Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 13.

Additional tasks 2-5 years will develop the Lions first tribe of Karoki Mountain with at least 1,000 people.

The second additional task was released with less difficulty than could have been expected. His partner is the chief of the Lion clan, and he has established a certain prestige, and for the next five years it will only be necessary to focus on the development of the tribe.

At present, there are only more than 200 lions, and the reason why they have not grown is because of food support, because of security solidarity, and because the lions themselves do not have the will to expand.

Most lions are more comfortable with the status quo, as long as they have a windshielded lion's nest, plenty of food, a few satisfactory crossings - matches, nothing else matters much. Orcs like Seth who attempt to take the position of chief by conspiracy or plot are rare.

Frankly, they are lazy, lazy to expand the territory, lazy to develop the population, lazy to beautify the tribe.

This is probably the most difficult part of the task, and it is fine to accommodate a few outsiders, but to accommodate seven or eight hundred people, even for five years, a plot is needed, starting with a relatively stable development plan and governance programme to ensure that the Lions do not fall into chaos as a result of rapid population growth.

“Let's go!" a beast drank loudly, then rushed out of the tribe excitedly with a bunch of beasts like a deserted Mustang.

Two months of "□ □" life can hold these good moving lions to rest. After the cold season, they rushed to the mountains and searched for fresh prey.

However, this trip is expected to fail, the snow has not melted, many animals are still resting, and there is probably only a small amount of cold resistant vegetables and mountain fruit that can be found.

Instead of following the past, Mutu took some of his tribes to Ice Lake to fish nets. Though a little tired of eating half a cold season of fish and shrimp, this is by far the easiest food available, at least in quantitative terms.

Beasts can be taught to weave fishing nets with larger meshes and as little fish as possible are missed so that they can continue to grow and reproduce. He has even begun to consider how to integrate glacial lakes into the territory of the Lions, with a view to developing livestock farming at its centre.

“Fox!” Suddenly Mutu's cry was heard as he pondered.

And he looked up, and he didn't know where to get a big fish, and he was waving his fishtail in the air right now.

Poor big fish, swung dizzy and turned, and by the time it was over, it had died without meditation.

“Fox, make me roast fish tonight!” Mutu held the big fish in his arms and smiled in the sun.

He could nodded and said he had no comment.

Then he heard an intervention from someone beside him, demanding that he should show his hand and benefit the people. As soon as this is said, a voice of response is heard.

The meal, which was supposed to be exclusive to Mutu, soon turned into a gathering of dozens of people.

In fact, the beasts would rather have a family feast, unfortunately food is scarce and we can only wait for the next chance.

That evening, all the animals who had contributed their ingredients had a delicious meal. Grilled fish, fried fish, fish soup, dumplings (dumplings are made from berry fat flour), raw fish fillets, drunken shrimp, shrimp steamed egg spoon, fried crab, etc., plus fruit wine, all the people are full of spring breeze, the meaning is not exhausted, one thing is crooked, do not want to move.

A small courtyard, lying on the ground snoring like a ray of "corpses”. Today's delicious food, which has made these long-standing hungry Orcs, is greatly satisfied.

Mutu rarely drove anyone, but by midnight, they would definitely be frozen awake and rolled back to their lion's nest.

At this point, an ice cream fell off the roof and smashed into pieces on the ground.

Heavy snow is melting, and it's another year. Despite several crises this cold season, no one in the tribe has starved to death, nor will it ever happen again.

Mutu looked back at the kitchen and his fox was busy in front of the stove as the snowy big tail swayed gently as he moved.

He slowly walked over, surrounded him from behind, bit his ear, and whispered, "Need some help? ”

Still have the tail to open his face: go away, don't stand in the way here.

“I'll help you.” Mutu felt no obstacle at all, keeping his body firmly behind Sankoh's back, covering his hands and washing dishes “with" him.

No words yet: wash dishes, wash dishes, what waist do you shake? Don't you know that you have a diaphragm?

He had a low wheeze in his ear, a burning heat surrounding him, and a strong male smell in his nose.

Mutu washed the dishes slowly and then put his long arms together and suddenly pressed them against the wall by the stove, kissing him with his head down while lifting his legs with his hands and squeezing his body into the period.

Fast and fast, without taking into account the animals lying in the courtyard with only one wall apart.

Your cheeks are red, your eyes are half narrow, you look at that hidden wooden door, you want to remind the lion to change places. But the next second, the feeling of being invaded made him temporarily incapable of thinking.

The two of them wrapped up in the kitchen, and the aura of affection - lust - diffused out in disguise. Many animals are irritated and wake up from their sleep with a restless roar in their throats.

