Heroic Death System

Circulation of Death 4

The emperor could put it on the couch and then pull out his fingers that were stuck in his neck, and a few strands of blood burst right out of the hole.

The broken cervical vertebra has grown, leaving only the blood hole in the neck. After a few seconds, the blood stops flying and begins to heal a little.

Before it was too late to celebrate his own resurrection, he could feel his neck cool. Something sticky seemed to lick the blood on his neck. Looking back, he saw the little red-eyed zombie squatting on the back of the sofa, leaning over and burying his head in his neck, his throat from time to time making a satisfying hiss.

She then suddenly opened her mouth and bit it down against his neck.

The emperor waved his arm and threw her against the wall. Little zombies rolled over, limbs on the ground, protesting a few shouts at the emperor, but did not dare to come any closer to Shangkou, but circled around the sofa in agitation.

I just saw the little zombie licking blood on this human neck, and I was unhappy, so I opened the little zombie without thinking.

He glanced at his neck and said, "I'm going to the human base and show me the way. ”

The human seemed to possess an interesting ability, and he intended to keep it with him.

He's going to a human base? What's a zombie king doing at a human base? How can field visits destroy the world faster?

Others may not yet know, but it is clear that only he can kill the Zombie King, who is invincible until concrete means of implementation are found.

So in no way can this dangerous guy be brought into the survivor's base, or even delayed as long as possible in finding it.

“As long as you don't kill me, I'll show you the way.” Jean-Claude touched his neck and nodded with minimal curvature.

The emperor expressed his satisfaction with his obedience and led him out of the building immediately.

The building has been surrounded by mass carcasses who howl, roar and excitedly claw their teeth.

Sankoh's wounds healed, but there was blood on his body, and the delicious smell constantly stirred the hungry - thirsty - impatient corpses.

But with the pressure of emperors, they dared not jump.

Shan can follow the emperor closely, passing coldly in front of them. The two walked in a bunch of crazy zombies, just like the superstars were being hailed by their fans, although these “fans” were slightly violent and brutal...

At this point, one of the zombies seemed unable to withstand the temptation and quietly extended his paws to Sankoh's arm.

It was a misstep, easy to avoid, but the sleeves were not spared, and one was torn away.

The emperor stopped and swept coldly at the corpse, snorted softly, then saw an invisible ripple in the air. The corpses were like reed bushes blown down by the wind, with the emperor as their center, and dumped all around them.

Seeing this scene, it is possible to breathe a cold breath of air in a dark breath, again to determine whether the heroic route of killing the Zombie King is not suitable for him, or whether it is more practical to voluntarily send his neck under the sword of the "protagonist”.

The zombies who were poured by the emperor “hum” gathered the flames and spread them out honestly, sending the two of them away. Only a dozen mass graves followed them, but a few minutes later they also left behind the little one they had previously met in the building.

The emperor walked from dusk to night, and as if he thought of something, he turned back and asked: "Which way? ”

You finally remembered to ask that question! I thought you knew the way if you weren't sure you were going the exact opposite of the base!

You can try to control your facial expression and say calmly: "Just keep going this way. ”

The emperor nodded, without doubt, like “I believe anything you say”.

They walked for over half an hour, and then suddenly they said, “I'm a little tired, can you take a break? ”

With his immortal body, he could dare to make this request and try to touch the bottom line of the emperor.

The emperor was not angry, waved and disappeared, obviously agreeing.

Jean-Claude relieved herself and sat by a collapsed wall, washing her blood with water magic and changing her clothes.

Put the bloody clothes aside, you are preparing to start a fire, roast a few potatoes to fill your stomach, Yu Guang suddenly glimpses a black shadow flashing from your side, pounding on the clothes you just changed, excitedly rolling into a bunch.

It's the little zombie.

Once she had been recognized, she ignored him and continued to do his work.

Little zombies rolled over their clothes for a while, then pulled it on and wore it on, loose and crumbling, looking a little funny.

Jean could have looked at her side while the potato was empty, and then saw her leaning against her head, biting off her collar, chewing it in her mouth, and spitting it out in disgust. Obviously, she's not interested in textiles that have no taste, she just likes the blood on them.

Shanko: How long has this ferocious child been hungry...

Eat two potatoes, still reliable by the wall, intend to sleep for a while. Even if you are not sleepy, try to "sleep” for a time difference.

However, many times, you can feel the airflow around you move slightly, half open your eyes, and Dynasty sits beside him.

