Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 7.

After the mitzvah, Mutu's tribal prestige increased markedly, and his attitude to the tribe changed subtly and became more respectful. And because of the lion king's petition, it was gradually accepted by most members of the lion clan, no longer needed to work early and black, and the time was arranged by Mutu.

Mutu, as the Lion King, does not have to go hunting every day, his main duty is to guard the tribe and protect the community. Mutu, however, is not a man of pleasure, and he believes that only fighting can make people grow faster and gain more strength.

Mutu has been interested in riding since the last time a mule was used to evict a dog. He was acutely aware that it was a new way of fighting and that it was very lethal, so he decided to give it a try and see if he could tame a bunch of mules and set up a mule cavalry.

Mutu could not have let his people go by killing them and invading his territory. But as the cold season approached, the people were busy preparing food, and for the time being there was little time and energy to find revenge for the dogs.

The cold season in Mount Karoki is very strange, cold weather and food scarcity are secondary, and what is truly horrible is the ghostly death spinning ice. Dead spinning ice is like a tiny whirlwind, coming without a trace, and as soon as they scratch it, it freezes into the ice column in an instant. No matter how powerful the creature is, it cannot be beaten in the face of death, and the only way to live is with one word - escape.

So the creatures of Mount Karoki seldom come out in the cold season, especially in the last month of death spinning ice.

While lion beasts prefer meat, they also eat vegetables when food is scarce.

In order to survive the cold season, a few vegetable plots have been opened next to their houses and some edible vegetables, wild fruits and herbs have been planted. He did not find fields near the tribes, indicating that they were not very good at planting.

When learning to grow in a hundred refined spaces, the first lesson is to identify common plants in all worlds, and this lesson alone takes a lot of time. Although he learns only one skill, he needs to master the property knowledge of different worlds, which is why it takes him years to learn every time. Of course, this time was compressed through the purification space, and he didn't feel the passage of time himself.

“Fox, stop messing with your grass and go out with me and I'll find another bunch of mules.” Mutu stood outside the fence in a trembling spirit to greet him.

Jean-Claude packed up and took his weapon and followed him out.

Mutu has been trying to domesticate mules for more than a dozen days, unfortunately with less than satisfactory results. The lion's aura frightens the mules, and no matter how soft and hard he works, he can't make them fully obey.

I had an idea, but I didn't know if it would work, so I didn't tell him yet.

When the two men came near the mule herd, Mutu immediately used a rope to cover a mule softly and then began his bullfighting battle.

You can sit on the tip of the tree and watch someone fly up and down in the “English pose”, while being on guard.

At this point, he found a damaged trap not far away, surrounded by some messy footprints.

Jean could turn down the tree, come to the trap, look down, see a little mule trapped inside, leaning back and screaming in panic.

You can remove the rope from your waist, tie one to the trunk, then jump along the rope and tie the other to the mule.

Weighing it with his hands, not to mention hundreds of pounds, he can't get it on his own. Prepared to call Mutu, but saw him appear above the trap.

Needless to say, Mutu grabbed the rope and his whole body muscled up, pulling the mule and the fox together.

Shanko had not stood steady, and Mutu hugged him and gave him a big kiss, then listened to him: "Eat the roasted cow today. ”

Yes: “…”

Finally, Jean-Claude didn't make the roasted cow because he decided to bring the little mule back with him.

“Well, we can grab some more cubs and put them back in circles so we can have fresh meat in the cold season.” Mutu raised it backwards and backwards, but farming is not an easy thing. A few are fine. Dozens of them make feed a problem. At the end of the cold season, no one dares to go out and collect grass. Vegetables are not currently grown, nor are they luxurious enough to feed.

Mutu obviously thought of this too, shook his head and said: "Let's wait for the cold season to pass. ”

The two men took out dry meat and had a brief meal, and Mutu was ready to continue the war with the mules.

Jean could lie on his side on the grass, looking at his face as if he was fighting, spitting in the dark: every time he tortured the mule, he dragged it back as a stockpile. In the crude way that he eats people without bones, he will never tame a mule.

Stand up and try to find out if there are any new varieties nearby.

When Mutu heard the footsteps, he looked back and saw that he could slowly walk into the woods, his big tail swaying, letting his gaze follow him uncontrollably.

Mutu rushed past him like a whirlwind, slammed him into the grass, then ripped his pants off, pulled his legs apart, and rushed in quickly and accurately.

