Heroic Death System

Run, Fox 18.

Mutu stood on the edge of the cliff, his mind blank, leaving the night wind to shave over him, ignoring the cry of the people who had come after him.

He watched as the fox jumped off the cliff and disappeared into his sight. Why can't he be faster? Just a few more steps and he'll save him!

“Patriarch…” An Orc walked forward hesitantly and did not know how to comfort him.

Not only is Mutu sad, but others are sad about what happened to Yanu. For the Lions, Yanu was no longer the original foreigner, but their people, comrades, brothers, and heroes and guides who had fought many times for the people and brought prosperity to the tribe.

Though reluctant to think so, at the height of this cliff, Yanu is afraid it will be difficult to survive, and even if he survives, he is expected to become crippled.

Looking at Mutu's face, the beast did not dare to speak, but simply took over the little fox in his hand and turned around to tell his other companions not to disturb him for a while.

As the Orc turned around, Mutu took an unconscious step forward, his toes hung up, and as soon as his body leaned forward a little, he fell.

“Sheikh!” Behind the scenes, Mutu was noticed, and he could not bear to shout.

The Orc, holding the little fox, turned around sharply and saw Mutu's footsteps floating, seemingly ready to jump down at any moment. He was frightened by his hair and reached out to grab him.

At this moment, a crisp flute sounded suddenly from the bottom of the cliff, as if it were a bright light, breaking through the darkness and instantly letting Mutu's otherwise cold heart reboot.

That's the bone flute he gave the fox!

His fox is not dead!

Mutu was excited, his feet were empty, and the whole person fell off the cliff.

“Sheikh!” The Orcs were delighted by the news that Yanu was alive, and they turned to see this creepy scene, one frightened and upright.

Fortunately, Mutu was able to hold on, and Hardson turned his body around, stood steady again, and averted a tragedy.

Others also maintain a frightening look and hand stretches.

Mutu rectified his expression and gave a solemn order to the people: "Go down and save people! ”

“Yes!” The beasts were the ones who brought the suspended heart back to its original position.

On a mountain wall more than twenty meters from the bottom of the cliff, there is a huge fluttering twig that can sit on the thickest branch dry, shaking its tail, licking the wound, blowing the night breeze, looking up at the stars, the state seems quite comfortable.

The three missions have been successfully completed and the days ahead will be a straightforward one. Without the burden, Sankoh's mood is naturally in a bad mood.

At this point, a lion roar suddenly came from above the cliff: "Fox, hold on, I'll be right there! ”

Jean laughed and picked up the bone flute and blew a few times in response.

Mutu was right to send him a bone flute, and it always works when it matters.

He could not speak, unless the bone flute reminded him that the lion was supposedly desperate for his “death”.

Shanko didn't know that the lion was more than upset. He almost jumped with him...

There are ropes on Mutu's rides, but at the height of the cliff, I'm afraid you won't be able to use the ropes to get down directly, so you'll have to take a detour down the hill. It took about an hour to calculate, even at the fastest speed, to say the least.

Jean-Claude did not intend to sit on the tip of the tree all the time. After a short break, he climbed down the root of the branch.

The doggy was fallen into a human form and could not die again. He was ignored and walked straight along the rock wall.

Then something amazing happened. Along the way, all kinds of rare herbs and special minerals, like no money, keep coming out of the places he passes by.

And even more incredibly, he also found a spa where he could heal his wounds. Originally intended to be cleaned, the wound was actually nourished by the hot spring and healed quickly at an extremely unscientific rate, but in a few decades, only a few faint scars remained.

Jean-Claude wonders if he entered Fix from a primitive planet. Is it really appropriate for something so fantastic to appear here?

It can be soaked in the hot spring for a while. The whole person is refreshed and devoid of pain. After coming out of the water, it becomes a beautiful fox, soft and white.

When he walked out of the cave, he saw a flame in the darkness in the distance, apparently Mutu came to him with his people.

They can rush to blow the bone flute to show them the direction.

“Fox!” Mutu saw the familiar white shadow and immediately threw away the torch in his hand and ran towards him.

It was not until he was held in his arms that Mutu finally relieved himself.

“Fox, I'm sorry I'm late. ”

Jean-Claughingly shook his head and gently squeezed his fingers.

“You fell off a cliff, you're probably hurt pretty bad, and we'll get back to healing right away.” Mutu let go of his hand and looked at Sankoh's injuries, saying worried.

