Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 8.

The weather is getting cold and mountains of food are piling up in the lions' warehouses, but at their food level, it is estimated that they will last only half the cold season. At the beginning of the cold season, hunting and gathering is also needed, and the middle and late stages are largely impossible to get out of.

The sanctimonious vegetable grounds have begun to bear fruit, and the leaves of green oil appear extraordinarily fresh with white cream. There is also a tiny, smooth winter fruit hanging like a pearl on the tip of a tree. On the other side, there is a pink velvet flower that opens up to the cold wind and is beautiful at the moment.

Once again, the stone slab road outside the house was re-laid, and on both sides the green vines were planted, and the mud in the pit depths was laid green, stretching to the fences and walls, decorating this otherwise rugged residence as if it were an elf cabin, becoming the most beautiful corner of the tribe.

Under his influence, a number of females also began to plant plants around their homes, either dying or dying because of poor management. So they came all the way to ask for help, they didn't make excuses, they patiently demonstrated how to grow, and they taught them to distinguish between plant varieties.

Unlike the rude power of other males, he was thought-provoked, gentle in character, polite to females, and in a few contacts, he soon received unanimous praise from females, almost as a "friend of women", and also received the autumn wave of young and young females.

Previously, Yanu, because of his own defects, rarely dealt with people. He had no friends in the tribe, and his knowledge was limited to dullness, isolation, honesty and deception. Now he has become a shanko, one less ego, one more accent, gradually exudes the glory that belongs to him. The previous Yanu was not bad, patient, kind and simple, just too concerned about his flaws to miss out on many beautiful scenery.

At first, he could think of himself as traveling through different worlds, resurrected on different people, but since seeing the last illusion, he has hidden a feeling that perhaps every time he travels through the world, it is his past life experience, every time he travels through it, and it is himself.

Now think about it, every time he becomes another person, he adapts very quickly, especially in the last world, where he finds physical resurrection in a state of ghost, starts several unsuccessful times, and there may be coincidences, but he hasn't tried the reason for being wrong. There seemed to be a force in the underworld that led him to find his own body.

You can shake your head, let go of these assumptions for a while, and focus on what you're doing. As long as he completes his mission, the answer will one day be revealed.

“Yanu.” Suddenly someone called his name behind him, but he could turn around and see Seth smiling towards him.

As Mutu's brother, Seth's status in the tribe was not low, but Mutu, already aware of his ambitions, began to deliberately alienate him and send someone to spy on him in secret.

Seth quickly perceived a change in Mutu's attitude towards him, but did not doubt that his plot had been defeated, but merely speculated, in the minds of the dwarves, that Mutu had become a chief of the clan and had begun to defend himself against it in order to secure his position.

The last time a dog attacked a tribe, he made Sete aware of their insidious cunning and dared not collude with them again. It was a pause. Recently, however, Mutu had been mixed up, but his position had been diminishing and his heart was jealous.

Today Mutu took people to pick up the hunting team, and they are said to have found a herd of mountain goats, more than sixty of them, that need to be transported.

Mutu rarely brought Janu with him, and Seth decided to come looking for bad luck. Not previously noticed, today, this fox teenager is really good looking, not inferior in size or appearance to those of females, or even worse.

Look at him standing under the green vine, with long hair, white tails swinging, side of his head, a pair of peach blossom eyes looking forward to life, charming.

Sit couldn't help but swallow a sip, took a few steps, came to him, reached out and wanted to touch him on the waist.

He could stand aside and look at him coldly.

“Don't be afraid, I just want to be close to you.” Seth leaned over to him again with a harmless look in his face, trying to win his favor.

He closed his eyes, picked up the shovel on his hand and struck it several times on the stone.

Sit unknown, so he was about to talk, but saw a dark shadow suddenly rushing out of the side, like a hill blocked in front of Sangquo, sniffled at him in a snort.

At first glance, it was actually the mule that was kept by Yanu. It was no longer that little livestock, today it is big, muscular, black fur and smooth, plus the constant mix in the lion tribe, with the taste of the beast, powerful, fearless.

Jean-Claude touched his head, and he immediately put up hostility, bent his eyes, and rubbed his hand with affection.

Seeing this battle, Sit knew that he was out of action today, and when he was hesitating, a sudden warning tsunami came from not far away.

Enemy attack!

The face was intact and quickly ran towards the center of the tribe, before approaching to hear the sound of the dogs.

Another doggie? You can look behind you and shake your head in the dark. Seth had been under Mutu's supervision for some time and had no access to the Dog, and given the last lesson, he should not dare to work with the Dog unless he intended to die himself.