You can groan, your body is unprepared to be invaded by foreign objects, and you can't help but be annoyed. He repeatedly slapped him in the chest with his tail and protested silently.

Mutu was saddened to see him, and immediately slowed down and began to be patient to soothe his body and help him relax. After a moment, he leaned against the trunk, grabbed his waist and weighed himself up...

The two did not return to the tribe until the sun set.

Mutu struck with his bare arms and wore a fine muscle, crossing several fresh scratches.

Jean-Claude wore Mutu's animal leather jacket, which was slightly wider and more subtly lined with his original slender body.

The nearby Orcs saw the two of them like this, revealing the smile of the gods. They are all field-war masters, and the intensity of the war can be seen from the marks on their bodies and the breakage of their clothes. Given Mutu's strength, he can still walk at this moment, which is impressive enough.

The two men brought back the two mules, the large as reserves and the small ones as reserves.

Mutu had thought that the little mule was just food for the winter, but I didn't expect him to have a very good heart. Not only does it eat and drink every day, but it also gives him a regular bath, massages him and sleeps with him!

That mule is so ugly, so thick in fur and so small in guts, why is it worth the trouble of a fox? He's never been treated like this before!

Mutu went out of anger.

Returning to his room at night, he took off his clothes and pressed Jean to take a bath, massage him and sleep with him!

Jean-Claude first took a calm look at his figure and nodded at him.

Mutu laughed with satisfaction and watched him pour warm water into a stone pond, try the water temperature and wave at him.

Mutu immediately ran over and jumped joyfully into the pool, splashing a splash of water. When he turned around, he saw that he could turn around and walk out of the cabin.

“Fox, massage!” He hurried and shouted at his back.

There was no response outside, but for a moment he saw Jean-Claude walking in with the little mule.

Mutu asked astonishingly, "What are you bringing it here for? ”

Jean-Claugh smiled at him and led this Thursday trembling mule into the sink.

Mutu looked incredible and the fox let this mule take a bath with him! Where is the majesty of his cousin Lion King?

The little mule was stared at by Mutu with cold fur, frightened to shrink on the other side of the pool, and couldn't help but cry out to Jean.

Jean can sit by the pool and let the mule rest his head on his leg, gently touching his spine with his hands and soothing his emotions.

But for a moment, the little mule calmed down, pillow on Sankoh's leg, and a pair of black eyeballs busily peeked at that terrible giant not far away.

Mutu saw this guy take over his fox leg and swim over, rudely squeezing it away and putting his head on it.

The little mule was a little angry and didn't dare hit him. She could only slip to the other side and grab Sankoh's other leg.

Jean can't help but look at the two heads on his legs and want to laugh.

“Fox, massage!” Mutu said crudely.

Jean-Claude's current posture was inconvenient for a massage, so he slipped into the pool, indicating that Mutu was lying by the pool and then began to knead on his shoulder and back.

Mutu closed his eyes and made a comfortable grunt in his mouth, as his tight muscles slowly relaxed and a messy golden hair stretched.

The little mule had been sticking nervously around Sankoh, seeing Mutu's face smooth and not as scared as before. After watching it, it carefully swimmed over, learning the look of Mutu, leaning his chin against the pool, and waiting for it to be "fortunate".

Mutu was still in a coma and suddenly felt his fingers move away as he was about to fall asleep.

He opened his eyes half the time and glanced lazily at the side, and found that Sankoh, who was still massaging him, was serving the little mule again!

Mutu made a threatening roar, and the little mule was immediately frightened to the bristles and hid behind Sankoh.

Jean glanced at him dissatisfied.

Mutual Fury: The fox is staring at him for that hateful mule!

He hauntingly pulled Shanko over, pressed him against a flat stone platform and began to “punish” him violently.

The little mule bubbles in the water, revealing only a pair of big shiny eyes, looking at the pair of mating creatures by the pool, spitting bubbles silently.

This “punishment” lasted until the next morning, although lessons had not yet been learned and mules and Mutu were often taken to shower together.

After several protests, Mutu also gave up. The fox is stubborn and even the Lion King can only accept it.

Mutu didn't know why Jean-Claude was so good to a little mule at the moment that he was jealous. He didn't really understand his intentions until after the cold season, when he had the first mount with his fingers like his arm...