Heroic Death System

Death Cycle 3

After suffering alone in the wild for more than a dozen hours, it was already 3: 00am or 4: 00am the next day, at the darkest time of the day, there was silence and only a whirring wind.

Still wearily climbing up from the ground, her skin was smooth and delicate, leaving no scars, as if the scene of her previous mutilation was just a terrible nightmare.

Night is a world of zombies, not much time for sentiment. He flipped out the backpack that had been thrown aside and took a few pieces of clothes out of it and put them on. Looking at the hole in the backpack, the unconscious appearance of the broken heart appeared in the brain.

The system lets him choose between [Kill the Zombie King] and [Kill by the "Lead Character”]. Until the Zombie King is seen, there is a tendency to choose the former. But after seeing it, he felt that the task was simply impossible.

The Zombie King gave him an indestructible feeling, and when he did so, he killed him easily, silently and without even using the incapacity.

Still too weak.

Yet you can sigh in the dark, carry a wrecked backpack, quickly step into the dark, find a safe foothold, and wait for dawn.

Long hair is coagulated by blood into a dry, hard strip that can be cut into short hair with scissors while resting. It feels much fresher at a moment.

After dawn, progress towards the main base can continue as planned.

The next few days have been incredibly smooth, and even when a corpse was encountered, it was not attacked. Still nervous at first, he waited tightly, and after several tests, it was finally determined that the corpse was generally ignorant of him. Only when you smell the blood on him will you be overwhelmed and impoverished. So, as long as he is guaranteed not to bleed, he is almost free to cross the zombie colony.

Of course, if you encounter a powerful zombie with wisdom, it's not going to be that easy.

On the fourth day, you can enter Fuxi City, which is about three or four days away from the prefecture where the main base is located. The denser the population, the greater the number of zombies.

You can sail cautiously through the alley, like a wildcat, cleverly into a building.

He hasn't eaten in days and is starving, so he decided to find a kitchen to open fire on.

On these days, he collected several more pieces of ingredients and necessities. Although there is no energy supply in abandoned cities, it is difficult for a person who has lived in primitive society to defeat him even if the conditions are no longer simple.

With a bundle of firewood on his back, Jean picked a corner room and quickly drilled into it. Go around the house and make sure no zombies are hiding before walking into the kitchen.

Modern style kitchen, spacious and bright, with advanced equipment, full kitchenettes and pans, but no knives.

Close all the windows to avoid the smell coming out of the house. Then wash the kitchen utensils with water magic, then use fire magic to light the firewood, remove pre-treated water fish from the new large bag, ingredients found at various supermarket stores, etc.

His elementary magic can only wash vegetables, make fires, and not be used continuously, although it is convenient to cook.

Once the fish soup is cooked, two more "potatoes” were dug out of the field not long ago. There are some uncultivated farmland in the suburbs that have not been abandoned, and many highly viable crops that are still □ □ alive, although the variety seems to have changed.

The potato on his hand, for example, is oddly shaped and has a dark purple skin that looks like an alien product. If he wasn't afraid of poisoning at all, he wouldn't have dared try it easily.

More than half an hour later, a pot of hot fish soup and a plate of sprayed frying potatoes were completed. You can sit casually on the floor, drinking fish soup and eating potatoes, with an incredibly comfortable look on your face. In the kitchen, there is a smell of food, occasionally a few strands drift out of the crevices and quickly dissipate into the air, not attracting any attention from nearby zombies.

Eating cheerfully, she suddenly felt her back cold, turned back sharply, her back was empty, and she was about to turn her head. Yu glanced at a figure lying on the ceiling. She was, of course, a little corpse under the age of six or seven. She was all red luo, lean bones, skin was dark green, red eyes, no emotion.

It turns out to be an advanced zombie with red pupils.

She was not found searching the house just now and may have a special ability to hide the trail. Red-eyed zombies are more intelligent than ordinary zombies, but as long as he is not bleeding, he should not be attacked.

One advanced zombie is nothing to be afraid of, and Jean-Claude is just worried about attracting other zombies. If she accidentally scrapes a little skin and bleeds a drop of blood, the fun is huge.

With some fish soup and potatoes left, it seemed impossible to eat. Shaking his head with some regret, he then guarded the little corpse while packing his bags quickly and intended to move into a different room for accommodation.

At this point, the corpse suddenly moved. She was seen flashing and blinking at Sankoh.

Shanko's movement slowed, his right hand in the bag grabbed the knife handle tightly, and he hesitated to cut his head with one knife, directly resolving the threat.

Instead of ignoring Sankoh, the little zombie looked down into the soup pan, then leaned down and licked it, and then stopped moving.

Can't you just whisper that zombies like this bloodless food?