“Your flesh and blood don't taste good.” The emperor came with such a cold sentence.

Shanko: Thank you so much for your review!

“Why do other zombies like to eat?” The emperor seems to be asking Sang-koo and talking to himself.

Shanko Silence: He doesn't want to discuss his meat with a zombie at all!

“You're special, and your meat is special.” His eyebrows are deeply locked and he seems to have been bothered by this question for a long time, "Why do I just not like eating? ”

Luckily you don't like it! Or will he be eaten over and over again?

“Are there any other species as special as you?” The emperor seeks to teach very seriously.

Shanko: … I don't know, I thought you wanted me to introduce you to someone.

“Why don't you talk?” In the eyes of the emperor flashed two sharp cold lights, saying that flipping his face made the perfect trick of playing with the fire.

As if to hear his nerves tighten instantly, he thought for a moment and asked, "What do you like to eat? ”

“If I knew, would I have to ask you?" How can I revere and ask a human for a lesson if I'm not looking for food that I like? "

Jean-Claude put up with it and said peacefully: "… I can try to help you find food. ”

“How? ”

“The taste of zombies and humans should be very different, and if you'd like me to give you a few tests, you'll probably know which flavor you're sensitive to, and then look for the ingredients based on that flavor.” It is quite obvious that the emperor is more interested in food than in going to a human base. If food could be used to divert his attention, perhaps a crisis could be solved for humanity.

The emperor accepted the proposal without any hesitation. Worldly suspicion, vigilance and calculations and other brain-burning objects have no meaning for his invincible existence.

Satisfied the demands of the emperor, but had a peaceful evening.

The next day, packing the bags, you can still glimpse a large piece of rag scattered in the open space not far away, which was probably made by a little zombie, and you don't really care.

When he saw the little zombie, he was surprised to find her eyes turned purple. Overnight, from Brigadier General to General, there seems to be an increase in intelligence, no longer as insane as before, but just too much movement.

Shanko's eyebrows wrinkled without a trace. He wondered if it was his heart. He always felt that the sudden evolution of the corpse might have something to do with his flesh.

If so, doesn't that mean that every zombie who devours his flesh can evolve?

Thinking about it, Jean-Claude is bad for everyone. He also remembered one of the task options offered by the system - "Killed by the ‘protagonist'”. He had thought that the "protagonist” was unlikely to kill him because he was the only one capable of killing a zombie king, but his presence was a threat to humanity as a whole if his flesh and blood contributed to the rapid evolution of zombies.

The best way to deal with the "protagonist" is to let him kill the Zombie King, then kill him, forever.

Thus, whether he is killed or killed, it is the end of the inevitable, which is also the ideal state. If the Zombie King kills the “protagonist” before he kills him, then the world will be completely reduced to a zombie hunting ground.

His own body of immortality can provide unlimited nourishment for the evolution of the zombie, and even if he succeeds in killing the zombie king eventually, his flesh will sooner or later cultivate a new zombie king.

Therefore, he must first ensure the safety of the "protagonist", never let him die in the hands of the emperor, not to mention that he may still be his own man.

He quickly made a comparison in his heart. Whether the "protagonist” was his man or not, he had to save his life.

The existence of the “protagonist” is the key to this battle for life and death. With him, there will be no worst.

“Humans, are you ready?” The dull voice of the emperor came from afar.

You can converge your mind, carry a big bag, and quickly walk towards the emperor.

“Don't call me ‘human’.” It has yet to be decided to do anything at all to have a good relationship with the Zombie King.

“You're human, why can't I call you 'human’? ”

“You're a zombie. Shouldn't I call you a zombie?" ”

"I'm not a zombie, I'm a zombie king," said the emperor. ”

The word "Wang” was bitten particularly clearly, and one more word was different from the usual color.

“Call you 'King’ after that?” I could have answered the question, but I regretted it.

Indeed, the emperor very much acknowledged the nod: “Just call me ‘Wang’. ”

Yes: “…”

“Since you call me ’King’, shall I call you 'Man’?” The emperor also knows how to behave with courtesy.

Shanko: "… please call me 'Shanko’, thank you. ”

“Shanko? Okay, Jean-Claude, when will the test start? ”

Answer: “Once you have collected ingredients with different flavors, you can begin. ”

“Very good.”

The two of them chatted “amicably” and marched in the exact opposite direction of the human base...