Mutual's ears twitched slightly, lifting Shannon to the door, closing the concealed wooden door with his body, then continuing deep.

In fact, he personally doesn't mind people visiting his mating process with the fox, but he knows that the fox doesn't like it, so he has never fought with the fox in a crowded area.

Looking at the untidy appearance of a fox's shirt, Mutu suddenly felt that such a fox should belong to him alone.

The simple wooden door creaked in the crash, though not visible, but the charming Orc did not know what the people inside were doing. They were irritated with fever and didn't greet each other. They went to find someone to spill the fire...

Ice and snow melted, grass resuscitated, and animals drilled out of their nests and began to move in the mountain forests. And the food of the beasts is gradually enriched.

Several new plots of land have been reclaimed and are intended to be experimental fields for the cultivation of different vegetables and vegetables, which will then be replicated. These vegetables cannot be used as staple foods for animals, but can be used to raise livestock. Many livestock are domesticated from wildlife, and as long as there is sufficient food, the animals can establish their own farming industry.

The farming plan was strongly supported by Mutu, and during subsequent hunting, the animals brought back some live animals each time and handed them over to Shanko for breeding. These animals can be screened and preferentially selected for gentle, fertile animals such as monkey rabbits, wild chickens, mountain roots (a bird that cannot fly), etc.

Monotypic tribes quickly become lively and can hear animals from time to time.

Mutu stated in advance that the cattle raised in the tribe belonged to public property and that no one should be intimidated or harmed at will. If one is frightened, captured or bitten, two must be compensated.

Everyone knows about Sankoh's breeding program, so it's not cheap, but it's inevitable to frighten these animals occasionally.

More than a month later, the Shanko farm passed its initial domestication period and finally began to get on track. Although there are currently only 30 or 40 animals, at their rate of reproduction, it is believed that they can be scaled up once in less than two or three months.

On this day, Mutu can go to the wild to trample the green.

Mutu dressed very well, but walked out of the house and found out that there were other males with him - the fat, fat mule!

After a cold season, the other orcs lost more or less a lap. Only this guy, whose body was so long that he was now almost as tall as Mutu, could barely see a hair behind him.

Mutu thinks this guy thinks it's a mutant breed, and the other mules aren't that tall, and he doesn't know how to feed the fox.

“Why bring it?” Mutu photographed the mule on his back with dissatisfaction.

The mule just glanced at him gently, painlessly.

Jean-Claude just smiled small and didn't answer.

Wait for a group of people to come to an open lawn and stop.

Mutu looked around for a week and said, "This seems to be where we first met this mule. ”

Jean-Claude nodded and looked at him with a smile. He didn't have to say much now, but he should have thought about the purpose of their trip.

And Mutu wondered, "Fox, are you going to release me? ”

And yes, it's normal to feed for so long and to have feelings, and to have to eat.

No words yet: Has your IQ been eaten by dogs?

He dropped the backpack on his back and removed the leather rope, saddle and other equipment from it, all equipped on the back of the mule.

As he moves, Mutu finally understands his intentions, his eyes immediately shine and his face shows a leaping look.

The mule did not resist the action of Sangquo, stood well in place, from time to time rubbing Sangquo's face, turning to Mutu, but unnecessarily breathed.

Mutual: Do you remember yourself as a mule? Don't you dare be a little prey conscious?

Geared up, Jean can pat the back of the mule and show Mutu to get on.

Nor did Mutu hesitate, putting his hand on the cow's back, and one jumped up.

Mutu originally thought he would be lifted down by a mule, who knew it was just shaking his head, and then rubbing it in Jean-Claude's arms like he was saying, "Why is this golden-haired lion riding it, not a soft fox?"

Jean-Claude gently touched the mule's head and shot it on his back.

The mule ran slowly and slowly as if it had been given some instructions.

Mutu's eyes flashed a slight surprise and then tried to control the mule. Although the action was a little sluggish, with the help of the mule, he also rode like one and gradually found the trick.

He didn't know how much work he had done to tame a mule before, and he never succeeded. But nowadays, this mule, like his right and left hand, drives comfort.

While Mutu was riding the mule freely on the grass, he finally understood why he insisted on getting along with the mule in the morning and evening. Familiarity and closeness, closeness and recognition, from initial fear to today's trust.

It turns out that domesticating a beast does not necessarily depend on force, but also has a power called "emotion”.

Mutu slowed down and rode the mule back slowly.

In the distance, that familiar figure stood quietly under the tree, smiling awaiting his return.

Mutu thought that he was probably one of the ones he tamed, but he, Gandhi...