Something's wrong?

The fox in his arms, although damaged, is elegant, radiant, with a tender, white skin, and appears to have a faint glow, like a pearl in the night.

Why does a man who just fell off a cliff seem more glorious than before? Mutu felt like he was dying.

Jean-Claude took his hand and walked towards the Lions, greeting him with a cheer and blessing.

“Dad.” The two little foxes drilled out of the crowd, hugging his legs tightly and looking at him with tears.

Jean-Claude touched their heads and was about to bend over and lift them, but was stopped by a big hand.

Mutu, speaking of the two foxes, threw them to the beast beside him in disgust, said: "Janu is wounded, be honest with me. ”

The two little foxes stopped talking, just staring at Sankoh.

Jean laughed and took two stones out of his arms that had just been found in the cave and handed them one each. These stones don't do much good, but they glow in the dark and are beautiful. The little fox's attention was drawn to the stone and his face was a little less restless.

Mutu glanced at the fox around him, who always made the child happy. He grabbed his waist and leaned over and kissed him in the face.

This is his fox, his loving and proud lifelong companion.

Back to the tribe, it was early morning. The first rays of sunshine from the sky covered the earth with a golden veil.

Carona is dead, dead under the knife of a doggie.

She pays the price for her greed and vanity, preferring to venture into vain material enjoyment and false status and reluctance to work diligently to create a secure life.

Half a month later, Mutu is officially married to become the second most honorable figure of the Lion clan, enjoying second only to the Lion King.

The two little foxes were adopted and gradually moved out of the shadows of the past, leading carefree lives, and two more little tails from there.

In order not to let the little foxes disturb their worlds of sexual well-being, Mutu enlarged their houses and kept their rooms away from the little foxes', who did not know what they were “doing” even if they could hear the "bells".

As Mutu grew older, his body grew stronger and his desire for xing grew, entangling foxes almost several times a day. Especially in the summer, he dressed less and could penetrate the hinterland with a lift of his leather skirt.

Later on, I couldn't stand it. I simply wore the characteristic underwear, which was flexible in texture, waist-patched, easy to drag and damage.

But he forgot he had a tail. Small underwear, must have tail position. As a result, someone can use the void under their tail to break through the panties barrier and drive straight into...

Now the only thing that's a little unfortunate is that the fox can't give him a few little lions.

Mutu recklessly thought, holding Sankor's waist behind him and slamming back. A tall - tidal iteration, Mutu released in his body.

He could suddenly cover his stomach and stop him while he was planning to come again a few times.

“What's the matter?” Mutu stopped acting and asked with interest.

Jean-Claude frowned and ignored him. Lately, there has always been something wrong with his stomach. He seems to have worms in it and moves from time to time.

Congratulations to the host for being a father.

Shanko: … can you just stay quiet and do a cool system without talking?

Wait a minute, Joe Daddy? Not what he thought?!

Jean-Claude looked white and looked down at his stomach as if he wanted to pierce it.

Mutu followed his gaze and looked at his stomach. Well, it looks like it's been a little more meaty lately.

Mm-hmm? Hmm?!

Mutu's expression became weird, staring at the fox for half a second, then shook his head and laughed at his fantasy of the sky.

Not only is it Mutu, but it seems impossible. He's a male. How could he have given birth? Do you really think this is a fantasy world?

Unfortunately, however, the world of the Orc is so peculiar that it has not yet been truly understood. After him, the world will evolve into many male females. And he, exactly, is the ancestor of all male females.

A few months later, when Mutu confirmed the news that she was still pregnant, the whole crowd was forced. Happiness came too fast, he felt he was going to heaven...

[Perfect survival will be embraced by luck and blessed with peace, health and prosperity throughout the life of the host. Even if you take poison and commit suicide, jump to death and hang yourself from a hunger strike, you can live happily ever after.

At last, one can truly see what “perfect survival” means.

The last world, though perfectly alive, doesn't feel obvious. Shao Feiqiao and Shao Feiqiao in that world, clothing, clothing, talent, family care at home, bodyguard escort out, life was already moisturizing, until the age of 100, no accidents were encountered.

But in this world, the added effect of perfect survival really manifests itself.

From the day the mission was completed, the cause of life could not fail without the help of God, almost reaching the realm where the mind wanted to be, eventually becoming not only the promoter and guide of the primitive society, but also the creation of a new race - the male female.

All male females in this world will be descended from him and Mutu and have their lineage...