I was thinking that the soup in the soup pan suddenly burst into layers of ripples, as if it were some kind of vibration, making buzzing sound.

What's going on? It's not clear yet. So, but the mind was a little wary, didn't dare to stay too long, accelerated the packing speed, just ready to leave, but the little zombie burst away at this moment, she pulled off the soup pot, and then shouted angrily, seemingly accusing him of making such a nasty thing!

Yes: “…”

Looks like he's not good enough. Immediately draw your weapon and cut it off towards the neck of the little zombie.

However, the blade cut only a shadow, and the little zombie instantly disappeared into his sight, and the next second appeared on top of his head, like a spiderman.

A carp rolled down and hid under the table.

Before stabilizing his body, he heard a crisp crack on the table and a crack spread from the middle to the periphery.

This table is hard in texture, I didn't expect to get cracked by this little zombie's claw.

It may be realized that this is not an ordinary red-eyed zombie, but a brigadier general zombie.

He's just trying to make a meal by rubbing it in the dark, so do we have to give him a "dessert” after such a vicious meal?

Fighting a Lori zombie who can move instantly, has great power, and has a tendency to be violent is not enough to keep a low profile. I just hope that it can be resolved quickly and the danger will be minimal. Unfortunately, however, Lori's body is one of the most powerful zombies yet to be encountered, with the exception of the Zombie King.

By force alone, one can barely defend oneself, and trying to kill one another without injury is essentially impossible.

But for a moment, Sankoh's arms, back, neck, etc. were caught by the corpse. Smell the blood, the viciousness of the little corpse is thoroughly inspired, paws don't bother to greet Shanko, each time it takes a layer of flesh to scrape to stop.

The little zombie couldn't even greet him, and the howling of excitement from the zombies came from outside the building.

With the height of the building and the robustness of the house, zombies below the premium level are not easily able to break in, so it is important to solve the current problems first.

Now that you've been wounded, there's nothing to worry about. The fire is full, and you're going to die with Lori's zombie.

Then Lori's corpse suddenly stopped the offense, halfway down to the ground, with a low howl at Shannon.

At a time of suspicion, I did not know when a tall figure had appeared behind me.

He did not wake up suddenly until a big, cold hand clamped his back neck and lifted him off the ground.

His fingers were deeply pinched into Sankoh's flesh, causing him cold sweat and direct flow. This feeling of powerlessness, he has experienced. If I'm not mistaken, the guy who suddenly appears behind him is the zombie emperor.

When he was turned around, he saw the familiar and terrifying face of the emperor.

Di Zheng fingers, gently choking his neck, as the click crisp, Sang Co's head and body, soon left only a layer of flesh connected, as long as Di Zheng loosened his hand, his head will soon lose support, like a broken cloth doll.

But this time it's a lot softer than the last bloody time.

In addition to the severe pain, there is still leisurely self-tuning.

The emperor lifted Sankoh, not immediately throwing him on the ground, but staring at him all the time.

There are two lines of blood tears in the corner of the eye. The hidden golden light shines through the black pupils. The lips are bright and red, in stark contrast to the pale face, and look unusually demonic.

The emperor was silent and half-hearted and suddenly said in an extremely dull voice: “Do you... seem familiar? ”

Shanko:... Oh, as a matter of fact, you killed two in a row. Three passers-by, you finally think I look familiar! Besides, why are you here? Are you here to kill me?

In fact, the Emperor also intends to go to the main human base, except that he does not know the direction, so he chooses to follow other humans. On several occasions, he walked the wrong way, and then killed the humans who took him. In the end, I met Sankoh here.

He followed the appetite of the zombies and found that the "food” that excited the zombies still did not hold his appetite.

Ever since he became Zombie King, he has not eaten well, and he has been starving for a long time, which makes him very sick.

At this time, Di's gaze slowly shifted towards his right hand, which was still powerless to fall. His little finger broke in the battle just now and appeared strangely distorted. At this moment, however, it was slowly being repaired, but soon his finger recovered as it had begun.

Jean-Claude's eyes were still open, but he was actually “dead”, so the strength of his body began to repair itself.

The emperor seemed very interested in this phenomenon and suddenly reached out and cut off the little finger that he had just recovered - with his sharp fingernails, cut it off, cut it off!

He could look at him with no expression: "…” (too fast to scream in time, I don't know what position to scream in when I feel the pain.

The emperor held Sankoh's broken finger in one hand, pinched his neck in one hand, and stared at the cut that was dripping blood.

Time passed, the emperor was not impatient at all, stood motionless for two hours, quietly watching Sang Co's broken fingers grow again. At the same time, the other wounds on his body were almost healed, except for the neck strangled by the emperor.

The only thing Jean-Claude feels right now is: You haven't been tired for over two hours?!