Running to the center of the tribe, the Lion Warriors have begun to prepare for battle, each picking up its own weapon and rushing towards the aggressor outside the fence.

This time, however, unlike the last time, the dogs did not immediately strike the Lions' fence, but threw many water bags into the tribe. The bag smashed to the floor, spilling a black liquid with a pungent smell.

Others don't know, but they do, and it's -- it's oil, no processed crude oil!

You can open your mouth and try to remind them, but your throat doesn't make a sound except for a tingle.

Don't go over there!

Many Lions, spilled with oil and ignored, continue to rush violently toward their enemies without knowing that they are about to face a group of reapers.

It was not expected that the Puppies would discover oil and use it as a weapon to attack the Lions. In an oil offensive, defenceless lions are bound to pay a painful price.

Shanko's brain starts spinning rapidly: what to do, what to do, what to do?

Watching a torch thrown high, you can still realize that there's no way out of time, there's only one word - kill!

He pulled out the dagger between his waist and rushed towards the fence against the flames of the sky, using his flexible figure, jumping a few lengths into the flock of hounds.

As he landed, a few murmurs burst behind him, and the red flames rushed to the sky, like a phoenix with wings spread out.

He raised his head and lit two rays of anger in his eyes, waving this killer dagger in his hand in a howl and scream.

Burning fires, choking smoke and those lions who were devoured by the flames attracted everyone's attention.

Listening to the screams of the lions, the hounds shouted with excitement. They waved their weapons and rushed toward the tribe.

At this time, the Lions had almost lost their resistance, and the fire, which could not be extinguished, frightened them, and the dogs easily broke through the outer protections.

Their purpose is clear: to burn, kill, rob, plunder!

But they did not find that their peers were rapidly decreasing. A ghostly figure quietly harvests their lives and leaves a body behind them. White figures, low-key kills, splashy blood, bright red flames, sharp blades... interwoven into a dazzling picture in stark contrast to the chaos around them.

As the dogs fell more and more, they finally discovered that Sankoh existed. Looking at the body of that place, the dogs were angry and mixed up, renouncing their pursuit of other people and yelling arrogantly at Sangkou to kill them.

Without fear, face the knife axe, wave the dagger on the hand, and cut their numbers.

The Lions quickly noticed the anomaly over here, and saw the slim figure, under the siege of dozens of dogs, to fight alone. Blood was sprayed on his white hair and tail, staining a bright bloodstain.

A long knife crosses from the back of Sankoh and immediately leaves a deep visible bone wound. You can step back and avoid another person's critical attack, breaking a few beams and then drifting.

It was obvious that his strength was about to reach its limit and his movements were no longer flexible, but even so, his eyes were still cold and he did not retreat.

A fox teenager is brave enough to fight his enemies, and these powerful lions panic like cowards!

The eyes of the Lions flashed with anger and shame, and they picked up their weapons and shouted at their enemies.

Sankoh's calm and courageous, silently infected them, allowing them to gradually overcome the fears of fire, regain their dignity as a warrior and fully confront the intruders in front of them.

At this point, we do not need language inspiration, but only a weapon and a piece of courage.

As the battle unfolded, the Lions found that the number of hounds was not as large as imagined, at least not forming an overwhelming advantage. It was only when they noticed the corpse of the dogs that extended beyond the tribe that it became apparent that the fox teenager had begun a silent battle before the enemy stormed into the tribe.

This resoluteness and determination is a source of heartfelt admiration for all.

The fire was still burning, but under the fierce assault of the Lions, the dogs gradually defeated and eventually left nearly a hundred corpses and fled.

But as soon as they escaped from the tribe, they ran into Mutu and others who hurried back. Seeing the tragedy in front of them, these Lion fighters raged and relentlessly cut them to pieces.

Mutu rushed into the tribe and saw the bodies on the ground, the burning houses and the painfully moaning tribes, with a strong outburst of killing.

Suddenly, his pupils shrunk and his gaze quickly searched the crowd, eventually locking that familiar figure.

He was standing in front of a house devoured by fire, with his hands hanging by his side, one holding a dagger and blood sliding along the edge of the dagger, dripping down the floor. White hair is also covered in blood, and that scar on the back is even more alarming.

When you hear the footsteps behind you, you can look back slowly and look at the man in front of you worried.

Mutu, the storehouse where the food was stored, was burned.

Then, his eyes could be closed, the dagger on his hand landed on the ground, and his body weakly fell into his arms.

[Complete the Main Mission - Protect the Lion Territory from Violation.