Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 15.

In the woods, a group of orthopaedic figures quickly passed through it, chasing several runaway dogs.

You can squat on the tree, pull open the long bow, focus on the front, the bow string sounds, an arrow fires out, and you see a dog scream and fall to the ground. Still no pause, bow again, and aim the arrow at the second target.

He didn't aim for harm, he tried to capture one or two alive and torture the location of the oil. Even if the lions are not currently interested in development, they should have it in their own hands. Moreover, the invasion of the Beastman tribe by the Puppies necessarily requires regular collection of oil, keeping stocks of rabbits and cutting off their resources, which is more efficient than tracking them around aimlessly.

However, the Lions tend to see the dogs in pain, leaving no one alive in several pursuits.

“Fox, go home.” Solved the dogs and Mutu waved at the tree.

Jump gently off the tip of the tree and walk slowly to Mutu.

Mutu snagged his waist and lowered his head and bit him in the ear.

A traveler returned to the tribe with the joy of victory and full of prey. He was greeted with enthusiasm by the people of the tribe. The children came excitedly and questioned them about the course of the battle.

Mutu, not paying attention, saw two little foxes healing him. What's wrong with that big, small picture of harmony?

You can bend over and scratch the back neck of the two foxes with your hands. The little fox shrunk her neck and happily unwrapped her hands around her thighs.

Mutu's eyes flashed slightly. Is the back neck sensitive to foxes? Try it tonight.

You can take the little fox to the other children and make a gesture of friendship so that they can take good care of the new ones.

The oldest child immediately patted his chest, but the little fox recognized the baby and turned back to his mother without accompanying them.

You can still see the fox women not far away, frowned slightly. Instead of doing anything about it, a pair of hands pulled him around and heard Mutu's dissatisfaction: "Don't get involved with her. ”

Jean-Claude glanced at him: this fear was superfluous.

He explained yesterday, and this jealous guy tortured him all night, not paying any attention.

Before the two came to the warehouse together, they started counting their prey, recording each person's harvest, and distributing it one by one. Two thirds of each harvest is distributed according to labour, the other third is attributed to the chiefs and the other half to the warehouses. Warehouse reserves are used if there is less harvest on the day.

Today, farming has been promoted among tribes, with half of each farmed animal being public and half private. This distribution will change accordingly when it develops in the future.

Many Lion Orcs have little interest in growing fruits and vegetables, but in order to feed their livestock, they grow a lot of grass, a bit of green oil, which adds vitality to the tribe.

Jean-Claude prepared to go back to cooking with his share of food and met Carona and her children halfway.

“Janu, can we... can we go to your house for dinner?” Carona asked carefully.

Looking at her hands empty, she was clearly planning to go to his house for a white meal.

Food is very precious to the Orc, and no one will give it to others for no reason, except in exceptional circumstances. Every time other Lions come to his house to eat, they bring their own ingredients, and Carona is an outsider, much less a privilege.

Jean shook his head, bypassing her and walking back.

“Yanu.” Kerona hurriedly stopped him and said, “You said to take care of our mother and son, we haven't eaten enough for days, the food the tribe gave us is not enough, I really don't want to see the children starve. ”

It is also responsible for the distribution of food, and it is clear how much food Carona has distributed, although not much, enough to feed them. As a new outsider, Kerona should know the truth of her life. A child cannot always be used as an excuse to beg for charity.

Jean-Claude looked at the two little foxes, his eyes sparkled. He didn't pay much attention yesterday. Today, he suddenly felt something was wrong. The yellow muscles of the little fox face are thin and mentally weak, obviously a consequence of chronic malnutrition. Opposite Carona, despite her wounds, is red, full-bodied, full of qi, and not at all as if she had suffered. Does this difference happen to a child-friendly mother?

You can lift your eyes and measure Carona in front of you with a gaze of scrutiny.

Carona saw him staring at herself and her expression was clearer and more pitiful.

Jean-Claude wanted to say, "Leave the child, my lord.

Only children and the elderly with disabilities who had contributed to the tribe were the only ones in the tribe who could give him preferential treatment. Unfortunately, he was unable to speak. Sign language was too cumbersome to ignore for the time being.

Thinking about it, Mutu, who handled the matter, walked this way in a relaxed step, and when he saw Carona, his delightful expression immediately turned upset.

“What are you doing here?” Mutu is definitely a good man, no matter what the style. Not to mention the female, who is also passing cigarettes with his partner.

Carona's eyes flashed a little timid, politely greeted Mutu, then she found an excuse to leave, even the little fox forgot to take it away, or they chased it themselves.

