Heroic Death System

Cycle of Death 5

The zombie likes the taste of raw meat and blood, but as the most advanced evolution of the zombie, ordinary food no longer satisfies his appetite.

There has been little progress in the days that have been tested, and neither animals nor plants have shown much interest in emperors. He can eat whatever he wants and behaves very cooperatively, but the same thing, he doesn't usually try again.

If that's all, there's still patience, sooner or later, to find food that fits the taste of the Zombie King. The two of them walked together and gathered food from all over the world, and everything seemed so good and harmonious, yet the reality was always brutal.

One time, Di Zheng was allowed to taste a spicy food, and as soon as he entered the house, Di Zheng burst away, and a slap patted him, directly smashing Sang's gut.

Before you can experience the pain of death by falling into the bloodstream, you have begun a refreshing pattern of death and resurrection.

The smell of blood, causing nearby zombies to move stupid.

The emperor stood beside Sangkou “corpse” with a fierce glow in his eyes, roaring, suddenly leaving the corpses cold and afraid to come any closer.

The healing of the trauma can be relieved, at least avoiding the reappearance of mutilations. His ability to withstand death has risen to a level that is difficult for a mortal to reach, and the demand for a way of dying has fallen to the point that it is enough to be less bloody and less painful...

Five hours later, the body was repaired. This time “just” the visceral rupture, so the repair time is shorter.

You can sit up from the ground, gently turn the towel out of your bag, soak it with water magic, wipe the blood off your skin, and then change into a clean set of clothes.

“All right?” The emperor squatted on a stone pier and looked down at Sankoh.

“Okay.” He replied calmly.

Both the murderer and the murderer showed calmness and calmness outside of the supernatural.

“You go on.” He was in a very bad mood with the kind of spicy smell that lingered in his mouth.

“Come here today, give you this.” He could have been given a piece of gum, which was still searched from a new zombie.

Dylan then peeled off the wrapping paper and threw the wrapping paper into his mouth. He threw the gum on the ground. Then he found out something was wrong. He spit out the wrapping paper in his mouth, jumped off the stone pier, picked up the gum he threw on the ground and put it back in his mouth.

Yes: “…”

Although zombies are not a hygienic species, it is intolerable to see them. This guy is also a Zombie King, dare you be a little bit of a Zombie King taste and style!

As you can see, he chewed vigorously, intellectually remained silent, packed everything on the ground, and intended to continue this ferocious culinary journey, while decisively blacklisting spicy flavors in his heart.

Qizhen City, a farm close to the suburbs, has two modified Land Cruisers driving on the pit depressed ground.

“This is a good harvest and you can get a lot of supplies when you get back.” In the passenger seat of the Land Cruiser in front, a bald head laughed at the companion behind him.

“These are the blessings of Brother Tobin.” A skinny little man in the back turned around and smiled with admiration at the brown-haired man around him.

Brown-haired man stretched his body against the seat and held a beautiful blonde girl in his arms. He didn't react much to the praise of a skinny little man, but the blonde girl in his arms laughed: “Cheng Hua, you are also very capable, this time you can invite Bin, he is one of the few eight-level intellectuals in the base. ”

The total number of human powers is divided into nine levels, with a minimum of one and a maximum of nine. There are exceptions, however, that is the "protagonist” Huo Xuan, whose strength far exceeds the ninth level, reaching the rank of the only human king.

“That's Bin's face. I'll definitely repay Bin in the future.” The skinny little man known as Cheng Hua still smiles.

At this moment, the man in charge of driving the position suddenly made a sound reminder: “There are people ahead. ”

The crowd stopped talking and looked out the window, only a few hundred meters away from the farmland in front of him, a slim figure appeared. He turned his back on the crowd, sat on his knees in front of the fire, held a wooden stick and seriously toasted something.

Isn't someone burning something in the desolate countryside where the corpses are found?

“Slow down the car and see if it's human or zombie.” Bin ordered.

The man in the car nodded and slowly drove towards the other person's position.

The retrofitted Land Cruiser has no noise, only bumps and bangs.

The people in the field perceived their proximity and turned to look at them. A beautiful face was reflected in the eyes of the people in the car.

The skinhead of the passenger seat praised: “I didn't expect to be a handsome boy. ”

Bin also looked a few more times, but did not relax his guard, his eyes searched and his mind was highly concentrated. A moment later, he showed a look of doubt on his face. Strange, I can't feel the smell of a zombie. His senses can reach up to 3,000 metres away, and within 3,000 metres there has never been a zombie.

Even advanced zombies with invisible powers cannot block the breath of all zombies after 3,000 metres. So, does this area really happen to be free of zombies?

