth pushed him to Mutu's room as he pressed.

In the room, Mutu could stand with his back to his back, naked, naked, stretched back muscles, strong limbs, bronze skin, and that path representing the glory of the warrior, making him look wild.

He had only just reached adulthood, but his figure ratio was completely out of the normal pattern of growth, and his compatriot brother, Seth, was shorter than his head.

“Fox.” When Mutu heard the movement, he turned his head and saw Shanko, his eyes flashed immediately.

Jean-Claude walked up to him with his clothes and started dressing him.

He prepared a complete ceremonial costume for Mutu, from inside to outside, including belts and accessories.

Mutu is at liberty to reveal his strong body without any hesitation. There are still “countless readers” and the colours are obvious. But Mutu, the “pure” rough guy, immediately reacted with the touch of a fox.

Pants are raised high so that Jean-Claude can't even fasten his belt. He had to live in a tent and try to film it, but it was getting higher and higher.

Jean-Claude looks up at him: Are you going to go to the ceremony with this thing?

The latter face is innocent and has no intention of covering it up. In the mindset of the Orc, the male trait is a manifestation of strength and charm, without having to hide or be ashamed.

It is felt necessary to temporarily throw aside the heritage and traditions of the civilized era in order to adapt to the primitive and rugged nature of this era.

It took half an hour to finally get the lions together. He was dressed in linen cotton spinning, a beast fur vest, a refined belt and boots, and a cape sewn from white fur, lining his magnificent body with a more dignified, noble and elegant look.

As soon as he appeared at the ceremony, he immediately attracted a huge spectacle of surprise. The cape flies up and down as his tiger moves forward and brings a strong wind.

Walking in front of the ceremony, Mutu knelt down, received the blessings of the elders, and declared to all that from today onwards he would formally enter the adult world, shouldering the burden of defending the community and leading the tribe to grow.

When the ceremony ended, the scene was filled with joy and the atmosphere was pushed to the top - the tide.

And then there's the dance party, and the most important part - begging - the puppet.

However, everyone is waiting for the Lion King to pick them first. Other male suitors, females may refuse, but in the case of the Lion King, whoever he chooses, the chosen person cannot refuse. As the most powerful leader of the tribe, the Lion King is also the most popular female target, and it is an honor for them to be favored by the Lion King.

Lion marriage, too, is more liberal. If they want to form a family, the elders will bless them, engrave their names and let them live together, if they apply. Separation and annulment may also be required if the relationship is not reconciled. However, betrayal of one's partner is not permitted during the marriage contract, otherwise certain penalties will be imposed.

Mutu turned a blind eye and looked around, eventually finding his fox not far away.

At this point, however, they are surrounded by several Lion girls who appear to have deliberately approached him, who are distracted from speaking and who are apparently interested in him, but who from time to time glance at other, stronger young people.

If they try to seduce him with beauty and separate him from Mutu, they are too unprofessional. Even if they are beautiful, he will not be hooked!

Good thing he was dumb enough not to have to talk, just focus on being a quiet, low-key fox.

She was bored and suddenly had a strong wind behind her and then saw all the girls around her raising their heads and expressing both anticipation and admiration on her face.

Shanko was about to turn his head, suddenly feeling light-hearted, the whole person vacated, and was then carried on his shoulder. In the low voice of everyone, he was resisted into the room belonging to the Lion King.

Mutu put the fox on the bed, lay down on his body and kissed him again, quickly tearing off the clothes from both of them.

Seeing foxes and other females laugh, his heart is so angry. (Shanko: Reasonable, he neither “tweaks” nor “laughs”!

This fox belongs to him. Nobody moves!

Mutu did not give Shannon a chance to breathe, almost rudely encroaching on his breath.

A soft grunt can be made, like a cat's claw, scratching Mutu's head hot, unable to hold back, but too big to enter.

“Relax, fox.” Mutu sounds repressed and agitated.

Jean-Claude would love to tell him that it's not a matter of relaxation, it's not the right size!

However, it is clear that the resilience of the beast has been underestimated, and Mutu, by virtue of the beast's instincts and unskilled breakthroughs, was forced into the hinterland.

Jean-Claude felt as though he had been penetrated, and his slender body completely accommodated him.

Mutu roared a few times and, after the initial hardship, he lifted his legs and began to tumble. The white tail plate trembled slightly on his waist as he moved.

The simple wooden bed makes a creaking sound, and the interior is full of - …

The following day, at dusk, a Lion youth arrived at the door of the house and found no movement inside, immediately showing a relieved look on his face. This is the fourth time he's checked in, and the first three people in there are fighting hard, and they're huge, and they're very haunted. It wasn't until then that they finally calmed down.

Young men praise the Lion King, not only the most powerful warrior of the tribe, but also the longest lasting male of the entire family.

Still confused, she opened her eyes and found herself lying on Mutu's chest, both of them naked, slippery, clothes scattered all over the floor and a mess in the room.

Jean-Claude sat up with her waist up and was about to get out of bed to get dressed. Suddenly she felt a sore tail and was dragged back by someone, then wrapped tightly in her arms, as if she looked satisfied with his face as a pillow.

Jean could have drilled a few times in his arm, not drilled out, and had to give up his struggle, and his tail slowly softened.

Mutu liked the look of his helplessness and couldn't help but bite twice in his ear, intending to go deeper, his stomach suddenly grunting.

Mutu: "…”

Yes: “…”

Mutu: “I'm hungry. ”

OK: Obviously.

“How about a roast chicken later?” Mutu looked forward to seeing him.

Just be happy. Jean-Claude rolled over while he let go, leaving him with a cold, noble tail.

Mutu moved his tail aside and came up to say in a slightly rough tone: "Fox, I haven't eaten your roasted chicken in a long time. ”

Want to eat and make your own.

“Fox, fox...” Mutu pulled his tail gently.

It could not be ignored.

“... if you don't give me chicken, I'll eat you!” Mutu threat.

Jean-Claude, turn your head.

Mutu's face was overwhelming and handsome.

You can sit up and start wearing clothes.

Mutu's eyes shined and he felt the lion vibrate, thinking that the little fox would eventually be beneath him.

However, when the fox brought the dinner to his face, he realized that he was mistaken. A table of vegetables cleared the soup of the slag, without even an egg.

Mutu thinks his whole life is bad, is it true that he didn't work hard enough last night to satisfy his fox?

Yet: _