“What's she looking for you for?” Mutulla, with the big tail of Chanko, opens the interrogation mode.

Jean-Claude pointed to the ingredients on his finger and to his own mouth.

Mutu was immediately summoned to kiss him in the mouth and then coldly said, "Don't think you can offset the crime of stealing with beauty and food. ”

Shanko: … Sometimes they really can't communicate and their minds aren't on the same channel at all.

In the evening, feed the lion, sand plates and gestures are still available, reiterating that he has nothing to do with the fox woman, and do not attempt to use this pretext to “corporal punishment” him!

However, a lion seemed to be selectively retarded, grabbed his tail, said he was trying so hard, and then tortured him like that, and asked him unreasonably to give birth to a little lion, otherwise he would hang the bell every day.

Finally, he got angry. He stuffed an original Yellow Lotus in his mouth. He was born with his flourishing desire and arrogant flame.

The next day, Mutu took the people out hunting and followed the dog. Still too tired to catch up with the big army, he stayed in the tribe and did manual work with others.

The alien beasts of the Lions have also been assigned tasks and will be awarded material rewards according to their labor.

He has experienced many worlds and acquired a wealth of knowledgeable skills, but he has not produced anything appalling, but has made improvements and gradually improved the standard of living of the animals on the basis of their original products and technologies.

The knowledge structure of the animals is too simple for many ideas and habits to change. They are good at imitation but do not know how to use their wisdom. What is still to be taught is not some sophisticated technology, but the way of thinking and the process of practicing it.

Unconsciously, a busy day passed again. Mutu and others returned loaded, this time bringing back several animals in exile. They may also be entered on the alien roster and then counted and distributed.

When it was all done, Jeanne saw Carona walking in with the baby and said with grief, "Janu, why did I get less food today than yesterday? ”

Jean-Claude turned around and showed her to follow.

There is a clay kiln in the tribe that produces dozens or so of clay blanks every day. At the bottom of each pottery, the name of the creator is engraved.

The beasts had no habit of being named, but were later influenced by what was still possible before they developed a culture. Mutu also stipulated that a monthly selection of high-quality ceramics would reward and honor the producers accordingly, so that everyone was more than keen to leave their own exclusive mark on their items.

You can walk to the corner, where there are several strangely shaped clay blanks, in stark contrast to the surrounding rounded edges.

Those strange pottery blanks come from Carona's hand, who is reasonably capable of making pottery for most animals, but Carona is not only slow, but also very irregularly shaped, making pottery as basic as scrap.

What it means is obvious: you do such a bad job and you naturally get less food.

Carona felt aggrieved: “My injuries are not good, my fingers are inflexible, and I inevitably did worse. ”

Still not moving: learn by doing it poorly.

The Orc he knew, even if he was no longer good at pottery, would be fine to make some simple bottle jars. But Carona can't even pinch a bowl like she's never worked.

There are also some "nobles” among the tribes who do not have to work hard, but they often have expertise in other areas, such as “witch doctors” who were previously expelled. The fox woman in front of her is clearly not among the “nobles”.

“You said you'd take care of our mothers and children.” Carona moved out of this case again.

Just once or twice, it's always hanging in my mouth, it's just annoying. She is well maintained and will not be compared to her, but she has been included in the insignificant list of passers-by.

His so-called "care” only guarantees them a place of refuge and the basic necessities of life, free from bullying by other Orcs, but never says she can quit her work, eat and drink for nothing and enjoy VIP treatment. Even Mutu, the chief of the clan, would not have earned it for nothing.

Carona's complaints and grievances were ignored and she left after pointing out the circumstances.

Carona looked behind him and stamped her feet in disdain.

In the evening, Jean-Claude made some extra snacks and planned to ask Mutu to send them to the two little foxes together.

“I'm not going.” Isn't it sick that Mutu refused to let his partner feed the child of his rumored lover?

Jean-Claude naturally wouldn't embarrass him by calling a couple of little beasts and adding a meal to the little fox in the name of the game. He knew perfectly well that the food he distributed to Carona was only half full. With Carona's laziness, the two little foxes are expected to endure a long period of hunger.

A group of people came to Carona's place - in front of a small dirt house.

There was a fire in the room, silent, as if no one was there.

Not waiting to knock on the door, a little beast has pushed the door wide open and immediately heard a few shouting and whispering.

At first glance, Carona was not in the house, and the two little foxes curled around the corner, looking in horror at the sudden break-in crowd. Seeing Sankoh's figure, the colour of the divine was slightly softened, but still immobilized.

Strange. Where's Carona?