Or... Bin turned his gaze back to the man in the field, and he cleaned up all the zombies around him?

The man at the field barbecue was Sankoh, and he saw two Land Cruisers parked in front of him in a hurry.

“Brother, alone? Want a ride?” The bald-headed man put his elbow on the window and smiled at Jean-Claude.

His tone was laughing and he obviously just didn't mean to ask. Whether or not to let a stranger in the car is not his choice.

“No need.” I can respond with indifference, but I hope they leave quickly and do not stay here.

“Shh, quite arrogant.” The bald-headed man had some discomfort on his face and was about to dig a few bitter sentences, but was attracted to the smell of barbecue in his hand.

Shanko is roasting fish, this kind of mortal food, although a zombie king doesn't like to eat, Shanko is not tired of eating. And inspired by the Zombie King, his craftsmanship is more sophisticated, and even simple ingredients can make royal delicacies.

The smell of barbecue left the mercenaries with their mouths full for two or three months.

At this time, Bin said: “Ask him if he would like to make us a barbecue, we can exchange some supplies with him. ”

Bin Brother Ming can directly ask, prefer the skinhead to the labourer, seems intent on displaying his identity in front of Shangko.

“Not available.” You can simply refuse. Comrades, let's get out of here before it's dark!

I was anxious, but I couldn't make myself clear. The emperor is nearby. If you make him uncomfortable, it doesn't matter if he gets himself killed. He can be resurrected anyway, but there is no chance for this group of people to come back!

“Don't be arrogant!” The bald man is furious, "do you know who's in the car? He is the brother of Boss Huo. Song Bin, the eighth-degree idiot. ”

“Funeral delivery”? How hard could his parents think to give him such an ominous name? Don't say that he is only Huo Xuan's brother. Even if Huo Xuan comes personally, he must leave quickly!

Thinking about it, she replied: "It turns out that Huo Xuan's brother is disrespectful. But I really don't have time to make you a barbecue, and if you don't mind, I'll give you these finished copies and wish you good luck on your journey.” He's going to look for Huo Xuan in the future, and he doesn't want to get too stiff with his people.

These mercenaries are not the villains of the war. They can give in and no longer be difficult. After taking over his roasted fish, they wave goodbye.

Before proceeding, Song Bin said to Shang: “You can come to the survivors' base later.” This commitment is a tribute to his gift of roasted fish.

The commitment of an eight-level alien is important to anyone. What can be valued is his relationship with Huo Xuan, who may be able to meet Huo Xuan in the future.

When he saw the two Land Cruisers leaving, he could turn his head and see the Emperor appearing next to him.

“You gave my food to someone else.” The emperor's tone was low and his eyes were gloomy.

Rationally, that's my food, not yours. You don't like it at all!

Jean-Claude vomited in his heart, but said on his mouth: "So bad food is given away, don't worry about it. ”

“Even if I throw away my food, I can't give it away.” The eyes of the emperor flashed with anger.

As you can see, he seemed to be ready to kill, hastily shifting the subject: “Dylan, I've always wanted to ask you a question. ”


“Why did you kill someone? ”

The emperor looked at him strangely: "Why can't I kill someone? ”

“Other zombies kill people because they use humans as food, because they are predatory acts, and you don't like to eat human flesh. Why kill people? ”

After a moment of silence, the Emperor finally came up with a reason: "Kill them and I'll take what's on them. Aren't you helping me collect ingredients? A lot of the ingredients are abandoned in cities that don't, but certainly in humans. ”

A zombie king strong enough to ignore the rules is such a drag.

Continue to advise: "There are many ways of obtaining ingredients without necessarily killing people. ”

“How? ”

“Next time you meet humans, let me try it. If I can get a smooth change from them to new ingredients, I won't have to bother the Prince automatically. ”

“Too slow. ”

“I'll try as fast as I can!” The tone of sanctity is incredibly strong.

The emperor glanced deeply at him and faintly said: "Then go. ”

The Emperor promised to do so, and that night he took Sang Ke to catch up with Song Bin's people and placed him in an alley less than 300 meters from the other party, indicating that he could go.

Jean-Claude is crying! They can wait till they meet another mercenary group! Why do you have to choose this one? Isn't it sick that he refused to go with them a while ago and is now in front of them?

Besides, Song Bin's crew was obviously ready to go back to the base. He distorted the emperor's belt so easily, he didn't want to be ruined by them.

But the Emperor decided to see how he could get ingredients from these humans.

All you can do is touch your nose, come out of the alley, slowly walk to where the mercenary group is, pray for yourself while praying for these unlucky guys...